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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hello friends, I am here to tell you my experiences in which I fell in love with some one and remain unsatisfied up till now. First my introduction and then who is some one. My name is JV (nick name) my friends call me by this name. I am 22 years of age masters in computer sciences living in beautiful city of Pakistan, Islamabad. I am working as assistant manager administration in a multinational company. My friends and colleagues say that I am very pretty except my height. I very fair, 5.9 in height (too tall), grey eyes, and quite long lower then waist golden black hair. My figure measures 34, 24, and 34. Some time while looking in the mirror I think that my friends are very right I am quite good looking and charming. Second who is he? He is Ali (I don’t write his full name).

He is 6.2 in height fair not like me. The most attractive thing in his personality is his gesture and the way of his talking and the facial expressions. He has the ability to attract any person by the way of his talking. To cut short in my point of view he is a complete male. Now coming to the main story (you cannot call it a story because story is the fabrication of mind where as this is the true experience between me and Ali). Fourteen months back our company needs some network administrators. The minimum qualification is masters in any subject plus the person must be Cisco Professional (CCNP). In reply to our advertisement on the web we receive lot of applications after short listing 20 candidates were selected and call them for interview. The interview is not only verbal but also on hand practice. The candidate is given a work sheet and he has to perform the task given in a work sheet in a specific time.

Every day we call 5 candidates. On the third day Ali come for the interview after some verbal interview Ali is given the work sheet to perform his task and the allowed time for him is 2 hours. But just after 45 minutes Ali came out of the lab with a smiling face came near to and say madam the task is completed. I am just surprised but later I come to know that he not only masters and Cisco Professional along this he has done specialization in CCNP (VOIP & security). OH! I am getting in too detail. To cut short Ali is selected in our company. And further company is agreeing to provide him the training of CCIE in Lahore (his parent city, Ali belongs from Lahore). When Ali is given his appointment letter and asked him to submit his original certificates Ali submitted his certificates by coming all by self to Islamabad instead of sending them through postal mail. When he comes to the office for submitting his documents our Country Manger is not present in the office so he is asked to wait for him or come tomorrow. Ali said its better for him to wait. So he sits in the waiting room. At 1.30 pm there is lunch break in our office. (As a routine I take my lunch in waiting room because there is no one in the waiting room). When I come in the waiting room I am surprised to see Ali here.

On my inquiry he told me why he is here. While taking my lunch I also offered him but he politely refuses it but when I insist he asked why don’t we go in some hotel and have our lunch over there. I immediately agreed to him (actually I want to check his personal worth either he can afford to pay the heavy bill of the hotel in which I took him or not). So we take our lunch in Holiday inn. Ali pays the bill. During lunch we talk to each other a lot. During the conversation I come to know that Ali studied in Cambridge University for one year and get diploma in information technology from there and he stayed in U.K for fourteen months. Along with U.K he also visited Germany, France, Spain and Italy. I am very much impressed by him and the way of his talking I am getting more and more involved in him. OH again I am getting in too much detail. (Sorry friends I am in a habit of getting in detail so please excuse me for this). So in short I and Ali become good friends of each other we visited Islamabad once a month just to meet me and me also visited Lahore many times and met Ali. And we remain in contact on every weekend on chatting. In a period of six months we know each other almost completely.

One thing is surprising for me that Ali told me that he never drink and no sexual relation ship with any girl instead of this he stayed in Europe for 14—15 months. And he also says that he must drink once in life no intercourse with any girl except his wife. Where as I am determined to prove this wrong and to break the promise which he had made to himself of not doing sexual intercourse. Last year in the month of August Ali told me that he 15 days off from his training and as the weather in Lahore is too hot why don’t we go to the northern areas of Pakistan. On listening this I am very happy because it is a golden opportunity for me to fulfill my desire to have intercourse with Ali. So we decided that we shall go to Gilgit and from Gilgit we will go Hunza and up to the Khunjrab Pass (Pak-China border). It is exactly the 5th of August when Ali came to Islamabad early in the morning at 10.00 am. He picked me from the office (I told in home that I am going to Gilgit for some office work and in office said that I am going to Gilgit with my family). When Ali come to pick me I asked him “Ali did you get the confirmed tickets of plane so that we can go to Gilgit”.

He replied “no we are not going by plane we are going by road and through public transport”. I am very excited to hear this but also shocked that we have to travel through public transport”. But when I came out of the office Ali put my bag in a brand new Range Rover Jeep. I inquired Ali “whose jeep is this?’’ He replied mine and we are going to Gilgit through this on hearing this I am too much exited that we are going by our transport and have the privacy. He also told me that when he says that we are going through public transport he wants to see my reaction and joking with me. So started to Gilgit. We reached Gilgit at about 7.00 in the evening during the journey Ali talked me a lot and even some time hug me and kiss me. His hugging and kissing lit a fire of desire in me and I am get mad and want a hard and strong fuck from Ali. On reaching the motel when I come to know that Ali bocked two separate rooms for us I want to kill him and scolded him in heart that “ you bustard how long you save your self from me I will definitely get fucked by you”. We stayed three days in Gilgit and then move to Hunza. Nothing will happen in Gilgit and Hunza as we are staying in separate rooms. On the fifth day we went to Khunjrab pass and decided to stay two nights there.

On reaching there we come to know that there are just one three star hotel and this time Ali is not able to get two separate rooms because by mistake he write our names on the hotel register Mr. &Mrs. Ali. I think “ Oh I am lucky this time and now I am not going to spare this son of a bitch”. At about 8.00 clocks in night we take our dinner and go in our room. In the room there are two separate beds but joined together. Ali wants to pull one bed apart from the other but I stopped him by saying “hey jano are you afraid from me? I am not going to bite you or do some thing else”. Ali replied “no J.V this is not the case and I have control over my emotions” On hearing this I felt its challenge for me and said to my self “lets see how much control you have over your emotions if you are a male and not impotent” At about 10 o clock Ali told me “J.V its very cold over there (As the temp fall to minus 6 in night at Khunjrab pass even in summer). Let me take a jacket from the jeep”. But I said Ali I have one thing by which you fell your self comfortable and you fell no more cold. Ali inquired “what is this?” I bring out the bottle of wine from my bag. Ali is shocked and say “hey how you can arrange this over here”. I simply said “darling I am carrying this bottle from Islamabad and waiting for the right moment and now it’s the right time to enjoy it”. Ali said “ok I will drink it because I told you that I must drink once in life and this is the first and the last time in my life that I am drinking wine” To be short Ali take two pegs and getting out of senses where as I take 5 pegs and remain in my senses (as I am use to it not a regular drinker but some time in parties of company I use to drink it but that much that I get out of my senses). After drinking wine I come close to Ali and start kissing him and at the same time he responded me very positively and hugs me and starts kissing me. Slowly I remove the shirt of Ali “oh my God lot of hairs on his chest and I love these hairs”. I start licking these hairs and Ali start moaning oh J.V you are making me mad and start unbuttoning my shirt. He opens three buttons of my shirt he put his hand on my breast and starts fondling them over the bra.

I am getting mad and whisper in his ear “jano remove my bra and lick my nipples”. On hearing this Ali removes my shirt and bra and start kissing my nipples. My nipples were big and hard. My boobs were very smooth, soft and round. Ali caught the underside of both my boobs tugged them and pulled them towards him. Ali nay maray mummon ko niche se apne haathon mein cup kar rakha tha or apni taraf khinch raha tha. Ab Ali meray mummay thori our zor se dabane laga. ‘Aahhh…’ came out of my mouth. ‘J.V tumhary mummay jaise mummay maine kahin our nahin dekhe hain.’ he complemented me while pressing my mummay harder. We were standing very close and he started pressing and squeezing my mummay harder. They felt good and hot in his hands. He was still holding my boobs from below and squeezing and shaking them. My boobs were hot and jiggling in his hands while he pressed them harder. I cupped his hands and started pressing real hard, indicating that I wanted my boobs to be pressed even harder. He got his hands over my mummay and zor zor is press karne laga. My boobs were turning red. ‘Ohhhh…mat rukna…inko your dabao.’ I said. ‘Main inko bahut zor se dabaunga…itna zor se ki tumko bahut acha lagega.’ Ali said and started to press my boobs very very hard. Then he shifted his hands to the sides of my mummay and squeezed them hard towards each other.

He was rubbing both my boobs with each other very hard. ‘Ugghhhh…’ I moaned softly and put my arms around his neck while he was pressing the sides of my mummay. MY nipples were totally erect and hard now and he got them between his thumb and finger and started pressing them. ‘Ooohhhhh…’ I moaned ‘Mere nipples ko our press karo.’ I said. Ali increased his pace of squeezing my nipples and also started to pull them towards him. My nipples had grown bigger and harder and he was squeezing them very hard now. I was enjoying that. He was squeezing my nipples and at the same time tugging them towards him. ‘Mere mummay dabao…’ I said. He released my nipples and started pressing my boobs again…this time very hard…harder and harder. He had cupped my mummay and was squeezing them hard while I was moaning. ‘Mein tunhare kapre utarna chahta hun.’ HE said. ‘Tumhari nangi body dehkna chahta hun our ek ek inch ko kiss our suck karna chahta hun.’ and he started removing my shalwar with one hand while pressing my boob very hard with the other. He started kissing me on the lips and I responded with equal excitement. Ali was sucking my lower lip and I was sucking his upper lip. He had my shalwar off. Then he pulled the string of my shalwar and it dropped on the ground. While doing all this we were kissing passionately…now with our tongues inside each other’s mouth and he was pressing my hot and sexy boob. I was in my panty and my legs were very shapely and long.

He got his other hand to my boob and started pressing it hard and tugging it towards him. We were kissing wildly and were very hot. I started licking her cheeks and lips with my wet tongue. Then he focused on my neck and started licking it…getting all wet with his tongue. Ali was still pressing my boobs very hard and they had turned red…, which excited him even more. Mein uski gardan apni garam tongue se chaat rahi thi our tickle kar rahi thi. Meray mummay Uska dabane se lal ho gaye the our woh unko zor zor se squeeze kar raha tha. Uski tongue ab meray mummon ko lick kar rahi thi our uske haath meray mummay daba rahe the. Meray mummay ekdum wet the our Ali un wet mummon ko daba raha tha. While pressing my boobs his mouth started traveling towards my stomach. He was licking all of my stomach and especially my navel. His hands were still pressing my boobs and I was moaning louder with excitement. After doing this for 15-20 minutes he sat down between my legs and said ‘Apni tangon ko kholo…main tumhari choot bhi aise hi masalna chahata hun jaise maine tumhare mummay masle.’ I opened my legs wider and he now could smell the sweet aroma of my choot. He got up a little and caught the elastic of my panty in his teeth and started pulling it down. He was rubbing my legs and thighs while pulling my panty down with his teeth. Panty fell on the floor.

was totally naked and was very desirable and fuckable at this time. Ali gently cupped my choot with his palm and started pressing it. Meari choot bahut gili thi our uska pura palm meari choot juices se gila ho gaya tha. He cupped my choot harder and started rubbing it. Mane apne legs our wide kar diye. Ab whho meari choot bahut tez and zur se mal raha tha. I was also moving my pelvis and rubbing my choot against his palm. He opened my choot lips with his fingers and started rubbing the inside of my choot. ‘bed par chalte hain.’ ‘Mmmmmm…ahhhh.’ I was moaning as he pressed my mummay harder. While pressing them he was also sucking on my big and hard nipples. He held my left mumma and put it in his mouth. He was sucking my nipple like a baby…but very hard. I was thrusting more and more of my mumma in his mouth and saying ‘Your chooso…zor se please…your zor se…mera doodh piyo.’ He was pressing my right mumma hard and sucking on my left nipple even harder. My right mumma was again turning red. He was pressing my left boob while thrusting it deeper in his mouth. Ali mouth was full of mine mumma and he was sucking my mumma hard…very hard and licking the nipple…nibbling it with his teeth. ‘Mere boobs your zor se dabao.’ I said. He started pressing my boob very hard. He did the sucking and pressing for the next 15 minutes and then got up and cupped my choot with palm again. My choot was dripping with juices and he started licking it with his tongue. He wanted to lick every drop of my choot juices. Ma nay apni choot apni fingers se our khol di our Ali apni tongue se meri choot lick karne laga. I opened my choot lips even more and said ‘Apni tongue meri choot mein dalo…jaldi…I wasn’t you to tongue fuck me.’ He could see my cunt hole and dipped his whole tongue right inside it. My cunt was very wet and hot…Ali liked it. His head was going up and down…

He hardened his tongue and was thrusting it deep in my cunt. ‘Meri clit rub karo.’ I said and guided his hand to my clit. He started rubbing my clit with his finger while fucking me with his tongue. My legs were wide open and his face was all wet with my tasty choot juices. Then he got his tongue out of my choot hole and started licking my choot lips. My clit was swollen and pink. I opened my choot with my hands and guided his tongue to my clit. His hands were again pressing my boobs hard while his tongue was licking my clit and pink choot. While he was pressing and sucking, I got up and almost tore his pant and took it off also. Now he was standing in front of me in just his underwear. I tugged it in one motion and he was totally nanga. His Lund sprang out and was totally erect. I put Ali’s Lund against my stomach and started licking the back while pumping it with my hand. ‘Mera Lund apni tongue se pura geela kar do…aaahhhhh…’ He said moaning. He could see me fingering choot as I licked his Lund. This was getting him even more excited. His 7-inch Lund was in heaven. Then I got up and started pressing my mummay against his chest and started pressing my stomach against his Lund. He started kissing me and squeezing my mummay again. We were feeling each other’s heat and were getting hotter. While he was pressing my boobs, I was still finger fucking myself. He released one mumma and started getting it to my choot. He put in a finger while my finger was in and we started to finger fuck me together. Then he released my other mumma and go to his hand on my round and sexy ass. We were still pumping my choot with our fingers.

He got to my side and started rubbing his other hand inside my ass crack. He rubbed some choot juice from my choot on my ass and slowly started probing my asshole with his finger. It was tight and Ali started rubbing it with my choot juices to get it to relax. Our fingers were still pumping my choot. I moaned between thrusts of our fingers in my choot. He was standing on my side and started licking the side of my mummay. ‘Aahhhhh…. mere mummay chuso.’ I moaned. Now his finger was totally inside my asshole and he started fucking my ass with his finger. Ali was finger fucking my choot as well as ass. My choot was very very wet and her choot juices were flowing on my thighs. I was holding his Lund with other hand and pumping it hard. He finger fucked my ass for 10-15 minutes and then rubbed more choot juice on it. Then he inserted the second finger in my asshole. ‘Aarrrgggghhhh…’ I moaned and my asshole accommodated his second finger. Our choot and asshole pumping was on full throttle and my boobs were jumping up and down with each thrust. ‘I am going to cum.’ I said. ‘Wait, I want to drink your cum.’ Ali said and kneeled between my wide-open legs and started sucking my choot…licking my clit…nibbling my choot lips wildly. Ali quickly thrust one finger back in my asshole started pumping it while sucking my choot. ‘Ooohhhh…. I am Cumming…’ I shrieked and started to wet his mouth and face with my cum. He was desperately licking and drinking my cum and I was Cumming harder.

I shuddered as I came and pulled his head towards my choot. While he was licking off my cum from my choot, he was still pumping my choot .I sat down on the bed and spread my legs wide. Then I opened my choot with both of my hands and asked ‘Want this?’ ‘Ohhh…NOOOOOOOOOO’ I was just shocked to hear these words from Ali’s mouth. I am expecting the words Ohhh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS but the words, which I hear, are the opposite. Ali at once apart from me run to wear his pant, which was lying, on the floor. I am still confused what has happened. After wearing the pant he throws the blanket on my naked body and he get out of the room. After a short while when my breath comes to normal I wear my cloths and come out of the room to search Ali. I found him walking near the hotel in just one pant and a shirt nothing else, where as few minutes back he was shivering with cold. I come close to Ali and asked him “what happened?” Ali replied “nothing”. Then I said “why don’t you come out of the room lets go back” Ali replied “J.V you go the room I’ll be backed after some time” I insist to come along with me but he refused and said “go back”. I come back to the room and lay on the bed and thinking what has happened to Ali. I am still confused. While thinking I don’t know when I fell to sleep. I wake up in the morning at about 7.00 am and found that Ali was still not there. Now I was really worried about him and get out of room to search him. I found him sleeping in the jeep.

I knocked the window Ali wake up and said “J.V lets go back to Islamabad”. I said but he was going to stay here one more day, but he replied, “No we were going back right now.” After this he come back to the room asked the room service to bring the breakfast and after having breakfast we leave the hotel and start traveling back to Islamabad. On traveling back I asked Ali “what happened to you last night”. Ali replied “ J.V I also considered you as my very best and close friend and what happened last night in between us was not right. I always very proud that I have full control on my emotions but last I don’t know what happened to me after drinking wine. I lost my senses and become animal, and betray the word of friendship. I’ll try to forget what happened last night and you also try to forget me”. On hearing this now I understand what happened. Then I said to Ali “Ali right from the very first day you meet me I fell in love with you and I want to be your life partner”. On listening these words from my mouth Ali told me “J.V you are very pretty and well settled in your life any body that is going to marry you will be very lucky but I am not able to do so, as I avail my chance in life” I asked what chance you avail. He then replied that “he was in love with a girl and he get engaged with that girl with will of his and her parents. But after a year some thing happened that their engagement is broke down.

Now he is not in a position to again say his parents that I like that or this girl. Now if I marry it is total arranged and the girl is selected by his parents not by himself”. On hearing these words first I feel very dejected but after thinking on it I realized that Ali is quite right From that day on ward Ali avoid meeting me we just talk on phone or have some chat on net. After that incidence we met only once. I am still in deep love of Ali. Now training of Ali is finished and very shortly he is going to be posted somewhere. I don’t know where because our company is operating in 124 countries of the world. One thing I am sure that the girl who marries Ali will be very lucky. As she got a virgin husband where as even now a days the girls that marry with someone are not virgins. I forget the whole incidence but I still want to over power Ali and wish to have sexual intercourse with him once before his and mine marriage. I don’t know either this wish of mine will be fulfilled or not. Dear friends if you have any plan, by which I will convince Ali to have sexual intercourse with me, please tell me. Your comments and plans are welcomed on the following e-mail address. Its j_vfarah

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