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The Sexy Banker

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

I am Rajesh, working as a Manager in a bank in Ahmedabad and recently during the course of a bankers’ meeting, I had the good fortune of bumping into a sexy doll called Renu Dubey who like me is also a manager in a leading bank. Renu sat in the chair next to me at the meeting and after managing to give her a smile I focused myself on the meeting. In the meeting we discussed several issues and on at least two occasions I and Renu dwelt upon the same issue. Perhaps this brought us together at least on the mental plane.

The meeting ended around noon time and we exchanged our visiting cards and chatted for sometime. I suggested her to join me for lunch at the nearby restaurant and surprisingly Renu accepted at once. Even as I drove my car, we had animated discussion on several banking issues and to me Renu looked a hard-core Banking professional, not that I am any less !!!. It was not a surprise to me when Renu asked me to drop her at her residence which was on the way to my home. Our discussions prolonged and by now you too would be wondering about the contents of this story !!!. so over to the juicy part of it ….. Renu was a young Manager with an MBA degree to back her and Renu must be in her late thirties. Yes, very attractive figure 36-25-36 (well chiseled bottom) and at 5 feet 5 inches she looked tall. All these I noticed only after she invited me to her house once we reached there. It was hot outside, and the coke she served was refreshing. As we sipped it, her conversation changed over to personal details.

Renu said that she stayed alone here in ahmedabad, while her 9 year boy and her husband (who works in a multi-national firm) stay in Bombay. I praised her for bravely carrying on all alone by herself and she burst into tears. I was shocked as to what I said to make her cry. I was sitting on the opposite sofa until now, and suddenly, I found myself sitting next to her and consoling her to cool down. In the process, I also ended up holding her hand and rubbing the back of her palm. Renu continued sobbing and told me that it was the feeling of loneliness that was driving her mad. I asked her to socialise and meet people to divert her mind to better things in life. Just as she seemed to control her sobbing, I tried to pull my hand back but could not because she was holding it tightly. Renu confessed to me something which no woman normally would do that she had a high physical need and because her husband was away, she was left high and dry. I sympathised with her and told her that it was a natural thing with everyone and there was nothing wrong with it. I also told her we have strayed into a subject which was slightly sensitive and it would be hard to control the emotions. This perhaps was an indication to her that I would be willing to have play with her.

Renu immediately hugged me and asked me if she was attractive enough and before I could say anything she saw the the bulge in my pant and ran her hand gently over it. She got the answer to her question and suddenly Renu started to strip her salwar kameez and then stood up in pink coloured bra and panty. As against my dark complexion, she was extremely fair and even when fully dressed she looked very attractive. And now in minimum wears it was highly provocative. Renu whispered that it was too hot to remain dressed up, giggled and unbuttoned my shirt and pant and also pulled out my inner garments. That had made me very horny and I began to fondle her well shaped breasts and as I continued rubbing them, Renu unhooked her bra and I saw a pair of white lovely boobs with slightly reddish nipples that were erect after my fondling. Renu pushed me on the sofa, stripped her panty to reveal a clean shaved pussy and came on top of me. Renu was licking my chest and nipples and I realised for how long a time she must have been hungry. Her hands reached towards my six inch tool and were playfully teasing me. Renu came down to my cock and cooed that she had been privately dreaming of having sex with someone who had a dark black cock and that her dream would come true today.

Hearing it, I lost control over myself and started fingering her pussy which was now moist with her juices. Ummmmmmm, she moaned and pinched my back as I sent my index and middle finger inside her pussy and started moving it in and out. In about two minutes time, her moaning increased and Renu signalled she was ready for the real one. But when I suggested her the missionary position of man on top, Renu said no, she wanted to be on top. I had little choice but was also happy because in a long time I had got the chance to “get fucked” by a woman. I lay back on the sofa and Renu climbed over me and gently guided my erect cock into her wet pussy and she took her own time to encase my cock inch my inch. Once Renu had taken the full length of my cock, Renu started moving up and down in rhythmic motion and I could see her boobs jumping up and down with each stroke. I caught her boobs with my hands and started rubbing her nipples and also crushing her boobs in between. Renu enjoyed this and and started pinching my chest for more crushing and rubbing on her chest. All this while I did not make any effort to push myself inside her, but after few minutes, it was impossible for me to remain a silent spectator (silent is not the right word) so I began to raise my buttocks to match her stroke for stroke from my end and it was then Renu pulled me over her and we were now in the missionary position – Renu below and me over her.

Renu placed a pillow under her buttocks and I waited for a moment to give her time to adjust herself, but Renu screamed … “ohhhh raaaaaaaaj, just dont stop it, fuck me haaard, oooooooooo I love this…..” her sexy voice inspired me to increase my thrusts and I began to bang my cock harder inside her as I continued to crush her tits. Her wetness made a very funny noice …. pach … pach …. pach….. pach…. and with every stroke the noise continued. In this pose it was easy for me to even suck her nipples and so I took my mouth near her nipple and started teasing with my tongue. Renu at once pulled me by my neck and forced me to suck her nipples. even as my hands were crushing her boobs. Her moanings had hit a new height now and it triggered a massive ejaculation from penis. I sprayed inside her all my cum in three spurts and Renu pulled my buttocks as if not to miss out even the last drop of my cum. After the job was done, gradually my cock started losing its erection. But we remained huddled together for almost 15 minutes and in the meantime my cock had moved out of her pussy which was now cocktail of her juices and mine !!!.

When I realised that I “our” juices were now likely to flow out of her pussy, I suggested her to have a wash. Renu did it in quick time and then told me that Renu was not through. Renu had thoroughly enjoyed my foreplay when I put my fingers inside her and that Renu wanted to be finger-fucked again. I obliged her and started moving my fingers in and out of the pussy. A shiver ran through her body and she had goose pimples all over her body. Renu started moaning for more. Her pussy was leaking like hell with all her juices and I had never seen so much of flowing juices. I tried to lick her dry but the more I licked her, the more her pussy became juicier and all along she continued to moan “…oooooooooohhhhh raaaj, dont lick me, pleaseeeeeeeeee dont lick me” but I knew she was enjoying it and wanted me to continue it. After sometime, both of us were exhausted fully and we rested. Later when I told her that it was time to bid goodbye, Renu made me promise that I would give her a “darshan” of the black cock again which I did. We meet mostly over the weekends as Saturdays noons are convenient to both of us and we have steamy fucking sessions. In case you enjoyed this (and even if you did not enjoy) mail your comments to : p.s. : Renu is incidentally the third babe I have screwed after Megha and Shilpa about whom I have already put up on the net, surf and find out about that !!!.

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