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Treasure For Pleasure

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

This is a real life experience I had when I was working as a go-down manager for a chemical factory. I was in-charge of handling 300 labours. More than half of them were women, employed to carry the raw material from transport vehicle to the store. It was a luxurious time for me because the labours were very co-operative and helpful to me. This gave me plenty of time to flirt with the young sexy girls working in the group. Some of them were really hot and anytime ready to give sex, of course for a price. Good things don’t come free. You must be knowing that. I started getting tired of such a lazy lifestyle where everything was happening so easily.

So I was looking out for some real adventure and excitement. I avoided meeting the girls who were easily available for their selfish need of money. There was one young girl of 20 years, named Shanta. She was having a very sexy figure but very shy and afraid to do naughty things. This was because she had nobody other than an elder brother at home who was a truck driver. He was rarely in the house because of constant transport. He was very protective and strict with Shanta. But I knew that he used to drink a lot and also used to have a good time with many of her young, sexy looking, female friends. Their village was in North Karnataka. One day I found out that Shanta’s brother had to drive to Punjab to deliver some goods, which would keep him away for at least fifteen days or may be more because of rainy season. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity. Shanta was the only young girl who was interested in me but afraid because of her brother. She used to quietly watch me from the corner of her eyes.

She had very wide innocent and beautiful eyes. I have no words to describe her physical assets. In short I can say she was a treasure for pleasure. Short in height, lets say about 4’8”. Rich tan complexion, glowing skin, with freshly ripened 34B tits, ultra sleek waist, and a swell ass. Her saree at the waist was always tied below the navel which made her look more sexy when she carried the baskets on her head from the truck to the store, with her whole body along with the clothes soaked in sweat. This highlighted her assets further, gleaming in the sun. Like most of the village women she wore no bra since such things are beyond their budget. Even for daily wear she had only two sets of saree and blouse. A sky blue saree with a magenta blouse, and the other was an orange saree with a black blouse. In both she looked hot. Both her blouses were torn from under the armpits and few other parts. She used to feel very shy because of that. One day during their lunch break I called her to a lonely corner and told her “I have a gift to give you”. She was excited to know what it was. I told her to meet in the night near the storeroom after everybody has gone to sleep. She blushed and ran away. I shouted, “I will wait for you”. She looked back and nodded with a smile. That night I waited for her for more than an hour. Then I saw a figure moving in the distance. Suddenly there was a cloudburst and the rains were slashing on the ground. I was hoping the figure was Shanta. But because the heavy rain that figure waited under a tree. I hesitantly approached that person, praying that it’s not anyone other than her. Because the village people are very curious type. And if it were someone else then he/she would want to know what’s in my hand and then I would miss my opportunity with Shanta.

As I came nearer the figure, I saw it was clad in orange colour cloth. I knew it was only Shanta who had that colour saree. So I confidently walked up to her. To my pleasure, it was indeed, Shanta. She totally soaked in the heavy rain in spite of standing under the tree. She could hardly even look at me because the heavy raindrops were hurting her delicate eyes. I held her hand and guided her to the shelter of the storeroom. Only I had the keys to the storeroom. So when we got into the storeroom and I locked the door from inside, I was sure that no one could disturb us at least till morning. I lit the lantern and noticed that Shanta was shivering feeling cold, as she was fully wet. I was admiring her sensational body. I could see her breasts, thighs and every inch of her body clearly under the drenched clothes. It was as though she wasn’t wearing anything. I only had to take of those clothes to get a better feel of those parts. Then I remembered that she is still shivering in the wet clothes, so I quickly told her to change the clothes. She asked, “Change into what? I don’t have anything else to wear here”. I presented her with the gift in my hand. She again asked what it was. I told her to see for herself. She eagerly opened it with a childish curiosity. Her face brightened to see two brand new sets of sarees with ready-to-wear blouses. One was a brilliant yellow saree and the other was a fire-red one whereas both the blouses were black. Meanwhile I lit up a small campfire with whatever pieces of wood I could collect in the store to keep us both warm through the night. She was desperate to try the sarees on. I didn’t mind waiting till she tried them on but I was more desperate to see her get out of them sooner. Without expressing my desperation I pretended to be really patient and asked her to try the red saree on first. Shanta looked more keen to try the yellow one.

Without bothering about what she prefers to wear, I asked her to go ahead and put it on. She stared at me ridiculously. It completely escaped my mind that she was shy to change in front of me. Then I promised her that I would blindfold myself. I pulled out my kerchief and wrapped it around my eyes, but left a little gap from below and turned my head backwards as if I was relaxing. She was very innocent. She believed that I really couldn’t see anything. Feeling absolutely safe and secure, she took her pallu off the shoulder and squeezed the water out of it and then began unwinding the whole saree from the waist. My dick sprang up instantly as she dropped the saree on the floor, now standing only in a petticoat and torn blouse. Blood was racing throughout my body and I took a deep breath in. She heard me breathing deeply and looked towards me if the cloth was still on my eyes or not. Little did she know of my peeking method. With full belief that she had her privacy, Shanta continued to undress herself. She was trying very hard to open the hooks of the blouse. Probably the hooks were jammed due to water. I couldn’t help her even if I wanted to. Finally she pulled it so hard that the blouse tore apart, royally revealing her tender pear-shaped tits. It was getting more and more difficult for me to control myself. Due to restlessness I asked if she needed any help. She screamed loudly “NO!!!” and tried to cover her tits again with the remaining strips of the blouse. I consoled her that nothing will happen against her wishes. She was happy to hear that. When she was comfortable with herself again, she began undoing the petticoat. Petticoat also had the same problem. Because of being wet the knot of the string was not opening. This string was very strong; she could not even break it. She was too embarrassed to ask me to do it. Pretending as if I didn’t know what exactly was happening I offered help again by asking, “Is there any problem? What’s taking so long?” Then she had to shyly tell me what the problem really was.

I requested her to come near me and I without removing the blindfold will try to undo the petticoat. I saw her hesitating while stepping forward. When she reached me I smelt her wet body odour getting stronger. The sensuality of that smell drove me wild. Taking advantage of being blindfolded, I went around feeling her thighs, ass, back, then stomach and finally near the pussy. I could feel her enjoying the bliss while I was touching her everywhere. I also could not break the string with my hands alone. So I decided to use my teeth to chew it off. When I was doing that my cheeks were pressed tightly against her stomach. I got distracted and started kissing her navel. She pushed my head and said, “What are you doing?” Sounded like she still didn’t understand the purpose of our meeting. So I knew I had to seduce her gradually. That’s if I could stretch my patience for that long. I had no other option. I apologised for misbehaving and chewed off the string within a second angrily. The petticoat fell to the floor, but from that angle I really couldn’t see anything. She walked back to where she was undressing before and I also took the same position again so that I don’t miss anymore hot scenes. There she was, standing totally naked from head to toe. She also loosened her hair that was tied in a bun from behind. The long, wavy, silky hair rolled down her back till the buttocks like a curtain. She dried herself fully with the new saree since there was nothing else to wipe with. Then pulled on the blouse, hooked it, and wore the new yellow saree very neatly. She looked like a princess in the bright new clothes. Quite contrary to what she looked otherwise in the soiled dirty old torn clothes at work. Her skin having been washed in the rain was glowing against the campfire that I lit. Finally she gave me the green signal to open my blindfold. After taking the kerchief off my eyes I rubbed my eyes and acted as if I was surprised to see her new look. I wasn’t at all happy to see her in clothes. I was still desperately waiting for her to get out of them. And since she was still acting dumb and ignorant about the purpose of meeting, I had a lot of tasks to cover (or shall I say uncover?). Fortunately the store had nearly all the requirements and provisions for men to stay in it in case of emergency. Like there was a cot with blankets, candles, matchbox, some snacks to munch on, and a bottle of alcohol (rum, to be specific) as well.

There was one lungi hanging on the line. I slipped out of my wet clothes quickly and carelessly wrapped the lungi around myself. As predicted, Shanta had to close her eyes and fuss about feeling embarrassed. I no more gave a damn to her fusses. My patience had been tested long enough. Now I only cared about my own satisfaction, and she had better be prepared for it. We sat by the fire to warm up. She was yet shivering in cold. I secretly poured some rum into two glasses for us. She did suspect it was alcohol but I explained that it was only some medicine to prevent us from catching a fever or a cold. What they say is true “Ignorance is bliss”. She believed me. We both gulped down the so-called medicine. I got her involved in a bit of gossip about the village till she was getting a little high with the drink. As she was mumbling all strange about her family etc., her eyelids were also dropping. I kept adding more rum to her glass and she went on drinking it like water. Eventually she collapsed into my lap, half unconscious. Her eyelids were getting heavier and her hands went all over my body as though she was enjoying the sensation of my masculine physique, a new experience for her. I also grabbed the opportunity to feel her femininity while I knew that it would arouse her senses too. My plan was proven correct within a minute. Her arousal made her hand go inside my lungi and towards the groin. I understood that she had shed all her inhibitions of shame aside and was one the way to paradise with me. My hand started its journey lightly from her forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, neck, and then shoulders. At her shoulders my fingers were trying to slip under her blouse to feel her boobs. They were warm and soft. Before I went to deep into her blouse I decided to just undress her first and then fully relish her bare flesh. My one hand was busy taking off her pallu over the breasts while the other kept massaging the boobs to turn her on. It took me some time to fully take off the saree from her body after which I continued to open the hooks of her blouse. She was moaning softly as I pressed her tits and her mouth was wide open. I put my giant dick in her mouth.

She loved the taste of it and kept sucking it, licking it. She drank all the cum that poured out of it and was asking for more. I told her that she will also have to give me more if she wants more. She asked “What more do you want?” I commanded her to become full naked for me. She stood up on her own feet and quickly dropped the petticoat and exhibited her nude figure from all angles with full pride. Shanta’s body was true dynamite. My missile had its ignition. Her greed for my dick was equal. I threw the lungi away to tempt her more to my dick. Shanta fell on her knees and started crawling towards me, begging me to let her suck my dick again. She was my slave now. I kept moving backwards and making her more desperate. She cried that she could do anything for me. Challenging her potential, I told her to stand up against the wall with her face to the wall and not to make a single sound, whatever I did. Obediently she did as I had suggested. Seeing her naked body from behind my desire was burning me from inside. I walked up to her and kissed her back and licked it all the way down to her ass. Her physical passion was growing into a wild flame. Parting her asshole with my hands I slowly inserted my dick into it. This was Shanta’s first experience, so she started crying in pain. I covered her mouth with one hand to silence her and shoved the dick many times rapidly. This widened her hole a bit. She was getting comfortable with my action and co-operated by moving her ass up and down. I squeezed her tits same time. She learnt the ways of making love very quickly. Her cunt was also itching for some fun. She lay on the bed on her back, raised both her legs and asked me to knock my dick into that tight cunt of hers. I warned her that it will be painful if she was still a virgin.

She said she was ready for anything now. I gave her some more rum to drink so that she can bear the pain. And finally charged at her cunt with my dick giving her a surprise. Before she knew what was happening I had my dick deep inside her. Our bodies melted and merged into a divine union. We kissed each other passionately while our lower organs were building the temperature of the whole room. I could see the room turning red with the heat. After hours of indulging ourselves in blissful intimacy, it was nearly daybreak. Another boring day at work. But we promised each other that this was not the last time we’ve had it. We kept our promise by meeting whenever her brother was not in the village. Shanta not only learnt the art of making love but also started getting adventurously creative and taught me some new techniques too. Her ass and boobs are much more swollen and ripe than the first time I saw them. She says she prefers not to get married so that she can keep trying different men all the time. Way to go.

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