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True Story

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi, This is Deep, am a software engineer of 28 years old from Mumbai am a regular reader of desi stories , I have decided to narrate my true story this happen a month ago, where I had sex with my neighbor whose name is Divya, I got this opportunity after putting lot of efforts to get Divya fuck , Divya is a beautiful married young female, her husband is a businessman and keeps on traveling a lot, they have a 3 year old daughter, who studies in jr.KG, this family is Gujarathi (gujju) , and Divya looks very gorgeous and her figure is 34-28-39 she has a good round shape ass. I was mad to see her walking , and always had a fantasy to fuck her from both sides, and many times I masturbated thinking of fucking her. She used to come to our house regularly to chat with my mom, and used to talk to me also and she used to make fun of my fun DEEP , she used to ask me how much deep, that time I never used to understand why she is asking me like that, but one day when she came to our house and no body was there at 9:30 pm at and she was also alone at her home her daughter was sleeping at her home , she came to my house and rang the bell .

As I was alone in the house , I opened the door , she said Deep ‘aap ka TV chalu hain ?’ I said hain kyon , she replied , hamara TV kharab ho gaya hain aur mujhe star plus par serial dekhana hain, to maine kahan ki hamare gahr main akela hoon aur mummy aur daddy sister ke ghar gaye hain aaj nahin aayenge kal aayenge , she replied that , I don’t mind watching TV with u, I said ok come on in, she came in side our house and sat on sofa I started the TV and sat on the chair in front of her, she was wearing gown and looking beautiful, her bra was visible from her gown I was looking at her , my eyes were not ready to move from her she also gave me look two three times and gave a smile. In between the breaks of the serials she used to have general talk about my office work and the location of my office etc. after the end of serial she sat and started chatting with me , and asked about my GF , I said I do not have any, so she said so u do not know anything about girls and females and there body, I said yes I do not know anything on that she said that’s why you were staring at me when I was looking the TV.

I said nothing like that, she said abhi sharmao nahin deep main jaanti hoon ke aaj kal ke ladkon ko kya chaahiye, and she asked me to sit near her and said if u want to see a female body I can show it to you, with that you can not imagine the status of mine , the female which was my dream fuck was offering her self, I took her in my arm and planted a kiss on her lips she opened her mouth and our tongue met in between or lips and it was my first kiss of life, we kissed passionately for long time and my hands automatically went on her boobs which were firm and tight she started kissing all over my face and started inserting her tongue in my ear it was amazing when she did that she then moved her tongue all over my neck, I was on my T-shirt and shorts she removed my T-shirt and started kissing all over my chest it was like I am in heaver, I also started pressing her boobs like anything and she started giving light moans with that ahhhh owww aaamm mmm hmmmm we both got up and I remove her gown.

Now she was on her white bra and red panty we both hug each other and I hold her tight and she started, saying that oh jan I was waiting for this moment since long , this was surprise to me ,cause the fire was on both the side, we both went to my bed room and on the way I removed her bra and in bed room we hold tight each other and I started to suck her nipple she started enjoying and was moaning like anything and saying please suck me , You are a good sucker my husband never do this to me he does not how to satisfy a women please suck my both boobs, with that I started sucking her another boob and massaging her boob , by that time I removed my shorts and she hold my 6.5” cock in her hade and started giving me jerks , I moved my tongue from boobs to her naval and started kissing all over her tummy she was enjoying it and her eyes were closed she was saying oh my god my husband never did this to me u are taking me to heaven.

With that I move down and started to lick her clit I first kissed her pussy and there was a warm breath from my nose went to her clit she started to move her hands on my head and moning like anything hmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh ohhhh main mar gai yeh khya kar rahe hoo mujhe aisa pahale kisine nahin kiya and started moving her hips faster on my face, my tongue was inside her pissy she was saying muje chato aur chato kha jao meri chut ko, mar dalo aaj mujhe mer chut me apni jaban dalo and with tat she was pressing my head on her choot and moving her hips faster and , saying please ab mujhse raha nahinn jata mujhe chodo please apna lund meri choot main dalo aur mujhe khush kardo , please jaldi dalo na , I got up and spread her legs and took them on my sholder and inserted my cock in her wet pussy , it was very warm inside I started pumping her in and out slowly she was enjoying it and she was holding my ass and pulling me towards her with my every in shot , now she stared to beg to fuck her Fast and hard and was saying Deep please aur deep jaao aur meri choot phad dalo , aur deep jaao aur joor se chodo ahhhh ahhhhh owwww oww ow ow ow wowo she was moaning lodly and I wam enjoying her moans, now I was came to know why she used to tease with my name DEEP , and I was going more and more deep in to her pussy the juice was started flowing from her pussy that means she got her orgasm and I was ramming my lund in her pussy faster this time cause I was about to cum , I told her that I am cuming she said no problem cumin my choot am on safe period , with that I down loaded heavy load of my cum in her choot, she was also enjoying my cum inside her choot. So any female, un satisfy aunties waana satisfy their thirst of Sex pleas email me on suggestions are welcome , Mumbai females please do not worry I will be available at any time at your service. 

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