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Uncle Aunty Experience

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

The story I am narrating is of my sexy aunt, my MAMI who used to stay close to our house, in same city. My aunty was one of the sweetest person in our family. She was very nice and sweet from all angle, be her nature, looks, in all respects. She was one of the nicest human being. She even has nice figure of 38-32-40. She is voluptous. She is the perfect women which i usually see in my dreams.She was 38 years old but still sexy to define her age.

I use to have a good relation cause of decent impression in front of her & her family, cause of my shy attitude. After my graduation I got a holiday for two months before my result was out. And in the mean while my Unlce (mama) whow as aroung 45 yrs. of age came to know that he had to go on tour for a month or so. So they informed me and my parents and said that I should stay in their house, since both their kids work out of town. So my mami wont be alone. And my Uncle said let him come a week early, cause as it is I am having my vacations, so that I would spend my time in my in their house ang get acquainted to things. My parents didnt mind and they allowed me to go.

Over there in my aunty’s place I was made to stay in the Guest room. Which unfortunately didnt have the master bedroom in it. So, it became problem for me, to enjoy my lonely times. But any way, it was a good enough room, with a good balcony, attached to it.

Well the story starts now, most of the times in the nights I use to switch of my room lights, and sit in my balcony and have a nice time, mainly enjoying the nice weather. And from two days at a stretch I was observing that even in late nights my uncles room lights use to be switched on. I didnt take it much seriously.

But the third day, as usual I was sitting alone in my balcony in the night, and I started imagining some nice sexy things, and gradually I got hard-on. And obviously after having some nice fun with my dick, I had to go in the bathroom to release my pressure.

After releasing the pressure, I was about to come out from the bathroom, and I heard some noise as if someone just passed by. I waited for a sec. and then peeped outside, but noone was around. So, I casually went towards my Uncle’s room. And I was little surprised to see a dim light on and the door was very little open, may be asif someone must have forgotten to bolt it properly.

I peeped a little in the room and was quiet surprised to see that, Aunt was in different kind of Nighties, it was with laces. And Uncle was in his Shorts and T-Shirt. They both were lying next to each other. Aunty had her eyes closed, and Uncle was kissing Aunty everywhere on his back, neck, trying to kiss on her cheeks, and after doing it for a while, he moved his lips close to Aunty’s lips and took a deep smooch. The smooch went on for around 3-4 mns., and in the mean time, Uncle was quiet hot, cause he was already moving his hands everywhere, and every place. He was pressing the buttocks, and moving the nighty in the upward direction, and then moving his hand on her nice silky thighs. And from again after massaging her buttocks, he slowly took his towards her tummy and then immediately moved it to the big melons. He was massaging it nice and hard. And the sametime they both were enjoying their smooch also, and then slowly Uncle moved his hands inside the nightie of Aunty, and started pressing breast more and more harder. He was so enjoying it so much, that he finally removed the breasts from her nighty, and started pressing it hard. He was twisting and pinching her nipple, nice and hard. Then at the same time he started the breasts pressing more and more harder. He did this with both the breasts. Now aunty started losing her control, and she slowly moved her hand towards uncles penis. She slowly moved her hand inside uncles sorts , and then started squeezing his penis, she moved her hands in all possible directions inside the shorts, and now uncle was enjoying a lot. And later on, aunty removed uncles penis from the shorts. And then she did a gentle massage on the tip of uncles penis. And I believe he enjoyed it a lot, cause all of a sudden there was a change in uncles body movement.

And then they proceded a step further now, slowly Uncle came towards Auntys breasts and started sucking. He sucked one of the breasts and was massaging the other. He repeated this to the other breasts, Uncles was sucking it nice and hard. He was making those typical noises, as if those breasts were never going to come infront of him for a year. He was sucking it and pulling it through his lips, and the same time he was pressing the other. He was sucking it so hard that aunty started making noises like Aaahhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhh, he was sucking it so hard, that the brown nipple was almost turned red. Aunty was enjoying it a lot, she moving her hands at every possible place of Uncles body.

And then again Uncle again came up, and their lips locked each other once again. This time it was something more hotter that happened.

There was a sweet smell I was just lost in that world.Then he started removing her panty and was also pressing her tits with one hand. After removing the panty till her knees, uncle put his finger in the hole, and was rubbing, in the mean while, even aunty was pressing his penis. Then she said come insdie me.

Then she took his cock in her hand and started to rub it. I stood up and got on top of her and she positioned uncle’s cock on the entrance of her cunt. Then he slowly started pushing cock in her cunt. Since the cunt was well lubricated the cock went pretty smoothly as her cunt was already wet with her juices. It was just really hot in there. I was very excited and started the in and out motion. She too was very excited and was saying”Plz push in yeah yeah ohhhh it feels so god u are so goood plz fuck me plz fuck me hard aahhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmm aahhhhhhhhhhh “. Uncle started with his speed, initially first with slow movements then on the faster side, even aunty was getting little faster, she was raising her hips up and down. She was moving hands everywhere on uncles body, Uncle was squeezing and kissing every possible part of aunty, and finally both almost collapsed on each other.

That i came to know that my aunty is a damn hot female, and I would really love to take her on bed.

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