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True Sister (Didi Ka Farz)

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hello readers, this is my very first story on ISS, I am a die hard fan of incest story, so let’s start with my first experience as author on ISS.

This story is about my sexual encounter with my cousin sister Rubi( name not changed).

I am an average looking guy with 5ft 9″ height but long lasting in bed,my home town is bhopal but currently I am an student of b.Tech 4th year in srm university chennai, rubi(my cousin di) is 3yrs older than me she is fair 5ft 2″ tall with a well built sexy figure which can seduce any guy her home is just 1 kms. Away from my home.But I did not go to her home except on occasion such as diwali and holi.

It all started when I was in 2nd year of my engineering, she is daughter of my father’s cousin brother, I was crazy about her since I was in my 9th standard. I always seek chance to talk to her but couldn’t got that good luck till I reached my 2nd year of b.Tech, in the summer vacation of first year I started visiting her home often some times 2-3 times a day and started talking to her too much and helping her in her work. One day I asked her for her number and she gave it to me as she was unaware of my intention.I texted her in the night at 10 o’clock and the conversation was like this,

Me- hello di, pehchani?

Rubi- yes, tera number save tha mere pas.

Me- to kbhi sms kyo nhi ki?

Rubi- muje lga to bs padhai krta hai

Our conversation went on for 2-3 hours but nothing happened interesting that night, now we started talking much like a friend. One day I sent a adult sms to her and she got fired on me and said this to tau ji, some how I could manage to get rid of this problem but that cost me pizza on every weekend.

Nothing was going my way so I planed for something different, I stole her phone and sent myself an adult sms from her cell. And I pretended as if I am fired and warned her that I will tell this to everyone if she doesn’t do as I say. She asked what I will have to do I clearly said that you will have to watch porn with me. She slapped me hard so I made my way down stair but she stopped me and said I will do as you will say but first promise me you will not tell anybody that I watched porn with you, I said ok.

I played a porn which very romantic and duration of that porn was around 1 hour, in the beginning she pretended to close her eyes but when she realize that she had no other option then she remove her hands from her eyes. When porn star started sucking the big cock of man she said- chhii, ise forward kar, bhut ganda lgta hai ye, I will never do this but I denied saying that  you will have to watch the full porn if you want me not to tell this to anyone else.

I was getting excited and started rubbing my cock from outside, watching this she said- kya kar rha hai?

Me- aap se kya mtlb aap to kisi kaam ki nhi ho, ek ye pornstar hai jo itna mast kar rhi hai aur ek aap ho ki…..

She- tu apni limit cross kr rha hai, pit jayga ab tu

Without saying any thing to her I gathered some courage and planted a kiss on her lips and lip locked her by my lips, she tried a lot to get rid of me but couldn’t. After a long kiss of 10 min she also got excited and started massaging my dick over my pant but suddenly she got apart from me and slapped a very hard hand on my face, meri to gand hi fat gyi ki kya ho gya but she said

Said- bahan k laude, jab bahanchod banna hi hai to force kyo kar rha hai. Aram se kar jisse tuje bhi maja aay aur mujhe bhi.

So I slowly unbuttoned her sexy black shirt. She was wearing a black bra and in this semi nude pose she was looking like an apsara, then I removed her mini skirt as well she was wearing a black panty too now it was her turn she undressed within seconds, now I started massaging her boobs and rubbing her pussy, when I started feeling her wetness then I removed her panty and bra also and offered her to suck my dick to which she first denied but after a lot of request she agreed, omg! She was sucking my dick like a porn star. After a sucking of 5 min I said her to try 69 position which is my favorite position, I like to suck pussy.

After trying 69 for few min she started begging me to fuck her so without teasing my sweet di I made her lying on the bed and kept my dick on her pussy and inserted few part of my dick and she started crying to stop this I planted a kiss on her lips a halted for a while and when she was relaxed enough I pushed my dick deeper to now it pained less to her and finally with a high thrust I inserted my full dick into her pussy and started in out motion slowly slowly and then increased my pace and started fucking hard and she was saying only one thing “chod behan chod aur chod bujha de meri pyas apne lund se ” ,

After a fucking of 20 min I cummed on her body. I laid down over her and rested for half hour and again fucked her even harder. Now whenever I go to home in holidays I don’t forget to taste her salty and yummy pussy and fuck her hard. Now I am planning to fuck her younger sister who is just 2 months younger than me

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