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The Sensuous Night

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I suddenly got up, sweating profusely, bed and pant all wet. I realized that the AC is off, but the fan was in full blast. I was wondering what was happening. Is the one that I am going through now is reality or the one that I was going through earlier was the reality. I was sitting in the middle of the bed. The whole bed was a mess. The room was not at all illuminated. I realized that it was around 3 or 4 in the evening. The curtains of the room were drawn. The light from outside coming in through the thick fabric of the curtain was too less. I was totally idle for nearly 5 minutes. Slowly I realized that now am in reality and have been dreaming or rather re-collecting the incidences of last Sunday.

I and Anju had gone to Rashid’s house warming party. It was an evening party to be continued till late night with drinks & dance as usual. Anju was looking damn hot n sexy. She was in a backless full length dress of soft silk fabric in baby pink color. The dress was in the form of two thin strings coming from above chest being tied as knot behind the neck. The whole back is exposed till waist. If not handled properly, one can have a clear side view of breast from side angle and the crack between hips from back. My Anju knows well how to handle such dresses. I had gifted this dress to her last month on our first anniversary. The dress suited very well in her 5’6” height with appropriate flesh at appropriate place. She proved to be a head-turner, the centre of attraction. Those among the known circuits were in all praise and unknown were inquisitive. My eyes were following her every movement. I chose to sit at the bar table corner sipping through my favorite large glass of ‘Sprite’ (soft drink). The position where I chose to sit was quite suitable for me, as from here I could keep a watch on the whole party at the same time it being comparatively darker corner, nobody shall be noticing me. That way I shall not be crowded by my friend circle as it usually is, and at the same time I shall be able to have a clear view of Anju. After a-bit of socializing, Anju came up and sat beside me. There was a definite sparkle in her eyes filled with many questions. “What are you doing sitting at this corner?”, “Why are you not moving around?”, “Are you upset?”, “Why are you starring at me like this?”, “Are you uncomfortable with everyone’s stare towards me?”, “Do you want to leave the party and spend sometime with me in solitude?”… the series of questions continues without a word being transferred between both of us. Whole conversation is only through visual contact of eye-to-eye. Questions were bubbling at such a rate inside her that she was unable read the answers swaying in my eyes. I calmly took her hand between my palms and squeezed gently. That was sufficient to drop her question rate to zero. Her eyes soothed momentarily. With light smile on my lips I gave a peck of kiss on her cheeks and said, “You are Hot. You have set the stage on Fire. I am enjoying the Sizzler with my sprite sitting at this corner; with no one to disturb me having this delicacy. Let me drink the wine of your eyes, eat the spice of your body and relish the sweet desert of your soul through my eyes and senses”. She was dumb-struck listening to such a comment. She never expected such a view from me. I stood from my chair, made her stand up and gave her a tight warm hug. While hugging I moved my finger nails along her spine from waist upwards. A light moan escaped her sweet juicy lips. She gave a small bite on my left ear and moved out of my arms with a chuckle of laugh in her cheeks. She squeaked “You Naughty…, You Bad…”

While all this was going on between us we missed the announcement & invitation for dance by the evening’s host – ‘Rashid’. We were so lost in each other that we couldn’t even hear the jazzy music. Rashid & Nafisa (Rashid’s wife) walked up to us to enquire why we the beautiful & handsome couple are not on the dance floor. It was only then that we realized the mood of the environment around us. I just asked them to take Anju along with them & I shall join them shortly after finishing my drink. It was just an excuse that I gave. Anju understood that and moved to the dance floor with Rashid & Nafisa. Anju threw couple of glances towards me on her way to the dance floor. The party was rocking. I could see the animals in form of monkeys aping our western counterparts. My Anju was also part of it. I smiled to myself. Its not that I don’t like joining these numbers, I love to, but today I was in different mood. I was back to my drink at the corner of the table. With the changing numbers, I could see Anju getting mesmerized with the music. She was kind of, ‘not in her own’. She could be seen moving all around on the dance floor. I could see others on the dance floor to take advantage of her situation. Most of the guys from known circuits controlling themselves with difficulty and those from unknown corners could be seen brushing by her bare back, shapely hips, sized breasts. Whoever brushed by her back didn’t miss the chance to move the tip of their finger along her smooth skin. It is quite obvious for such kind of situation to arise. At times she took note of it and moved away accordingly. The DJ sensing the loosing energy level of the enthusiastic dancers, changed to a slow rap number. This helped the dancers to revive their breath.

My glass was already empty though I was at my slowest speed. I turned to the bar tender to refill my glass. Setting my eyes back to the dance floor, I couldn’t trace my target – ‘Anju’. I looked around, but she was not seen anywhere. My eyes kept searching for some time and I was feeling a-bit concerned. I came out of my corner to take a closer look of the dance floor and also the other corners of the room. As I was just looking around, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around to find Anju beside me. I was surprised. She winked at me and asked if I was looking around for her. Of course I was looking around for her only. With a smile she said, don’t worry, I shall not leave you and go. She added that she had been to the toilet to freshen up and then handed over her bag to me and said that since I was not planning to join the dance floor, I should take care of the bag. I took it with a big smile. She again moved towards dance floor, but suddenly turned around with full of smile and sparkle on her face to tell me, “There’s a surprising invitation for you, but you shall have to search for it and use your brains to spot that invitation.” I found some kind of energy kick inside me. By this time the DJ had announced for ‘changing partner sequence’. Anju jumped onto the dance floor, looked back towards me, gave wink with smile and started off. I could see Anju changing her partners and moving ahead. Every guy coming to her didn’t miss the opportunity to rub his hand on her smooth bare back, press her breast with his chest. I could sense that Anju was getting aroused. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on her breast. I could see the light outlining of her nipples. I was quite surprised. How is it that her nipples were visible over her lingerie & dress? Something struck my brains. I immediately opened the bag that she had given to me to keep with myself. Searching through it I found that her lingerie was there in it. That means she had gone to toilet to remove them and the ‘surprising invitation’ that she was referring to was none other than this. She actually had invited me to relish the sizzler not from the corner of the room in seclusion, but at the centre stage in front of everyone, but at the same without anyone’s knowledge. She is always fond of such adventures and experiments.

The DJ Ganguly was a close associate of our friend circle. So to say any kind of party in our friend circle meant that it shall be DJ Ganguly, who shall be ruling the dance floor. An idea struck me. Why not give Anju a surprise! Since the sequence of changing dance partner had started, it was very unlikely that it shall be change so soon. I walked up to DJ’s stage taking care that Anju doesn’t see me. Called aside Ganguly, asked him to change to slow close ball dance number and announce the same, as soon as I take my wife in my arms. Ganguly obliged me with an affirmative nod. Now walking carefully to the dance floor I positioned myself behind a non-dancing person so that Anju might not notice me. I looked up at DJ’s stage and saw Ganguly watching me. He showed a thumbs-up indicating that I am in his notice and is ready for the change. As soon as Anju closed up, I jumped in front and took her in my arms, taking her totally by surprise. Ganguly was prompt enough to change the music as desired by me and make the quick announcement accordingly. By the time Anju recovered from the shock, she was deep in my arms, swaying totally as per my moves. She was totally zapped. She was looking deep in my eyes and me in hers. We were dancing very very closely. Everyone around were in their own worlds. No one noticed or doubted this quick change of music. So it was good for me. I gave a light kiss on her lips. She took this opportunity to give a lick on my lips. The heat was turning on.

My hand was all over her bare back. It was so soft, so smooth, so hot… it was tantalizing all my senses. All my organs & senses were waking up to the call of the minute. My hand movements were arousing each and every part of Anju too. The first and fore-most indication were her nipples. I could feel her erect nipples rubbing on my chest. Her eyes were already telling a lot many things. She was drowned in lust. She whispered in my ears, “I thought of surprising you, but your surprise has all the more surprised me. Your movements always surprise me. And now your soft tender meat has turned into thick hot rod and can be felt well on my hot crater which is already oozing out lava.” I immediately reverted into her ears, “Women are magicians, they can make a boneless piece of meat stand erect without any support. I guess we both need to do something about our situations before they go out of our control.” She gave a stern look into my eyes and started an aggressive smooch. We both got lost into it, but still our movements didn’t stop, as if our body parts were just moving on their own. Smooch continued for around 3 – 4 minutes. Suddenly I realized that the spot light was on us and we were actually at the centre stage and people around had stopped dancing and were watching us. I took the opportunity and made Anju bend on her back being supported by my both hand’s embrace and me bending over her, with our lips locked in the deep smooch and her eyes closed.

There were rounds of applause & whistling. Anju realized where and in which position she was in. She maintained her position. I could see relaxation in her eyes. I helped her to stand back on her feet, and we waved to all and the spot light removed and all the other lights were put back on. Though the things came back to normalcy, but it was not with both of us. Both of us were highly aroused. We decided to leave the party immediately. We walked up to Rashid & Nafisa; they welcomed us again with light clapping. I whispered into Rashid’s ears that we wish to leave, which he caught instantly, answered in action & wink, whispered the same with added spice, to his beloved. I and Anju just rushed out and jumped into our safari jumbo (topless ambassador car). Our house was about 20 minutes drive from Rashid’s place. It was already past midnight, so the roads were comparatively empty. I was driving with one hand on the wooden steering and other on Anju’s stomach. My movement of fingers on her belly was causing all the flutter in her. She had made her seat nearly flat, so no one can actually see her from outside. She slowly guided my hand towards her breast. My eyes were fixed on road and left hand was doing the squeezing act. Light moan slipped out of her telling me how hot & aroused she is again.

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