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Trip With The Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi this Raj,I am a regular reader for sex stories.

It’s the incident happened with me and my sister. Let me introduce myself and my sister ,I am 28 yrs, single 5.9 inch height with good physics and working as an manager in pune. My sister is 34yrs old and IT professional having perfect mass where is required, her height is 5.6 with figure 36 32 38.I love her assets.

So lets start the incident, my sister had love marriage against our family decision, so my family member had stopped all the communication with her just me and my mom use to talk to her occasionally.

It was the day of appraisal so my company decided to promote me as manager but I need to shift to pune. As I was getting promotion I decided to get relocated to pune. My sister was also living there so it was easy for me to get relocate.

The day came and I moved to pune, I was new there so I decided to stay at my sister place for some days. Due to our family issues I was meeting her after almost 5 yrs. So as she saw me she came running and hugged me.

She was in tear and hold me so tightly, then welcomed me in her house my jijaji was also there to welcome me. Day goes on, I was very well settled in pune, due to my company was at long distance I got my room nearer it, so I often go to sister house to meet her after a long time my mom visited to my place she wants to visit my sister but don’t want go her place so I planned for whole day so that they can be together.

So as decided, my sister came at the said place, to my knowledge I wouldn’t have noticed her or not thought about her or what else she was looking dam hot in the saree I was just looking at her not even flipping my eyes, wow she was looking so sexy and hot that my manhood started erecting. Somehow I managed it.

The whole day we enjoyed ( I enjoyed a lot with my sister by looking her sexy body.)i was in such a lust for getting her that she noticed what is going in my mind.It was an awesome day for me, while leaving I just hugged my sister and pressed her asset and said her your are a dam hot women, due to such act she was little shocked but she smiled and moved to her destiny. In some days mom left and my daily routine starts.

One day I got a call from jiju due to 3 days continue holiday, they are going for a trip and if I wants to join then I can.What to say if I am getting a chance to spent 3 days with my sister ,i immediately said yes.So day came and we started the journey, she was perfect women for which a man is looking for my jiju was the lucky one ,i love her asset ,i used to walk behind her and check out her sexy ass. I was dreaming to fuck her ass and jerking in night for it.

First day gone so that , to challenge my guts I was getting little closure to her and started touching her soft sexy body. She was noticing my behavior but not saying anything and ignoring by giving me a sweet smile. Second day end we all had a good dinner my jiju was tired so he left to his room for sleep. Me and my sister was their it was 10;30 that night we were sitting on chair with pin drop silence.

After a 10 mins sister started leaving to her room, so I said sister will you have a coffee she first said no and started to her room, then what happened don’t know she said yes, so I said come to my room we will have it their she agreed and we moved to our room. She was wearing a tight slack and a tee, she was not wearing a bra because her boobs were hanging. So we both entered to our room and I called for 2 coffee. Till the coffee comes we both were silent. Doorbell rang and the service boy delivered coffee other I think we both were knowing what was going in the trip.

To break silence I started a talk that mom is thinking of my wedding, so she said good you should we had a chat for 10 minutes til the time our coffee was finished.I got closure to my sister and said sister I want say something to you, she said ok you can. I told her that I am having a bad feeling towards you after the day mom visited to pune. She didn’t answered for a while and then said hmm, I noticed it what’s going in your mind but its not good for us so drop your ideas, so I started convincing her , she was little convinced but didn’t said anything ,after an hour she said she is leaving now.

But now I was not in control to listen her. So as she stood to go, I just hold her hand and pushed her towards the bed, she fall down on bed. She begged me not to do such, but I was in no mood to miss the chance so I get over her and started kissing. She was not responding to me. I was on her top holding her both the hand on side and lips locked. She was getting in mood but due to our relation she was not ready to do the act. About 5 minutes I released my lips from her and slept beside her.

She said raj it not good what you are trying to do. I again got over her and looked into her eyes sorry sister but I can resist more now I just need you at any cost. She thrust me hard and separated me and started towards her room. As she was near her room I hold her from behind and locked the door and said sister don’t leave me like this pls. Help your brother. I was holding her from behind and started kissing her neck, her back .I was passionately kissing her. My dick was hard now it was trying to penetrating her ass from her clothes, so I took it out and placed it between her butt crack. I started rubbing my tool hard on her ass.

Due to my act she had now surrendered to me and started getting into act. She was moaning now which made me made excited , I just slide her slack lower, it was so tight that it also moved the undi of her lower, wow what a day my dick was touching her bare ass.

I just parted her ass little and made way for my tool to slide inside her. She was already wet which made my dick go easy. Half dick was inside her ( my dick size is 5 inch ) she was moaning so sweet , she was enjoining the act. I moved my dick outside, now I parted her legs and thrust my dick with force which cause my full length inside her, she screamed loud as aahhhh …… with pain.I just hold my tool for a minute in her and hold her body tightly that no air can pass between us. She said dear do slowly.

I whispered in her ear ok sister as you say. And started moving dick in out with slowly she was was enjoying the intercourse as I enter her she was screaming loud aahhhh.

The only sound was heard in the room was aah aah of my sister.

I removed her tees and started squeezing it I fucked her for 20 mins, in this position. We both came at time .

We were tired and sleeping beside each other on bed . It was now 1.30 in clock.

She dressed herself and moved to her room.

After she left I was not believing myself that we had sex . I was not able to sleep that night I jerk 10 times in whole night. Oh what a day it was.

After that night we had sex many times, even though we were leaving in same city we were having sex once in a month to keep the desire live.

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Trip With The Sister

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