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Tier 2 City Brahmin Housewife Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 31, 2015

Hi friends this is the first story which is completely real and happened.

My name is Satish and I am working in it company in Coimbatore since its a small city compared to Mumbai Delhi etc.. Here still flat system not much popular recently its started so almost all have single house with land around 4-5cents..Now the story begins

Pleas read am sure you will enjoy please sent me comments satishhhkumar2010@gmail.Com

I have parents and 1 sister and next to next my house there is a family husband wife 1 kid and grandfather.

My sister is very close with that family and frequently they talk go to house etc..There is a system 1key will be given to neighbor house in case family going in emergency (this happens in middle level city not big cities I guess)

I used to talk to my neighbor’kid name karthik(6yrs old)his mother kavitha and her husband name sidharth..Grandparent name I don’t know clearly.

My sister got married recently and moved to Bangalore so in my family myself and parents

One day I was in office I got a call from my mom and told dad got small accident in bike and got admitted in hospital I asked shall I come now to hospital but she told no its small fracture some of the relatives are here to help so after your office hours come with night food from relative and you can stay in the night in hospital ..So I agreed and also she told house key is in neighbors house please collect and go home.

After office around 5.45pm I started my bike and reached a shop to buy chocolate for neighbor since I need to collect key I don’t want to go without anything I bought lollipop and I cadburys and I reached to my neighbor house around 6.25pm and I saw front door opened and I called anni (bhabi) but no response I called 3 times but no response..Since front door opened im sure they might be some where inside or in terrace..(single story building) so I thought to go to terrace. To see is there anyone can give the key..

When I walking steps there is design in the wall which will show the terrace even before reaching to terrace incase nobody is there no need to climb all the steps that was my plan…So when I looked I saw kavitha is trying to dry the cloths ..And many ladies while doing work they used to tuck their bottom of the saree to the hip for their convenient..Same way kavitha was wearing saree and tucked in hip and that was showing her legs till the knees.. Its really fare and since she was working her pallu was not covering her boobs it was really nice to see I just saw some 10seconds and it started giving some jerk inside me..

But I kept that under control and I walked to terrace and said anni I was calling many times since nobody there I thought to check in terrace..I came here to collect the keys immediately she removed the tucked one and said oh ya..She told to wait 2 mts she will come down and will give the key..And she was doing her activity cloths ..In between she bend down and pick one or 2 cloths and she will put it in the rope..Every time she come down I can see her cleavage clearly..Since saaree is not fully covered her body..Also I can see her hip now it may be around 5inch gap but for a person like me its more than sufficient to go to dream..She realised im looking at her body so instead of 1or 2 cloths she picked many clothes together and she kept that in her shoulder and put it in the ropes.

Even though it was not fully finished she told ok we will go down I will give you the key at the mean time she was talking about my dad’s condition etc..And she asked you are coming from office do you need coffee said no but she told you have it and go to hospital.

Atlast I agreed at the mean time I asked where is kid she told kid and her fil gone to her house to see her family because of kid’s compulsion.

That proved only she is there in house and now the time around 6.30 and she want to light the lamp in front of the god it seems.

At that time power gone all the lights off and it become pitch dark there is no inverter in her house and I just entered the other room and when entered she was walking it seems we both had a dash and since she was walking fast she was out of rhythm with the dash and she turned it seems and I hold her since it was dar don’t know how exactly so when I hold her boobs was in one left hand and my right hand was in her hip and her pallu was fallen down ..

And while picking her up my lip touched her neck and she turned her heck to other side and give small noise..And I hold her tightly and I bend down and kissed her waist the 5inch portion..Since I was in knee my 1 hand in her hip and other hand in her foot and I slowly moved inside her saree and petticoat and her thighs were very smooth and my hands moving very nicely and im kissing her stomach as well..She pulled my hair tightly..And lifted me my lip now in her neck and I started pressing her boobs..In between power comes back but she was in closed eyes also since she was in terrace she didn’t power on any light so even though power has come it was dark but from the nearest house light I can see her face and she was moaning when I was holding her boobs and I was doing the nipple pressing

I started rotating still she is wearing blouse..And her nipple become harder and harder..And she started moaning mm mmm mmm and she slowly started walking towards the bedroom and she laid down across the coat and now im sitting on the floor and I lifted her both legs and I moved her saree and petticoat andi slowly move my hands I can see her face moving slowly both right and left side…and by the time I reach her holy pussy..I saw some hair (its not fully shave) I didn’t touch that side at all but I was rolling my hands near by side and she started lifting her legs and she started hitting my neck with the foot I moved her legs wide open and I slowly threw some air from my mouth to her pussy and near by hair stared moving with my mouth wind..

And she started moan with high voice ..I realised even for a small air can have such a great erotic feeling for a lady who gave birth..It was a new to me..

I took out the lolly pop from my shirt pocket and removed the cover and put that round lolly pop inside her pussy and it become fully wet and when I took out it was dripping from the lollipop I licked that and I directly started licking and kept the lollipop aside and she started shivering when I was licking ..And she is in 7th heaven I guess..

I removed her blouse and bra and started rolling my hand there and one hand I was holding her pussy tightly ..And rolling there..And I licked her lips first and and she opened her lips and I started biting her lips and she is in full mood.

And I lifted her saree and petticoat and I lifted fully and now her top body fully covered reversely with petticoat and I tied the petticoat bottom end with both corners now her hand top half her body and face everything is under the petticoat and saree.. She cant move its not tight but its not easy to move also..

I took out that cadburry and it was almost like liquid coz of the heat and I removed the cover and I took that with my two fingers and I cover her pussy with that cadburry and her navel is really make me more trouble I put that some there as well and I started licking first the navel and and by the time it finish from the pussy chocolate started flowing very slowly..And I licked that first and I licked her pussy fully and her moaning was filled that entire house and I removed my pants and I touched my cock in her pussy mouth I don’t know how she realised that even when her face covered..

I slowly touched her pussy with my cock and slowly started pushing inside and it was smooth but coz of the chocolate it was sticky as well…and I started pumping her and she shouted fast fast mm fast mamu pls mamu fast don’t stop don’t stop…i was pumping like any thing her both legs were in my waste and she is lying across the coat and im standing and pumping her face covered with dress and her hand was trying to take out from the dress.. And I pumped for 10 mts and I dropped the liquid inside and I was about to take out she hold my body with both legs tightly…

And I fall down to her in the same position I removed that tie petticoat and her face was full of wet with the sweat and I removed that with my hand while doing I touched her lip once again with my hand and I give a pinch and she smiled at me and said after some months im getting such a great enjoyment…and she said thank you and also she told not to tell anyone..

I agreed but asked when can I do this again she told not sure but if possible will let you know ..

And we both went to bath room and I requested her to give me a golden shower she told chee..But I requested many times and she did it in only in my legs…i told next time I want to take ca full shower with this..She give a naughty smile..And both dressed properly and she switch on the light and gave the key to me..

Next I will write what happened when she and her husband visited by dad in hospital..


Please do comments since its first incident please adjust the mistakes

Tier 2 City Brahmin Housewife Sex Story

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