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Train to Indore

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hello to all the readers here.I am RAJ 25/m/indore .I am back with new story After posting my story INDORE CYBER CAFE on page 40 story no.1692.I got so many responces from readers want to know more about me and my life style.I am very thankful to keep such a keen intrest over my story .On there Demand i am posting a story which was based over an true incident held some year before when my age was of 21 years old .After reading my story if any one want to contact me ,do mail at . It was days of December with a nice cold weather.i was in maharastra and in winter vacation and i have to come back to Indore in vacation ,i reached at 12:30 pm to Akola railway station for boarding at Menakshi Express.But that day train was about one hour late .So for passing time i purchase some magazine and news paper.At 1:30pm train arrived at station .I board in train and took my seat in sleeper coach. after 15 min train leaves the station ,i found that we are only two in our block of 6 seat .one was me and other was a old men of around 60 year of age.The old man seems some ill ,so he go to sleep after a few minute .i was alone and no body to talk so i kep my eyes on greeny farm field out side the train . After two hours at around 3:30 pm train took stopage at Akot railway station for 30 minute ,i took tea and sandwich there.Same time two village women clattered into the compartment loaded down with suitcase and box of fruit.

One was dark and small, with big, dark eyes that looked always happy and inquisitive. The other was tall, and slender, with brown hair and big breasts whose large nipples were evident through the pointed tucks of her dress.And also a men board with them .As the train wistle one of the women who was dark and small get down from compartment.Both the man and that lady sat at the opposite end of the compartment .I felt that both were husband and wife. So i did’nt took eye on them .the old men who was ill want to sleep ,so i left that lower berth for him and put my bedding over upper bearth.And sleep there after two hour i wake up .And i saw that it was all dark in compartment even no light in full coach .I thought that it was due to some mistake in coach.Then i look below to my berth to both lower berth .i was not able to see clearly. as i was seeing through window from upper bearth .Suddenly a beam of light came through the window for a second,it was due to street light near to railway track.What i saw that the man is kissing that women .

Due to sudden light they both seprated there self but after that i wait for more street light near to track.os that i can see them clearly .so i got little enjoyment while seeing them . but due to tresspasing of other persons of coach they felt uncomfortable. So one bye one both of them come to upper berth which was just opposite to me.It was good for me to see them more clearly. the train is going in his speed and my heart beats are too while watching both of them . suddnly the put off the shawl which was over that lady .OHHH my goodness she was nude o his upper part under that shawl now her tits are clerly visible to me that men is squzzing them and kiss on her body parts one hand of him is in saree which was doing mischives with the pussy of that lady , the lady got fully aroused and unzipped men trouser and took man cock in his hand and bent over them to licking while lickin cock her eyes comes over me ,she got little confused whether i am sleeping or awake.But due to no light she thought that i was in sleep .afer 10-15 min of going all that the lights comes through window gradually increses with every minute . Now due to light they both got seprated and arranged their cloths .I know that this is the time for Khandwa railway station.Iwas right after 5 min the train is at khandwa.

I know train took 30 min stopage here and i feel little hunger .So i get down frm my berth to come over plateform with me that old man also come come ot with his luggegehe ,i good bye him. i took some refrashment thr and watches that some engineers are fixing the light problem in our coach .i saw that all coach where lite-up other then ours.but due to less time the engineers was unable to fix the problem .train again wistle and i again get in the coach. i came to my compartment i saw that lady was sitting alone on upper berth .i thought that the man with him may went for toilet .I also took my upper berth again this time Once she turned to me and licked her lips.I wondered whether it was some kind of I settled back and did the next best thing: I stared at the flshy legs.which was little visble due to her saree was not arange well. I brake the silence and asked her whr was the man with him, then she told me that man was no with him .He was stranger to her .i got amazed by hearing this and thought little why not i got chance rather then that man.As no in compartment we r only two .so i think i will try my best for getting that lady over me.

The Train again was in speed by leaving the station .It was again dark in compartment and i also know that now train have to pass the forest area for more then three it will be good time for me to carry onn. While thinking this i stared over lady body her big tits make me crazy which gaves me bulge in my trouser.Every once in a while she would also glance at me, grab the hem of her saree she rode higher on her thighs, her eyebrow raising at the same time. It was a sign. Then she tilted her head toward me, she stared at the lump in my pants and giggled. “want to love me, ” she wispered . We turned and looked at each other for a second as if looking for an answer to a question unasked. Then we broke into a laugh and the tall lady turned to me. “We like to be naked in the woods. See? she said, reaching over and lifting the dark saree as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do .She ran a hand through the forest of kinky hair, teasing evidently lust of me.even when she is pleasuring herself,” turning to steal a glance at the lump tenting my pants. “She does this all the time, Her feet are soft, and I like the cool feeling of her toes when they wiggle against me”.I couldn’t help it. I reached down and stroked myself.”Come,” said the sexy lady, and get seat beside her.

I hesitated before but I slid over her berth.I felt the heat from her body as I slowly slid near to her. Immediately lady raised her leg and settled her foot into my lap, slowly tracing the outline of my cock with her toe. Then she put her foot flat against it and let the slow rumble of the train tantalize my nerve endings.And my cock, although threatening to break the zipper, was secured by my undergarment.After a while she changed her grip slightly and began to hold the foot like a brush, wrapping her long fingers around the top of it and romming it slowly but firmly between her legs, her eyes closed, the tip of her tongue just touching her upper lip, head thrown back. Little moans would escape her lips every once in a while. Watching her, I was close to making a stain in the front of my pants.I pushed her foot aside for a moment, and felt a strong hand grasp my thigh.I watched her , a smile of bliss was to her face.

She brought out a second hand, then commenced unzipping me. she jumped forward to be the first to wrestle my erection out of my pants and gave it a lick with the tip of her surprisingly long tongue.Then she grabbed the brush like tip of her tail of hair. her face between my legs, big eyes peeking up from behind my erection, inquiring while still carefully running the silky bristles of her hair along the sensitive underside of my cock. While she was waiting for my answer she began taking little licks at my balls while brushing her hair. All I could see was my straining desire bobbing to meet the hair tip and those big dark eyes staring at me over it. Soon she was drawing a testicle inside her warm mouth, gently warming it with her tongue.I was on the edge. I couldn’t reply. My Dick was about to launch a load that would hit her face but I didn’t need to have worried,caz she grab all my loadin her mouth like sweet drink.Now I opened my mouth and pulled her to me. she sighed as my mouth closed over him. I began to suck and move him back and forth.

I controlled him by his hips and shocked back forth over his cunt. Suddenly his moans became louder and I felt hot salty streams dance across my tongue. I continued sucking him and feeling the streams flow out of him and into my mouth. When she was finished I pulled back and stood up with the hot load . Then i again adjust my self and took a glance over compartment .Due to no power in compartment .no body moves now here and there .but we can heard others discusions.afer 15 min i again get charge up and this time i wish to like more enjoyment. But she doesnt want me to catch her cunt to fuck and offered me her ass to fuck .it drive me more we wee in meter gauge train so at upper berth not too much space to sit properly ,as my head is touching roof of coach so i can not lift any more my self to go in foxy style ,then i told her to bend herself as frog and then i move up to her.we were just in position as a male frog is over a female frog .this style gives us a memorable plasure .i guided my dick in her ass, She cried out in pain. “oouuuhhh” she moaned .I kept pushing in deeper and deeper with every stroke. a line of fire burning into her ass cheeks.

Her body brushing against me as she traced the hot bullet inside her.After some fast frequncy stroke My body went rigid, and when my cock spurted long jets of cum second time I couldn’t hold it all in any more, and screamed. we just laid down our self as our body ware sweating .she told me that It was most blissful, humiliating and erotic time in her life.she also told me that she is married and reside at Mhow ,her husband is in army .at 11:00pm at mhow station she left the train .As train again move further ,at 11:30 Indore station came and its my time to leave the train with all the memorable moment by which we had just passed . I like have comment over my incident frmm u .

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