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The Unexpected

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hey Guys this is Gajab with a story for the first time…this story is a long one…will post sequels if I get good feedback…feedback at So without any further delay let me start the story…

Kartik had just completed his standard 12th exams. His dad was very keen for him to join the family business. He was quite adamant doing so now. He wanted to do something he liked. He wanted to find what he was really good at. And he thought that it wasn’t going to help him if he studied further. He was one brilliant guy who didn’t want to study and do something for him. His friends used to mock at him by saying that he is making all these tantrums just coz his dad had a lot of money. It was true. No dad would want his child to stop his studies. He was more interested in stocks and real estate rather than business. He was sure he would join his dads business eventually.

He asked his dad, “dad I really think I should be doing something else than studying. It’s not really my cake. I even earn a lot through my investments in stock. I really want a year off.” Dad said, “See Kartik a year is a big deal. I won’t stop you but I just want you to know that you have to come up with a plan about what you want to do in your life after a year or else join the office.” He had just turned 18. He wanted to find his purpose in life. He moved out of his dad’s apartment and started living in an apartment three blocks away from his dad and mum. His mum was not ready to let him go. But he really felt that he needed to get independent life. So he moved anyways.

He lived in a very posh area of Bandra in Mumbai. He was tall 6ft tall and with a very good looks and muscular body he really had a very good chance with girls. He was really not a commitment type of guy. Once he had a girlfriend. Due to her possessiveness and insecure behavior he broke up with her. When he moved in his society he was welcomed by a very gracious and well behaved neighbor. Her name was Neha. She was very sophisticated and smart and witty. She worked as a manager in a bank. He really respected Neha. She was 26 with a child of 3yrs of age. Kartik grew very fond of her child and even became very good friends with Neha. Neha’s Husband was in merchant navy because of which she used to stay alone with lots of servants in her house. Hers was a 3 bedroom apartment and mine was a 2 bedroom apartment. Her husband used to go in the seas for 6months a year. They talked about all the social issues and discussed stocks and talked whenever they met for a long time. They often had coffee together at her place or at his.

He used to go to his mum’s for dinner. One day she asked him “do you wash your clothes by yourself? And who cleans your apartment?” Kartik never thought about that. It was two weeks he had moved to his new apartment and he never cleaned it even once. He said to his mum that he has asked his neighbor to find her a maid. He lied. As soon as he went to his apartment he asked Neha to find her a maid. Neha called Manali and asked, “Tumhi yaancha ghari kaam karnar ka? Kiti ghenar ?”(Will you work for him? and for how much?) Manali came out and said “mi raatri nay yenar ani sakaadi 9 vajta kinva 7 vajta sandhyakaadi yenar.” (I won’t come at night. Will come at morning 9 or evening 7) He fixed her for evening 7pm. She was really an obedient woman. She would be 20 years of age but married for 3years. We always had a little chats when she would be home cleaning.

There was a woman who lived upstairs. He really had a crush on her. She was really hot. He loved the smell she wore. Many a times He met her in the elevator with a guy. He assumed him to be his brother or a boyfriend. They always smiled when they met in the elevator. Once or twice they met alone but he never had courage to talk to her as she was really very beautiful and he was nervous. She looked like Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, or maybe hotter than her. Her name was Simran. Kartik was really lucky to bump into her every time. He masturbated a lot of times thinking about her. He was very shy with girls, But very confident with women.

There also was a neighbor who he thought was beautiful at first but she was very arrogant. She rarely even smiled. She would always come with guys in their expensive bikes or cars. She herself had a hummer. Her father was very rich. He had three factories of steel and there was a rumor that her dad was even involved in illegal arms manufacture. His mum and dad used to come to his home every Sundays. They would go out for dinner or had delivered at his place.

Kartik was a party animal. He liked partying a lot. He was friends with lot of film stars. And he was assisting his dad’s friend to learn about real estate 3days a week but most of the time he used to be at home on his computer investing in stocks. He was really good at it. He knew the art of earning money without doing anything. He had got that habit from his uncle who stayed in US. He taught him the art of investment for two years in his summer vacations. He tried the methods with his dad’s money in India when he was in 10th standard and earned a lot. In two years of his junior college he had just earned a lot of money of his own from stocks.

One evening Manali as usual came and started cleaning the house. He was thinking of ordering dinner as mum and dad had gone to US to meet my uncle as he had been operated for his cataract operation. He asked her if she would eat with him. To which she did not reply at all. I asked her again. But she said no in very low voice. He thought something was wrong with her so went to her in his bedroom where she was cleaning.

Kartik: Are you ok?
Manali: Yes I am fine?
Kartik: Then why are you crying?
To which Manali started to cry out loud.
Kartik: Hey what happened? Did someone say anything to you?
Manali: No.
Kartik: So you need money?
Manali: No sahib no. My husband is the problem. Let it go sahib I will handle on my own.
Kartik: hey I am younger than you but you can tell me anything.

Manali: Sahib he beats me a lot. He comes home drunk and beats me with his belt.
Kartik: Why? Is he crazy or something?
Manali: no let it go I will handle it. Sorry sahib didn’t want to let you into my problems
Kartik: no you have to tell me why?
Manali: Because he wants to have sex with me and I can’t bear the smell of alcohol so I refuse to co-operate and so he beats me.
Manali took her pallu off and showed it to him.
Manali: See sahib. He has beaten me with his belt.

Kartik: Haven’t you filed a complaint to the police?
Manali: Sahib my husband is police havaldar. If he finds out he will again hit me or sell me to someone for a night. I don’t want to live with him. He is a devil.
Kartik: Wait I will call my lawyer and tell him to sue him.
Manali: No sahib, don’t do that. Where will I go then? With whom will I live? My parents are dead a long time ago. My Uncle married me. I don’t want to go to that bastard too. He used to molest me too.

Kartik: You can live at my mum’s place. She has two maids living there, you can live with them. But you will have to work for her the whole time.
Manali: But?
Kartik: there is no but. I can’t see a person living in such a tyranny.
Manali: sahib thank you. I don’t know how I will repay your favor.
Saying she came and hugged Kartik. He felt weird at first but then he started to feel good. They hugged for at least five minutes. After that Kartik took out his hanky and started to rub her face with it. Their eyes were glued on each others. Kartik started feeling very good. And out of nowhere he kissed Manali. Even she was feeling the same as Kartik did.
It started with small kisses. Kartik slid her hair back her ear and started to kiss passionately. After about thirty minutes of kissing,

Manali: Sahib that was a very good kiss. No one has kissed me so passionately. Sahib can I ask you one thing?
Kartik: Yes.
Manali: Please will you make love to me?
Kartik: This will be only between us and no one can know this only then
Manali: Sure sahib. (Removing Kartik’s t-shirt)
Kartik: and please don’t call me sahib. Call me Kartik. (Removing her sari)
Manali was a really beautiful lady as compared to other maids. She was well behaved; she had size of 32-26-30. She had a dark complexion but she really carried herself in such a way that she would really get a second glance from boys.

Kartik removed her blouse and Manali started to unzip his pants. Kartik stood there in just underwear and Manali still had bra, panty and petticoat on. They again started to kiss. Kissing gently from forehead to neck Kartik started kissing near her chest area and stared caressing her breasts. She started to moan. Kartik turned her over and started to kiss her back with utmost pleasure and removed the clip of her bra. He turned her back and said, “You are very beautiful”. Manali had tears in her eyes. She said, “My husband took me for granted all these years and never ever said to me such a wonderful thing. He also never kissed me so passionately. He just used me as an object to satisfy his need. Please Kartik fuck me hard and satisfy me so that I forget my husband and even forget all my pain.”
Kartik was really touched by her words. He kissed one nipple and played with another. They were brown and had a large areola’s. They were perfect shape. After playing with her boobs for 15mins, Manali bent down and took off his underwear. And his 7.5 inch cock sprang out. She took it in her hands and started massaging it. As Kartik was a virgin it felt wonderful as someone else’s hand was massaging his dick else his. He was in seventh heaven and ejaculated in five minutes. He came for about a minute. He had never come so much in his entire life.

He was so pleased that they kissed for about ten seconds and he went down and took her petticoat off. He took her panties off and saw her pussy. Her pussy was hairy one but well trimmed. He started to lick her pussy. At first he didn’t like the taste but he continued doing it as he was driven by his arousal. It was salty to taste and had an odor of her urine. It made him hotter and he started to eat her pussy like crazy. Manali was so in the aroused that she was pulling Kartik by his hair toward her pussy very hard and was moaning very loudly. After about 20mins of licking her pussy there was someone on

To be continued….

Sorry guys for so long intro. But I think it was really needed for the further parts of the story. Please send me your feedback on the email address Hope you enjoyed the 1st part. I haven’t written second part yet but will surely plan to write it if I get very good feedback. And suggestions about how should I take my story hereon are welcome.

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