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Unexpected Turn – Event Of A Lifetime

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hey all this is Raj, 23 from Bangalore.

This is story of mine having sex with an unexpected person and how it turned out to be one of the best ever had. The story begins when I completed my boards exam and waiting for the results.

During that time my family decided to go on a vacation to Andaman and Nicobar islands but I stayed back with a lot of stubbornness as was not interested to roam around so being the only son my parents weren’t so confident on letting me stay home alone so they asked my aunt to stay with me as I will be alone and help me in my daily chores.

I never had any intention towards her, she was like an ideal woman who was obedient and truthful firstly I thought that.

Now coming back she is short with a beautiful face and lustful body figure being 36-30-36.

So after my parents left for two weeks I was home alone with my aunt at first I used to talk with her rarely but once when I was walking around the house I felt slight pain in my leg so couldn’t walk she saw that and asked what happened I said that me not able to walk.

She then told me to keep hand on her shoulder she will take me near the bed I said okay and kept but while I put hand on her shoulder I by mistakenly put my hand on her breast she didn’t say anything she took me to my bed and said me lie on bed. That moment I was feeling pain in my leg so all my attention towards that.

She asked me what happened I said all then she asked should she massage my leg I said no but she said its okay so I asked her to do.

Firstly I was wearing a three fourth trouser she put some oil on her hand then started massaging my leg I was feeling something different her massage was I don’t know how to tell she was perfect then after sometime i asked her to move up

Then she came towards the thigh and started massaging. People you won’t believe the touch of her hand made my tool stand straight in trousers I even couldn’t think how could it stand she saw the tool from outside.

Then she was massaging and watching it I felt little brave and asked her to move more up she hesitated a bit but I asked her more so she gave up the moment she moved up she touched the tool but she didn’t bring out her hand rather I opened the shorts she started massaging my tool I was in heaven literally.

After 6-7 strokes my sperm came out and I asked her what to do. She said no worries I will clean it I thought she will bring a cloth and clean then next moment I saw she was giving a blowjob I was shocked I couldn’t respond even as she put half of my tool in her mouth and inside the mouth she was playing with it with her tongue. I was aback for some moment now after she sucked all my juices she was beginning to get up but now my tool has aroused as she was getting up I hold her from both sides and hugged her.

She then smiled I then threw her on bed and started kissing I couldn’t control I was grabbing her boobs and sucking her lips. The lips were so soft felt like eating them all time but she couldn’t catchup with the kisses after some time I started undressing her as she was in a nighty I pulled it out in a go and she was wearing a violet bra and panty which I opened in a minute or two.

After this I started sucking her melons basically they were like watermelons so I was unable to take it whole inside in my mouth but was able to make her shout in pleasure and my hands were busy in other boob and pussy. As I was kissing and all, all of a sudden she grabbed my tool I couldn’t think what she was doing.

She moved down again she started giving me blowjob. She gave it continuously for 15 min after that I moved her again up and guided my penis towards her vagina. In a go it entered and she bit me in my shoulder at that moment

I then started jerking inside her for 20 mins and then changed position to doggy style there I even put my tool and started jerking.

Her ass was something else it was soft like a new pillow the moment I jerked I enjoyed a lot and she was even moaning with each stroke.

After that I went down and I started licking her pussy basically I started with fingers then kissed with lips and started licking that she was not able to resist I licked then started to eat it then after sometime she couldn’t control and asked me again to put my tool inside and I started the game again.

We tried many positions for two more hours and then we decided to have a bath together while bathing she again went down and gave me a blowjob in shower that feeling I lived for the next two weeks.

In the next weeks we started sleeping nude together my penis being inside her hole all the night and sometime even I woke up when she began sucking my penis at night when i was in sleep.

I am enjoying her till now and she is still a sex bomb. Hope to enjoy even further.

But i am still looking for new mates if you think you can satisfy me let’s give a try ?

If anyone liked this part of my life

Pm me

Will add other experiences of mine which is much more nicer than this.

And if anyone wants to have sex in Bangalore just let me know.

Always ready to help

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