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  • October 1, 2015

Hi desipapa readers. I am a new entrant to this story section. Started reading stories a few months back. I am shilpi from Chandigarh. M.C.A. and working for a private computer firm. I am 28 yrs old unmarried with wheatish complexion, sharp features, green eyes and 34-28-36 figure. I had a regular boyfriend who has now migrated to silicon valley, U.S.A. two years back. We were friends for almost five years and during the last two years of our friendship, had casual sex also. We could not get married as I am a Manglik and his parents believe in kundali matching. That is precisely the reason that I am still unmarried.

Since from Chandigarh I sent a mail to him about a month back and he replied. After a couple of e.mails he invited me to Hotel Mountview for lunch. I was quite apprehensive but still went as I have been feeling quite lonely and sexually frustrated for the last two years. He made me comfortable and within minutes it seemed that we knew each other for a long time. Let me describe him – he is middle aged man, about 5’8″, with broad shoulders and a voice that will kill anybody. Doctor is practicing at Chandigarh, so I am not disclosing his real name. We were together for lunch and for around two hours. Exchanged our office numbers and after about five days he invited me to his clinic for lunch, as he takes a break from 2 to 5 p.m. He was very welcoming. We had a long chat after lunch, trying to know each other. At one point he gently pulled me off my chair, made me sit in his lap and kissed me firstly on the cheek and then full kissing on the lips. His hands even caressed my breasts during the act. While leaving we decided to meet on Sunday the 27th Oct. and drive to the hills.

He picked me up from sector 17 at nine in the morning and we drove towards Kasauli, a hill station near Chandigarh. He was looking handsome in brown khadi churidar and long kurta. I was wearing pants and top. He picked up bottles of Beer, Gin and chicken pickle from Dhalli and got the lunch packed on way. He told me that he has a cottage at Gadkhal, short of Kasauli and we were going there for the day. We reached the cottage at 10:30. It’s a small cottage, two small rooms, a kitchenette and toilet. The first room had four easy chairs and a central table, a small dinning table. The bedroom had mattresses arrangement on the carpeted floor, with a full length mirror on the side of the bed. After keeping the things in the fridge, holding my hand he walked me to the bedroom, started kissing me deep in the mouth, standing in front of the mirror. Within minutes I was so excited, clinging to him, did not want him to stop. He kissed my ears, cheeks, neck and of course the deep mouth kisses, making me completely breathless.” You are pretty” he whispered in my ear.

” I know I am not” I replied

” Let me show you how pretty you are” with that he turned me to face the mirror, touching my eyes

” Beautiful sea green eyes”

” lovely sharp nose” touching the nose

” A long neck” moving his hands on my neck, further moving them down to my waist, pulled the top over my shoulders, removed it and also removed my bra, cupped my breasts

” cute breasts” he said as he pressed them. After a while his hands moved to my stomach and finger entered the naval. A shiver went up my spine as he caressed my naval, never such a feeling. He moved to my side and brought his lips to my right breast, taking the nipple in his lips, sucking it before almost completely taking the breast in his mouth. When he moved to the other I don’t know but he sucked them for a long time before his hand moved to the front button of my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them he sat down on his knees to remove them and my panties, took them off my feet, undressed himself and held me from the back. His already erect cock was pushing in my ass fold. Standing in front of the mirror he kissed my neck, his hands moved to my front, opening my pussy lips and finger rubbed my clit. I have a fairly large clitoris, which he showed me in the mirror later, may be 1 cm. Long, because he could hold it in his finger tips and rub it between them before moving his index finger in my pussy, inserting it in the wet cunt, started stroking.

I was already in the ninth cloud. Very excited but he was very patient, moved his lips to my naval, his tongue exploring it while his finger kept stroking my pussy. His lips then moved to my clit, pursing it and trying to suck it while his finger kept stroking my cunt. I had another shiver up my spine, my legs seemed to be giving way as he continued lipping my clit. I was having an orgasm, almost squatted on the floor, unable to stand any more. He moved his head in my lap, almost pulled me down holding my breasts, started sucking them again. It was a position that a mother feeds her baby but of course it was more aggressive. He bit the breasts several times but the pain, I did not feel. He took my hand and showed his cock before pushing me down to his crotch. First time I saw his rod, must be nine inches, my palm could barely hold less than half of it. His lips moved to my clit again, giving tingling sensation again and I thought it was obligatory to take his cock in my mouth. I sucked him with the same vigour as he was sucking my clitoris.

Must be fifteen minutes before he moved up to enter, lifted my legs, high in the air, holding my legs from behind the knees, opened them wide, and entered. It was painful, not that I am a virgin but it was after a long time and that his cock was thick and big. Within seconds he was in, full length, taking long strokes, almost killing me. I said many times to be gentle but he continued with more fervour, fucking me hard.

Another shiver up my spine and I cried out loud ” Its lovely, its beautiful, you are making me crazy” I meant every word of it.After a while his hands left my legs and reached the breasts, cupping them and crushing them hard with every stroke. His mouth covered mine, kissing deep. It was many minutes before he came, pulled his cock out and his cum sprayed on my belly, almost fell over me, crushing me with his weight and whispered ” It was great. Did you enjoy” ” It was lovely’ I said catching my breath.

Later he went to bathroom, brought a wet towel, cleaned me and as I left for the toilet he brought the beer bottles and a gimlet for me. I have never had a drink but gave it a try on that day. He drank beer straight from the bottle. We kept lying besides each other, his hands roaming over my breasts, the caress felt nice after so much of pressing and biting.

After about forty minutes, while he was on his second beer and me on my second gin, already feeling light, he took my hand to his cock which was semi erect. I held it in my first, moving my first over it, feeling it grow with each stroke

” Yours is very big and strong” I said.

” What is”

“Your organ”

” And what is this organ called”

” Cock” I said feeling very shy.

” No in Punjabi” he asked.

” I don’t know” though I knew its called lund.

” Say it”

I remained quiet

” Say it” he said again pinching my nipples hard.

” Aah ok its Lund” I cried out loud.

” It is called lund when it is seven inches long more than that is called Laura” he said laughingly.

I laughed at hi comment as he moved his left hand towards my pussy, inserted his index finger in

“Your Pussy is very juicy” he said moving his finger in and out.

” What is it called in Punjabi” this time I asked teasingly.

” Young like yours is Choot and older ones are called Phudda” he said in a typical punjabi accent, laughing loud.

His Lund was already fully erect. He pushed my head down towards it and I readily obliged him by taking his cock in my mouth, moving lips over its length while his left hand kept guiding my mouth from the back of my head, his right hand moved to my waist down towards my ass, caressing it firstly and then his finger touched my anus, before I realized that, he pushed it in my back hole.

” AAAAHHH don’t. It hurts” I cried out but he again pushed my mouth over his lund and kept stroking my anus with his finger. After a few strokes it felt nice. I took his cock in deep when his finger went in full lengh and vice- versa. This continued for many minutes. I knew my choot was dripping.

Later he moved me over, face up, my head resting over his feet, pulled me over with back of my knees resting over his shoulders, his cock touching my right cheek and my pussy close to his mouth. His toungue moved over my already excited clit while his two fingers entered my choot, stroked me for couple of minutes before moving his tongue in my pussy hole. After a few moments I could feel his hands and face move away and then some thing hard entering my pussy hole and a chill went up my spine. I realized that it was the neck of his beer bottle and he has poured the chilled beer in my hole.

” Oh my God. What are you doing. Making me mad. Oh Oh ” I cried out loud as his mouth covered my pussy fully, sucking the beer out of it. He did that thrice, everytime I cried out and every time I Orgasmd. He sucked every drop out of my pussy. I was uncontrollable, could do nothing else, bent his cock towards my mouth turning my head, started sucking him as he sucked the beer. This game went on for about fifteen minutes before he turned me over, lifted my ass up and shoved his cock in from behind. After a few strokes his thumb entered my anus, moved in and out matching his strokes.

I don’t remember how many times I came and for how much time he was fucking me. It seemed never ending before he pulled out, spraying his cum over my anus and again pushed. For once I thought he will tear my back hole apart but soon his cock became limp but with every push on my anus he came more and again fell over me. Both of us were breathing hard, fully exhausted and I was very hungry.

Later we had lunch and started our journey back. Me fully contented with the beautiful experience. Thanks desipapa – Thanks Doctor. Bye.

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