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Two Sisters And Me Having Fun

  • desipapa
  • October 30, 2015

What I am going to tell you my dear reader is a true but different experience I had. I was 24 and my girlfriend was 22. We both were in deep love as you can imagine. There were no barriers between us and we used to enjoy lot of sex whenever we used to be alone. She had a one year younger sister who was very well aware of our intimate relationship and the bond between us. My girlfriend was very free with her sister and she told everything to her and she I informed me that she knew that we were doing sex. Initially I became apprehensive when she told me that her sister knew all those activities of us but later on I became okay with that because she told me that her sister had no objections.

One day we planned to meet at my home because my parents and my brothers and sisters were away to attend a marriage ceremony out of town. She was working as nurse so she took a day off and told her parents that she was going to meet her friend. Her parents did not allow her to go alone and forced her to take her sister with her, as she told me after she reached to my home. I was put off when she arrived to my house with her sister.

She smiled and said that I should not be worried about her sister because she knew the purpose of our meeting on that day. I said that it did not look good but she was not worried about that.

I let them inside my house and let them sit in the living room. I was feeling as if this meeting would not be leading to sex as I had planned. I brought some cold drinks from fridge and offered to both sisters. Her sister name was Ambreen and my girlfriend’s name was Rubaab. Ambreen are very jolly and friendly. She said to her sister that she could go to other room to have fun and she was happy to wait in the living room watching TV.

I was a bit embarrassed but when Ambreen said that I got a bit relieved. I took Rubaab to my room. Reaching there I took her in arms and pushed her to the wall and while standing we started kissing passionately. My tongue was exploring her mouth and she was sucking it too. My arms were wrapping her and hands were feeling her back and she was doing the same to me. These moments were so lovely and sensual that our breaths were getting heavier and our arousal was getting higher. While kissing I started pressing her breasts over her dress. I could feel the softness and firmness at the same time which was an amazing and arousing feeling.

We were both enjoying our love when the door knocked. We separated and thankfully we were not undressed as yet so I opened the door. As expected Ambreen was there. She saw our sweaty and red faces and smiling said that she was sorry to disturb us but she wanted to talk to her sister in privacy. I went out of room and let them speak to each other.

I went to toilet of the other room and returned after 2-3 minutes. My girlfriend was sitting alone and her sister went back to living room. I asked what was the matter and she told me that her sister asked a weird request and was feeling shy to let me know. I reassured her asked again. She lowered her head and whispered that her sister was asking her to do the sex in front of her but she did not agree and told her to go back and just watch TV.

I actually felt thrilled when I heard this but didn’t say anything about it as I was afraid if my girlfriend didn’t like it. As I kept quite she asked me directly if I would let her sister see us doing sex or not. I understood that in her heart she wanted that but was not sure about me. I got an idea but I didn’t tell her immediately, instead I went out to living room and asked Ambreen to follow me to room.

She came back and I said in front of my girlfriend that it would only be okay if she would take her clothes off too while she would watch us doing sex. Ambreen got red when she heard that and said no and my girlfriend smiled in a strange way and said that the condition I offered was quite nice. Eventually Ambreen agreed with this proposal. I said additionally that she would have to follow the pattern of her sister when she would undress. She shyly agreed.

I went closer to my girlfriend and we hugged again and soon started passionate kissing. I then whispered to my girlfriend to take her shirt off and she lifted her both arms and I removed her shirt. Now she was in topless with bra only. I said to her sister to take her shirt off. She was a bit reluctant but then she took her shirt off too. She was already sitting on the single sofa in the room and watching us doing kissing and hugging and enjoying the live show. She was wearing the bra though. I could see her nice cleavage. I took off the bra of my GF and asked her sister to do the same. I started fondling and squeezing my GF boobs and she moaned in passion. I started sucking her nipples one by one. My girlfriend helped me taking my shirt off and then my trouser as well. My dick was hard and bulging out visibly in my boxers.

While I was sucking her nipples, she lowered my boxers and started rubbing my dick. Her sister’s eyes were glued to this erotic scene and I could see her breathing was heavier and face reddish with this eroticism. My girlfriend was also enjoying more than before due to this show off. And me, my dick was like a rod and all of this was making me mad with lust.

I took her trouser off and made her nude and laid her on the bed. I opened her legs and started licking her wet dripping cunt. Her pussy taste was not new to me but amount of her wetness was amazingly more than before reflecting her high arousal state. I heard the sounds of clothes removing and I paused for a second and turned my head towards her sister and saw that after removing her trousers she was removing her panty which was the last piece of clothing on her. I quickly said to her to start touching her nipples and rub her pussy. She sat on her sofa and she started rubbing her pussy. My girlfriend, that is her sister, was seeing all this and her enjoyment was high because I noticed that was caressing her both breasts with her hands and pinching and pulling her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

We were all nude and I was eagerly sucking my girlfriend’s pussy. I then changed my position to 69 and Rubaab started sucking my erect penis. I could hear the moaning sounds of pleasure coming from Ambreen.

After lot of sucking and licking I started fucking my girlfriend. I saw her sister fingering with one hand and fondling her breasts with other. While moving my dick in and out of my girlfriend’s wet and slippery pussy I was holding and gently pulling her nipples too. I felt her orgasm as she moved her hips and her pussy was gripping my dick in rhythmic manner. She started relaxing after her orgasm as I could feel the tension in her muscles was relieved. Fortunately my stamina is good and I can easily control myself. I learned some techniques from Internet like deep breathing which help me lasting as long as I want.

Seeing this Ambreen stood up and came to bed and gave an eye wink in a manner which was obviously a message that she needed the real thing. Rubaab sensed it as well but didn’t say anything, rather she started fondling her sister’s breasts. Ambreen opened her legs wide open and I bent down and started licking her pussy. Her pussy smell and taste was similar to her sister.

After few minutes I saw that Rubaab went over to her sister’s face with her pussy on her mouth while supporting herself with the head side of the bed. Ambreen started licking her pussy and Rubaab was moaning with pleasure. I was continuously pumping her pussy until I came and ejaculated my full load inside hers. Nearly the same time Ambreen came as well. She told me later that she would take the pill to prevent getting pregnant.

We all three enjoyed 2 more times with full involvement of both sisters who did lesbian with each other and sex with me. Then both left for their home. In the next few weeks we enjoyed together in the same way because this all was so erotic that we couldn’t stay without it.

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Two Sisters And Me Having Fun

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