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  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hello everybody this is Sanu. I am a working guy from Pondicherry, India. Basically, I am from North India but I am working in a south Indian company, so placed here only. I am 27 yrs, 5ft 7 inches male with a good look, & a very strong sex drive & I have a nice hard cock to please & satisfy any female craving for sex. My job requires lot of travelling in south Indian cities. So during a short period of time, I came to know about many cities of South India. But I never had any experience before this incident, which I am going to state here. This is a real true story which happened with me during last year’s summer time while travelling by train. I had never imagined that there are so unsatisfied ladies & girls in the world. I had to go to my place in north India on some very urgent short notice.I tried for reservation in AC classes in train, but able to manage only a sleeper class ticket.

The train was scheduled to start from Chennai in morning 6 o clock. I came to station & tried to confirm ticket from chart, pasted on coaches. . 6 persons are reserved in a coup of sleeper classes. I found that, I got a lower birth and 2 more passengers are also boarding from Chennai, on the upper seats. Both were male in the age group of 35. Rest 3 seats were allotted to a single ticket holder. I was really happy to see that 3 ladies of age 18, 27 & 52 were there. They are supposed to board from some station away from Chennai.The train started & as it was early morning all were feeling sleepy, so other 2 passengers went up on their respective seats. I also lied down on my lower berth for a nap. After about 2 hours, the train reached at one station & we heard some sound & I got awake.I sat near the window. Then the family boarded the train there. Number of family members were more than what I expected & found from the chart. There was one lady of about 27 years, with her 2 kids of about 4-6 yrs, her younger sister, mother & aunt. It was really big family with only 3 seats in hand.

By the time they kept their luggage, train started moving. Her son asked me for window seat. I moved little bit inside & gave him the seat. As other passengers were still on upper berths, there was not any problem in sitting. But to my surprise, though enough place was available on opposite berth, the lady tried to get sit on my berth. She requested me with a smile and I happily moved little bit to give her space to sit. She sat inclined towards me as not much space was in between.Her outer thighs were in so close touch with me. I was feeling the whole side way contact with her. After few minutes, I asked about their destination. She turned her face & told with smile, that they are going up to Nagpur, which comes after midnight. Her mother asked about my destination. I told that I am going to Delhi. She again turned & smiled. I found a real attraction & a special invitation in her eyes. She was still sitting close to mine side only. I was also feeling the closeness of a charming lady. Let me explain about her. She was a nice lady, gorgeous, pretty, inviting, though mother of 2 kids. I noticed that as & when she gets opportunity to talk, she looks towards me with a real attractive, inviting smile & same time pressure with the side body, as we were sitting still close.Her sister of 17 years was taking care of all requirements of her kids. After some time, all wanted to take rest, so we raised the middle berth too. Still some berths were vacant in the neighboring coup. Her mother & aunt went was pretending to sleep.

Few minutes later, I found she took out some Hindi magazines from her bag & started reading. It was saras salil, a very common family magazines at Rly stations. I was feeling little sleepy as it was about 9 in the morning. After few minutes, she come out of the berth, looking on me from up only & asked me, if I am interested in reading magazines. I said, “sure”. Then she took out one more magazine from her hand bag & kept in saras salil and given me. I took it and again lied down. I got really surprised finding the magazine with all romantic pics & stories. Now I got all the message and really thanked for getting this sweet company. I tried to glance at the pics. Then I came out of my lower berth, wanted to look on her. I found that she was also awake. She again smiled in a sexy way. I really appreciate her moves, as she was with her family members. After some time, almost all passengers including her family members were sleeping as everybody was tired due to catching of early morning train. Train was moving very fast. I came out of my lower berth & sat on the side lower berth to have a look of her body.I found she was pretending to be busy in magazine, but frequently looking from side of the magazine. Then I asked her, if she wish, to bring down the berth, so that we can sit comfortably.

She agreed happily.Then we started talking. She said that they came to some relatives place with her mother & going back to MP. They will change the train at Nagpur. She said she is away from her husband for about a month now. By saying these, I found a real invitation in her eyes. Then she asked about me. I told her that I am single & going to my parents place. She said she is very happy to get a decent co passenger. I really felt so happy to get this horny lady besides me. Still she used to continue look deep in my eyes, while talking. Then she asked that if I had finished the magazine. I told her that I was busy in those pics only. She smiled again. Then she told that not to be hurry for magazine. The train reached to Vijayawada after 1 o clock in the afternoon. The train was suppose to stop there for quite long time. Everybody was busy in buying something, etc. She went towards the door to buy something. I saw her standing on the door of coach looking outside for some vendor.I thought this as a good opportunity to feel / touch her. I also moved went to door & intentionally tried to look at the platform there and intentionally placed my hand on her while holding the rod of the door. Slowly she turned her face towards me with a sexy smile without telling a single word. Again without moving her hand she started to look outside towards platform. I was holding her hand from top for 2-3 minute with squeezing slowly and continued presenting to be looking outside.

My body was close to her . I was feeling the heat inside. Then we got down together & bought some food items for ourselves.The train started again and it was summer afternoon and everybody had some lunch at Vijayawada. Within one hour, everybody were on their berths again for afternoon nap. I was sitting on the lower berth with both of her kids sleeping on the same. She tried to lie down on the other lower berth opposite to mine. We continued to look at each other with smile. I was really feeling warm to see that really horny companion. She closed her eyes pretending to be sleeping. I also stretched my legs on the edge of her berth to relax. Few minutes later, accidently my feet touched her leg. I got awake, but she did not noticed. After this, I thought to take advantage and slowly stretched my legs, just enough to touch her leg. She slowly moved her to keep a distance. Then I waited & stretched further to touch her legs again. This time she did not tried to do anything. Now my feet was touching her heel portion. I was feeling hot inside. I continued the light pressure on her feet with mine.Now, she started responding with slight pressure, without opening her eyes. Now, I got the green signal. I started rubbing her lower leg slowly with mine. I felt that she is also trying to reciprocate with soft pressures. I was really feeling bulge in my underwear’s now. But I don’t wanted to do anything in hurry to create any embarrassing situation. So we continued this for about 10-15 minutes. She was also making her face in sexy moods. I thought to stop this as enough time was left to go. I was happy to see that nobody was looking at us.After sometime during evening train reached Warangal.

Everybody, in our coup were sitting on berths now. I was sitting on the one side of lower berth, opposite her. Her kids & sister were sitting on the window side on the two berths. I heard saying to her mother that she is going for freshen up as it is very hot. She left and came after 10 minutes after changing her clothes too. Now she was in red chiffon salwaar-top with slight deep and low cut neck & patiala pyjama. She was looking very sexy & hot in that dress.Now this time, she sat besides me on my berth. By this time, it was going to be evening. Again, everybody started talking, but I was thinking of making things memorable for me. I dont wanted to loose closeness of her. As she was sitting so close left to me & my whole body was touching her from side. I was feeling the heat, I am sure she too. I started caressing her hand very carefully so that nobody should notice.She also noticed & started responding and looking at me in between with her sexy look. She smiled and continued talking with others. She placed her dupatta in such a fashion that almost whole of her upper portion get covered. That was a clear indication for me so I grabbed her hand , which she tried to kept under cover, in mine and started to massage slowly.She gave me a positive response but kept on talking with others. Then, I placed my hand & started rubbing her thighs from side. After sometime I kept my left hand behind her like half hug and placed on her belly under her top.

Now almost her whole upper body was on my left hand. I was feeling her bra linings from chiffon. I started putting my fingers in her naval, rubbing her soft parts. We felt so sexy that time. She continued to stare at me intermittently with her all sexy smile. I pulled my hand & tried to put my hand under her armpit.She helped me raising her hand a little. Now, my fingers were touching her tits from side. I tried to touch the nipple on her top, but covered under the dupatta.. My god, it was so hard. I felt the hardness of the cherry balls. She was also getting hotter. But she kept her feelings cool.Then, I thought to touch her pussy. I placed my hand from back to her ass. She got the hint & raised her buttocks little to let my hand under her. She was having firm buttocks. Now, my fingers finger pridely settled in her ass and doing some serious jerks.I tried to go bit further but something is stopping me. She understood and lifted her hip slightly in order to accommodate my fingers near to her pussy. Suddenly she raised from the seat and sat down again to adjust in such a way that I can easily reach near to her golden temple. I was touching her pussy now. I tried to make some initiatives with my finger. She also supported me by adjusting her pussy. We were getting hotter & hotter. She raised again and adjusted her salwar & sat again. O my god.. She did really wonder. She loosened her pant on waist, so that enough opening was there from back. I got the message and really placed my hand under her salwar from back.

She helped me little so that I can reach my fingers inside. I caressed her inner thigh region. My fingers were between her ass cheeks but I wanted her to position herself in such a way that my fingers goes in her cunt. She spread her cunt’s lips and I entered her pussy successfully .With one stroke entire fingers is in her cunt and she started moving slowly on my fingers as if she was fucked with a rod. I too started moving my fingers in her pussy. Her pussy was wetted and slippery and some juices are oozing out of cunt. I started sensing the contraction of pussy lips on my fingers and I speeded up and moving my fingers as much as possible into her pussy.After some time she lifted herself and forcibly sited on my fingers and she stopped moving and holed my fingers with her pussy very tightly and I am feeling the contractions of her pussy. Juices started flowing down my fingers.I watched her and she looked at me and smiled.It continued for about half an hour. We decided to stop, otherwise, it was difficult for us to keep under control.Then it was almost 7 o clock in the evening. Everybody had some food and wanted to take rest again. So, fortunately, again her mother & sister went to next coup to acquire lower berths, as it was still vacant. Her Aunt was sleeping on lower & kids were on middle berth.

We remained sited on the other lower berth without opening middle berth. Aunt told me to switch off the light as she want to sleep. She asked me if I want to lie down. I smiled back & told no. Then Sapana lied down on the berth. I remained seated on the one side of the berth. Sapana head was towards window. It was dark, but I was able to see that she was smiling on me. She stretched her leg & I given path on my back. Now her feet was touching my back. Her aunt was sleeping now, and others too.I did not wasted anytime & tried to touch her legs, moving my hand from side. She did not objected, & I started rubbing her lower legs softly. I touched her lower pajama & tried to put my hand there. Wow, to my surprise, there was enough space that I can put my hands inside. She got the hint & adjusted her legs.Now, I inserted my hand in her pajama from lower side. I raised my hand up to knee, & started caressing her knee. She responded in sweet manner. Sitting there only I took this as golden opportunity and inserted my hand further and started feeling her soft inner thighs, She shivered a little. I went further, and touched her panty now. She spread her legs to give me way for touching more. I looked on the other side to ensure, nobody watching. Then I sit little up to her to feel more comfortable. Again, I took my hand and slowly put it inside her pajama on the panty and cunt and softly squeezed it she spread her legs a little and gave me good support to continue on . I removed my hand and put it inside again.

She sucked her breath and allowed access for my hand she had her panties I massaged her cunt from the top of her panties first with one finger and then adding one by one and finally with my whole hand. Wow, it was so soft. Oh, she started mooooaning .. Ah aha … and started pulling my hand more and more harder inside. I don’t want to be disturbed, as others were not sure of sleeping, so I pulled my hand from panty. I was sitting close to her. But I wanted to utilize this time, so I placed my hand on her belly & touched her naval, she shivered a little & glanced at me with sexy smile. I went up and touched her waist and raised her top and inserted my hand in. It went up to bra and placed my hand. She pressed my hand on her breast, that was a direct signal from her and I become more daring. Slowly I inserted my two fingers through the bra and started moving it in circular motions to all corners of her breast. By this time she stretch her leg in search of my tool and started rubbing with her feet. I really appreciated her smart move. She was doing me with her legs. I opened my zip for her ease. She got the hint, inserted her feet in & touched the dick on underwear’s. She was really working nice with her legs now. I was getting aroused so hot. O…. My…. God.. It was really nice. I was also going mad in sex. I bent towards her & I was caressing her tit and then opened the buttons of the bra under her top , it was so tight that her tits popped out. I moved my hands up the mounds and squeezed them.

They were firm and hard and tiny nipples were stiff now I took the nipples between my fingers and finger and rubbed them. With my other hand, I started slowly smearing her lips, tickling her on her neck & moved a little down to cup one of her breasts. I started kneading and massaging Sapna’s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning Aaahhhhhh…… With these sounds , we became bit scare & stopped. Now she sat and put her arms around my neck and placed her soft red lips on my lips and started kissing the lips like a desperate guy. I too held her tightly in my arms and was enjoying the kiss.Now both were sitting on the berth. It was dark & we were so close. I put one towel on my lap. Moments after the towel had covering us, I felt her warm hand slowly inch its way on to my thigh. My pant was bulging now. I reached for her hand, put it on top of my hard-on and squeezed her hand onto my cock on top of fabric. This was enough signal for her to get to my zipper, reach under and pullout a thick 7 inch long meat pole from between my legs.She started rubbing my tool. I opened my zip to help her. She put her hands inside above my tools and started caressing in round circle. She then moved close, bent onto my lap and her hand was replaced with a warm set of lips. She licked little circles around my penis head. I felt the pressure building in me and I was unable to control and lost and all my cum and in one gulp, she swallowed it deep down into her throat.

My body was & her mouth was on fire; she was jerking mine cock at the same speed.I could feel the heat from her breath and thought, maybe she had fever. I was trying to keep my breathing even and not make any noise as I eased my hand down her soft tummy to touch her beautiful navel. I explored the classic curves of her hips and the perfect female shape the lord had given her. This was my day. I turned my head all around to see if anybody was aware of anything. We adjusted our clothes and sat close. Her aunt was sleeping just opposite of our berth. As time was so important, both of us don’t wanted to regret about missing the opportunity.I got an idea & told sapna to move on to the middle berth. It was easy in standing position to reach to middle berth. We raised the berth, and she moved to middle berth. After confirming that everybody is sleeping, I went and stand near the window side & touched her cheeks & lips.I started kissing her lips and we kissed in French style with our tongue and then I kissed her forehead, earlobes, lips and then I softly touched my lips on her lips and then started kissing Sapna’s neck and we were breathing heavily and both of our body had become very hot.Sapana started moaning, ‘Aahhhhhhhhhhhh Darling I am in heaven.

I inserted my middle finger in her pussy & started finger fucking her. Meanwhile, I inserted my second finger also in her pussy and her moans turned into cries. Along with finger fucking I started spreading my fingers apart inside her pussy & rubbing the tender walls of her pussy. At the same time I was taking due care of both of her boobs by squeezing one & sucking the other. She was wriggling as a fish out of water & she wanted her cries to touch the skies. But I placed my lips on her before she could start any word.She came violently & relaxed with a satisfied look on her cute face. But I didn’t stop fingering, sucking & tweaking her. I kissed her tummy and I was circling my finger in the navel, she moaned and immediately placed my hand on her boobs. Now I started giving Sapana erotic massage with my fingers on her abdomen and her pussy over her panty, she was giggling and moaning. I first smelled it, it was making me mad. I slowly inserted one finger and started licking the lips of cunt. She started moaning, her voices were not to loud but easily hearable to me AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ………… UUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ………..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM … YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………… I became crazy hearing these sounds and started stroking her harder. She got climaxed in next 15 minutes. All the cream was in my hand and she cleaned it with her lips.

Turning to me she confessed that she never came like this before. She seemed to be regaining her strength & I immediately stopped as my hungry hard cock was getting beyond control. But I have to keep in control as I was standing besides her berth. By this time, train reached to a station and we decided to stop.That was Ballarshah station & train stopped for more time. But to our surprise, everybody was still sleeping. We came down and sat on a platform bench. I asked her, how she felt. She told me how much she enjoyed me and how well endowed I was down there. I looked at her face and she was smiling and looking more sexier than before her hairs dishelved all over her face and covered in sweat.She said that, she never felt sex so exciting. Then she pleaded that I should enter in her. She cant be without ny dick inside her waiting cunt. Then I told its very dangerous, coz anyone can see us in train. She told me that why not we are moving in train toilet. She confirmed that this toilet is more spacious than normal. Then we boarded the train again. Train started moving. It was almost 11 o clock in the night. I was also getting so horny for the climax.I told her to come after me. I went to the toilet. I saw her coming and I took her in and closed the door. Now it was our time to play.

We hugged each other in hurry. Our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips and licked her entire mouth She opened her lips to let my tongue in. We hugged and kissed intently. I slid my hands to her buttocks (which i like most in her and all women) grabbed it and pressed it with my body, so her pussy was in contact with my junior, though above cloth. I started kissing her neck, shoulders, armpits and finally came to the portion which i relished just by viewing. I sucked it with the clothes on, slid my hands inside the top to have it bare. One of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs. Goodness me!!!!It was so smooth as ice cream and there was cherry atop that. The tip was excellent, slightly erected ‘coz of the on going process. She told me that we had only minimum time that somebody may come to use the toilet/ her kid might wake. I got into business, grabbed her between my arms. Sucked her lips inserted my tongue deep into her mouth. She too responded unbelievably, both our tongues were wrestling. I started to lift her top. I opened her top and started to caress her nipple. I removed my lips from hers and got it down on her left nipple and sucked it with a thick sound she started to moan lightly. I started lapping her nipple with my tongue fast and steadily which she began to press my head on her breast and i could hardly breathe. I could feel her heavy breathing, and also the beautiful smell of her hair….for me this was really heaven….and we smooched and hugged each other.I had my arms all around her, and while lips smooched hers, my hands slowly were working on her. I made her to stand and I went down on my knees. I opened the knot of her salwar & pulled it down. I inserted both my hands inside her back and took them right to her ass cheeks.It was really heaven. Her pants were still on and she didn’t remove it. I kissed and licked her naval and in one stretch I pulled her panties from inside to her knees and pulled it out. I pulled her to smell her cunt close to me. Both were getting mad now.

She put her hand on my pant and started squeezing it heavily. Her one hand slowly released my zip and her hand snaked down into my brief and took my rock tool out and started pulling it to and fro. She was wild and removed my jeans and underwear, and my cock sprang out as it was already thick and erect and hard.I had never imagined such wild and carnal instincts in a woman.. But boyi was happy . She took mine all in one go and started to suck me harder and harder. She wouldnt stop, she was like a bitch gone wild, dont ask me all that she did, she was rolling her tongue on my penis, sucking…. Biting my penis gently but with so much intensity that I had never felt before. It went on and on like a lifetime, by this time.A couple more minutes (that seemed like a lifetime) I came in her mouth she was moaning with joy doing mmmmmmm.. Aaaaah.. Ooooooo… When she felt my cum in her mouth. I never thought a woman would enjoy a mans cum so much as she did. She sucked me for a few more minutes ensuring nothing was left. I then started stroking her boobs & rubbing her cunt fast. She started moaning. She was feeling my fingering and I could feel her pussy become a little wet. Again, i licked her whole body down to her belly button and licked it for 5 minutes and then steadied down to her cunt slowly licking her outer lips slowly her mound was hairless and smelt great. I parted the lips and entered my tongue and started a good licking . Her moaning grew wild …aah …….ooh …….that s great lick me….. Lick me …..clean until i cum.You asshole i want to drown you with my cunt juice saying this she started pressing my face very hard and came heavily which i drank gratefully.

Again , we regained in minutes in hurry. I loved girls riding my cock and also wanted fuck her tight. Therefore I carried her on top of me while I lay on bed. But here it was essential, as we were in standing only. I sat on the commode closing the cover. Very softly not making her aware what I was gonna do, I made her sit on my cock and my dick had penetrated her sweet pussy.She shouted and tried 2 get off but by that time I had gripped her breasts tight enough not 2 let go. Slowly I moved her up and then down and initially I found it difficult 2 penetrate. I did it slowly until her screams turned into moans of delight aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Then I increased my pace and started moved her faster. She was enjoying and I pulled her towards me and I licked her nipples they were becoming hard.I simply loved her riding my cock. She had started “aaaahhhhhhhhh harder dear, faster aaaaaaaahhhhhhh I am loving it. Her boobs were bouncing, giving me more pleasure. I carried it on for sometime before I decided that it wont be longer as space was not convenient. So I changed position & made her seat on the stand. I pulled her legs up on my shoulders & inserted my my cock into her pussy turning her face towards me.I started slowly and kept my pace increasing. She was receiving my dick madly moaning of pleasure. I was increasing my pace slowly n steadily n after a while I was going pretty fast in and out. Well we must have been fuckin’ for about 10- minutes. I was moving in n out. I squeezed her boobs again. She moaned loudly with the heat.I started to fuck her with force again she said harder. An idea came in my mind and I took my dick out of her pussy on that, she said what happened plz plz fuck me, when I saw her that she needs it desperately, I pushed my dick into her pussy with all my force. I repeated that process for few times. That was too much for her & her pussy was tight enough for my dick.

When I knew I would have to release soon…….. I told her that I would cum soon and she just said please go on for a little more. Well I was doing my level best to hold back but I guess it took me another couple of minutes when she cummed and it was impossible for me to hold back so I told her that I cannot hold it back anymore…. She said ok pls cumm inside me as she was on pills. So I took my cock with full force and cummed all over inside her. I felt the ring around my dick. What an orgasm I had……. I was cumming and cummin so much that it started dripping from the side of her pussy. We both were so exhausted after that session that we collapsed on each other and lay there for a while. Then I looked at her and asked her did she like it? She replied that it was an out of the world experience. I said the same to her.I told her she was awesome and an absolutely wild partner to have sex with. We kissed each other and pulled her up too. We both cleaned ourselves up. Then I went out and slept at middle berth. After sometime sapna ca Bert.

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