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True Story By Rizwan

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  • September 14, 2015

Hi friends, I am avid reader of desipapa and wanted to share a warm love story, with my Virgin girl friend, which is very much a part of my life. I had just started working and was addicted to chatting on the net. I met HINA on the net we got along well and chatting and then on phone and finally one day we decided to meet. So we discussed a dress code that would be easy for us to spot each other and met at a public place near gulshan-e-iqbal place in Karachi. After sometime i a spotted girl and she came closer to me and stood then i uttered her name HINA and she responded. Here was a lovely coy girl in a jeans and t-shirt innocently beautiful who was standing in front of me. I didn’t have any sex thoughts then coz her dress was quite decent. We talked and went on to McDonald’s to eat and talk. After a lot of talking and laughing when we had got comfortable the 2 hr meeting went to 3 hrs and it was 6 in the evening. We both didn’t want to go . I asked her if she could be! Till late and she said it was okay so i nearly jumped not expecting a yes though since many girls have a problem staying out late. So we decided to get out of there and go some place nice and i suggested bus stand .She agreed. We went to the cafe on bus stand and sat there having ice cream; there were lot of couples around. We were lost in ourselves, talking about ourselves our past and how did we get on net etc.

We walked carefully and sat at a place. We sat pretty close rather our shoulders touching and i was thrilled, It seems she was also feeling nice and was enjoying the company and the scenery . The cold wind had got me a bit hot and her company with the waves flowing upwards had made me feel very romantic. Then the waves started flowing upwards and we decided to get up and shift a bit father away. So we got up and walked a bit. It was slippery and she was worried so i held her hand and it was nice i held her tight .Gradually i got bold coz of the slipping and her screaming my name every time she felt scared .I caught her by the waist and held her close she didn’t mind or get angry then the main thing happened which was as if in a movie i slipped and she slipped on me it was a odd site , but then immediately i got up and tried to help her up when pulling her up from behind my hands went below her shoulders and i tried to lift her and she was saying loudly Ka! I touched her boobs , and i couldn’t do anything but think it was BIG since her dress hid most i couldn’t come to know but now i held it when i picked her up and she sighed and blushed knowing i had touched the pleasure seeking mountains of hers . She got up and i recollected my wits and immediately said sorry but she blushed and then i held her tight by the waist and we went along and sat at a place near by.

That’s when we kept quite and it was like both of us were trying to imagine the pleasure and enjoy it mentally. I asked her whether she was angry she said no, and i didn’t want her to feel guilty it was accidental. She said it was okay. Then i was sitting very close to her .In fact she held my hand. So i sat close to her and pecked her on the cheek. That meeting we will never forget. Then she went home, i left her at her house and we promised to meet again. So again when we met on net chat we talked about it and decided to meet again. The second meeting we went straight to bus stand .It was 6 pm we sat out there on the rocks and held hands with our bodies closer to each other. We were enjoying the feeling of touch .It was getting dark and past 7 it was quite dark there. There were lot of couples around all cozies up and we could see some were real hot .The site got us hot to so i kept my hand on her shoulder and then tried to caress her breasts she didn’t! protest .so i went ahead and i put my hands in her t shirt and she closed her eyes and i touched the most soft and heavenly things on earthe her breasts .My mind went crazy and my breath had stopped i was like headyin the head to touch the breasts i just couldn’t believe it i was caressing hina’s breasts .She had got very hot and had closed her eyes and was enjoying it .I slowly came closer to her cheeks kissed her , she turned her lips and we smooched we kept on kissing for 15 min our tongues exploring our mouths our lips drinking each other . We were very hot.

She took her and placed it on my erect dick which was hot and erect like a iron rod. She could feel the heavy budge and the pulsations and like it she out her hand immediately in my pant and held my warm dick she was moaning since she had held it for the first time. I guess we were both charged but couldn’t do much then caressing and kissing coz of the place we were in. SO we decided to go to my place .Since i had a cousins flat we planned to meet there the next time. So i took her to gulshan-e-iqbal to my cousins flat the next day. As soon as we go there. I locked the door and we went to the bed room. There we were alone and hot not been able to wait long, i immediately held her and we started kissing. It was like were passionately hot and our minds were only thinking of hot steaming sex. I immediately started pressing her breasts on her t-shirt and then put my hand inside her t shirt and was touching her skin on her stomach her back and caressing h! er while kissing . We were lost in our kisses and caresses .I was pressing my hot erect dick against her body and trying to feel the pleasure but i was very hot and she sensed it. My dick was throbbing and it was like blood had shot up to the head i was exploring her mouth and lips with a lot of passion. She then pulled out my shirt and started un buttoning it there was smile on her face , i helped her by removing my shirt and banyan and with my naked upper body she was feeling around .I then asked her to remove her t shirt and she was shy but i caressed her to do it and there she was in a white bra with her big breasts and her cleavage been visible i immediately out by mouth in her cleavage and was trying to kiss her everywhere , she closed her eyes sand was enjoying it she was moaning and her lips were wanting to kiss me.

I removed her bra also and then held her breasts with a large areola and nipples on her bog boobs i was mad and was sucking her nipples, This made her very hot and she immediately hold on to my dick which was pulsating like crazy inside my pant I immediately removed my jeans and undies and she held on to my rod and felt its warmness. She removed my foresking and could see the read muscle and the way it was pulsating, she kissed it and put it on her cheeks and was enjoying it. I was getting madly hot .I immediately made her get up and pushed her jeans down and removed her yellow panties. Then i caressed her pussy which was clean shaven. I immediately put her on the wall with my pulsating dick between her legs touching her pussy. We were kissing each other like mad enjoying the warmth ness that was there. Then we couldn’t hold on more and i made her lay on the bed and spread her legs, she was trying to cover her pussy with her hands not wanting me to see! it. but i saw her read pussy , the lips inside it the dripping liquid which they call pussy juice . She was shy and covered her eyes and was enjoying it. Those read lips and dripping pussy were the best site i had ever seen. My dick was going crazy, and then i slowly kept my dick on her read lips she guided me , She was a virgin so i had to be careful i told her it will pain a bit she said she had read about it .She guided my dick on her pussy hole and i slowly with the read head of my dick pushed inside her first i was slow and i was already feeling heady .

She removed her hand once i was a bit inside and then i pushed a bit she was biting her lips and holding me tight. I couldn’t control my self so i pushed a bit and then came a bit of resistance which gave way and she moaned a bit loudly hold in my hands like mad . I slowly started a rhythm of going in and out and her tight pussy was pumping out juices in order to get me in .She was mounding and i was pumping her. She was enjoying like mad and then in all the pain and pleasure she let out a big moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and held on to me then dropped down and it was the orgasm which she never had it in her life. She was all smiles. I waited for sometime with my erect dick inside her and then continued fucking her. I was enjoying it as if in 7th heaven the nice feeling of something building it inside u and then we were both enjoying the lovely feeling and sweating on our for heads , I told her i will come she said to come in her mouth and sh! e wanted to taste it , I like her boldness , I removed my hard throbbing dick and out it near her mouth the moment i had put i burst out all my cum and the feeling had made me dizzy with pleasure . She drank all the cum.

As if it was something she wants to do all along. We lay like that for another 1 hr in our arms and before going home did 3 more times that day. At the end of the day we didn’t have any strength. We went to out houses and slept like a log all night dizzy and tired with the day’s events. But out love making continued till she got married and after that i never met HINA the one with whom it was love and sex was a combined pleasure i sought. Any females or married females between the age of 20 to 35 in Karachi wanting to enjoy the lovely fruits of nice sex with passion is welcome to mail me at or make friendship with me . Until next time see you friends

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