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The Shocking Affair Of My Life

  • desipapa
  • December 26, 2015

Hi people my name Alisha 19 years old. To tell about my family there are four of us, My father is bank manager and lives in another state leaving us three alone, my mother is a house wife and my brother is studying. This incident happened more than a year ago when I was in the hormonal year of my teenage, I had out grown all the bras which I had bought a year ago and the panties had become small and sticked tighter to my ass. My boobs were getting more firm and round, nipples growing big and my hair down there was getting thicker and longer… Once I had overheard few boys in my tuition talking about Indian sex stories and that’s how I had read a few stories and got knowledge about sex, whenever I read a story I use to get damped down there. But in time stopped I reading it cause of study pressure.
Coming back to the story, once had I got back home soon after I went to the tuition because the teacher was busy with his collage stuff. When I entered my home I found no one in the rooms but heard some talks in the kitchen when I went to check it out, I was dumbstruck by what was going on in there. My mother was a little bent and was only in her bra and petticoat and my brother was pulling her nipples and she was making hissing sounds, I couldn’t believe my eyes and was blank for few seconds. I hid behind the wall in anger and disbelief I could hear my heart beats, I could not decide whether to continue looking or to go and stop them from all this.

I peeked again and saw him crushing my mother’s boobs switching his attention from one boob to the other, what I did not understand is why was my mother not protesting against it. Hundreds of questions were in my mind like “was she the one to seduce him or did my brother force my mother in to this and why is she even doing this”. I looked back again and saw her reaching around to open the bra for him, He looked on wide eyed like me, admiring my mother’s body for a few seconds she was in her forties but still had firm 36C boobs with big brown nipples. There was a pleasure expression on her face, He moved closer lowered his head and his lips and tongue on her nipples and started sucking on it hard “Ohhh son Yees Ohhh Yes Pleesee” She moaned, my mother was fondling her boobs

as he sucked and licked it. At first I was angry at them but then their actions where arousing me a lot I to was eagerly waiting for what will happen next.

I could see his fingers exploring inside her panties and now he was running his lips more harder against her boobs, then I saw her reach down to her pantie and begin sliding them down her legs tossing them onto the floor. Smiling up at him my mother stood there, I stared down upon my mother’s pussy seemed as shaved a few days back.

I slid back imagining all the things I just saw, when I looked at myself I could see that my nipples where poking out I could believe it had become so erect to poke of the bra and top and my pantie was already wet, I reminded myself of what was going on in the kitchen and looked back again to see my brother already running his fingers over my mother’s pussy I heard my mother moan then saw her bite down upon her lips, he then began to rub his thumb firmly over her clit.”Oh God!…Oh son! ..You’re so naughty she screamed. Though my vision was little obscured I knew she was enjoying it her moans filling the kitchen, “aaahnn! aanhnn! aahnnn!”. Was all I could hear, “Ohhhh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she hissed as he began eat her pussy licking all her pussy juices. Ohh My Oh yeeeess!” she moaned and as he continued to lick and finger her.

After moments he bet her and removed his shorts and was rubbing his dick on my mother’s pussy. My eyes widened as I saw a dick for the first time in my life, it was around 6inch by my guess and was oozing precum. He kept teasing her, while I took a look at myself again my panties were totally wet I had never been so wet in fact my jeans also had a wet spot on it. I just tilted my head in the kitchen again to see him trying to insert his dick in my mother’s sloppy pussy.

And then in one go he pushed his cock deep into mothers pussy she screamed ‘aaaahhh’ and he began thrusting her slowly “Mmmm! Mmmm!

My mother was moaning. Her open mouth and tightly closed eyes’

“Oh God! aaaannghh yessss! Aaannggh aaanngggh she gasped with his each thrust. “Oh Yes! Awwww! God that feels soo good!” she moaned as he grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples, they were fucking in doggie style. With each thrust I could see her boob jiggle and bounce. and within minutes I heard her cry “ohhh ohhh ahhh’ I’m Cumming! Awwwww Fuck beta I’m cumiinngg!” her body shaking, shivering with the pleasure of her climax. My brother held her there as her body shook, allowing her to rest from her orgasm. Thick white liquid flowed down her thighs on to the floor and that was the first time I was seeing a woman’s cum wondering would I have the same thing ooze out at my orgasms.

Then when she got back to her senses I saw him pushing her down to her knees and bringing his dick near her mouth, his dick was all wet and my mother’s cum dripping down his balls, I couldn’t get my eyes of his dick for a few seconds as he pushed it in my mother’s mouth. She began sucking it like lollipop and after a while he stared to thrust his dick in, fucking her mouth. And in a while he shouted am comming momm take it take it and he cummed in her mouth and some on her boobs. I was blank seeing his cum squirt out his dick. They both just fell on the floor, I somehow got to my sense and took my bag and ran out of the house in the fear of getting caught.

I waited for a while till my nipples got back to their normal size and then rang the door bell, I could feel my pussy juice running down my inner thigh and was scared. After waiting for a while my bother opened the door he was sweating and was surprised to see me I uttered “why are you sweating and what took you so long to open the door’ he said he was working out and mom was in the bathroom. But I had just seen his workout and in that thoughts I went into my room and locked it, I just removed my pant and saw my pantie totally wet like never before all the juices dripping out of my pantie.

I hope I dint bore you people with a long narration or weather its short I don’t know, this was both disgusting and amazing experience of my life. Comments are welcomed at my email []

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