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Three Sisters Of Mine

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

This is RANVEER, I am writing about my first experience with my two sisters MOUNIKA and KARISHMA. First let me introduce you to all of us, i am 24 years old and have a masculine body in proper shape and I am from Hyderabad. They both live in Mumbai and both are elder to me. MOUNIKA IS 4 years elder to me and KARISHMA is 3 years elder to me. It is about the time when I had completed my 12th class and had visited to their house in Mumbai.

They are 5 members in their family. They even have a brother who is the same age of mine and is settled in DUBAI. When I had planned to visit them their parents i.e. my uncle and aunt had planned to visit DUBAI. From before this incident I had lust about them and used to shag thinking about both of them. I was really happy that I was going to get a chance to be with both of them alone. I reached MUMBAI on the 24th may and they both were at the airport to pick me up and drop their their parents.

That I reached and did not do anything. It was evening when we reached then we had a small chat and had our dinner. After dinner MOUNIKA went to sleep as she had office the next day and it was her last day in office. Then I and KARISHMA sat in the hall to watch TV. Let me tell you all about KARISHMA’s figure , she has an awesome figure with 34-27-36 sized figure and 44D sized boobs. That day on TV we were watching TITANIC movie. When the nude scene came my dick started rising.

KARISHMA was sleeping in my lap so I told her that I was feeling thirsty and went to drink water and then I went off to the bed with KARISHMA following me. The bed was a king sized bed so all 3 of us could fit easily. I was sleeping in the middle and on my left was MOUNIKA and the other side was KARISHMA. We both slept and in some time KARISHMA was in deep sleep. But I was not able to sleep thinking about how to start. Then while pretending like sleeping I turned around and slept on my chest and put one of my hand on KARISHMA’s breast. But she did not respond and I kept it and tried too sleep.

Then suddenly MOUNIKA’s phone rang and it was from her office telling that she had to come immediately to the office for some work. By hearing the phone ring I woke up and KARISHMA was still sleeping so MOUNIKA told me about it and got ready and left and told me that she will return by 12:30 in the noon. After MOUNIKA left I was unable to sleep so I switched on the TV and was browsing through the channels and suddenly KARISHMA came out and asked me were was MOUNIKA and why was I not sleeping , to which I replied that she had gone to her office and that I was not getting sleep.

KARISHMA then told me to come to the room and we would do something in the room , so I followed her. After going to the room she asked me whether I was interested in playing a game called the GAME OF LOVE. I told that I had never played such a game and that I didn’t know how to play. She told me that she will teach me and asked me to lie down on the bed , and I obeyed her.

Then she came on top of me and told me to concentrate as I would be doing the same thing to her , I told ok and she started. First , she kissed me on my forehead then on my cheeks then on my lips then she pulled up my t-shirt and kissed my nipples and then she pulled down my boxers and started laughing saying that my dick was so big as it was fully erected (I have a 8” long and 2.5” thick dick). Then she took it in her mouth twice and then she kissed my thighs and slept beside me and asked me to come on her.

I obeyed her as I was very hot and she was also. Then I started , I first kissed her forehead then her eyes then the cheeks then the lips and the neck. Then I pulled up the t-shirt and saw that she was wearing a bra and put my hand backwards and opened the hook and was shocked to see her huge milky breast and sucked both her breast and then her navel.

Then I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down with her panty and licked her pussy for 2 min and then I kissed her white milky thighs and slept beside her. This game continued for 4 rounds.

Then I wanted to pee and so told KARISHMA and headed towards the washroom. She stopped me and told me that she wants to drink my pee to which I agreed and we went to the bathroom and she drank all my pee and then I also drank her pee and then she hung on me as a monkey and started kissing my lips. I started walking towards the room and in that time I even sucked her breast. Then I made her nude and I to became nude and she started sucking my penis which she took it till her throat. This went on till 10 min and I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank all my cum.

Now I made her sleep and stared kissing her and fingering her pussy after some time she also cummed. Now she begged me to fuck her. I went down to her pussy and lubricated it and inserted my dick. Her pussy was very hard as she was a virgin. She screamed loudly in pain. To lower the volume I planted a kiss on her lips very hardly. After some thrust’s my whole dick went inside and her pains turned into excitement I fucked her for 15 min and cummed in her pussy and we lay beside each other and I slept with her breast in my mouth.

When I woke up it was 9:30 am and saw that KARISHMA was still asleep and with my movement she also woke up. We decided to be nude in the house until MOUNIKA returns. Then we had coffee. Then we took a bath together and even in the bathroom I fucked her and cleaned each other. Then we came to the hall and switched on the TV. While watching TV I was sucking her boobs and kissing her lips and fondling her.

Then at 12:00 noon we got up and dressed ourselves and again started watching TV. At 12:20 pm MOUNIKA came and we had lunch that she brought. By the time we finished our lunch it was 1:15 pm. KARISHMA left at 1:40 pm as she had to go to gym for 2 hours. I and KARISHMA had already planned that while KARISHMA goes to gym I will have sex with MOUNIKA and that at night we will have a threesome.

MOUNIKA also had a sexy figure with 36-28-38 size and 42D sized boobs. As soon as KARISHMA left I started my work and asked MOUNIKA to play the same game I and KARISHMA played and she agreed and first she came on me and did everything. Next I went on her and while licking her pussy I also started fingering her and she became horny and she came in my mouth and I drank all her cum. Then she took my penis in her mouth and started stroking fast. Within 10 min I came in her mouth and she drank it. I was feeling tired so I rested for some time then both us were ready then she asked me to fuck her and I fucked her in doggy style , missionary and I even fucked her in her ass and she was bleeding and was in pain and I cummed in her ass.

After our session we rested on the bed nude hugging each other and suddenly the doorbell rang and she panicked as it was KARISHMA and I told her about us and went and opened the door. Again after closing and locking the door I picked her up in my arms and brought her to the room and made her nude and she saw MOUNIKA and then they both started kissing each other and were doing lesbian sex.

Suddenly they both stopped and came near to me and started sucking my cock. They both shared my cock equally. Within 5 min I cummed in KARISHMA’s mouth and then she asked MOUNIKA to open her mouth and she dropped half load of my cum in her mouth and they both kissed. Then I made KARISHMA sleep and started fucking her and MOUNIKA sat on KARISHMA’s mouth and KARISHMA was licking MOUNIKA’s pussy and I was sucking MOUNIKA’s boobs. I fucked KARISHMA for 5 min in her pussy and then I fucked MOUNIKA in her asshole and cummed in it.

Now , we were too tired and needed rest and slept for some time and by the time we woke up it was 6:30 pm. Then we had some snacks and were thinking what to do and finally decided to go and meet our cousins in GUJRAT for some days. We decided to go by their car. We decided to leave at 8:00 pm so that by night 11:00 or 11:30 pm we would reach SURAT where we had some relatives and a cousin sister of ours who is a lesbian named PRIYA.

We three of us had a bath together , packed some clothes and some beverages so that we need not stop the car in the way. We had not told anyone about us going to GUJRAT. By the time we reached GUJRAT-MAHARASHTRA highway MOUNIKA told me that she wanted to drive as from MUMBAI I was the one who was driving. I accepted and stopped the car in a side and we changed places KARISHMA shifted from the back seat to the front seat and I went on to the back seat and MOUNIKA on the driving seat.

I let my legs long as it was a XUV 500 CAR which had a large space. After some time KARISHMA turned back and unzipped my pant and started sucking my cock I pulled her top and started sucking her breast and was fingering MOUNIKA’s pussy from above her panty she cummed in her panty. Now SURAT was 25 kms so we stopped in a side dressed properly MOUNIKA changed her panty and then we left. We directly went to PRIYA’s house (PRIYA was the daughter of our maasi i.e. our moms cousin sister). They were all surprised to see us there.

We had huge conversation up to 3:00 am in the morning as we met after 2 years and then we slept. All four of us slept in one room. There were 4 mattresses on the floor. On the 1st was PRIYA 2nd MOUNIKA 3rd ME and 4th was KARISHMA. After PRIYA was asleep I took out KARISHMA left boob from her t-shirt and slept sucking it , till morning I slept like that. PRIYA was the first one to wake up she was shocked by seeing this and woke us up and asked , I told the incident happened yesterday so she became horny and started sucking KARISHMA’s breast and told that she also wanted to enjoy.

I told her that she was a lesbian then how did she have interest in me , to which she did not say anything instead she pulled out her breast and pushed it in my mouth. I forgot to tell you about PRIYA’s figure , she is a model and her sizes are 34-22-36. I told she could enjoy but she would have to join us for the further trip to RAJKOT which was my native place. She instantly accepted and again pushed her breast in my mouth.

That night after meeting everyone we left SURAT at 6:00 pm. We had planned to night drive. I was driving and KARISHMA was beside me and MOUNIKA and PRIYA on the back seat.

After crossing the city border there no much traffic on the highway so PRIYA and MOUNIKA started their scene in the back seat and by seeing this KARISHMA became horny and unzipped my pant took out my tool , bent and took it in her mouth. I became uncontrollable and stopped the car where a lot of trees and got down and went behind the tree and we had sex over there. I drank the piss of all three of them and I cummed in PRIYA’s pussy as she was the one whom I fucked.

Three Sisters Of Mine

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