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Turning Hate Into Pleasure

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

My Friend’s wife is a beautiful lady. Striking face, large and sensous eyes medium height 5’6”, V fair complexion and a figure of 34-30-38. I got immediately attracted towards her when I saw her the first. But keeping in mind my relation with my friend, I always kept a distance. Some years passed to their mairrage. I meanwhile slowly she learnt about more about me (obviously from her husband). She came to know of my affairs and my flirtings and maybe my sexcapades. Slowly she started to avoid me. She used to answer only to my questions, no enquiries or no speech whatsoever. Our joint outings and dinners too reduced, perhaps she was not willing to be in my company. My friend was like before when he was alone, but he was reserved and reluctant to share company when she was involved. I could see the hate in her eyes. I too thought that she had different morales and gave it a little thought.

My adventures continued. One of the latest GF was a girl who coincidently was in the kitty of the ladies in which my friends wife C was member. This particular girl S had been in trouble in past and owed me for her rescue. One day as we were relaxing after  sex at her place I just casually asked her about C. I told her about my feelings for her and about her hatred. I asked her what was she like in the kitties (as I knew lot many things passed between the members of the kitties and I was also involved once). S replied that she was not so conservative as I thought and was involved in a Lesbian party twice. She was shy enough but was growing. S said that C was very shy and did not anything herself on the first time, not even removed her own clothes (The talk of C getting nude made my dick stand straight). But during the second time she did some licking business. C was growing, slowly. Then I told S about my feelings for her and her hatred for me. I asked S whether she can help in this matter and if she can help me it would be a return for my earlier help. S said she will think about the way and let me know.

After some days S called and told me that she has talked out C into an session with a man. The ladies used to talk at kitties about their adventures and C was well aware of such involvements. She had confided to S that she recently was excited about group involvement with man but lacked guts. She also did not know whether it was wrong or right but since the many other ladies in the society talked and behaved she was a bit confused. S told her that it was a great fun and she would defiantly enjoy it. She said that for C and only for C she shall arrange a session at her place. C was reluctant t first, but S (I don’t know how) talked her into it. They discussed and planned. Only three ladies (will be involved so the matter shall not be gossiped in the kitty and the secrecy shall be maintained, if C wanted it that way. The third lady will be a friend of S and outside the kitty. S will arrange for a male from her list of friends, the one who she thinks the most suitable to C. Secrecy shall be utmost. No one would know who shall be present except S so to prevent secrecy till last moment and avoid embarrassment in case of cancellation / change. Everybody shall meet at S’s place the next Saturday afternoon and stay till late evening.

One day before the session, S called C and asked if she was ready or wanted to change her mind. C was excited and said she was nervous, but was ready. S then said to C that once everybody is in place C cannot turn back and refuse or go away. This will led to breaking of the session and the male entourage may not like it and may in turn stop seeing S. She said that this male was important to her, has helped her a lot and losing or angering him will do her no good. If this happens, then she may expose C. Therefore if C wishes to leave she can leave now, but once inside her home, C cannot turn back. C by now had lots of belief in S (and they had been lesbian partners) and she said that she will continue and will not turn back, however the male looked or shall be. Keeping her phone S called me immediately and told me of her conversation with C. Now there was no turning back or rejection. I got excited of the thought and my dick was in saluting mode while speaking on the phone. The the member of our gang was a common friend called R. She was also well briefed.

I went to S’s place before time. I was not able to control the thought of fucking C and it was making me restless. At 1.30 R arrived. Exactly at 2 pm C arrived. I went into the inner room before she entered the hall. S introduced R to her and they talked while. C was looking beautiful as usual. She had done some make up and tied her hair at back. She was wearing a light brown top and beige colour long toe length skirt. Then suddenly C asked ‘ When is the man coming’. S said that he is already here. She said that she has invited someone who knows C well so that she shall be comfortable in her first experience outside marital life and he shall respect her as the families are close. Moreover he can be trusted for secrecy. She called me. I stepped out in the hall. I could see shudder in C eyes. She was reluctant and was speechless. I also faked surprise to see her. I also asked with a questioning glare to S. S put  assuring hand around C and told me that she wanted to do it and you with all your experience might be useful she might be comfortable with a person she knows. She than patted C. C, I could see, was reluctant, but had no choice. She was afraid too make any move this way or the other. This meant that now she would rely on S whatever she will tell her.

S said we should start now. She asked me to sit on the sofa and sit they will perform a stripping performance for me. She stood up and removed her gown. She was wearing black bra and panty underneath. I asked her to wait and asked her to strip R first. She starting removing R’s top and asked C to remove her jeans. C was very shy and just managed to unbutton her jeans. She just hold the legs of the jeans while R herself got out of it. She was too wearing a black panty and no bra. Her magnificent boobs were exposed They were of 36 size fair and with dark brown large nipples. S then removed her panty. R was totally nude. She had shaved her pussy and it was glowing.

Then they proceeded to C. I was too excited and was moving my hands from above my pants on my dick. S started removing the buttons of top of C from back. She then pulled it out of her skirt. Then R unclipped the skirt and let it fall on the floor. Simultaneously S pulled the top from above and removed it. C was wearing a white slip underneath. Her fair thighs were sight to see. S then pulled over her slip. She was wearing a white panty underneath. As soon as the slip was over her head R pulled down her panty and removed it from he legs. C was in her nude glory infront of me. Both the girls waited for some time for me to take in the sight. C has very fair skin. Her boobs stood out majestically. They had light brown nipples, which slowly became pointed. The abdomen was flat with slight swell near the button. Below she has a perfect triangle of grown pubic hair. The hairs are light black in colour and sparse and tender like those at the eyebrows. One can see her parting line through the hairs. C too stood straight and watched me. Her boob were moving heavily as she was breathing fast. She just stood there, her eyes asking me to move.

I stood up and went to her. She shivered. I kissed her on the lips taking her cheeks in my hand. Then I embraced her tightly. Her boobs crushed against my chest. I then took my hands to her soft boobs and pressed them gently. I them took my mouth to them and sucked each one simultaneously. I moved my hand to her pubic hair and experienced their softness. I inserted my finger through the line slowly into the clit. I then went back to my place. S in meanwhile had removed her bra and panty was nude. Her brown skin and her 38 sized boobs with dark nipples and shaved pussy were delightful as always.

I removed my shirt and asked who is coming fist for the blow job. S and R said since c was new she should be first. C slowly came to me. I asked her to be on her knees. I asked her to unzip my pants. She with shivering hand unzipped it. I asked to bring pull it down. She unbuckled it and pulled it down. Then she removed my undies. My dick was majestic at 8” length and 1.5” width. She was just gazing it. I asked her to hold it. It sent an electric current in my body. Her fair hand encircling my black penis is  memorable sight for me. Then I asked her to take it in the mouth. She said she has never done that. I said it will be enjoyable. I sat her on sofa and stood infront of her. I took my dick in hand and moved it on her fore head her eyebrows, her nose, her lips, her cheeks. I than slowly put it in he mouth. I slowly stroked her there. I cummed in her mouth and she dank all of it, somewhat reluctantly.

I than lifted her and took her to the bedroom and placed her nude body on the bed. I started licking her from forehed, eyes, nose, cheeks lips, neck shoulders, boobs, nipples. Stomach, abdomen, pubic hair, clit, thighs and legs. She was maoning and continuously rolling over in pain of pleasure. Then I licked her clit thoroughly. Then I concentrated on her boobs and massaged them thoroughly fist slowly and then crushing them. Then I spread her legs, rubbed on her clit and entered her. I could feel the walls of her clitoris on my penis.  I started with slow strokes and gradually increased the speed. The friction with the walls was fabulous. She was moaning loudly. I finally came and cummed inside her. She was so excited that she got up and kissed my penis. She than took it in her hand and started moving her mouth all over. It slowly rose to the efforts. She was sucking her like anything and I was patting her head. I cummed and she took and drank it all. She was now raunchy.

The two other girls now joined us. We had a long lasting fun in which we played some erotic games, bathe together and I fucked them many times. I fucked C atleast 4 times that day. I shall narrate all that in some other story. When I came back home my penis were aching like anything and did not stop aching till next day. I was great.

But what it did was that it changed C attitude towards me. She remained same infront of her husband. But she used to visit me every week and we had sex atleast once every week. We also went to a picnic together and I made her nude under a waterfall and fucked her. Nowadays we stay far away but we do it sometimes. And yes she has introduced me to some other ladies and girls who were shy like herself. She also knows that we palnned her into this and she says she was fortunuate for that.

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