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Touched By Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Hi readers, i have been a constant visitor of the It has been my pleasure going through the stories (fictions and original, as they say) posted here. from my age of 22 onwards i have been going through this site and now i am 25. The incident i am writing down here is a true one and this happened when i was 21.

I was a medium built enthusiast then..and am from Kollam in Kerala state by name Manu. this incident i am going to share with you happened while my stay in Trivandrum while i was working there with a Telecom company as a sales executive. i had stayed during my initial days in Trivandrum at a hostel and was fed up with the lousy food they provided there. As i was a homely boy, i told my parents i am not going back to Tvm once when i came to my native place during weekend.

My uncle had a friend in Pulimoodu there. He spoke to the friend, Vijayan and requested to arrange an accommodation for me which would be better than the hostel. My uncle said this friend of his’ had lots of commitments with him as they were earlier staying together while they worked together in Madras. I was told by my uncle to call his friend by Chettan(brother in malayalam).

That Monday when i left for Tvm, my uncle accompanied me and i was taken to his friend’s house. Only he was there in a two storied house with 3 bedrooms. Seeing me, Vijayan chettan was like convinced and i heard him saying to my uncle that there is no need to find out a hostel and that i can stay with him. i was told that Radha Chechi was his wife who was a teacher and they had a kid of 5 who just joined school. Vijayan chettan(VC) was working with the electricity board and was about 40.

I went to office and my uncle left back. In the evening, i came to VC’s house by around 6:45. I met Radha Chechi(RC) and the kid Rohit there. RC looked a typical teacher with those spectacles, saree and that typical looks in the eyes. Rohit liked me by my behavious a i played with him for some time. We were served dinner at about 8:45 and i was asked to take the bedroom at the ground floor.

They both were sleeping with the kid on the first floor. I was given a big double cot to sleep and i had a very confortable sleep that night. One month passed by and when i tried to give VC that month’s rent, he denied accepting. Later i asked RC if she can accept the same. She also did not accept it.

I became close to all of them. 3 months passed and one day when i returned back, i met a new person at the house. RC introduced me to her and i was told that this person was RCs elder sis. Her name was Bhanu and should be around 35. All of us had dinner and Bhanu Chechi(BC) was given the second bedroom in the ground floor. Things went on fine till this day when VC and RC had to go to Changanassery for attending RCs nani’s illness.

She was hospitalized and on the way after meeting nani at hospital, they would go to Kottayam where RC’s native place was. A plan was made for 3 days starting Friday morning till Monday morning and they left.
I was not feeling well on the Friday morning and i had requested for a day off from work. I stayed at home and BC prepared hot Rasam and some ayurvedic medicine which she had learn while her study time in Vaidyamadom.

She took care of me well for the rest of the day and advice me to have a sound sleep. I got totally rejuvenated by evening after a sound sleep. VC and RC had not taken the kid with them and he wanted to sleep with me in the night because by that time, he was already very close to me.
Till then, i had not asked any details about bhanu chechi. because the kid was crying and quarreling with BC that he wants to sleep with me, she too came to my room, told me that once the kid was asleep,

She would take him to the other bed room. i was ok with it. We started discussing with each other. She said her who’s was in the middle east and since they have not built a house of their own, she used to travel to her 2 sisters and 1 brother till the time he comes on leave and they go to their old house in Pala. I felt she was a very decent lady. We spoke to each other till about 10:15 by the time the kid was slept and she left to her bed room with him.

Because of the heavy sleep in the day, i was not able to sleep till about 12:30. I went to the TV, loaded a VCD of an old Malayalam movie and started watching it. By around 1:30, BC came out of her bed room for water from the fridge and asked why i was awake. I told her i was not able to sleep. She asked whether i am afraid. i said no. She took water from the fridge and drank and went to her bed room. i slept on the sofa itself while watching the movie. In the morning, i woke up at around 7:25.

I heard sound from the kitchen and understood BC was already up. My lung was totally messed up because of my carelessness while sleeping on the sofa and i had nothing underneath. I was ashamed if she might have seen anything. That was again an off day for me and as i had just recovered from my ailment, BC suggested me not to go home and i agreed. She also said, she will be alone.

That night, i could see that she was wearing a nightie instead of her usual attire, saree. i asked her why this change without having anything in mind. She had a naughty smile while answering my question with a question back. “Why do you observe all these things”..i said it was normal to observe because she usually wore a saree at home. She said it was specially for me she wore the nightie….i didn’t understand why she said so.

By around 8, she came to my room with the kid saying he is not sleeping in the other bedroom. after about half an hour he went to sleep and was laid on my bed. Me and BC were going on talking when i asked why she said it was for my sake she wore the nightie, she said “is it that you didn’t like me in this dress”….i had to admit to her that she was looking great. Then i observed that she was actually looking great…after a while we slept there. being tired, BC also slept in my cot.

By around 1, i woke up because of some tickle i was feeling at my crotch…when i checked without any response, i understood it was BC holding trying to hold my prick through my lund. she was very careful so i would not wake up. I was liking the way she was touching it and my little one started growing to a handsome 7”. In the dim zero volt, she was seeing the shine at the head of my prick. She was sliding her palm on my member and i was growing to the best size ever.

She slowly got up and went near to it and slightly touched her lips on it. i experienced current flowing through my spine. I wanted her to go further but i also wanted to tease her. i shook my leg and she got scared. After about 15 minutes, i could feel her palm back on my dick. Now she was bit more confident and she was shaking tubing the whole length. I was as if in deep sleep.

She kissed my tool and slowly licked the tip with her tongue…she shook my tool again and i came violently on her hand…She got frightened and took back her hand…nothing happened after that and i slept after about half an hour. In the morning, again i woke up experiencing the same thing as earlier. This time, i decided to go a step ahead. While she touched me, i turned myself towards her and rested my thigh on her crotch. I could feel that she was slowly lifting her nightie and she got naked at her crotch where my knee was later touching.

I could feel her bush touching my knee. She was pressing towards me and i think she was fingering too…after about 10 minutes, i could not further control and i as if woke up got up. She got the fright of her life and started crying and pleading to me that i should not tell this to anyone. She expressed to me that she could not control her urge to touch me from the time she met me as she was starved for an year and 4 months then without her hubby.

I lay on her thigh now and consoled her saying i will not tell this to anyone. i slowly caught hold of her globes and squeezed and she told me to have her. I was thinking she was 14 years elder to me and was asking me for pleasure, then she should have definitely asked this to many people of her age. I asked her my doubt. She started crying hearing this from me and admitted that anyone in my position will only think like that. she has just had 8 intercourse till then and that too only with her who’s.

3 times he came after their marriage and she also told that her hubby was very conservative. By this time, i had started caressing her on her back while lying on her lap. She took my right hand and placed inside her nightie on the top. she was not with a bra and i could feel the nipple grow in my palm. she told me she had once used my dick and i told her i liked that. She was now playing with my tool again and told me she liked the way it bent because of the size.

She shook it thrice and got on top of me she was trying to insert me into her but was very tight.i was getting hurt and i told her. She was disparate and was not listening to all these. She took some saliva from her mouth and put on my dick and got on top of it. The whole 7.5″ got in fully and she had started jumping and dancing on it.she was telling you are my safest mister..i will love you till i am here.i will want a kid from you once my hubby comes here and i will take that service from you.

She was going mad ramifying my tool and it was aching for me I was trying my best to prolong me to the maximum and it was now 20 minutes she was jamming my tool and the jack was touching her womb each time she climbed down she stuffed my mouth with her boobs and her tongue periodically.It was now uncontrollable for me and i told her i may come.

Then she got down and told me this time i was much better and this is the first time she is really knowing what a dick can work on a lady she was now fisting me with all her fury and started sucking me. she later said her who’s never allowed her to suck cock whereas she really wanted to enjoy it because her sis had been telling her it was great. By the way, her sis was RC in whose mercy i had been staying here.

BC was getting chocked at her through because my dick had started pouting her mouth so deep…My testicles had by then started showing signs of a massive spurt coming out and my veins had started aching due to the heavy suck.I came into her mouth and came and came and came my liquid was all over her lips, neck, boobs and her lap.

We could not do 3-4 rounds as all write but had a beautiful 1.5 hours of touching sex.I love her even now and miss her company because she had left abroad with her hubby.Now my next target was RC and that will come in my next post.I request you to respond to this post if you liked it at

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