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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi friends, This is Shazad(not real name) from Karachi writing my experience when I had been strolling across a supermarket Clifton(Karachi). But before that, let me first tell about myself. I am 5.10″ tall, handsome looking. Generally my female friends says that I have good concern for them and at times I do take care of them and help them in need. My girl friend also says that I am the best man to satisfy a woman in the bed and she feels very very lucky. So, here we gain go back to the incident that has changed my life and showed me a new picture about sex.
I was doing my regular shopping, when I noticed a pretty looking tall girl (about 5’5″) with a great figure staring at me. When I gave her a stare back, she retracted and went away. But again when I went to the T-shirts section, I found her staring at me. This time she was even bolder. She was wearing a chudidaar and there was no duppata. That was showing a little cleavage of her milky while melons. She was really looking gorgeous. I am sure she must be having a figure of 36-26-36. First I tried to ignore her but then after some time I left the store. I went back to my place, however I never knew that this goddess is chasing me and following me in her car. When I reached home and parked my car, I was shocked to see her in front of me smiling. I smiled back and then she introduced herself. She told me that she stays in the nearby colony and she had seen me couple of times moving on my bike. Then I somehow said that, I am so sorry to ignore you and smiled back. Then she told that her name is Seema and she invited me for a cup of tea.
We went to her home in her car and then she came up with two cups of tea. We started sipping the tea and then she told me that she is married but stays alone occasionally. Her husband was a very busy professional who frequently used to go abroad for business trips. Then she asked about my girl friend. Then suddenly she became naughty and asked me if I had ever had sex with my GF. I told yes, couple of times. Then, she sighed and offered me for a movie.

We went for a movie named, Khwaish, which was quite erotic in parts. While watching the movie, she suddenly put her hand on my thighs. I just ignored her move. Then she started moving her hands and then she kept her hand on my already bulged rod. I was wearing a black Jeans and because my penis was almost as hard as rock, I was feeling uncomfortable. And now she started massaging my jeans over my hard dick. After few minutes, I also got excited and now I was almost crazy. I hold her hand and was rubbing it all across my rock hard dick and she didn’t oppose and in fact she was enjoying. And then I put my hand on her lower area near her vagina and started to fondle them gently for which she started morning yaar….yaar…..aaah. and slowly I removed her pant zip and put my hand in her cunt and I just felt her hot cunt which was unshaved. and I was rubbing my finger in her cunt and she was just enjoying saying aaaahh…yaar….yaar…. and my hand was wet of her love juices.
I started kissing her like a hungry lion and she was moaning. In few minutes, I removed all her cloths and she was fully nude. She was looking sooooooo beautiful naked. Her juicy mangoes were like anything and I started licking them up and she started saying, Aaaah, aaaaaaaaah ahhhhh. Also, she was pressing her boobs in me and I was eating all that she was giving me. Then I lifted her and taken her to bedroom. As soon as I put her on bed, she got hold of my pant and started unzipping it. Soon she grabbed my dick and she was really excited. She said its really longer than her husband. I said, this is all yours and this is going to make u feel like a woman. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Soon, she took whole of the 8-inch meat in her mouth. I was also fondling her boobs and cunt. Then I said, now is the time to get inside you and I laid her on bed. I pulled her legs apart and started licking her pussy. I am sure she was not loved in last 3-4 months. She must be dying for sex. This had excited me more and I put my whole tongue inside her vagina. She was really tight. After lot of moaning and licking, her juices started flowing and I liked her taste. Then, I put my dick over her pussy and started pushing it inside. She started crying with pain. I understood that his husband dick was very smaller and he rarely used it. This had excited me more and I thought that this girl needs pleasure and satisfaction in life. Carefully I slid my 8-inch dick in her, and started moving slowly. She was almost crying, but I kept kissing her and telling her that its just one time pain, after that you will enjoy it. Then, I started feeling her pressure also, she must have started enjoying it. She started moving opposite. She started telling, Shazadddddddd, Aaaaaaaah, Maaaain maaaar jaaaongi, Pleaseeee do it harder, pleasee, satisfy me, Mere husband ka lund kabhi itna kahada nahin hua, main tumhare liye tadap rahi thii

Shazad, pleaseeeeeee, chodoooooo mujhe, meri choooooooottttt kooooo masal daaalooooo. After listening to all these nasty talks, I was out of control, I started fucking her like a horse. Soon so much of her juices started sipping out of her pussy. The whole bed below her ass was almost wet. And I was still fucking her. Aur wo bole jaaa rahi thi, pleaseeeeee, meri choooot phaaad doooooo aaj, please, main pyaaaasiiii hoon, pleaseeee. Soon she was orgasmic, and she grabbed my back, and put her nails inside my skin. I was even more ferocious now. I started pushing my dick inside and then I took whole outside and again inside. Her out vagina was getting such a good job, that I am sure she was on seventh heaven. After 20 minutes of fucking her choooot, I started cumming. I whispered in her ear, dear I am cumming. As soon as I told her, she threw me, sat down and took my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Soon, I cummed in her mouth, and to my surprise, she drank every drop of it. Then we slept on the same bed for whole night. I woke up early, and kept looking at her naked body and kept kissing her. I have really started loving this woman.
Fir ek aisa silsilaa shuru hua, jooo ki aaj tak chal raha hai. I thoroughly fuck her and satisfy her. I also takes care of Seema and do everything for her that’s is difficult for a female to do. However, recently I broke up with my girl friend when she knew it, but I have no regrets, because Seema is one of the best ladies I have ever seen.
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