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Too Hot To Handle

  • desipapa
  • December 30, 2015

Hi guys this is Raj here well I am back and thanks for all the feedbacks and yes in case if any girls or women in Chennai are interested in having some fun Pls do get in touch to and other readers pls give your feedbacks as they are quite valuable. Now let me not waste time and get started.

Well after a night that made Riya and Raj get a bit tipsy and leads to fore play, Well the next day I (Raj) wakes up rubbing my eyes and removes the blanket and then it strikes me that I am all nude and all things that took place last night just flash in my mind , as I wake up and I see the other side and find Riya Di ,sorry my Riya missing.

I get up from the bed and walk all nude to the washroom and after my daily chores I walk out of the toilet with just a towel wrapped around me, as I pass the corridor and come to kitchen where I find Riya in a night suit but from her clothes I could make out she wasn’t wearing her bra and panty as the outlines could not be seen . She was busy cooking and I was busy seeing her ass as it was swaying when she was stirring. Woooow too hot man I just wanted to spank her ass and press it hard but then I controlled.

As She felt my shadow she turned behind gave me a shy smile and put her head down , I could feel that she wasn’t as cool as I was about what we did last night but somewhere I felt that she was not a bit more comfortable. I looked at her and said Riya please relax. She looked at me and gave a smile . Too make things more comfortable I asked when she woke up and what she is cooking…. As she was busy talking and cooking her phone rang, She asked me to pick it up and speak . I did and told them that Riya di is not coming to office today , she looked a bit puzzled and as I kept the phone she asked why did I say so.

Look Riya I am your boyfriend and I would like to spend some time with you hope you are cool , I further added I want you to feel special enjoy as your parents never allowed you to, she looked into my eyes …. Ohh fuck no Commitment pls… She opened her arms I told her but this is just for you don’t forget my rules….

I walked into her arms and we hugged and I slipped my hand from her back to her ass as I pressed her ass she caught my hand and whispered in my ears… Bro not in the daytime pls. I kissed her ears and she brought her hand to the knot of the towel and pulled it…..

She started running and I was chasing her… We played and then the bell rang I ran to get dressed it was the aunty next door and she wanted to know if we wanted any help. I came out fully dressed with my hands wet and acted as if I am just coming out of the Toilet… As I came and wished aunty she asked if we were fine . I thanked her and Riya acted as if she was getting late to Office. She said bye and as she left I closed the door and slowly locked it. Riya saw me doing that and gave a naughty smile which made me horny ……….

Riya then went in and took out her Clothes. I said what the fuck are you gonna wear this for a movie She said no and then looked at me and asked what do you want me to wear I took out a cover and said this pointing to a short hot skirt that would come a little above her knees and a white top …. she said but Raj I can’t wear this here I said why she said I am scare I looked at her she said , I lost my mood and looked Pissed . She said I will wear this kind in Goa and not here.

I yet looked a bit pissed of, she said but I can do one thing for you I said what she cut her legging a bit at the place where her cunt will get covered, she further added now I guess this will suffice the purpose and don’t worry I will remove the panty and she took a top that covered all this. She then asked are you happy now. I said I am but I will be even more when we have a shower together she said – You are too much my young devil and started removing her clothes…..

We both stripped and we went under the shower. We felt each other’s hot body the touch etc. As the water came dripping we felt each other and I put my fingers in her cunt and then went down to lick her. She was a bit shocked and astonished wondering what I was upto I could feel that she was confused but at the same time excited … I then licked her a bit harder and then she caught my head and brought me even close…. Well suddenly she tried to press even more hard and with a moan aaahhh. She came , I licked her juice and came up to smooch and we exchanged our saliva and her juice. We had our bath and I slowly spanked her ass…..

We got ready and left for the movie on the way we listened to soft romantic music and I tried and touched her thighs at times I brushed her boobs. She would smile and at times would movie her hand to my dick and press it hard. On the way we had this conversation

Me: Diii when do you think of going to Goa

Riya: I have booked for tomorrows Flight

Me: Ohhh Fuck

Riya: why are you busy

Me: Naa just thought of taking you to a local disc tonight

Riya : I also wanted to do so but you see there is a lot of Risk here so all that is for Goa , for today it is just movie, Goa shopping and party at home( Me and you).

Me: as you say baby

and I slipped a hand and pressed her boob and she moaned aaahhh

We reached the theatre and I bought the tickets for a flop movie in the meanwhile Riya went to the Ladies washroom and removed her panty and she came out(as narrated by her later), As the movie started there were not many people and we took the corner seats and no one was in our row but ahead of us was another couple ….All the seats were mostly occupied by couples as I noticed the movie started and in about 10 minutes I started …

I first kept my arm around Riyas shoulder and then brought it to down but her bloody dupatta acted like a barrier and slowly Riya understood and teased a little and then she opened her pin , removed her dupatta and made it like a shall , she then opened her buttons and loosened her bra… I was amazed to see what she was doing but enjoyed it, she looked at me and showed a thumps sign with a nughty smile which was like I am ready noww …. then I slowly put my arm around her shoulder and then brought it to her boob now i pressed her nipple and all she said was aahhh.

I kept massaging her tits and then I felt that the interval was soon coming up I left her and then again we became normal but guess what I was wrong it came after 15 mins and I was like fuck what a waste of time but then looked at Riya she was smiling and teasing me …. I was feeling a bit irritated and as Riya watched me she said “Picture abhi baki Hai “after interval the movie will continue and this dialogue brought some relief and I smiled…. Well we went out and came back in and the movie started I slowly put my hands around her shoulder and she said yaar I worked hard on my leggings down and you aren’t doing anything I smiled and was happy because I was not just getting an access to her hole but also was able to open her up. I proceeded down and put my hand into her leggings trust me as I touched her down I realised she wasn’t wearing anything down and I started fingering her and she started moaning hmm ah some more yes ohhh yesss ahhhh woooww plss slow ahhhh ahhh yeeess just likee thaattt ahhh ahh

Hmmmm. … yeessss and she started building the pressure and came …… I saw her and she blushed but what I saw heated me and her even more. I saw a couple in the front row, they would be a college going couple…… The boy was sitting on the seat and the girl was sitting on his lap and was jumping all I could make out was they where fucking and I never realised when Riya had opened my jeans zip and was shagging for me the moment I realized the touch of her bare fingers I looked at her and she winked at me . When lust talks no one really cares. I caught hold of her head and smooched her…. Her hands did the magic and I came she cleaned me and her hands with the tissue and we smiled.

The movie got over we went and had our lunch and then went for shopping where Riya bought hot and sexy clothes and made me shop for myself, we then went and she asked me to buy what we drank last night (Vodka) and then packed some starters. We reached home as soon as we reached I locked the door and hugged her and she said lets pack first honey we have a flight early in the morning we need to leave the house by 4:30 Am.

I understood what she was saying but was in no mood to leave her. She kissed me and said lets pack and then before we sleep we can have some fun and then we went and packed. As we were packing we started discussing about what was happening in the theatre etc and sipping our drinks. After packing Riya told me I am going for a bath I said cool and removed my shirt and said wait I will join you but she said have some patience and removed her top and bra to tease me I came behind her to catch her but she locked her inside the toilet and I remained back and was hearing the shower sound and was busy drinking.

The shower sound stopped and in a minute the door opened and what I saw was “Too Hot To Handle”. First there was some smoke as she took a hot water shower and then it was my princess Riya who came out. She was wrapped in a towel that started from a little above her boobs and came a little below her cunt, her skin was quite fair and the water dripping from her hair coming slowly down through her neck and reaching through her cleavage gave me a hard on. I froze there for about a minute and then walked to her she was smiling naughtily and then I came near her and looked into her eyes and slowly pulled the knot and said Jaan don’t hide the beauty when we are alone together.

She smiled and said why are you hiding dear, saying this she started undressing me we started first I kissed her on her lips and then went down to her boobs , she closed her eyes and I was busy licking her she kept moaning I further went down and slowly spread her legs and first kissed her on her cunt, then I slowly inserted my finger then I slowly played with her cunt then I inserted another finger and started finger fucking her she was enjoying and moaning ….. Ahhhh Raaajjj hmm Plss baass Yaaa hm yeeess ohhh yyeyyeesss, then I made her lie down, she was wondering why did I stop.

I then started licking her, she felt a shock as the first time something other than a finger had touched her and she was enjoying it , she moaned and then I could feel her body stiffen I then left her it became a (GCPD) Gilli Choot Par Dhoka….. She again was wondering and this time it pissed her. I wanted to tempt her then I made her sit on my Lap put my Dick below her ass it pricked her and then she was like it is pricking me ,

I then made her sit in such a way that my dick was standing hard and rested on her ass then I inserted my finger into her cunt and started smooching her and licking her neck alternatively but my fingers where busy my right hand fingers where busy in fingering her my left hand was busy with her Boobs, she was on fire and came in no time wooowww . She said jaan I am tired and was looking exhausted , I left her and lay beside her but after some time she came near me and started giving me a blowjob I looked at her and she said, dear it’s not right on my part to only enjoy alone I would like it even if you enjoy she gave me a blowjob and then I landed up in mouth fucking and came in her mouth and she drank my come. I looked at her with satisfaction and a bit of guilt and apologised as I came in her mouth she said she liked it. We slept hugging each other nude.

Well in the next part I will narrate my experience in Goa , how we make out and enjoy . Please comment and mail your feed backs to , if any girls or women in Chennai are interested in having some fun can also get in touch secrecy guaranteed. Bye Stay connected.

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