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Two Sister At One Time

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello to everyone! My name is Fahad and I am from Lahore. Am back with another experience of mine. Thanks for those gals & housewives who liked my previous story and enjoyed their fuck with me. I guess now I should hire some female sectary for my sex appointments /;-). Love you all Gals and house wives who like my style of fucking them and thanks for their repeated requests of fucking them specially their assholes. And I would really like to thank (I cant mention there names as they have told me not to mention it) the mother & her daughter that they had three some with me man.

Today I would like to share with you the sex exp of two sisters that I mentioned in my previous story my sex friend, and her married sister. It started when my gal friend called me over for sex. We did have sex for number of time after my first time. When I fuck her that day once and we were laying down on bed and chatting there I mentioned to her that her elder sister is very sexy and her husband my be the lucky one to have sex with kind of sexy women with a baby. She told me that yes she is very sexy but unfortunately her husband has not been unable to satisfy all her needs. And more over she told me that he most of the time out of this country for his business so she is quite alone. There I said with hesitation, as she was her sister. So I said if I’d try to do some thing to satisfy her needs if she and you don’t have any problem with that. Few moments were passed in silence then she started crying and said to me that how nice of me to think about her, then said I don’t know about that weather she would agree to it or not but I’ll try to make her convince her. That was surprising for me. Suddenly she stood up and said let me try it now but that never means that you will forget me you have to fuck me too. Which I agreed. Then she left the room after wearing her clothes. I took the Chadar on my self and laid down with my eyes closed and was thinking about having a sex with her sister and my gal friend at the same time.

Round about after one hour she came to the room and told me that she has convinced her after a long long chat now you have to start with little conversation and try too make her cool down and convince her that it wont matter having sex while one is married and have a kid with her which I agree. After just five minutes her sister came to her room and was very very nerves. Me and her sister make her sit on the bed and I told her that its not anything which is unusual, you will enjoy this and we will have lot of fun in this. Then her sister said that I better be leaving you guyz so that you can have wonderful sex. And then I saw a great fear in her elder sister’s eye. So I stopped her and side that you can stay with us and we can have combined sex. In this your sister will feel free to have sex. Then she looked at me and then to her sisters eyes and she understood that her sister likes that idea of having combine sex. She said ok I’ll stay and v’ll have combine sex.

So she came close to me and said now start something with her. so I got like close to her elder sister and my gal friend also came close to her on other side. I said you just don’t know how attractive you are and how sext you are with that I started to kiss her on her nick she started to like it and after few kisses she said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that feels good m

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