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  • October 2, 2015

I am a regular visitor at Desi papa and enjoy the stories/fantasies published out here. I would like to share my real life experiences with you folks. Way back in 1994, once I was traveling in train from Hyderabad to Chennai and happened to have this family – mom and daughter aged 38 and 12 respectively, as my co-passengers in the same compartment. I am generally reserved by nature and hence did not take much interest in them initially and was immersed in reading the magazine that I picked on the railway platform.

After a while, the daughter wanted to borrow the magazine that I just finished reading and that’s how our initial introduction started. After the usual initial questions with the daughter I started talking to her mom- who was taking interest in conversing with me. Even at that point I didn’t actually think in terms of sex – we were having a casual chit-chat. When the train stopped at a major station, I got down and offered to get something for them which they politely refused. I bought a pack of Cadbury chocolates and shared with them. The mom moved to my side when the train stopped at the station – till then the daughter was sitting by my side and mom in front of me. Let me describe the mom briefly – she was well stacked and looked 30ish though she was 39 yrs ( I checked the reservation chart when I got down) and was extremely feminine though I wouldn’t call her attractive. Her stats are 44-40-48 – she had a very sexy and fuckable rump and was atleast 5’6” tall! I sat by her side with my thighs touching her thighs and her shoulders touching mine.

Once in a while on some pretext or the other she used to bend forward and my right elbow was touching her left boob – off course hidden beneath her saree and not visible to others. After enjoying the touch for sometime, I slowly gazed into her eyes which were smiling mischievously. We slowly got talking about personal things. In the pretext of getting to know her better, I queried her bout her daily routine – she told me that her hubby is a salesman who is on tours mostly. She told me that she is bored most of the time and is looking for friends to kill time with. I told her that I work in Chennai and would love to spend time with her to which she replied “yes – we would make a lovely couple”. She asked me about my personal details – I was at the end of a relationship and was hungry for a cunt to fuck at that time. We both quickly realized that each has what the other is looking for and were thrilled to have found each other! In the meantime, it was well into midnight and the lights in the compartment were put off. Her daughter has already slept off and I slowly pulled her (lets call her Chitra which off course is not her real name) and slowly kissed her on lips. After French kissing her for nearly 5 minutes, I wanted to fuck her and proposed that both go to the lavatory. She didn’t like the idea and also she was in the middle of her periods. I groped over her cunt and she indeed had a pad! I just satisfied myself with playing with her boobs. As for Chitra – she was in great heat and cummed just by my foreplay (which she told me later!).

We got down at Chennai the next morning and I called her 2 days later (that’s when her periods would be over) and fixed up a program to meet in the beach in the evening. I picked her in an auto and we kissed on the way to beach. In the beach after it got semi-dark, I just inserted my hand into her saree from below the petticoat and reached her cunt which was very wet and inserted my fingers into her. She was already high by then and caught hold my cock after inserting her hand into my pants. We played with each other and I told her that I am looking for a house – she suggested that I take an apartment near her house. I moved into an apartment in the next street to where her house was and told the neighbours that she is my cousin who has been charged by my parents to take care of me (Chennai is generally pretty conservative and people tend to look askance if a female is visiting a single male). The first time she came to my apt, I was really ready for a grand fuck as I didn’t fuck for god knows how long after having split with my girlfriend. She was also desparate for a fuck as her hubby doesn’t touch her (she told me on that day- I didn’t know till I fucked her the first time) as theirs was supposed to be a marriage against their customs – she is her hubby’s neice by some unknown relationship (unknown at the time of marriage but was revealed later by someone) and hence her hubby is not interested in fucking her! Anyways I enjoyed Chitra to the maximum extent on that day – I fucked her 3 times before letting her go.

She laid on her back, bent her legs at her knees and spread them wide. Her cunt was really big with thick lips (I love thick cunt lips) with a little hair. My cock was already ramrod stiff. With one single thrust, my entire pole was deep into her (she was pretty wet). She cried out in pain (as my cock is pretty thick) saying that she feels as if she is being fucked for the first time. I just caught hold of her boobs and started giving her a grinding fuck which she enjoyed every moment. We fucked in all modes – slowly with deep penetration (even today she goes wild if I do that – says that I am really good in fucking with that technique – also that’s my fav technique too) and roughly with fast jerks. I used to pull my cock all the way out till only the tip is inside and suddenly stab her deep (off course with my cock!). When I alternate this hard fuck with soft fuck, she used to repeatedly cum and thoroughly enjoy it. From that day, she used to come to my apt every day – rain or shine and we used to fuck like animals. She really loved and enjoyed to handle my cock – used to cajole it to its majestic proportions and then offer her cunt to my cock! I in the meantime play with her bumper boobs. I fucked her in all angles and my fav position was to hump her from behind while holding her hips and also missionary position holding her boobs. Her buttocks were like inverted pots and cunt was very big – thick lips and she was ever ready for a fuck – any time of the day! My cock likewise was always ready for a dig (generally a feather touch by her is enough for my cobra to stand erect!). Also I get aroused when I see huge round bottoms (this habit gets me into touble often!!) –

Chitra used to stand infront of me with my cock inside her ass crack – arousing me instantly in the process! She used to tell me when her hubby would go on tour and I used to get to her place (or she to mine) and we used to fuck for hours together forgetting the world. Each of our sessions used to last about 1.5 to 2 hours (both of us have great stamina) and were pretty well matched to each other! We had a perfect knack to understand each others bodies and time our orgasms according to the available fucking time. We could come in as little as 15 mins or fuck slowly and sensuously (our favourite but we couldn’t indulge often due to lack of time) for hours together! Once when both of us were in great heat, we fucked 6 times in 3 hours and what a fuck session it was! Both of us went just went to our respective homes (we met in a friend’s house on that day) and just collapsed for the rest of the day.

I generally had a roving eye – but she never allowed me to look (wanted to fuck one of her best friends which she vetoed!) saying she wants to get all my cum..we even fucked a few times during her periods! Over a span of 3 years, she got pregnant thrice and had to abort (within first month) coz she didn’t have a contact with her hubby. Now I am in USA in North Carolina and New Jersey (keep moving between them) and miss her very much. Though I am married, wife is no match compared to her. Moreover wife has no stamina – am lucky if I get a fuck in 3 days! After the wild fucking I am used to, this is nothing and as you can imagine, I have plenty of sexual energy to spend and nothing worthwhile to spend it on (Need a good wet cunt urgently!!) Whenever I visit India, I make it a point to set aside atleast a week for our fuck fest – we meet in a hotel and fuck like animals. I am looking for such a partner out here in USA – either in NC or NJ. Any ladies, girls aunties looking for a rocking time (clean, passionate, raw, no-strings sex as described above) may please contact me at

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