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Two Friends Become Giglo For One Night

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Dear all sex lover this is story of two close friends become gigolo for one night and their luck is so favourable for them once they think about it suddenly it happen so think good it will happen don’t know when god will be happy with you. Gagan and Rohit working in Music store in well known mall in metro city Delhi both are good guys and very professional in approach.

Gagan is the store manager and Rohit is the store manager in same store in there store so many high people keep coming for the promotion of their movie or for music album once the store is closed they used to drink and share their feeling and what happen in the store and in their social life and one week end both having the same routine in their life and its was 13th Feb. next day valentine day preparation is going on the Music store.

Rohit is macho man type and Rohit is cute and handsome guy both have jolly nature and needs to crack bad jokes in store just for fun and tease there staff so work will be easy for all the staff, its 12 hours job in the store music is loud and retail life is very tough no holiday no fun just sale pressure all day work. Now closing time of the store both is in hurry to close the store and have some drink outside to release the work pressure both are in good mood they just open the beer and taking small sip and talking Rohit have you seen that gal come to me ask me for romantic love collection

Gagan said oh yes whole staff is staring at that gal his boobs are like rocket and butts are so sexy I planned that I have to wash may hands in her name Rohit said she is your bhabi don’t dare to think about her Gagan said my night is booked in her name do whatever you want me to do both loudly smile and shake hands (yaar bada tharkki hai to, karnna padta hai apna hath jagrnath) as the night passes by one by one beer they both finishing fast and chatting Gagan said to his friend yaar.

I am in mood to fuck beautiful ladies in group ( koi jugaad hai) Rohit said well I am also in mood to do so ( koi teray pass hai juggad) both are in there mood no one is looking at the time both are despo for sex but due to their long working hrs no one have girl friends they both sharing their desire Gagan said gals locked me in room where bunch of nude gals serve me food drink and light music and swimming pool inside the room god please dos some thing for me I will be sex king for one day.

Rohit said well big car full tank petrol long drive where semi nude babes in my car book resort in Goa beach where all staff is semi nude gal topless in reception loud music in pool area where only me topless gals dancing for me (Gagan sallay mujhay bhool gaya) Rohit said yes you will be my servant and your role is you wash gals wet panties and shake my banana in India we always demand something from god but that day is there lucky day even that also don’t know god is kind to them.

Rohit seen this watch and suddenly jumped and said its its 2 o clock damm Gagan also shocked what ? The fuck you are telling it to me and they both rush to the parking where there bullet bike waiting for them Rohit once seen his bike and said (ma chod gaye yaar kis land say bhagwan na kismaat di hai madarchod bike pancher hai) (Gagan said Gando roo maat socha karna ki khay aab)what to do where to go all there mood dip down Rohit kick the floor in frustrated mood and loudly abuse fuck off to.

My luck something worse always happen when I was in good mood. Gagan said aab kiya karay rohit reply abay muth mar lay ja kar mood na kharb kaar both staring at each other with hope when they checked their wallet there is piece of paper no money Gagan smiled and said (jab gand pathi hai taab awaz bhi nahi hoti)No ray of hope Dark week end night dog barking sound in road both light the cigarette and went towards the road.

Rohit said to Gagan I have got an idea Gagan said bollo sir ji we take lift and go home. Then they put on the Fm radio jockey playing the song mama I am coming home” country music Gagan start sing song my shit fucked up hay my shit fucked up, my bike ditch me and give pain to my ass, no money we both have just beautiful ass, there is no customer who kick our ass. Rohit pull off his T-shirt and rolling in air his well shaped body no hair in chest wanted the lift

Gagan said behave Rohit you look so cheap doing all this Rohit said let the night remain the same talk not finished let me enjoy the life in road and roads and kick the empty bottle in road suddenly one Audi car stopped window seat mirror pulled down and sexy voice come out Guy are you free tonight let go and have some fun sexy chest gays Rohit and Gagan stunned and both shocked, inside the car 4 ladies sitting in the car and looking despo for sex from very rich family Gagan said to Rohit.

We don’t have any option let’s go sit inside the car lets enjoy the drive with sexy ladies, Gagan sit in front seat and Rohit in sandwich in between two ladies in back. Gagan sharing his seat and sitting on her lap. What you guys are doing are you from delhi first time I have seen you here, Rohit said ya my bike got puncher that is the reason we both stuck her, Gagan enjoying the drive sitting on gal lap for the first time. well myself Mona who driving the Audi car and on my back Parul.

Neha and Seena all four of them shake hands with both and said well guys if you don’t mind I have an offer for you. we are from USA and we are looking for two guys who is professional gigolo who can entertain us and play with us whole night party hard you know someone you both looks local. Rohit said no madam we have no such links, Mona smiled and put his hands on Gagan thigh rubbed it. Gagan feel embarrassing and looked back and giving bad signal to Rohit and said Rohit give me you hanky.

Rohit is sandwich in between two gals no space to put his hand on his own pocket Seena sitting next to him and said well Rohit no need to move I put my hand in your pocket and take out the hanky, Rohit said no I do it myself but Seena put her hand inside the Rohit pocket instead of pulling out the hanky Seena lovely lady just checked the size of Rohit cock it huge and wide, smoothly massage his cock and take out the hanky Rohit flying in the seven sky that moment but control his emotion.

Gagan also in the same sandwich between the Mona and Parul, Mona blink his eyes and tell Parul to help Gagan so that he clean his sweat Parul keep the hanky on his hand and open the button of Gagan shirt and clean his wet chest once Parul touch Gagan chest Gagan pant swollen suddenly and once Parul is done she put back the hanky on Gagan pocket once she drag his hand inside the Gagan pocket Parul touched and rubbed Gagan cock smoothly and said to Mona his pocket is too big Mona and all four ladies smiled shamelessly.

Rohit and Gagan having time of their life enjoying long drive in costly car in the town with beautiful babes environment filled with romance and full of fun Monna recd the messages on his cell phone Seena sent to Mona messages is Mona we found it and checked both boys are good and size of their cock wide and huge and both are fresh flash these boys are our dinner tonight we all eat them one by one whole night fun.

Mona is the leader in group and tell boys cut to cut lets come to the point before we move further will you both strip for us and we all ladies want to play with your huge and wide cock are you ok with it, Rohit and Gagan without wasting the time agreed and said yes well but we need to take the shower and once we finished the food we both will be your sex toy, Monna rejoiced and laugh now you both are our guest we all taking care of you.

Mona keep his accelerator on top gear and car stopped in big panta house where there is swimming pool, bar big bath tub and nude picture inside the room where its written open the door and see the heaven that room lock are in pussy shape and keys are in male cock shape when you put that key the lock open and sound come out ting tong fuck me thing tong funk me your permission granted welcome to heave

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27 Mar

To me: five star facility. Mona welcomes them both and hugs and said darling you both go and have some shower and we plan out some drink and food both smiled and Mona shown them the direction towards the bath room. All four ladies start there chatting as usually women cannot stop her mouth all four chatting who will be the lucky to take these both guys first Mona is the leader in the group and she find out the solution that mean while one the boys come out from the bath room why don’t we play some game.

Neha said what game Mona say we all play card game high or low is the call person who lost remove his clothes one buy one and team divided in two are you ready gals winner will be less clothes removed and nude will be looser secondly don’t be partial with any one we play with boys in the big hall room no privacy at all. Mona and Neha in one team and Parul and Neha in another team who will play first here come the coin they do.

The toss Mona call for head its head call the Neha now competition between Mona and Parul Mona figure is 36 30 34 Mona having big breast and his butt is also very attractive and Parul figure 34 28 30 having mango shape Breast and have cute ass, Mona is wearing white T-shirt and black skirt and on the next side Parul wearing big brown gown all her legs are waxed both have fair complexion. All sitting in the play table where they play card and it made of sandal wood and transparent mirror on the top where you have seen the bottom of the floor.

Mona call for high and Parul turned the card its Low Parul say yeah I am the winner Mona just give naughty smile and said well and all three gals clap for Mona say go gal go and remove your clothe, Mona put off his T-shirt well her boobs are so large and juicy and black transparent bra she is wearing without hook and lovely Parul come and said can I touch your lovely and juicy boobs well Mona reply why don’t you touch your it’s also lovely Parul say touch other give pleasure.

Mona say with naughty style you can touch this free of cost next time I will charge the money Mona take the card and low is the call by the Parul, Its high dear you lost now it’s time for you to put off your one clothe, Now days sex card game is fashion in the society its seriously give pleasure and your lust towards your mate increased try out in your home with your love one its give pleasure Poker game, lost bet, true or lie game in group yummi feel it will give.

Lets come to the topic I lost it Parul wearing gown she dropped his bra wit out removing the gown and smiled still I have clothes dear Mona give bad smile to Parul and I will see you how long you hide your mango shape boobs to me well now I will lick you boobs one its come out, high is the call from Mona its high card low is the call from Neha but its high card now Mona jumped from her seat and said looks like she win the lottery ticket.

Parul have no option left to remove his brown gown or to remove his panty well clever lady Not in any mood to show off his tits and or her sex legs she removed his panty now only gown left, one lose his well shaped body will be shown off in public, Monna is delighted and said you clever gal now I have three clothes and you have only one left I will feel very happy if and I win this Parul ignored and squeezed his noise I will see low is the call its high now Parul jumped and give naughty look .

Mona put off his skirt now she is left with bra and panty, high is the call from Parul its high she is safe Mona call for high now its low Mona put of his bra and his large juicy boobs fall and she put his both hand on nipple Parul said its cheating now stand up and shake your boobs Mona do the same and all gal loudly smiled Mona and Parul 1-1 hope booky not reading this story and low is the call from Parul but its high card now Mona Neha.

Seena jumped from their seat and start dancing Parul putt of your lovely gown well all loved to see you nude body free of cost in public Parul embarrassed but have no option left she told I will not do this Mona you take the boys with you I will be the next it’s ok but all moved towards the Parul, Mona said we forced you to this or your do it your own its game we all have to follow the rule, Parul quickly stand up and put off his gown her body is like Titanic heroine.

Wow is all the call from the all the gal there is sweet tattoo above his shaved pussy kiss me hard written over there all gals said when you have it your never told us Parul said its surprise you all well I am waiting for the right time today I take this advantage doing my tattoo promotion you all loved to see it you horny gals, Parul now giving posses as professional model given in F channel

Monna is the first winner in the competition now Seena and Neha mean while nude Parul went to the kitchen and take out the beer and snakes to eat and offer beer to all have them, Coin come out from monna she is only sitting in his pink transparent net panty only Neha is the winner and seena is Russian look gal and Neha is Bengali skin type gal and she is whitish in color Neha wearing tight jeans and sleeveless T-shirt and Seena is wearing Rainbow colour gown sleeveless.

Low is the call from Neha but its high card now Neha have to put off his T-shirt and throw it to the Seena smell it you winner loly Seena smile back I need more from you gals don’t be so rude and shy Nude gals are despo to see them nude and putting off their clothes makes them wild you all have tried it in your house you all hand shaking readers just a joke i know there is movement in your pants and for gal there nipple will be tight and their fingers in the right place

Seena call for low but high come so she is bold lady she put off his gown not she is in rainbow colour panty and bra, high is the call from neha low come Neha swing his bra and thrown it in the floor with lousy look brown curve shape boobs brown nipple well shaped and tight one Seena give rubbing his hand towards neha boobs can you feel it gal high is the call from Seena low come not Seena removed his bra and give it to the

Mona and said wear it Mona you need it and Neha call for low she lost Neha removed his jeans again she lost she removed her purple panty Neha pussy line of trimmed hair above pussy looks chocolate now Mona and Seena is the winner in this completion. Mona and Seena taste these gays first and loser gal will be audience to watch the horny play will be lived in front of her for free. Rohit and Gagan real mover and shakers watch this game of horny and despo gals fighting for us to fuck them once.

The game is over they quickly taken the shower and said we have taken the shower now please pass on the towel to us Neha and Parul pick the towel and moved towards the bathroom Parul and Neha is the combination of black and white both moved his head and hand to take the towel from both the gals but Monna and Seena said you have to come out these two gals going to dry you up and now she will do what you order to them Neha and Parul waiting for the Rohit and Gagan to come out.

Both come out and both wearing v shape under wear and both shaking aircon is on Parul slowly give massage to Rohit moving her towel back touched his back then move down and dry his thigh and with his finger pulled his underwear elastic and rubbed his shaved black and red on top cock and take him towards the eating table Neha move towards the Gagan rubbed his face and her butts is huge and wild Gagan touch her butt for the first time in his life watching live porn foreplay.

Mona and Seena interrupted Gagan you only see no touching to Neha if you want to touch you can experience with us we are the winner and we eat the cake first and all four gals pick up and beer and including both boys cheers is the sound in the big hall and light music is also going on well both from the Music store both requested to play hevia bagpipe music its light and very romantic Celtic touch make your wild all gals impressed with their music taste and said it lovely music.

Hmm you both have good music sense loved it and all gals shake their boobs to give salute to the boys for their music taste and Mona and Seena lick boys brown nipples. both the boys finished their food served you the nude Neha and Parul for the first time in their life both feel very happy and tension from the face just removed all naughty and shameless act they start doing it Rohit and Gagan is the combination of saloo and srk and now Nona asked Neha and Parul to put the black cloth on Rohit and Gagan eyes both lady do the same,

Now boys we need to play hide and seek sex game with you so that your both enjoyed and we all also enjoyed Rohit and Gagan said that this our desire and fantasy of the life we always share to my friends you are very kind to us and we feel very proud that we entertain you tonight it our pleasure you pick us, Monna and Seena move towards the boys Monna pick Rohit and Seena pick Gagan first both give French kiss to the boys and Rohit and Gagan touches there boobs very gently looks like they both are in there honey moon Rohit and Gagan read so many sex magazine Hindi and English

Today they both are doing the practical test in big hall once both gals kiss the boys there black cobra start shaking inside the underwear Mona and Seena ask Parul and Neha to remove the underwear gently both are waiting for that moment to see their big dick both have 6 inch long and 2 inch thick and red colour top gals delight and pass comments these boys are very fresh and real one today we at last find it our long hunt is over now we have these to fresh and virgin boys with us in dinner

Monna say to Parul bring the camera to take picture of their boys and let’s make some video clip might be the next time we cannot see them you know my taste I am moody and choosy but we see when they are not with us, Parul taken the picture of both the boys looks like porn movie making scene is going on there you all have seen it in your mobile at night, Mona and Seena touch there big cock and rub its and take it in her mouth and lick the red colour top oh ya oh ya moo sound keep rotate in the room, so yammi.

I need to feel it come on boys and touch my boobs and oral started between the boys and gals and Neha and Parul just rubbing their boobs all gals are exited and boys also over joy whole atmosphere is true hot and group porn movie started in the room, Gagan and Rohit request the girls I need to eye the nude babe and please put off the black clothe from their eyes so they also enjoyed the scene Mona removed the clothe from their eyes put there ball in her mouth.

Squeezed there balls gently Gagan and Rohit start shivering Rohit hold Mona tight so she come close to him and her brown nipple touch his shaved chest she said hold me tight and Rohit without wasting the time kiss her ear and touched her tight thigh rubbed his pussy and said I want to taste your pussy from my mouth he bit the Monna cheek and Monna went into the seven sky very much in climax to reached Neha and

Parul without wasting the time come and joins both the boys as they both also very excited and enjoyed the live sex scene Neha rubbing the balls of Gagan and Parul Rohits. Mona having the Rohit dick in her mouth and Seena enjoyed Gagan cock on his boobs taking cock massage on her breast. Well you all shake your cock and ladies you all rub your shaved and hairy pussy next part will be on the board but for that I need you comments myself Hevia good bye and good night.

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