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Umer From Lahore

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

I am Umer from Lahore, my hellos to all the Horny readers of Desipapa & Doodhwali and to those who became my friend after reading my story. I am thankful for to them, that they shared their comments and experiences. I am very much thankful to those girls and married aunties and one married couple, which are now my best mates. Today I am going to share an experience of a couple with you all. I was not willing to write but they said that might help other, and insisted me, so for that reason am sharing it with you all.

So it happened like this, when my story got published I guess its nine, eleven months. I received a mail from a female. She sent me her beautiful pics and she wrote that she wanted to become my friend. I replied her, and on the messenger, we became good friends. After few days she also introduced her husband with me, they both are very lively and jolly couple, they are filled with so much life. (They still are my friends)

One day they said, they will come to my office to visit me and we will have cup of tea together. In my office, we had a very nice meeting we had interesting time together. When they were leaving, they invited me on a dinner, on the weekend. Therefore, I went to there place. The dinner which Annie (not real name) made was a lavish one and it was a delicious one as well.

After having the dinner, we went to the sitting room. After some time Atif (Not real name) (Husband of Annie) started to talk about my experience which I wrote for Desipapa. They wanted to hear more of my experiences that I gladly shared with them. After some time Atif said yaar Fhad I know you will be surprised but I really want you to enjoy sex with my wife that didnt only made me surprised but shocked too. How was he saying this in front of his wife and his wife was smiling on that? After gaining my breath and having a glass of water, I said do you know what are you saying. They both said yes. Then Atif told me that they are married for the past 6 years. Moreover, they both love each other like anything. Because he belongs to the background of landlords so his parents wants son from his wife. Other wise they will make me get married to another girl until and unless they will have any son. Who could be the owner of that land? Further Atif told me that his parent wants me to Divorce my wife coz she is not from our family. (Its was there love marriage) Then he told me the whole story that how got married. Moreover, he told his problem that no matter what happens he just cant become a father due to some medical problem. Moreover, that could not be explained to their parents as they were uneducated and were not ready to believe it. He said we both love each other so much that for staying together we both are ready to do this. 

That will be a very lengthy story if Ill get into details. Inshort, I decided to help them after taking some time. Atif arranged a trip to Burbun for a week so that Annie and I could have free time for that. Therefore, after taking holidays from my office we went to Burbun. In Hotel, he reserved two rooms one for Annie and me and one for himself. Both rooms were next to each other. After enjoying our dinner, he guided us to our rooms and he wishes us luck and went to his room.

When her husband left the room, she went to wash room and came back in a nightgown. She was looking very sexy. Let me first describe her. She has a very sexy figure. She round about 5-7 in hight. Very fair complexion, long and silky hair, which comes to her hips. Big eyes with hazel colour. Very sexy pink lips, big boobs and the size is 36, very slip waist and perfect & shapely ass. Ooo man she was no!  She is a killer. (Annie if you are reading it, I know u must be, dont you get flattered. Dear but you really are sexy)

When she came out of the washroom I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and little bit nervous as well. Coz it was a very different experience of my life that I never even thought of. She came near and suddenly sat of my laps. She said I know you must be nervous and its same here with me but dear Fhad we all are in this thing together and now we all have to go through it. I just cant lose my husband and for this reason am willing to do any thing. Those words really gave me confidence and I kissed her on her lips she responded me in same way. Slowly I removed her gown. She was not wearing any thing under the gown. Her boobs come out in front of my mouth and I they were so beautiful I just cant explain it. The boobs were in a perfect shape with pink light brown nipples. I started to squeeze them and rub them. She started to enjoy that. I kissed them gently and then started to suck them. When I took them in my mouth I just dont know what happened to me at that time, my big thick rod started to get heard and she could feel that under my trousers. I said Annie you are so beautiful your husband is very lucky to have you, and I feel luck to have you with me, I dont know weather I should say it or not but I really love you, ill give you a pleasure of your life which you will always remember. On that, she closed her eyes & let her head go down back words with pleasure and started to enjoy the sucking of her boobs, she was moaning with pleasure.

I just lifted her to bed, we started to explore ourselves. She went down and started to remove my pants. She took my underwear off and was surprised to see my big thick tool, without saying a single word she took it in her mouth and started to suck it like crazy women who was hungry for long time. She was hell of a sucker; she was not only sucking my tool but also teasing and playing with my balls with her hands, lips and tongue. I never faced such kind of intense sucking in my whole life. In a short while I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. After that I went down and started to suck her sweet juicy pussy, oooo ssss aahhhh please dont stop Faaahd just eat that fucken pussy she said with extremes pleasure. Her pussys juices smell great. I started to tongue fuck her pussy and I put my figure in her lovely asshole that made her shout with pleasure aaaa uuuffff fuck me fadooo. After some intense sucking I got up in a flash and penetrated my men hood in her pussy & started to fuck her that made her shot even more louder, ooo yaaaa fadoo you will kill meeeee oooo please fuck my pussy harder I started to fuck her with force she said harder. An idea came in my mind and I took my dick out of her pussy on that, she said what happened fadooo plz plz fuck me, when I saw her that she needs it desperately, I pushed my dick into her pussy with all my force. I repeated that process for few times. That was too much for her & her pussy was tight enough for my dick, so in a short while we both came at a same time. On that she, said fhad you are some fucker indeed you really made me enjoy that lethal sex with your lethal dick of yours. I never took my dick out of her pussy. And placed a pillow under her back so that my sperms could stay their. She grabbed me very tightly. In a little while when our breath became normal she started to move her back. Which were very sexy movements and that made my dick get harder inside her pussy. As my tool was getting harder, she started to take heavy breath and with that she started to move faster and faster. When my dick got fully erect, she took a turn on the bed and we came up side down. She sat on me & started to move up n down. During that she was kissing my lips, she placed my hands on her boobs, those movements were projecting that she was enjoying my dick inside her pussy like anything. I neither met a women like this before who use to get so much involved in sex. She was so much involved that soon she came but I never let it go and kept on fucking her. In about 10 mins, we both came together. Like the previous time I again came inside her. However, this time I took my dick out of her pussy. We both took some chocolate milk to regain our energies. So that we could have more fucking sessions. She called her husband we enjoyed some heavy and energetic food while Annie and I was nude under the blanket nude. Annie was very happy with the fucking session that Atif clearly felt.

After about half an hour Atif left and this time, Annie wanted my tool in her asshole in doggy style. What she wanted was my wish as well so I accepted her offer without wasting a second. 

At first, I entered her very slowly. She felt the pain a little. I asked her if its heard for her than I can stop but she said NO and she said she wanted it and she is enjoying it coz it was a pain with extreme pleasure. Therefore, I just went on n on & on but slowly until whole of my dick was inside her. I started to move in & out, I was fucking her ass, in beginning with very small storks but with every stork, I was making it longer and deeper. She was moaning with pleasure.  I took my dick out of her ass and pushed it into her pussy with all my force and started to fuck her pussy that action of mine made her shout with pleasure. I placed my figure in her asshole. After few storks, I took my dick out of her ass and pushed with force in her pussy. I repeated that for number of times. It was an extreme pleasure for her during that she was squeezing the pillow.  She was responded with my rhythm. While that fucking in both the holes she came for two times and third time we both came together.

We enjoyed those kind of fucking session for seven days and we really had great time together. I fucked Annie in all the positions beyond anyones imagination

I wish I could explain all in my above experience coz all of them were unique, unusual and exciting ones. After coming back, we enjoyed sex on weekends as well.

After so much intercourse sessions finally, God has blessed Atif & Annie with a child. She is now pregnant for the last five months. Plus the good news is that Atifs parents have accepted Annie, and the doctors say that the results of ultrasound shows that they will be a baby boy. So am very much grateful to God that I was of some use to that couple. Anyhow, I have found great friends thanks to Atif & Annie and special thanks to DESIPAPA that we can find such great friends on this site.  Now if any girl, married lady, Aunty, who feel unsatisfied with their sex lives or any Couple with such kind of problem can contact me in confidence. Their mails, their bio data, and every thing will be a secret & confidential so mail me on & do not feel shy in having sex it everyones right to enjoy it. Bye for now take care and always keep smiling. Am waiting for you comments.

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