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The Sexy Project Team Member

  • desipapa
  • December 17, 2015

In the whole project team, only I and Shruthi(name changed) had not done anything. Although it was a group project we had to collect individual newspaper clippings and make a booklet.
I went up to her house and found that the other three girls were waiting for me as well. As soon as I reached there looked at Shruthi. As usual she was wearing a small skirt and loose top.

Without anyone in my group knowing I had secretly completed the project already. So I was expecting some fun to go about!! So I came ready for it by not wearing an underwear ( We need to show off what we have right??) . I was wearing a T-Shirt and 3/4th pants without any inner or under wear.

We 4 sat down on the floor to discuss about the project and to arrange the clippings that the other two had brought. While they were arranging it,, I was busy staring at another team member, Sneha, who wore a tight blue top that made her look like her boobs had suddenly grown massive!

Just then Ramya (All names are changed BTW!) signalled to me to come inside. I went with her and she said ” You know that I’m watching you stare at Sneha right? ” This one statement turned me on. I was blushing all of a sudden and my whole face was red. She then said “You can stare at her but you should do something about that” and pointed at my erect penis that was now pushing the trousers into a bulge. I immediately acted as if i was trying to hide it.

She said ” that’s alright but try to control it ” and smiled wickedly and slapped my butt on her way back. I was enchanted. I had a crush on her and to think that she would do this was an amazing feeling to me.

I too went back to the discussion and this time i tried not to stare at any of them. At about 9:30 am, both Ramya and Sneha left the room saying that they needed to go somewhere. They told us to continue collecting clippings because we hadn’t done anything. So we were left alone at Shruthi’s home. Since her parents lived in he US, she used to live with her working cousin who was in a business trip in Bangalore. Her cousin told her that she would reach by evening.

So right now I and Shruthi were all alone. For some time we continued the cutting and pasting work. Then i got the perfect opportunity. She was really tired and she blurted out ” Why do we have to do this? If only someone would do this for me. I would even kiss that person” immediately i mocked her saying i will do it. She said ” if you start now you won’t finish even in 10 years!! ”

I then told her ” Listen, lets place a bet. If i complete this before 11:00 you have to do anything that i say. And by anything i mean even if i ask for your nude picture!!.” She accepted to it thinking that i wouldn’t be able to complete it. I asked her to go into one of the rooms and rest for a while.

After she went i waited for a while. In about 10 minutes she fell asleep. I took my bag and took out my completed project and replaced it with the incomplete one. But i didn’t call her because it would cause suspicion if i called her too early. So i went into her room with no bad intention. I just was overjoyed that i could do anything after she gets up.

In my excitement i danced around her bed like a fool, making noises. Till i accidentally pushed down a huge glass vase with water in it. It fell down and made a loud crash and also spilled water on her face. I got scared thinking I might wake her up. But to my surprise and luck she was sleeping so deeply. So I immediately collected the glass pieces and threw it out into the dustbin. Then I returned to where she was sleeping.

Her shirt, being loose had been pulled up a bit and her navel was now seen. I pulled down the sheet covering her and looked at her black underwear that she wore under her small white skirt. I slowly tried pulling up her shirt more to peek at her breasts. But she moved and slept on her stomach.

This time I tried removing her undies and it failed again because she moved. I thought this was a waste of time and looked at the clock. It was about to become 11:10. So effectively i lost the bet although I was cheating. So I started turning the clocks back to 10:50.

After doing so, I went and woke her up. She woke up and said ” I know what you did”. I got frightened and asked her what she knew. And she replied ” you completed the project right? ” I sent out a sigh of relief and then told her ” Yes I did. And now you have to listen to whatever I say for the next 3 hours” . She immediately retorted saying ” that was not part of the deal, not 3 hours anyway” to which I replied ” But that’s my order. You told you’ll listen to anything I say. And the first thing I say is you have to be my slave for 3 hours”

She accepted defeat hesitantly and then asked what she needed to do. I asked her if she loved me. And she replied that she might have a crush on me. Immediately I told ” Okay, I was just messing with you. The bet is called off. I was joking ”

But this was just my strategy. I continued my talk with her for a while and made her laugh. Because every time she laughed she leaned back and that would make her nipples shown through her top.! Unfortunately I had stared for so long that my dick was now erect. She looked at it and accidentally said “Wow”. I was surprised and asked her if she did say that to which she said no.

Then I told her you are looking great. And then she crept close to me and said ” you shouldn’t show off everything you have! ” in a naughty way. I said to her ” I must tell you that. You are not wearing anything inside your top and I know it. Plus looking at you my dick is becoming hard” she immediately started touching my dick.

She said let it out. And I removed my dress and forced her dress out as well. Just looking at her mesmerised me. She had really sexy nipples. That was the best part of her. I then forced her mouth to my dick. She said ” wait I’m gonna do that “and she started sucking it on her own.

She did it for about 5 minutes and then told me,” I wouldn’t have done this if you didnt do my part of the project as well. ” I said “let’s stop talking and go to that hall”. And we went there and I pushed her on to the sofa. I myself crept onto her and started kissing her seductively. And she kissed me back while stroking my dick at the same time.

I just couldn’t wait and I caught her two hands and put my dick into her pussy. She started moaning ” Stop. This might be problematic. ” I said ” This is science, I know when to stop ” mockingly.

I then kept going in and out. She was slim and light. So I carried her to the wall and leaned her against it and continued fucking her. And also started licking and biting her nipples. She was moaning in delight and enjoying it.

I then dropped her back to the sofa and fucked her more. Then just as I was about to cum I took my penis out and cummed across her face. She licked it and sucked my cock again.

But I told her to stop and I said ” you pleased me.. So let me please you now.” And I continued fingering her pussy. She started moaning and screaming. I did it really fast and she screamed so loud and finally she too had cummed.

We then went to the bathroom and took a bath together and dried ourselves. We wore our clothes and just as I was about to leave she said ” I have had sex with two other guys and no one has ever pleased me after they got pleased. So thanks a lot. We should meet up often. Because I dont know how long i can stay unpleased ” saying this she seductively kissed me with he hand on my trousers on my penis.

I said I’ll try coming back and left from there with my bag.

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