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Three days Two Guys

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Dear Desifans, I am a regular reader of Desipapa Stories. First I like to thank Desipapa for having this service for all the sex fans throughout the world. To introduce myself I am Priya from Madurai (Tamil Nadu-India) doing MCA. On reading all these stories I got very much exited and thought why shouldn’t I share my first sex experience with all the Desifans. Now I am 23 years old and this great experience happened to me at the age of 20. Me a very jolly type loves to talk more with all persons. we a joint family live with my grandpa,grandma 2 uncle & aunts and their children.

It was semester holidays for all of us. And at that time my uncle & aunt and their two sons Ravi(21) and Kumar(19) living in chennai came here for vocation. Before this incidents happened we were just friends. But the great thing happened in that holidays. I used to play a lot of games with my cousins. Though I am a girl there was no restriction in my family to move with others. Because of that I don’t have any type of shy feeling while moving with guys. As regularly we played cricket inside our home, table tennis & all. But this time while we are playing games when I crossed them and while touching them they looked at me differently and sometimes stared at me. But I had not considered to be a big matter and left that.

On the next day while we are playing cricket I was said to be out by Ravi but I refused and never gave him the bat. He moved toward me and he tried to smatch the bat from me, I kept the bat in between my legs and he unfortunately touched my pussy. AT THAT TIME ONLY I FELT THE REAL FEELING OF A WOMAN. Even though I left the bat he still kept his hand on my pussy. Though I felt a new pleasure on his touch I had not encouraged him in doing so. At that time the little bitch kumar also came towards and he also touched my pussy as tempting me that he was also trying to smatch the bat. I was totally confused and pulled them away and throw the bat on the floor and stared at them angrily and went inside the house. They didn’t show much reaction on that but at that evening they came to my room and ask sorry for that happenings. I proudly said I didn’t matter a lot, It all happen in the game,leave that. And they went happily. We never played any games for last two days since I got special classes. My family planned to go for a small trip of fours days to Kodaikanal. Since I got special classes I was to be here. And my cousins told that they were going to meet their old friend near Dindigul(30 km from Madurai) and said that they would come only after five days. Since me also going for special classes I gave leave to all the servants.

And the Real fortune came to me at that time. In that evening was typing a letter to my friend and suddenly I heard a calling bell. Those two guys who went to Dindugul were at the door. I was shocked they said their friend went to chennai since he got an unavoidable appointment thereand they had lost their bag too. and they said they planned to go to Kodaikanal but they had got ticket only tommorow. They sat in the sofa and I went to the kitchen and prepared coffee for them and distributed to them. They told that they were very much tired and had to take bath. They put the heater and went to the bathroom. After five minutes they came out of the bathroom. I was totally shocked because they both came naked before me and they said I had not given any towel. I didn’t know what to say and went to my room and got towels and asked them to get inside the room and I would throw it. They they still remained there. Ravi came towards me and shaked his head and the wet water drops touched my face and he gave an erotic smile and while trying to get the towel he touched my fingers that gave me great sex tension in my mind. Kumar also came towards me but I throwed the towel toward him and moved fastly. Then I throwed my father’s shirt pant to them.

At that night while I was preparing bread for all these guys also came to the kitchen and these two were watching me as a dog looking for its food. Then we had our food. Suddenly kumar asked me have u ever seen a man naked and i said no. he came and sat next to me in the sofa. Then he said he was going to show the world’s exiting thing. he just unzipped his troused and showed his 7″ cock. I was very much shocked since I hadn’t seen any before. that was rock hard and some nerves was crossing over it. I felt moisture in my pussy and I was unable to control my feelings. Then he asked me for reply I should show my pussy to him.

I was totally angry but that romantic voice made me mad. But I was afraid to do it in front of his brother. Then Kumar immediately turned off all his dresses he stood naked in front of me. that was a 6″ cock. And now I was in greater tension. Ravi suddenly touched my pussy and I tightened my legs but he inserted his fingers in between my legsand touched my pussy. he moved closer and gave me a deep french kiss. I was totally mad. I immediately pulled him and tried to remove my dresses. But kumar came towards me and he said it should be done carefully and slowly. I was wearing chudidar at that night. he slowly unhooked and at the same time kissed me in nose ear neck and all. but I could not control my feelings I pulled him away and removed all my dresses and sttod naked in front of them.

We all three stood naked. I shouted do something They both come towards me and kissed me in several places. we moved to my bed room and they put me in the bed. Kumar kissed me in my lips while Ravi was licking my virgin pussy. Within 2 min I got my orgy for the very first time. I felt in heaven. Ravi put some oil my wet pussy andhe insered his fingers in to my pussy I got a lot plasure when he did that. At that time kumar took charge of my breast. he bite my nipples in one hand and on the other he massaged the other side. Ravi took his fingers I asked him to continue that. But he told me that he was going to give me more pleasure. He sloly brought his 7″ rod to my virgin pussy and tried to insert to it. It was relly big and I was screaming in pain and I begged him not to do so. but he never stooped that. I was shouting continously oooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. but Kumar closed my mouth and and kissed on my lips. Ravi inserted his rod to the full lenght and I was in a stage of enjoing and feeling the pain. then he gave few strokes after 8 to 10 strokes it became little bit free and now I was enjoying that a lot. At the same time I can’t control my shout mmmmmmmhhhhhhh uuuuuuufffff an all. He continue his strokes for 5 minutes and after we got out orgy together he came inside me and we gave a passionate and a deep kiss. we felt very much tired Ravi went inside the bathroom then when I tried to move to the bathroom Kumar pulled me towards the bed and hugged me tightly. i felt very tired and I said I would be back.

At that time only i watched that there was a little bit of blood in the bed. Then I returned from the bathroom and they reversed their actions. Kumar took care of my pussy and Ravi to my boobs. Now I didn’t felt much hard to get the rod of kumar but the same exitement was there. Kumar came inside me within 3 min. then he went to the bathroom. Ravi asked me to suk his rod I felt little bit shy to do that but he said that was nothing. He taught me how to do that. And I really gave my full effort within 3 min he spread all his cum in my face and mouth. we all slept together naked in my room. The next day I was really tired in the classes and after returning home we never wasted any time and started the action at 7o clock itself. We did the same in the same order. Still I realised a pleasure I felt little bhored. The next day I went to the class as regular. That evening ravi said we are going to give u a different one that will be much more interesting. Now I got interested. We all got naked as usual and Ravi asked me to bend and stand like a dog. I just laughed and did. He immediately inserted his 7″ rod into my ass. He inserted only a bit of his rod to my ass but I can’t control my pain. I was screaming in pain and moved away from him. But Kumar convinced me to do our normal things i.e inserting to pussy alone. But he was in the bed and asked me to do the movement. I happily agreed and came to that position.

That gave a great feeling than being get fuked. I moved back and forth and I realised a great pleasure. But I couldn’t make strokes as he did. I bent down and kissed kumar deeply, at that time Ravi once again inserted his rod to my ass. I was screaming in pain and started shouting aaaaaaaaahhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhh uuuuuuoooooooo and all but all in vain kumar kept me tight in his hands and closed my mouth with his mouth. Slowly Ravi inserted his 7″ rod to its full length. He kept there for a minute and allowed me to relax. Now there was less pain in my ass. Suddenly ravi started to give strokes and the pain starts. It was relly hard to move in the ass than in the pussy. But after 10 strokes the movement got easier. They both started to give strokes together. I got such a great pleasure in that we all are about to come. they both started to move faster and the screaming sound of mine changes to enjoing sound mmmmmm mmmmm and all. Ravi came first inside my ass and after 3 strokes me and kumar came together. we kissed each other deeply. after taking bath together they interchanged their places ravi was down taken my pussy and kumar taken my ass.

I didn’t felt much hard to get kumar’s rod in my ass so it was a full enjoyment. And after that night they confessed to me that they were here only to fuk me. And after 2 days they get their bag from their friend’s home & come to my home and we never shown what happened to others. This was the most exiting experience that I will never forget in my life. We got such a chance like this 5 times after this and we all enjoing that very much. Friends please send your comments to and post what are all the sex experience encountered by you so that other can feel the same.

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