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Turning A Homely Girl Into Sex World

  • desipapa
  • December 3, 2015

Hi friends, I am Raghu 23 male from hyderabad I am a regular Indian sex stories reader from my +2. But know I got a chance to write my own story of my girl friend. I had used all the experience of iss to seduce her into sex fantasy. Please dont mind my errors and mistakes as its the first story that am narrating. Give your feedback at
Coming to the main story as I told myself raghu 23 male working in an mnc. And the heroin is prathyusha(name changed)22 we both were in relationship from 5yrs her sizes were 34-30-32. One day I asked her about her sexual knowledge she then replied I dont know anything about the sex then I replied are u interested to learn then firstly she became anger but after two days she asked me to sex chat with her I was shocked by her words and we involved that continued to video chat…

On 31 august there were no one in my home I asked her to come to my home she said ok and asked me to pick her from her hostel I went to her hostel at 10 and picked her up and came back to home after coming to home she saw all the rooms and went into kitchen to have some snacks and came to hall were I was watching tv she came and sat near me she sat so close that if I turn side my face then it touches her face she called me to take the snacks I turned my face and while I turn it was been a kiss on her left side cheeks she was in shy and looking down

I lifted her head and asked her can we enjoy she just gave a smile without hesitation I kissed her lips she too responded well we both were kissing for ten min and exchanging the saliva and both our tongues were rolling inside after a long smooch I took her in my laps to my bed room….

As soon as we entered the bed room I hugged her tightly as she cannot take her breath and left her and again gave her a lip kiss for 5min then I slowly started to remove her top but she was not allowing me to remove due her shy I with force removed her top she was only on her bra and her boobs were pumping out of it as it was tight I kissed her over her ears and neck she was in heaven by this act and she started removing my t shirt

Then I slowly started to press her boobs over her bra with one hand and with the other hand I took off her legging now she was in her bra and panty I pushed her onto the bed and with my teeth I removed her bra the melons were milky white and with the dark brown nipples without late I started to suck right one and pressing the other she was moaning like anything achiku ra chiku nka gattiga chiku ra (comeon suck me suck me hard) with this words I was sucking her hard…

After sucking her boobs I slowly came to her navel it was like a small hole I licked her navel with my tongue she was in a high voltage and went near her pussy area her panty was already wet and she could not control herself. With one sudden I pulled the panty down and the pussy was clean shaved and pussy lips were light brown and her already cum fragrance was making me arose and I started licking her pussy she then shouted loud and moaning loud ahhh hhhhuu bhhh haaaaa uhhhh hmm and pushing my head towards her pussy after licking for couple of min she gave a big shoot cum it was salty and different in taste I licked it and cleaned it neat

Then now I removed my short and asked her to lick my cock she was shocked to see my 6inch fatty cock and hesitated to suck it I said no chances you have to suck it then she started to beg me and guided her to give hand blow then she agreed for it but I did not allow her I said her lay down on bed and kept a pillow below her hip and I told her close her eyes and slowly started to guide my cock towards her pussy.

As she was a virgin I expected that she may shout so I gave sudden blow into her and she shouted loud with pain and started to cry and begging to remove it but my cock went 1/4th inside her then slowly I pushed with force and in the second time it went totally and I started riding her slowing and she forgot the pain and started enjoying and moaning loud ahhhhh uhhh hmmaaa melliga abbaaa ahhh chalu ra plz chalu apuuuu ra plz na puku ni vadulu (slow plz stop plz leave my pussy). After 5min we both were in climax and I took my cock and spank on her boobs and breast she was happy for not coming inside her.

Then we went to bath and had a nice shower and she gave me a good hand job in the shower and we came back to the bed and slept for some time and then we started the next session as we were nude I started sucking her boobs and made her arose and then my rod was ready for the next ride I slowly started to insert and in went in smooth but she had a little pain but she enjoyed and moaning and we tried different positions even she raided on me and this act took 30min to us to cum and I cum inside her pussy only. She was afraid of the pregnancy but all was fine…..

In the next story I will tell how she gave a blow job and anal fuck and also a three sum act based on your feedback.

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