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Unexpected & Uncontrollable

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi am Karthi from Chennai, please read this story with patience, it looks like a long one, but real stories are equal to fucking a 100 teen girls,,, enjoy my story… This is a hot incident happened in my life, it’s a scary, fairy story for adults who love to enjoy all category of females in life. I’ve started enjoying girls from my age of 10; I had many sex experiences, and I prefer only elder ones. When I was 12years old I had sex with my neighboring friend Viji, she was 14years old, and we play hot games in a dark room. she has a fresh pussy without any hairs on her pussy, it looks very hot in a V shape, and a couple of primary boobs looks very small but I love to lick that and I am the first person who busted out her virginity without fucking her at my childhood days…

I feel proud of myself of being a nightmare and luckiest to have many girls in my life for sex play, where as many guys are fed up of seeking girls…, in this case am lucky… And now am 25years old … can u guess my experience… yes this is also an different incident happened recently with my Parimala Aunt she is 52years old… she is a normal lady, average structure and she has 32size of boobs quite skinny… so no one can suspect our relationship, I have done 2 attempts to attract her, in every attempt she gave me a co-operating reactions and got 75% marks in my sexual mind. Because many times she use to give me a starring look over my muscular body. My 1st attempt is when travelling in bike I willingly bended myself to scratch her boobs she never minded it, 2nd we were traveling to our native by bus, on that time I bended my head towards her shoulders, she said; sleep on my lap and rest yourself, then I rested my head on her lap, at mid night I turned my head to her pussy side and took a heavy breathe, in that I had a nice pussy urine smell invited me to her side to suck it, but am scared to do that, so I just dashed my nose and lip to her pussy, she leased bothered to it….

All these things made me a long time expectation for me to have a small hotsex play with her… At last my target and my guess was perfect about her, she too was expecting to have a sex play with me, but she was afraid of the age difference and relationship… some times she calls me from her mobile to my mobile and speaks generally for at least 1/2hour, and it satisfies my sex mind with her, and her husband is running a rolling mill in Gujarat, he went there when she was 45, and comes once or twice a year, not for sex only for money and asset management. May be she must be thirsty for so long to have sex, but she rejects herself with her age. Now she is 52years, and has 2 daughters both are married and my aunt stays with her old father in her village bungalow near Trichy, and she has grand children’s too… one of her daughter is settled in ooty hill station, yearly twice or thrice she goes to see her daughter’s house in ooty. Here starts my sex mission…. I went to coimbatore for my friend’s marriage, had stayed there for 2 days in a 2star hotel it was a nice room but felt so lonely, did only hand shake sex for 2 days, on that I gave a call to my aunt, she said today am starting to ooty to see my daughter daa, are u coming with me… I was happy to hear this, I replied I am staying her in kovai for couple of days, she said I’ll reach kovai by train and from there I’ve to catch ooty bus to reach my daughter’s house. I replied ok aunty, I’ll receive u and help u aunty, she said; ok da. Everything happened like a miracle, she reached kovai rail station by 3pm, train was late. I received her from rail station, and we went to bus stand, there I had good news from bus stand supervisor, he said no bus to ooty today, due to heavy rain in ooty, roads are damaged and heavy mist surrounded in the road, no vision to drive. And rain started in kovai too, it was so chilled and raining with cool breeze, and my aunt asked me what to do?…. Its my only chance to do my mischief plays, so I call’d her daughter thru phone and said,  me and aunt in kovai, she is unable to reach u bcoz of heavy rain, but don’t worry am staying in a hotel in kovai, I’ll take care of aunt tonight and my aunt also briefed the situation to her. She too said ok for that… then we went to my hotel by auto, we were slightly wet of rain and it was 6pm.

As if she was looking little old, no one is there to suspect us in hotel. I took her to my room, she wondered and said, its looking like a palace daa, she looked hot to my eyes with her wet body and sexy body odour smell, my aunt said I’ve to take a fresh bath now, and I said me too aunty, and I allowed her to bath first. I was planning to do something to attract and play sex with her in night…but scary too…after 10minutes she came out from bathroom holding her petticoat in hand and her old clothes in other hand, with wet hairs. Her body exhausted shampoo and soap smell, it was drastic and disturbed me a lot. I was wearing only towel and my briefs, she came out she had a starring look over my bare body, then I went to take bath but I was walking inside the bathroom and thinking new ideas to cover her tonight, and suddenly I got an idea I removed my towel and went out with my briefs, my lucky chance she was wearing her bra, she haven’t shocked, I said came to take my shampoo bottle, I saw her boobs starringly and she too saw my brief and my rod in hard status… I got little excited and went to take a tub bath, and did one self shot on thinking of her; plenty of fluid came out with smile…

Then we went for dinner and came back to the room, she said my legs are paining, I asked how, she said on train journey a person unexpectedly dashed my knees with his luggage box. Its wasn’t paining, but now its swelling daa, I said can I give a massage on that aunty, she said don’t want daa, do u have any ointments for this, no aunty and its already 10pm now no shops will be there to buy for u. now the game starts, I kept the A/c in 19degrees and it was chill cool, aunt asked why A/c, already its raining out and cool naa. I said I’ll enjoy all the things near me, according to my style…….. she daringly smiled… Now I removed my dresses and weared my shorts and went to bed it was a single bed, it is favourable for me, I rubbed my aunt’s knees over her saree and petticoat, she felt nice and I noticed a sex sign on her lip, suddenly she bitted her lips, my guess is she needs me to massage all over body, I just tried it. I said, aunty please wait I’ll help you more now, without her permission I slowly lifted her saree and petticoat up and saw her knees and the thighs next to it. On that chilled A/c room she felt cold on her thigh areas, I gently massaged her knees and trying to look her pussy, as if  she was lying in bed, I said aunty ur skin is going old and dry pls maintain it else you’ll get diseases, she said now am 52years old, what am going to do after this, simply I replied aunty your 52 but your structure is 25… she said don’t joke daa… Now I asked aunty how is it now, she said am ok now, you come sleep, its 11pm now. In that single bed we both were scratching and we had only one blanket, but it was pleasant in a cool room with my aunt near me, it was around 12.30 we are in nice sleep and suddenly I woked up and I saw her saree was slightly slided from her blouse and I can clearly see her boobs from side view with the help of my night lamp, just went near my aunt’s face, she was exhausting her hot air on my face. After that I had no sleep,  I went to bathroom and came out removed the shorts and watched tv with wearing briefs, she too woked up and asked you aren’t sleeping daa, I said am sleepless, I don’t know why, and she too went to toilet and came back and switched on the light, she saw me in briefs, she came near me on bed and asked me any problem…

I said no aunty usually I use to hug my pillows and sleep but today I don’t have pillows, she looked at my briefs and my rod in a hard position, she said switch off the tv, lights and also that night lamp its disturbing me daa, instead of pillow hug me daa… I rushingly went and switched off everything now it was dark, and I went near her and my bare cool body scratched her, she too hugged me… now I placed my hand on her stomach it was cool and she gave a fast breathe… I started whipping it she to abide to it and as a result she holded her fingers tight on my shoulders… It invited me now, I smelled her hair and went near mouth and nose she noticed it and asked me whaaaat…. I was blank, she said you are a muscle man if am a teenage girl I would have loved you, I smiled and said if I was your husband I wont allow you to sleep at night. She asked me why, I said, from last ten years I became your fan aunty, bcoz of your sexy structure and I have noticed your sexy structure in many angles, she was surprised and excited,… she said u naughty boy… my sexy structure and that crazy nights went off from my life daa, uncle wont allow me to sleep at night from the marriage till my 45 years, after he went out for a job I was alone and diabetes made me like diseased person. I was scared to ask this, but I boldly asked her, aunty would u like to have those plays again in this age, she was shocked and asked me why, no aunty I’ll help everyone according to their needs, no da in this case ur helpless. I boldly asked her on that cool night, do u need any help from me aunty…. She grabbed little bit hard on my shoulders. Suddenly I kissed her fingers….She stopped me and told are you crazy doing like this…what happens if anyone of our relatives come to know about this, I was frightened. I begged, please aunty and lied over her body she struggled and, at one end she surrendered and said you are a bad boy. Then I switched on the light and had some water, she smiled sexy… I said aunty am your sexy fan, and slowly I kept my palm on her neck and gently lowered my hands towards her boobs … she moaned what are doing, are you mad today, I said, I think so aunty… she asked. u want to have me tonight, I said offcourse and am ur lover boy aunty, then she allowed me to open her saree and I went on top of her body and kissed her neck and lips she was moaning dey….. I asked her to remove her blouse, she said don’t ask any permission from now your aunt is yours today… then I unhooked the blouse pins and I saw her sexy boobs it was quite shrinked, then I  pulled her up and removed her bra also, now she is almost nude to me, I started to suck her nipples, she enjoyed and grabbed my hairs… then she said I always admire at you and think of having sex with you, and today my dream has come true daa.

Then I went down and removed her petticoat and thrown her saree, blouse, bra, petticoat in the floor I saw her clothes on the floor it looked so sexy in night lamp… Then I slowly went to her olden golden pussy, a hot urine and soap smell mixed together and gave me nice sexy smell… she pushed my head towards her pussy and moaned lick it daaaaaaaaaa….., I satisfied her, it was skinny and stretch marks are on her stomach and thighs, it was a tasty pussy, I left my sharp tongue inside her hole, she enjoyed and moaned like ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……. …  she asked me do you know how to fuck, I said no, you wanna fuck me now, I said yes I have to… she said ok, now show me your rod size, she grabbed my rod hot and said it is too hard and stiff, I want this to come inside my pussy hole,  come fuck your aunt soon, she stretched her legs and showed her hole with her finger, I asked aunty I don’t have condoms, can I fuck u without that, don’t worry daa it wont affect us…but do smooth and slowly, bcoz am getting a fuck after 10 years, pls do daa… then I slowly rubbed my rod on her pussy, it was chilled in that A/c room, with the other hand she helped me on inserting my rod in, it was a medium sized hole and my rod went in smoothly deep inside her hole and she pulled me to her and we had a lip kiss and she locked my ass with her foot and I started fucking her faster she said mmmmmm….. aaaaaahhhhh……..sssssssshhhhhhhaaaaaaaa….. slowly daa, it’ll pain your aunt….

Slowly daa… she said I love you daa kutty, fuck your aunt dear…. I enjoyed fucking my aunt, after 7minutes I was on to cum, I asked what to do, she said go ahead, finally I have discharged inside her pussy, and filled her vagina tank full of my fluid, we were resting for a minute and we both went inside the bathroom nude, my aunt sat on the western toilet and showed me her crazy pussy on close look, it was juicy with my fluids, she twisted her body in an angle, immediately all the fluids went inside came out like an volcano, she dipped her finger in that and licked it and said, ur fluid tastes hot my young sweety, then I took that hand shower and showered on her pussy and cleaned her, she too cleaned my rod and we had a shower bath and settled in tub bath for 15 minutes, gradually I whipped and massaged her breast, belly, pussy and enjoyed my aunt thoroughly. After that she gave me a sexy blowjob in bathroom, then we took fresh bath, came out and slept naked on bed. It was my first nude night with a female company on my bed…… then again we had a fully agreed sex like husband and wife…. And then we  concluded that sexy night treat. She Kissed me on my fore head, Ummmma…. And said I love you da sexy…. Enjoy life, Age doesn’t matter… it Does many matters

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