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Tv Pe Movie Aur Neighbour Ki Biwi

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello DesiPapa readers. I’m going to tell you an incident that took place between me and my neighbour. Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Vicky, 23 years of age, working professional, Height 5’9”. Secondly, I take chance to introduce you my neighbour Anisha. She is in her mid 30’s married and having a son. She is 5’6” and weigh around 60-65kgs. Anish is a middle class working lady but always managed some time out and use to go for morning/evening walks. This helped her in maintaining her body. Their family had come to stay in our building around 4 years back. At that time our family happen to get introduced to them and we always use to visit each others houses in spite of time constrains.

Anisha’s husband was working in a MNC company and was very much interested in Body Fitness stuff. When they newly came to stay their son was approx 1-year-old. I use to always play with him whenever I met him. I had no bad feelings towards Anisha and always respected her as an elder. I always greeted her whenever we came across in the building. After my Graduation I decided to pursue my Post-Graduation from abroad. In not time I had applied in a college in UK and went there to pursue my higher studies. Time went by and after couple of years I had decided to return back to India as I had completed my education.

Upon my return I applied in couple of companies for a Job and in 1 weeks time I had a Job offer from a very good company. I decided to take up that Job and was very happy with my job profile. In all these years there were few changes in Anisha’s family. Her husband had got a promotion and was now at a good designation in his company. Her son had grown up to 4 years and use to call me uncle. Our relations had not changed and till date I called Anisha as Anisha aunty. But she always told me that don’t call me aunty It looks as if I’m getting very old. But I told her that you are elder to me so I should respect her. We almost had a Friendship cum Neighbour relationship.

3 months after I joined work my parents were planning to visit a relative wedding which was out-of-town. I told them that I will not get so many leaves from my company as I have recently joined. I asked my parents to carry on and I would manage myself here. They were worried as I would be staying alone in the house for so many days, but after many discussions I convinced them to go for the wedding. I was very happy and informed my friends that my parents are going out of towns for 10-15 days and my house will be vacant for weekend parties. Me and my friends planned to have a party next weekend.

I was able to manage my daily things without my parents. I use to go to office in the morning and returned home late in the evening and then try to cook some food. It was Friday and a start to the weekend. while on my way back home from office I decided to take a few beers home so that I can have them in the house. I met Anisha and her son in the lift and tried to hide the beer bottles. But she knew that I was having beer bottles in my hand and asked “Ah so party time ha?” I said not exactly but we friend plan to have one on the weekend. I asked Anisha how is uncle and she said that he is on a Business Travel to Canada. I said “Oh, that’s a great place”

Then we came out from the lift and said bye to each other. I opened the door and walked inside. While closing the door I saw Anisha also looking back at me while closing their door. We just exchanged a smile and closed the door. Around 8pm I decided to have a nice chilled beer with a good IPL match coming up on TV. I was enjoying the match alone with Beer. I finished 1 bottle and opened the second bottle as well. The IPL match ended at around 11.30 pm and I was done with 1 ½ beer. While I was finishing the second bottle there was a knock on our door. I was surprised to see Anisha at the door. I asked her to wait and rushed to wear a shirt as I was standing in front of her wearing only my boxers/short pants. I came back and asked her what happened and she replied that she is facing some problems with her DVD player and asked me if I can help her? I said sure and walked towards their house entrance.

I went inside and she guided me towards the DVD player. I saw that 1 cartoon CD was stuck half way the CD tray and was not able to come out. I tried to remove the CD with the help of a pen and after struggling for couple of minutes I was successful to remove the CD out. She said “Oh thanks God the CD is out” and asked me to put this movie CD in the player. I checked the movie and it was a new movie and told her that it’s a new movie and even I wanted to see it, so I asked her if I can borrow that CD tomorrow to watch it? She said that why don’t you come here and see the movie with her together. But I said that I was having some beer and it would not look good that I’m in your house at this time. She said “Oh come on, I don’t have any problems” So I asked her if she was sure if she didn’t have any problem with me watching the movie in her house while having beer? And she was very sure about it.

I got 2 more bottles from my house and we started watching the movie. I was sipping the beer at regular intervals. After some time Anisha told me that I will change into my night-dress and come back in a minute or two. Till this time her son was awake and was watching the movie with us. After 2 minutes Anisha walked out of her bedroom with a short pant and a sleeveless T-shirt. She was looking good as always. She joined us in watching the movie and my beer was still not over. In the meantime her son started feeling sleepy and was falling to sleep on the sofa. Anisha picked her up and took him to his bedroom and put him to sleep. Now it was only me and Anisha in the living room watching the movie.

As it was an English romantic comedy movie there were few romance scenes in it. Whenever a romantic scene was playing Anisha always gave a look at me which I noticed. I also started to look at Anisha whenever she looked at me. At one time we moved close to each other while changing our sitting positions on the sofa. Now her shoulders were touching my biceps and she continued to look at me at regular intervals. I was not sure what Anisha’s intensions were. But as I was a bit drunk I decided to take a chance of this. At that time she asked me whether I was done having my beer. I said no and there is still one more bottle left in the fridge. Anisha said that even she wants to have one glass of beer and asked whether I would accompany her? I was surprised to hear that she would be interested for a beer and said “why not, but I didn’t knew you drink beer”. She replied that earlier during her college days she use to drink beer. I immediately got up went to the kitchen and got the glass and the bottle from the fridge. I poured the beer for her in the glass and gave her the glass. We started to drink beer and continued to watch the movie.

Within no time Anisha was almost done with her 1st glass of beer and asked for the second serve. I was amazed by the speed she drank her beer. I gave her the second serve of beer and continued with my first glass. After sometime her head was resting on my shoulders. I thought Anisha fell off to sleep but when I looked at her she was watching the movie. I felt this is a positive sign and slowly started to move my hands towards her. I touched her hands slowly and she did not mind it. Now I placed my right hand on her thighs and she did not mind this time either. I was damn sure that this is the chance to get Anisha.

Me : Aunty I think its late and should go back home.

Anisha : I have told you not to call me aunty. And what is it that you want to go home for? Are you not liking my company?

Me : Ohl no no, its nothing like that.

Anisha (Laughingly) : It’s a start to the weekend and you want to go home and sleep.

Me : What else can we do? We are done with beer and the movie is also coming to an end.

Anisha : you want to know what else we can do?

Saying this she just planted a kiss on my lips and my body went freezing cold. I firstly hesitated and showed as if I’m not interested and asked her what are you doing? She said “you are not a small kid, you are a young man” I said “yes, I am, but this is not correct.” Anisha was not interested to hear my bullshit and put her arms around me and started to kiss me. I kept my glass on the table and wrapped my arms around her waist. We were all engrossed in kissing and caressing each other on the sofa. Suddenly I heard the bedroom door open and I pushed back Anisha and we had split our kiss. It was Anisha’s son who came out to drink water. I was not sure if he had seen us in an awkward position. Anisha asked him “what happened”? he said “mom, I’m thirsty and want water”. Anisha got up and gave him a water bottle and left him till the bedroom and put him to sleep. Anisha was so smart that she even put the AC on of his son’s bedroom so that he may not be able to hear our noise.

She came back and sat next to me and just smiled. I asked her has your son slept. She said yes. I picked up the TV remote and switched off the TV. Not it was completely dark in the living room. It was so dark that we could not see each other but only felt each other’s presence. I slowly went near Anisha and kissed her on her lips. After 5 minutes Anisha came on my lap and was kissing me hard. I was in no control and put my one hand on her breasts and pressed them. Oh my they were so nice, proper round in shape. Her nipples got hard and erect. I was continuously pressing her boobs and kissing her. I just caught Anisha and turned myself in such a way that now Anisha’s back was on the sofa and I was above her. We continued to kiss each other for another 15 minutes. Anisha then whispered in my ears that let’s go to the bedroom. I was so much involved in her that I just picked her up and carried her in my arms to the bedroom entrance. On our way to the bedroom we did not separate our lips. We entered the bedroom and saw a nice double bed. I put Anisha on the bed and closed the bedroom door. In the meanwhile Anisha switched on the AC as it was hot. I went to the bed and just slept next to her with my arms around her waist.

Anisha came near me and started kissing me again. I removed Anisha’s T-shirt and short pants and also removed my cloths. Now we were only in our undergarments. Anisha’s bra was awesome, she was wearing a purple lacy bra and the same color panty. As we were kissing each other, I put my one hand in her panty and found her hole. She had no hair around. I think the place was recently clean-shaved. I put my finger in her pussy and a moan came from her mouth Aahhh… I realized that now she is aroused as her nipples also grew and became hard. These are signs when a women gets aroused. For 15-20 minutes I was finger fucking Anisha and she was moaning with pleasure.

After that I started licking her pussy, my tongue was doing all the desired pleasure. I started to lick her pussy and Anisha was enjoying this moment. For 10 minutes I licked her pussy and now I know it was Anisha’s turn to return the favor. I got up and went and slept next to Anisha, she got up and came over me and started kissing me on my lips. Slowly she went down and held my cock. I would not over rate my cock by telling some fake size. It is 5.9 inches and thick in size. She held my cock and slowly started to lick it with her tongue. My cock started to grow and Anisha took it in her mouth. Aaahh…Oh fuck it was feeling so great. After 10 minutes of blow job I removed my cock from her mouth as I didn’t want it to shoot the cum so early. I got Anisha up and laid her on the bed and I went over her. I asked her in low voice if she was enjoying. And she replied Yes. I held my cock and started to insert it in Anisha’s pussy. I had found the hole and kept my cock at the pussy entrance. At this time Anisha’s expression so desperate as if she had not got fucked in her life.

I then kissed Anisha on her lips and gave a slight push to my cock and Anisha moaned Aaahhh Ouch…I removed my cock and again gave a second push and again I hear a sound Aaahhhmmmmmm…..I was going crazy and gave another strokes. I was thrusting my cock with force for 5 minutes when Anisha told me that go slow as you would last long. I reduced my pace and started pumping her pussy with my cock in a slow speed. Whenever I felt I was about to come I use to remove my cock from her pussy and wait for few moments and then again insert the cock. This continued for almost 20 minutes and I bursted out my semen in the missionary position. I was damn tired and laid down on the bed. With the AC on our body temperature came down and we were feeling fresh and energetic once again. We both laid on the bed and talked for sometime. I asked Anisha if her husband satisfies her in bed? Anisha replied by saying “in his earlier days he use to satisfy me but not now. These days he is very busy with his office work and we hardly get time for sex.”

Me : Don’t worry, now I’m there to satisfy all your needs.

Anisha : Oh Really !!!

Me : Yeah

Anisha : Then come on once again, I’m not yet satisfied with my desires.

Me : Oh Anisha, your desires are going to kill me tonight.

During all this conversation she was continuously playing with my cock and very soon my cock was erect again. I went over her and tried inserting my cock in her pussy. But she denied and said let me come over you. She got up and came and sat on my face with her pussy towards face and she bent forward and took my cock in her mouth. We were now in 69 position. Anisha’s pussy smelt so nice as if she has put a perfume over there. Our oral sex was going on for 25 minutes now and she stopped and got up. She came over me and guided my cock to her pussy. Once my cock was in she was moving up and down. I was seeing her body boobs nipples hair go up and down. Her boobs were bouncing as she was moving her body. I held both her boobs and with my hands. I was pressing them hard. At time I use to go towards her and bite her nipples with my teeth. We were exhausted but enjoying at the same time.

I asked Anisha to lay side ways on the bed. I went close to her, lifted her one leg up and pushed my cock close to her pussy. I was fucking her from behind but in the pussy, she did not allow me in her ass. After some time I was about to come, so I removed my cock out and started to masturbate. She helped me to come by giving me a blow job and I shot all the semen on her face. What a wonderful feeling it was. After a nice wash we both slept naked on the bed in each others arms as if we were husband and wife and it was our honeymoon. Morning when I woke up I saw Anisha was still sleeping with her head on my hand. When I tried to remove my hand under her head she got up. We both smiled at each other and I kissed her on the forehead. She kissed me back on my lips.

We noticed that the bedroom door is still locked and there is no sound of his son so she understood that her son is still sleeping. She got naughty immediately and started playing and fooling around on the bed. She was not done yet. She held my cock and took it in her mouth and started to move front back. Morning erection is the hardest erection in men. Soon I got an erection and I pushed her back on the bed and went over her, guided my cock inside her pussy and started thrusting my cock. She again started to moan loudly this time. I kept one hand on her face to avoid her screaming. She came towards me and bit me on my neck. All her teeth marks were on my neck. After 15 minutes in between when I was not yet done Anisha pushed me away and started to finger her pussy. I knew she is going to come now. So I helped her with my fingers.

I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and fucked with them, soon she shot all her liquid on my hands and laid on her back as she was tired but I was still erect and inserted my cock immediate after she was done throwing out her liquid. I pumped my cock in and out continuously. In the morning it took me 30 minutes to come to climax. We both were tired and laid down on the bed for some time. Few minutes later we both enjoyed a nice bath together where Anisha again gave me a blow job and I once again shot my semen in the bathroom. When we were done bathing we came out and dressed ourselves. While I was leaving for my home Anisha came up to me and told me that last night was awesome and she would never forget it.

Our fucking sessions continued whenever we got chance. We use to enjoy fucking whenever her husband was not at home, or whenever his son was playing downstairs in the building, or whenever her husband was travelling. This was my sex-perience, hope you liked it.

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