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Two Years Love Making With Her

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hello readers and thanks desipapa for publishing my love making story and also it is one of best way to communicate to sex lovers. I tell whole thing to you’ll so be patience with my story if I cut then it doesn’t have fun and I will not get to explain my first sex with married lady. Like others story I also add fake names I don’t to ruin her life when she given me happiness of sex. Myself Vijay,  well tone body I do excises to keep myself fit since age of 14 yrs .i stay Goa one of the best beach are in India .From school to higher secondary got knowledge of sex like foreplay, periods , Orgasms  i.e. sex only fucking vagina  that was wrong thoughts. In our group 7 out 3 having sex with married woman which is sin for me that time spoiling their married life. At same I fell lucky when ever they need get sex easily .i was more interested to girl’s pussy and their body. Never had got chances to have sex one girl was to give but paid was high I can’t effort her & hotel room too.

Cathrine was amazing for blowjobs & rough sex I used fantasying day and night. For career development I join the Hotel mgmt course it started in month of mid June. During admission I found some of the good girls for course in admission there were other optional career course I was hoping they should in my batch. Time was fixed 9am in morning and break for 1 hour. Professional Girls / boy hotel knows there are three department course Food & Beverages, Housekeeping and Front Office. Coordinators introduce to lady her name Mrs. Casey Ferds she was front office faculty. I was impressed her beauty she was in her late 20’s.I used to masturbating think of Casey and girl (Leena) who sit opposite side of me. I thought I should join the evening batch to she was good having big boobs and ass couldn’t hide in the dress. Most of we speak English and Konkani mother tongue in class English was compulsory to speak I was good so I impress her. Soon Casey madam became good and close one to even she gives lift in her car; her husband is working in Malaysia. One day after class I was taking help for notes Madam Casey cousin came I was first time seeing her She was amazing beauty better then Madam Casey she soft fair skin and moderated height good structured body. Casey introduce to her as Cousin Sharon oh my god she has soft voice too overall Sharon was gorgeous lady look like same as Hansika Motwani of bollywood actress that time Hansika .M might small age girl only giving those compares to her but her black eyes were sexy. Sharon used to come at end of out class and Madam Casey goes with her so Hi n Hello increased to chit chat .She never hesitated to talk to me in the market. 2 months past many times our Mgmt Coordinator used out of station so Casey and Sharon used sit in empty class for chatting with other batch girls. I was writing notes in class room only 4 of them were in the intuition. Casey, Sharon and Maid I was in class room .Casey and Sharon came and chatting their home talks .i also join at same time I was doing my work I just out my word to Sharon about child. Sharon reply to me for that I need one more person I can’t manage alone and both of them laughed loudly Casey told be quite and she walked out from there I too had smile on face. When I saw Sharon she gave me mischief smile just front desk of mine. I couldn’t concrete on the writing notes her beautiful face flash back onto me. She also walked when she back she brush my head says still not finish shall I help you. I said I will complete at home but I fantasying her in different ways. Sharon was gorgeous her figure was marvelous there were some hits she given to me that she interested on me. It didn’t too long for me to be in her Flat she was alone staying big posh people family. Some or other I goes to her flat as of like helping her. It was 1BHK and has small bath tub. Casey Front office subject was complete so she took break for while and from my memories Casey was erased. At register table just Sharon making hard when I saw her wearing tight fitting jeans and sexy top purposely she stood back and reveal her back I stare her back sexy she was having lovely ass globe round even her panty cut makes me more horny.After long time she turns and smile said after class we will gone my flat but didn’t happen as I was having practical exam and there some talks which we hide from Casey even Sharon didn’t told her about my many visit to her Flat. Before her cousin Casey doubt she changes her topic. At evening I called her she was happy tone voice then she said she had called for the lunch I was too happy. I told Sharon tomorrow I will be she object and said come after 2 days she will be in laws house at same time she said not to tell Casey. I reply Casey will be taking break from tomorrow so was the practical exam.Oh I see that’s why you can’t make it come surly .No problem I give my guarantee and her bye was sensual voice. I got her intention Sharon missing her husband needs me. Although my desire to have my first sex with virgin or girl but there were something else was Why not married lady Sharon was sexy and she likes me too. A day before I shave my pubic hairs from region but kept some hairs at top in rest was clean, I like to be clean male often I clean myself.So ladies keep your finger in the vagina and man to going to enjoy. It was no doubt that I will take her because lot of hits from Sharon and best day of my life which I will never forget my 1st intercourse.

As Sharon told me to come at morning to do some work at home and lunch later. I had bucked the class to visit her. It was around morning I gone to her flat, Sharon took me inside the hall makes me comfortable at couch Sharon was wearing tight top with v neck and frill mini skirt below knee. I was first time seeing her knee which is white color no more dark marks. While Sharon gone to get the to drinks for us while she was walking her ass globe electrifying my body. Sharon came and offers the drinks to me. We were sipping and talks I hardly listen her talks just stares at her boobs because her bra line gave me the how firm and lengthy are they and her cleavage was little visible and knee back thighs also. She saw am not attentiveness in her talks as my glance on her body. She was sitting on the single couch chair well I was on opposite couch. Exactly narration I will give to you before it start. Sharon asked me did you felt bad when I talk about child birth jokes. I reply to her no .here I was wanted her to take lead and make me easy. I was glance her luscious lips then whole hers. I said yes Sharon if you were having kid then your time will cut running after them. Yes what to do? From my mouth said ‘have one child in life’. Sharon laughs said you know I can’t help by self I need man. I also gave laugh to her and said I mean when your husband comes she said okay I will do that again she giggles. I asked her why you so much laughing she said you answer such kind any woman will have fun of it. Sharon asked me did you watch x rated movies I was not that surprise but not hoping so early from her I said some time with friends when I was doing my high school. What from high school you were watching those movies and she called towards her and pinch my belly I got pain at same time I was enjoying. She said ‘very naughty you are I thought you was good boy’ I low my head said did’t you watch to her . Sharon very smartly answer did you given movies to watch me and what naughty things you like of woman. I hold her one boobs and press these are the best I like in moives.Sharon from her black eye gave stunning look to me. First I was scared my palm was still on her boobs I did’t press. Then Sharon smile and said not other things you like there are many and she hide her face on the couch side carrying my hand also inside. That was big relief for me I gave one more pressing wow how soft she, I couldn’t wait more so from other side I insert the hand to get other boob.Sharon gave look to me she was giggling all through I nod my head to allow Sharon open armpit to access inside now I hold her soft boobs and press them nicely and massaging whole I knowing that she has lengthy and firm boobs.Wow god had made such soft thing in woman to have pleasure. now I came on her couch Sharon gave space there we both sits she had turns completely other side her ass globe was touching my thighs as I fold my one legs. I kiss her upper one arm Sharon moaned slowly Sharon no more giggles she was turn on  with my work on her boobs.i worked for while very politely i moved her she was quite lower her eyes and top was miserable due to massaging and clear cleavage .i put my head down kissed her cleavage lightly open V neck kiss bare boobs she was hissing sounds that made me horny.i looked her she was amazing and cannot believe such beautiful lady am doing to her no protest.

I came close to her luscious lips and touch mine I was thrilling slowly I kiss her then got courage I smooch Sharon to open her lips. We was not going to stop this was ruining our mind. We was almost 5 mins smooching then I slide my one hand inside her top touch bare skin of one boob she again close her eyes and both hands crush my hairs. Sharon was getting hot now I slide more her top to see boobs she was having nice and healthy boobs her thin black bra I open saw both they were awesome. Sharon open her eyes smile I gave kiss lips to lips she gradually open her lips kissing I moved to soft cheek then to earlobes taking in my lips and pulling them. Did you like my boobs she whisper very softly I said yes saw her face she needs me there. I press the both boobs hard Sharon arch back Oo.Ah.. I said Sharon I like you, I dream about you, you are hot, sexy, want kiss your whole body I want to have sex with you that was my immature due to lacking in sex talks. Sharon said ‘yes have these are yours feel them make love to them’ I was not knowing what you need please guide me. ‘This is your first sexual encounter’. I press her boobs said yes my darling. Sharon giggles ‘so soon I was darling now; no problem make love to me and make me your wife’. My cock was throbbing inside my pant she sense; as I was wearing my hotel mgmt uniformed black pant and shirt. I saw her belly which was soft and no more fat on it, I just moved her top side saw sexy navel I was mad seeing that so close I touch and by finger I rolled .Sharon asked me what you fantasied about me. You will be angry; for what ?soon we will  have intercourse now; I will not; I imagines you be nude, sucking all over our body, fucking your vagina very fast, taking my cock in your mouth. ‘So you like oral sex my vagina will be sucked now’. Yes and put her lips mine and hugged very tight first  my hug I was electrify in me Sharon too; her boobs crush against my chest. I caress her bare back her thin bra stripe it was cotton I said ‘Sharon thanks for allowing me to enjoy your lovely body ‘; please don’t say thanks am yours satisfied me today I will make you happy’.’oh its nice you are very good darling am scared’; for what darling  & she kiss me; as you are married lady (before I was uneasy with married woman sex); darling don’t say that it is very simple see every woman and man needs these days to fulfill their desire .Sharon was horny and wants me as I also but she had other mind that I am not interested who fool will be! my caressing and kiss on necks was continued and her talks also. As you dream about me in fucking that is natural ; like no age bar  and no religion what we are now am Christian married lady and you teenage Hindu boy’ ; yes I reply we are look desperate; for what sex; no love making I said then we giggles I took her smooch for while she travel her hands down found my cock hardness & she feel it in her hands  very sensual she said yours master had grown inside .I asked did you want to see she nod i gave space asked to open my fly Sharon was still in her cloths only upper boobs expose. Sharon unfasten my belt to get comfortable I got up were Sharon came near saw my glory which was giving my hardness outer she gave bite over my pant my god what babes she is Sharon so hot. I unbuttoning  my shirt  she was still  playing over my pant my cock was lucky to get sucked now Sharon was holding my balls and caressing my cock. By kneading she unzipped my pant I was looking down her she pulled my pant then zoom I was nude my underwear was down to foot along with pant. She hold by her soft hand I felt clod in my body & hardness in cock.Sharon look once and kiss my top then took whole for sucking I was heaven. First Sharon roll her tongue by side way then chewing my red top, whole cock was in her mouth, I took my shirt and vest off hold her head. I know she must done to her husband, i gave massages to her boobs asked did these are enjoying. Sharon looked up smile said yes doing very nicely she tied her hairs in a bun I loose her it spread over her back. I step out from pant she also removed my shoes now I completely naked first time in my life Sharon stares my body she said you re sexy boy I thanks her complement asked her please do more I feeling good she said don’t want intercourse I reply only for 2 mins then we will make love dying to see your naked body. Sharon came & stuck her mouth to my cock there were groaning sounds she hold cock up went down chewing my left testicle to right I got aroused so much I masturbate for while then couldn’t hold and my sperms jerk after jerks spills on her soft cheek Sharon didn’t get time to move so some sperms drops on her cheeks when she apart my load of sperms fell on her top t shirt she stares at me believe me she was little anger on her face thought now I had mess myself with her it was golden opportunity to fuck Sharon. She wipe her face from my shirt I said am sorry I was not able Sharon gave slap to my bum said for what you said sorry you was horny that’s why. So will we make love she gave direct look to my face ‘did you want me and fuck me’ ‘what does that mean?’   Sharon said you came to do this what we called sex right .i was some of questions marks. Don’t worry after lunch we will have sex but first make love to my body. I was happy and said please don’t cook now it will take time I will get something to eat from outside lunch. Are you hungry for me? Yes Sharon I can’t wait I want you. I know your urge after lunch am yours. Even I didn’t see your boobs and pussy Sharon hurry up did my sperms annoyed you .Sharon looked to me smile I crush her sexy buttocks she again giggles told me wash myself in bathroom I will get something to eat as you need me early. Before entering bathroom Sharon call me from her top she got some sperms in her fingers tastes said it’s salty she laughed gone inside her bedroom. So she already tastes sperms I clean my lower body with her soap, Sharon knock the door and given the towel, t shirt and track pant. I asked to get me the same T shirt just now you where wearing she handover me saw my cock was alive mode. Sharon was wearing frill skirt & tight T shirt.

I was sitting on couch Sharon got ready I said I will get it and removed the money from wallet .Thanks  if my neighbors see you then problem and I have called you so no money from you its my service. Sharon gave me 3 xxx movies to watch by the time she comes i kissed her lips she equally response mine lips. Said ‘don’t pick up phone, open door, loud volume of TV and not to masturbate waste my sperms. I loved her sexy talks I open my pant showed my cock Sharon gave fly kiss to my cock am coming soon. I locked the door played the movies it was English my cock got erect soon I stop the movie as I know I will masturbating so avoid that and her track pant was also loose as her average buttocks sexy ass globe she had. I wear my pant w/o underwear so Sharon can feel my desire. I was admiring her beauty what sexy she might be am lucky to fuck her now. I arranged the dining table with plates and water so fast as possible we can. Sharon came saw my arrangement kiss on my cheek while serving foods I hike her skirt from back Wow man sexy Sharon her back thighs were hot and her light blue panty which is transparent it has white dots and frill at side way I saw her crack line of buttocks amazing she was back pussy was hide . Sharon finish serving the plates asked me did you like my panty yes sexy’. I wore ordinary black panty before change to this one hope you like it. You got sexy ass globe, Sharon giggles said that’s why your pines throbbing.  We finish our lunch little bit chat I kept my foot on her feet she didn’t mind, am ready to take charge on her .she clean the table washed her face and mouth so not smell of meal I too. Sharon came to hall smile but quite on her face. It was who to start first now I asked her you didn’t showed me the bedroom .Sharon invite me to her bedroom as she was posh her bedroom was nice planned big bed in front was two lengthy glass wardrobe door & lot of things. Sharon said this lovely bedroom where my husband used to fuck me. I latch the door Sharon asked what is this so early let us watch movies then we will do. I told please have sit Sharon sat on the bed I followed her came close to her. She glance I smile said you are worried about what?’ nothing Sharon reply .Nothing what nothing I kept my palm on her right boob she didn’t moved I pass my other hand under her left armpit press her boobs .Sharon gave very sweet slow giggles that encourage me to massage her soft pair boobs; found that this best joy to feel her boobs over t shirt. By both hands were under her armpit I nicely press & massage her boobs.she was complete change in her body language like before not that much active I was running of traces her mind was telling me now go head with my lust. I kissed her cheeks, lips, earlobes for while. Did these are big boobs’ ‘you will see them then tell me how they are’. Yes and I pulled her t shirt, Sharon hesitate when I was pulling up .Sharon my darling I want to see your lovely boobs’ and took off her t shirt she was marvelous her thin black bra was hide only areoles I crush her boobs she arch I smooch Sharon closed her eyes she was delight I press & massaging her Spongy boobs gave long smooching when I broke we breath out she still closed her eyes her thin bra was disorder I saw her very light brown areoles and nipple due to her skin color fair.I moved my hand to removed her bra Sharon untie her knot of bra it was loose I completely nude her upper part. Her boobs were sexy firm big round ones but not in shape I thought as she is married lady due to pressing by her hubby it spoiled but I was wrong Sharon explain these are natural size and shapes of every female   later all things I will narrate last. I open her window curtain to see her in bright she looses her hair bun, spread over her back. Sharon was driving me crazy I naked myself gone to her. she took my cock in her hand said ‘don’t cum soon as you done before’ ‘you want me to cum after long time’ ‘yes my lover so we can make lot of love each other in that duration’ ‘so when you do sucking my cock please don’t chew top I excite lot’ Sharon laughed ‘oh my poor baby am sorry to made you cum early’. I nicely massage her boobs found her nipples was hard I press them very hard and rolled my fingers between .Sharon arch with hiss sounds like H..Hhh.hhhh.hhh. I was excited I wrapped my hand around her back  took her in my arms chew her left nipple and pull her frill skirt up caress her smooth thighs Sharon was too good so soft her thigh skin I was hot I planted a wet kiss on the cleavage then I suck her boobs kneading her nipples by tongue. Sharon mouth gave lot sexy sounds she had surrender herself to me her body change boobs became hard nipples were erect whole body was loose when i cross my hands on her and finger on luscious lips she becomes more soft.

I was now master feeling proud that I can make Sharon as I want her. I did lot sucking and smooching. Then i made her sit on the bed lift her skirt up to belly. I took breath Sharon senses my breath ‘did you like my thighs and panty’. It was first time obviously I like but not imagine such beauty sight. I lift her both legs on the bed which her frill skirt was flown to down & I rolled up to hip saw that transparent light blue panty  @ front side her pubic hairs were trim. I wide her thighs saw clean shave pussy which is puffy lips I apart her inner thighs caress her thighs slowly smooch then chewing her nipples I was also had sensual saying words. ‘Darling Sharon you are gorgeous pussy is making made’ and I nail my fingers on the line of her puffy pussy.Sharon moaned ‘OO hhh’ I asked what happen ‘you had touch my most sensitive part’ I made more sensual ‘this beautiful lovely your pussy’ ‘yes my darling’ I rubbed my fingers again and again over her panty. Sharon was moaning yes…this… oo… mm…Memm mmm’. I saw her face which was different mood eyes where closed best time to attacks her sexy puffy pussy. I slide her panty touch her bare pussy with fingers and rubbed. Sharon gave loud moaned kept her hand on my cock strokes  I did for while rubbing then open her folds insert my fingers inside her pussy. Gush of water came in my palm she was dripping wet pussy.I said have orgasm; Sharon smile came call close to her whisper  ‘you  made me very hot and horny that is my wetness am aroused’ ‘really Sharon’ ‘yes darling… you are truly good lover and orgasm is huge soon get experiences of lot’.  I felt embarrass of not knowing much in sex believe me I lower my eyes. Sharon saw that she strokes my cock said ‘it’s your first experience in sex with woman right’ yes I reply ‘did you want to see me naked or just skirt on fucking’ ‘ no ..No I want to see you naked am dying to hug and fuck you naked nothing on it even your chain and wedding ring’ Sharon gave fishy smile ‘did my wedding ring disturbing you ‘‘not much you need then okay’ ‘don’t worry we have done half job in love making ‘Sharon removed her chain, ring, wrist watch while I was busy with boobs.she stood up unzipped her Frill skirt step out from only with sexy panty. I got instant bulge she was sexy lady curve on her body lower knee to had good curve which I didn’t notice she standing above to removed her panty I stop am fascinated to see her getting naked by myself. I stood her back face to the wardrobe which has glass door I was lucky or there were option dressing table as every married lady has in Goa. ‘You are naughty boy and smart’ ‘oh yes I want go very slow if didn’t have problem’ ‘ no I don’t as your wish my lover’. I inserted my hands in the waistband and pulled down Sharon giggles she was naked now wow her ass globe was sexy soft. Kissing I gone up to her earlobes then turn to me hug her then gone nice smooching while doing she said many thing and we fell on the bed I was down and Sharon was top .I caress her ass globes she responded me with kiss on mine.’ please make me your Sharon and sweetest woman in this world .I lie her on the bed and kiss her forehead lips boobs then wide her thighs saw clean shave puffy pussy I open her lips there was dripping of wetness her clit was tiny I kiss Sharon wriggles I saw her face expression then gave more kissing went on darted my tongue in her pussy and clit.Sharon was moaning very loud she couldn’t bear pleasure I brushed by finger to tease her more oh god she gone wild her palm clinch the sheets of bed moaning with my name that was unbeliever. Now I buried my face to her thighs sucked her pussy for long time .

Sharon asked me more she like ‘’…oo..sss..” I lapped her pussy in and out & fingering too hitting G spot which she introduce to me. Al most 15 mins I took break saw she was hot now. Sharon sat on bed took my cock for sucking she engulf. I was so much delight about her blowjob from mirror of wardrobe I seen she excellent sucker taking my balls in her mouth chewing them. My cock was wet and she too needs me now. “Sharon darling please stop now I want to do fucking” “yes I also need its too much foreplay have done first time too long”  “mine too” I jokes her Sharon smile lie straight legs apart I went down open her pussy lips gave little sucking .Sharon said ‘ you are crazy lover its okay am wet put in’. my dream coming true fucking first time such puffy pussy I rubbed my top to her clit Sharon was hiss sounds told ‘please don’t do that put in … am yours now make me your sweetheart’ ‘what about wife shall I can be part time husband’ ‘oh darling don’t talk put inside your cock am your wife’ .Sharon was thinking that am teasing her actually I was playing her clit ready to go in. Sharon hold my hard rock cock guide to her pussy.Lust yes my lust was going to fulfill  I gave push as her pussy is puffy my cock ram inside her only the top Sharon ‘ouch’  sound came. I took out Sharon said to me ‘my baby you are bigger go slow she moved to make more space in between I poked my cock inside her pussy it went in penetrating her puffy lips to vagina.Sharon groaned with pain ‘OOO…ooo.OOO’ .Even I too feel pain I thought it will easy but dam tight she was. I said ‘Sharon you fucking I can’t moved it is very tight’ ‘yes am too feeling since 5 months am fucked and yours is bigger & length wise too’.’ How you know’ ‘please don’t talks fuck me now’ I took out she scream her wetness fell on bed sheets. I wide her legs as pussy was deep valley down to thighs under thanks her have puffy lips that made me horny. I took in my hand and gave on push feel her viagina.Sharon closed her eyes she was hurting. I asked ‘did it hurting you ‘ ‘ no I was thinking how hard is your 6 inch cock making love to me’ ‘really mines is 6 inch’ ‘yah my darling my hubby have 5 inch you should measure your cock it is good pines ‘.I was only half inside her but mind-blowing it was  very warm feeling being inside of woman really I was speechless. I slowly thrust inside her moaning was on. Each thrust Sharon used to get kick slowly she loved my strokes. I came over her completely saw a  at mirror a uquenic I was missionary position rest my head on her boobs hands under her back Sharon hugged me tightly. My movement was on in and out. Slowly Sharon lift her legs up in air it encourage me that she like my fucking I got room to go at same time I kissing her. I gone more and my full cock were in Sharon moaned you are in my cervix hitting deep’. ‘Wait for while am withdrawing ‘‘no I didn’t mean that you are doing very good job there carry on’. I kept on thrusting after 1 min so I got up saw her Sharon was having pleasure I kiss her cheek & lips. Hold her both hands gave four fast strokes Sharon jerk each time. I gave more Sharon loved that although she moaning ahh…Ahh… hh…Hh…Hhh. “. I increase my movement hitting hard saw again in mirror I was in charge boy turns to Man screwing her hard as I can I took her legs on my shoulder gave fast thrusting ‘you are not hurting no my darling Sharon’ ‘no my baby am having pleasure you are nice fucker good lover maker’ her puffy pussy and cunt grabbed my cock tight with that pose I enjoyed .while I fucking Sharon I rotate her legs to face i.e. her knees to boobs wow Sharon was very flexible body. Up and up her ass globes was in air bend her back I came top standing fucking her if I cum my sperms will directly go to her stomach. It was for 3 mins Sharon have to hold her back by hands we came back normal my cock was out Sharon strokes my cock suck which is just now out from her vagina.i open her lips her hole is open now which contracting after sucking my cock ‘see it got hard again now which more rock’. ‘Yes my darling’ she wide her legs asked me come now. I gone in and at fast space I was fucking Sharon. I was having great pleasure as much she was in great mood hiss sounds made me wild I kissing;  massaging boobs ; kneading her clit.Sharon gave loud moaning yes …you making good love to me more fuck .. Fuck me. Her face turns red eyes were closed tight yelling my name I was fucking Sharon body got tense my cock  felt her vaginal walls were contracting around my cock  and I felt her pussy becoming very wet I was listening her before I understand my cock had sense water as I had completely filled her no gap left  in pussy. I took out my cock Sharon screaming loud gush of water came out from pussy  Oh Orgasm might be half glass again she force her hips up with screaming loud by rubbing her pussy fast two more Sharon spraying her orgasms she was trembling her thighs and ass was shaking. My whole lower part was wet she had gush orgasm to my cock and balls I was dripping.

Sharon took time to sense back her even I was scared to wake up I heard but never saw in XXX movies that time. When she subsidies herself she open her eyes I asked how do feel She got up and hugged me said ‘I love you my baby my intense orgasm which never happen till now. I told wait and get glass of water to her and while coming I pee my cock lost his hardness but still erect. Sharon was lie on the bed straight with open legs when she saw me kiss mine thanks for water.’ Yes you were tire’ ‘no my baby am not it happens to all woman when reach to climax’ I press her boobs & kiss her; Sharon saw urgency in me whisper to my ear ‘my sweet boy come in and give your juices out from this you made happy now I will make you happy’ ‘really you happy’ ‘yes’ ‘will you suck my cock to get more hard’ ‘why not come top’ .Sharon sit on the bed and I stand ; she took and suck my cock I gave my balls for sucking  then I rotate my cock all over her face and boobs fucking too. Sharon giggles mine was very hard now I open her thighs saw pussy which was glistering I open her lips kiss her clit Sharon grabbed my hairs I pulled her puffy lips and kneading her clit insert her my fingers inside did fucking by two fingers. Sharon had held her boobs and pinching nipples that excite me lot I made this act for while. Why I did because if she opt for intercourse next time I will not get chance so best of use her. Now I saw Sharon was wet; she said ‘please fuck me now baby … put inside me… make me your Sharon’. Yes I can’t wait put Sharon in straight legs  wide thighs open came her, Sharon took pillow under head  to rest and hold my cock kept @ entrance ‘baby do lot papeting to me (In Goan language means do Pussy fucking . I penetrate her lips and stretch Vagina Sharon sigh with sensual welcome ‘Haa…HH….’. I stay there smooch then gave strong thrust Sharon jumps up with scream ‘did you like that one’ ‘mm…Mm’ oh Sharon please speak few words I dying to hear your moaning. Sharon kept her hands on my buttocks gave push ‘please don’t talk fucking me satisfied your cock ‘. My thrusting was on I kiss while Sharon hugged me and caress my butt and back I was giving best digging deep inside her. Sharon had lift her thighs up to accommodate my cock deep inside; She moaning ‘I love you … love you … you’re giving good pleasure… fuck me… fast…Mmm…hhh…Mmm…Mmm…’.I sense she is having one more orgasm I asked ‘Sharon papet (pussy) are Cumming now’   Sharon had only hissing voice “mmm…mmm..” .Her soft bums were matching my strokes I turn down and made Sharon top as her body was weak easily she came up. I gave strokes from down Sharon jump with that I said ‘please darling fuck me now this my happiness cum like that for me’. Sharon ride on me by jumping up & down she took whole cock inside her till the base. Sharon ‘baby your cock is very big it poking inside me so much energy you have lasting for longer’ I kiss her nipples, pressing her boobs wow caressing her soft ass globe even I slab. Sharon made sexy voice all over the bedroom bouncing her body I rubbed my 2 fingers to her clit which was deep hiding. Sharon was fainting scream pulled herself up cum over my cock again she dripped me in Orgasm she had huge like before; her 3-4  gushing waves fell on my balls ruining to the sheets. I couldn’t see her face hairs where all over her face she was heavily breathing & faint I caress her ass picked up Sharon was weak I told ‘I want to end up mine’ ‘yes sure since long time your fucking tool is steady when I will cum for me’ ‘I don’t you know this my first intercourse’ while I was stroking my cock Sharon removed my hand said ‘don’t do that!

My pussy is for what? Put inside me’ giggles kiss my lips “your wife will be lucky” suck wet cock .I desire my doggy style Sharon gave light  made herself  in four legs welcome me. Sharon was looking good in all angles her ass globe was beautiful. I insert my cock gave few slow thrusting Sharon loved that then I pace my thrusting she was moaning I was massaging her soft  ass played my finger in clit .Sharon hike up her ass globe and down her face. I was going very smooth for while then again fast switching to smooth. I was very fond of screwing behind so unbelievable imagination coming true. Cupping her boobs roaming my hands on her sexy back. I put Sharon lie on bed I sat on her bum’s edge fucking her pussy I was stretching & deep inside her. Her ass hole was very small I thought I can fuck her ass now but waited to go best .I cupped her ass globe then massaging very smooth way Sharon was lovely my act her voice gave me the sign then I came completely over her body and put my hand under her boobs fuck her very intense Sharon was hissing her sounds like mmm….mmmm….mmmm..eee…aaa.mmm…ammmm… it was truly mind blowing fucking her I know am ending very soon I said ‘Sharon I am  close’  she didn’t said anything ‘am will cum on your ass ‘ still her voice was with hissing “mmm…mmm…mmm…’ Sharon was enjoying my love making. I increase my speed Sharon also higher her voice tone ‘yes…Mmmm…mmm…hhhh…AA…a…mmm… fast cum fast….’ . within 7 -9 strokes I was going to lost myself in her; I failed to took out but achieved 1st wonderful experiences Cumming inside her my cock gave first long sperm  spurting then I was empty my balls all the load in her ;1st so I gone much bigger discharge spreading inside her. It was silent only my moaned when I cum Sharon was quite no more her hissing sounds. I buried my face in her hairs sweating my body on hers. I took break without words to get up. My cock was still had stiffness coated with sperms. I open her ass globe to see her pussy with my sperm. I got shocked my sperms was sticky oozing from vagina speared to her puffy pussy lips and down sheets I insert my finger it was mess came in my palm I applied that on her ass.Sharon saw back to me smile ; I was silent fever in mind cum in. She got up sat on ‘ouch what’ she got stamp of my sticky sperms on her fleshly ass. Sharon put her palm on ass got sperms in her hands “ouch you discharge load of sperms in me”. ‘You won’t be getting pregnant’ Sharon giggled ‘don’t take tensions of that it is my job to care of it as you make me happy we will do lot of fucking from now’ you like my fucking style and enjoyed ’ ‘yes I do you was passionate lover’ ‘can come tomorrow ‘ ‘off course you can even stay tonight we will do more ‘ ‘I wish my home its my possible ‘   ‘am alone in flat when ever you need let me know so I arranges exact time to enter only of neighbor get suspicious ‘. I took some sperms inside from pussy asked her to tastes .Sharon was hot she licked my fingers with sensually. We naked gone to bathroom clean ourselves.

It  was late evening  Sharon sat on my lap I smooch her, she said that this best love making ever had her husband do but never experiences such passionate way specially your  cock was very good ;really I like your sperms it was huge am feeling inside me.’ did I pollute you ‘ ‘no never said that you are my  lover am glad if we make love everyday ‘ ‘oh its my pleasure ‘ ‘yes baby it is pleasure which I was lacking’ ‘do fantasies me’ ‘yes at night I finger my pussy it take too long to cum so I was need you badly ‘ ‘why didn’t said  I was masturbating day & night thinking of you‘ Sharon pinch my cheek ‘you are naughty boy I were observing you and attracting towards me ‘ ‘now am happy wonderful experiences’ ‘how like my body and Vagina’ ‘be frank I saw 1st time naked female and  i.e. is you beautiful such sexy body soft skin yours vagina was dam tight actually  my dream to 1st fuck with girls‘ she wave her hairs laughed ‘really baby my vagina were tight because you are big & 6 inch which I was impress and never think girl & woman are different sex only girl have hymen  when you break  them they are woman even some time girls  have sex with boyfriend or friends to get pleasure’ ‘ now I don’t regret being intercourse with you ‘ ‘why?’ ‘You are hot Sharon’ ‘thanks for complement; baby did you eye on my cousin sister Casey’ ‘Mrs. Casey my faculty in mgmt no ‘ ‘ tell me truth ‘ ‘why am not’ Sharon caught me ‘ some time before I mate you please now you help me to get her in bed also’ Sharon stares at me ‘ why you don’t like mines’ I press her boobs said ‘spice of life’ ‘no I will show all the spices which I have ‘ ‘okay I won’t but promise me that when I need you should available to me ‘ ‘baby just now you made me yours ; am yours like wife fuck me when you need these are yours feel me like woman only promise no one should knows about our intimate relationship I will forever’ ‘oh my darling you are wife and am your husband I won’t this is secret between us you make happy ‘ I smooch her she caress my hairs. I was aroused removed her t shirt .Sharon was only wore panty and t shirt, she said invite for intercourse I said ‘am very sorry it take time I will do masturbating   cum on boobs.Sharon took off her t shirt no bra I gave kissing to boobs and nipples then I masturbating, Sharon took in her hand blowjob for while I took out strokes by hands cum over her boobs and stomach .After that we smooch long time I depart.

Got bored or excited ladies, read this part .Next day I gone her flat Sharon took me to bedroom and undid her cloths  Sharon had clean shave pussy it was looking so sweet and suck able pussy  then we gone for passionate love making with more freedom. Sharon said that till you doing hotel mgmt course after finishing class don’t go home for lunch I will cooked for you in Hindu style menu after that you can take your Sharon as you like. Deal was done and I will get to have pleasure of hers .In10 days we make lustful love some time I was go for 5 times in day Sharon got impress with my activeness said am stud; oh its she flirting me I was not like salman khan my skin color is brown like truly Goans or you can say am have Brazilian but body is well tone. Soon after I eye on her soft sexy ass globes, Sharon was cooking food it was Saturday off in mgmt. @ 11:30 pass she was busy for cooking food I had just done one intercourse with her .she wore short cotton skirt and blouse of zip; her ass globe was swaying while moving. We was chit chatting I caress her ass globe then massage her bite many times Sharon all they giggling. After that when we came to bedroom I started to massaging her ass she asked what is this why all time am on her ass I said ‘these soft sexy ass making me mad’ ‘really am such beauty’ ‘yes I will make more beautiful now’ ‘no you mean ass fucking its horrible’ ‘why you don’t like me’ ‘its not that baby’ ‘please let me make love to these beautiful; am very fond yours ass since I masturbating of them’ ‘ Are you sure you want to fuck my ass’ ‘ yes I will give best pleasure to you enjoying soon’ there where yes and no from Sharon .’Please baby go slow but lubricate my hole see if you can manage’ ‘don’t worry I will be slow’ ‘ if doesn’t enter inside stop it will pain for me make love to my pussy’ I asked Sharon did you have condom she gave me the packets I ripped off the 2 condoms and the lubrication lotion I peeled on my fingers that I applied on her ass hole .

Sharon told me why not using condom rather then peeling . ‘ I want feel your inside ass’ she smile .I lied her complete on her back came over before that I kiss & bite her soft bums then rubbed my cock over her ass line. Sharon was enjoying my kneading with light voice; I kept at enter at anus Sharon to open her bums cheeks my cock top went inside Sharon moaned ‘go slow’ .I wait for while  I hold my breath then gave one push it gone inch inside Sharon was quite I slowly I thrust of 6-9 I was in only 2 inch was out might be. Sharon was holding breathing said ‘it is very tight am virgin ass can’t bear that please go slow or fuck my vagina’ ‘please you will get pleasure soon it is one of the sex pleasure’ ‘I know my hubby never try anal sex I want to get experience of that with you please go very slow’. I just gave slow dead push I was not enjoying nor Sharon I apart her thighs lie over her back rest my head on her shoulder keep her hairs away from body kept my hands under her .this give me comfortable I thrust one I sense I was in completely Sharon scream with pain you are hurting me, ‘please darling am having pleasure’ ‘baby it is difficult to breath me’ I console her please make me happy ‘seriously tell me you like my ass fucking’ ‘yes Darling Sharon yours are very soft bums which making mad’ I went with more thrusting I don’t know there were some blocking me i feel nice and I gave some poking strokes which Sharon screaming I lost in my happiness so hot pleasure am getting. I started my strokes in regular style how pussy fucking Sharon groaned in pain asked me to stop I said ‘hold for while am will finish soon’ than in while I gone wild humping on her soft ass globe Sharon thought its not use telling she was giving loud pain sounds   ‘hhh…hhhh……hhooo… slow …oooo.. slow man don’t go fast please don go deep…ooooo…hhhh…ooo… slow….” . now I was enjoying and making best of use of bums. I made some fast so she can scream. Tell  you truth Sharon took time  to have ass fucking pleasure that time was in my mood massaging her boobs and rubbing her clit .I know it has been 20 mins pass fucking her soft ass I gave my long strokes gone deep said I will soon discharging .”keep in let me feel you sperm inside this my first  anal love making “ I made fast speed Sharon moaning am close to my cum my whole body feeling good that best fantasy come true .i moaned in pleasure and came deep in Sharon ass discharging my sperms inside her oh wow what cum is that I was exhaust hugged her very tight  over her back wait for time to recover my sense when I removed my sperms was deposited inside her soft bums but there some drops fell at ass hole even she and bleed on sheets. I told to Sharon first she stares angry look me. I was done rigorous ass fucking .she pinch very hard to my belly said you had tear my tissue inside. I asked her it won’t be disease or problem.’it happen when first anal fucking but you was wild at my bums don’t worry if got problem I will let you know ‘Sharon laughed I took her in arms feel on bed smooch her.  After that day we made countless fucking Sharon first hesitates to give her ass for my pleasure when I rammed her ass she feel another pleasure. Sharon surprise me by showing her dark maroon color vibrator which look like cock had tip head on it  rotates round and works on battery. She had used very rear time before doesn’t like  and also 10 capsule which is to last for longer time only when Sharon wants wild sex  believe i used last for 45 mins more after that I take break for ½ an hour no energy left on me. In 17 days we made tremendous fucking I didn’t used condom what pleasure I was having .

Sharon said she is having period on 18 day if I need she will but she also said that there are chances of getting STD diseases as my cunt will naked and no chance of pregnancy but I avoid having sex in menses days. As days past learned lot and got freedom with her there where some days I stay at night after compellation of my hotel mgmt course. I spoken lie to my family I have training in hotel and late night finish I have to stay there close by with friend. I was teenage boy and Sharon were young married lady we used do very hot & passionate love making I was her sex boyfriend .it best thing which ever happen I gone all the pose’s and also Sharon had Hindu style wedding night what we called is “Shuhagarat” that was happen in afternoon surprise from Sharon I also please her by her religion style she said she didn’t make love in wedding gown let fulfill her wish  I arranged that by  decorating with rose petals  and other flowers on her bed ; why not she done same thing to me to make happy. I amazed when Sharon wear different sexy panties; make her cum on doggy style; her ass globe was assault by fucking but she loved it ; all kinds of condoms I used .. After two years Sharon gone to UAE her hubby took her she came back with first baby girl every year they used come down to Goa .But Sharon never forgot me we used go in hotel to continue our love making session, Now Sharon had put weight on her bums and body but still she carry her sexy image. Sharon and I go very secretly to meet and make our best of intercourse ever possible she already said ‘am her sex boyfriend and will be forever till our lust lasting in us’. Sharon told I can do intercourse with woman or girls but didn’t woke up the ideas.2007 I had sex with one married woman but few months it didn’t carry the relationship her laws house were strict to her very rear chance to sex then soon I fucked my friend girlfriend that one I will tell you to next time But I was feeling lonely when she goes after that no one for love making with me Sharon comes every year but stay for 2 months only back to UAE. I hope you have understood my urge in the passionate sex which am missing with her. Please guide me in my lust what should I do .Do write about how about was it and help in solution.

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