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Uncle Nay Loot Liya Apni Hoda Ko

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hi young girls and nieces this is Huda faiza iam going to tell u my true story how my irshad uncle my mom shameems bhaijan Irshad uncle fuckedme during our vistit to marriage in his town.

My sexy Irshad uncle was incharge of marriage arrangements and he was having a medium size room all for himself where all the materials of marriage was stored and he has a bed there where he used to sleep during night. I asked him whether I could sleep in his room for that night cuz i had gfight with my cousin Wafa and i dont want to sleep with here in his room so ask irshad uncle and he agreed for that. I slept in his bed and immediately went to sleep. I suddenly wakeup during the night and realised that someone is pressing hard along with my body and kissing me. Shirt of my night-dress was opened and he was playing with my tits through bra. I was about to shout, realising that I had woken he muffed my voice with his lips and started passionately kissing me. Then I realised it was my Irshad uncle. I was shocked to realise what he was doing. Although the cases of incest are on increase it is still considered bad in Indian society. I was struggling hard to free myself from him. He stopped kissing me and immediately closed my mouth with his palm and said he will remove it only if I listen to him and will not shout. He left me only when I agreed for that. I was still shocked and started abusing him what he was doing with me. I am younger to his son and he should not do this with me.

He told me that till few hours back he also considered me as his daughter. I asked him what happen in last few hours. He told you know that my wife andme always problem for sex and iam hungry since one week as suppressed his desire for sex. But when I slept with him in same bed the heat of my body made him mad and he cannot control himself. He begged me pls faiza jan to allow him to kiss me and play with me for 15 minutes and if I don’t like that he will not do it again. I immediately refused him and said this is not possible, but he kept on persuading me by saying it is similar as getting orgasm by your self only difference is instead of my own he is going to make me cum. I really loved my IrIrshad uncle very much beforeso many time he use put me between her legs and and use to massage me and make me hot ,I said I can allow him only for today and he should not ask for it again. He was very happy and told me how good I am.

He started passionately kissing me and told me to open my mouth and let his tongue explore my mouth and asked me to do the same thing with him. He moved his right hand on my back and opened my bra and my virgin tits are in front of him. I feel ashamed as no one has seen my tits till now. He started massaging my left tit with his right hand and started pinching my nipple. It was hurting, he said relax and I will love it soon. He then stopped kissing me and moved his mouth on my left tit and started kissing it and with his left hand started playing with my right tit. After few minutes of playing and sucking my tits he aroused me to a level that I too started enjoying it. I have heard from my classmates how their brothers and uncles did it with them and they loved it. I was totally against it till now and when he sucked my tits hard I experienced a tingling sensation going through my body. I told uncle I am enjoying it please suck me harder and don’t stop. He told me don’t say uncle, say Irshadji (his name). Within 10 minutes of sucking and playing with my tits, I was on heaven and considering my self-lucky that this has happened to me. He then asked me whether I liked it or not, I kept silent he again asked whether I want him to continue. I said don’t say anything just do it Irshadji, oh my dear it feels so good.

Listening this he stopped sucking my tits and said if I like it that much then I have to do my share in this act. I was ready to do any thing at this moment, because the pleasure I was getting by it was immense nothing comparable to occasionally playing with my self. He asked me to take out his cock from his pant and play with it. I took out his cock. It was not an average cock (which I realised later), around 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. I asked him what to do with it. He said right now I can massage it with my hand but later on I have to suck it. I refused to suck it, but he said this is my first time so he will not force it but he confidently said that afterwards I would love to suck it. He asked me to hold his cock lightly in my right hand and move my hand up and down on it. I started doing it and within two minutes he started trembling and some white glue came out of his cock and fell on my hand, my breasts and on his chest also. He asked me to lick it, but I refused, then he licked his cum from my hand, breasts and his chest. He caught hold of me and kissed me and moved his cum from his mouth to my mouth. I had no other option but to taste it. He warned me not to spill it out and kept kissing me so I have to swallow it. It was my first chance of tasting semen and it tasted strange. He told me that next time I have to have it directly from his cock. He then asked me to lye on bed with my legs spread apart and moved my pyjama and started kissing me from toe to right up to end of my thighs. His kissing send another wave of excitement in my body and I reached a heavy orgasm. It was the best orgasm, which I got till that time. I felt very weak after that. Irshad uncle started massaging my cunt through my panty, which was wet because of my cum. I was on heaven and was enjoying what all irshadji was doing to me. It was my first experience. He slowly removed my panty and inserted his middle finger in my cunt. Although it was wet because of lubrication but it hurt. I told do it slowly you are hurting me, he told me to relax and enjoy. He slowly moving his finger in and out of my cunt, after a couple of minutes I started enjoying and pain also subsided. He then inserted two of his fingers and finger fucked me and I received another thunderous orgasm, which lasted for around two minutes and with passage of time I was enjoying it more and more. Irshad uncle then moved between my legs and buried his face on my cunt and started licking it. His licking again made me cum. He kept on licking my cunt for around 30 minutes and he was shouting ufffffff baji shahanaz ufff wafa ufff f shameem he was taking all my autns my mom and my cousin and while suckingmy cunt iwas stunned , and in this time I reached orgasm three more times. I was feeling very weak after all this and Irshad asked me to sleep nude in his arms and told me we will do same thing again next day.

Next day I woke very late and saw that Irshad uncle has put back my night-dress on but I was without my bra and panty. Irshad uncle later told me that he has kept it as a souvenir, like i keep ur moms bra ur aunty shahanaz panty , irealised he is a family fucker he fuked eone in my family , but i was happy. I was anxiously waiting for night to come. During night as soon as I reached in his room to sleep, Irshad ji caught hold of me and started kissing me, unlike yesterday I also kissed him back by inserting my tongue in his mouth and tasting his salvia. While kissing Irshadji, opened my shirt and through it away and unhooked my bra and started playing with my tits. Within five minutes I was on fire. He sucked my tits so hard that I was about to shout. Irshad uncle then asked me to suck his cock and told if I don’t suck him, he is not going to give me pleasure of last night. Reluctantly, I pulled out his cock from his pant. There was a drop of pre cum on his cock, I licked it and took tip of his cock in my mouth and started moving in and out. Irshad uncle took me by my hair and inserted whole of his cock in my mouth and asked me to suck it bitch. I was shocked to hear these worlds from his mouth but these words gave more excitement to me. I said yes I am a bitch and want to suck uncle’s cock. It was difficult for me to have whole of his cock in my mouth it was choking my throat. After sucking of five minutes, Irshad uncle announced that he is cuming and wants me to have all of his cum and not to drop a single drop. So I have to swallow all of his cum like my mom shameem suck his cock i know dad waas out long time and Irshad uncle fucking my mom shameem his sali e night (now cock sucking is my favourite, I can suck any size cock), today there was some smell in his cum, when I asked Irshi he told me that he had drinks couple of hours ago, it is because of that. Irshii uncle then laid me on bed and sucked my cunt and made me cum twice. He then pull out his shaving kit and told me that he like shaven cunt and he is going to shave my cunt. After shaving my cunt Irshai said that we would do it in 69 position, we did it in that position and then slept nude in each other’s arms. It continued like this for another two days. The day before marriage he told me that he is going to fuck me when marriage ceremony will be going on and everybody will be busy there and we can enjoy at that time.

I was very happy that day because of two things. First marriage of my cousin and second I was going to get my first sexual experience tonight. The day passed on with marriage ceremonies. At night it was around 11.30 PM when real marriage ceremonies started. I was wearing a crimson red colour saree with a matching blouse, everyone in the marriage was complementing me that I am looking beautiful. In fact couple of guys from groom’s party was trying to impress me, but I was not interested in all these attention. Had it been any other day I would have felt happy and enjoyed it. At around 12 midnight, Irshad uncle signalled me to come to his room as his work was done and he declared that he is very tired and going to sleep. I also planned it and told my mother at evening that I am not feeling well and may not sit whole night during the ceremony and take rest. After seeing Ravi’s signal, I went to my mother and told her that I am not feeling well and going to take some rest and come back after half an hour. She wanted to come with me but I forced her to stay there and told if I need her help I will call her. She asked fahmina (my younger sister) to go along with me and take care of me, fahmina was interested to attend function but reluctantly came with me. I was thinking how to get rid of fahmi. When we were moving to room, I saw Irshad uncle coming, he was also surprised to see fahmina along with me. He asked us what is the problem and why I am looking down. fahmina told him that I am not feeling well so she is going to take care of me. Irshad uncle took both of us in his room, I immediately fell on bed pretending that I am sleeping. After chatting for five minutes with fahmina, he said she should go and tell my mother that I am sleeping. fahmina was very happy to join marriage function.

As soon as fahmi left, he bolted room from inside and I was up from bed. We started kissing each other passionately and hungrily as if there is no tomorrow. Irshad s lips were all over on my face, on my lips, nose, eyes, forehead, ears on my neck. He started with my earlobes and then my eyes, nose and finally settled down on my lips. We french kissed for 5 minutes both of us were breathing heavily. Irshad uncle slowly moved his hands over my tits through my saree and started massaging my tits through it. My hands were caressing his back. uncle removed my saree and petticoat and I was standing there in my bra and panty. I removed his shirt, under shirt and trousers and he was only in his undies. We again kissed each other. This kiss lasted for around five minutes and after we broke our kiss, he opened one drawer ad took out a pack of condom. He asked me whether I am in my safe period or not, I told him, yes I am, he said he is not going to take his chance and so he is going to use a condom. Hurriedly we removed each others remaining cloths and he started kissing my tits and I started playing with his cock. Irshadji then spread my legs and started licking my cunt. When my cunt was wet, he put on condom on his cock and said now he is going to fuck me. uncle said it is going hurt in the beginning and I might bleed also so there is nothing to worry and if it hurt, I should tell him. He pointed his cock on my cunt and gave it a push and I was about to shout, it was hurting me. Seeing this he started kissing me and said relax. He applied some more force and tip of his cock was inside me, I was in tremendous pain. uncle keeps on kissing me and did not applied more force and let his cock remain there in two minute or so when I got used to his cock and pain also subsided he applied some more force and inch by inch he entered his cock in my cunt. He keeps on inserting some of his cock in me and let me feel and get used to it. In ten minutes or so most of his cock was inside me and pain also subsided. Then all of a sudden with a big force he pushed rest of his cock and all of his cock was buried inside me. His last push hurts me a lot and I was in tremendous pain and was in tears. The only thing stopping me from crying was his continuous kissing. During this process of around fifteen minutes I must have came around four times.

Once his cock was buried totally in me, he kept still for two minutes and my cunt also got used to it. He started pumping his cock in and out of my cunt slowly. At times he used to withdraw all of his cock except his head and then insert it again. After some times he increased pace of his strokes and he kept on pounding me for another five minutes. Now I also got used to it and started enjoying it and was fully co-operating with him stroke by stroke. Suddenly uncle’s body stiffened and he emptied his load in condom and fall exhausted on top of me. We remained in that position for around 15 minutes and then again we kissed each other. After some time irshad again started playing with my tits and started massaging my cunt. When I looked down I saw his cock was hard again, he asked me if I want we can do it once more that night before sleeping. I agreed to it and then he spread my legs and inserted tip of his cock in my cunt, which was now bit used to of having a cock inside it. It didn’t pain as it pained earlier. He now increased his pace and started pumping it in and out and at times reduced his speed. I asked him why he is slowing his speed as I was near an orgasm, he told that way he will last for a longer time. He kept on pounding me for 20 minutes and in this time I came at least three times before he came.

We both were very exhausted and slept in each other’s arm. Irshad uncle woke me up at around 4.00 in the morning saying that it is time of departure of barat and we should freshen up and join other family members. Somehow I got up took bath and then joined other family members. I was very happy with what happened last night and was looking more such incidences. We came out and everybody was asking how I am feeling now, so I told them it is better than yesterday. After that we he fuck me wen ever we get chance wen my moms in periods irshad uncle fuck me.

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