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The Perfectionist

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  • September 11, 2015

Hi Desi Papa Friends. This is Rajveer again welcoming all Desipapa friends who had admired my stories & wrote letters to me. I have received many letters from female readers and I am surprised the way my story has been liked by the readers. Let me describe a little to all the new friends who are new to my page. I wrote two stories, which were published, on Desi Papa page, the stories were actually true incidents of my life .One happened to be my own story & the second one was a story of my friend. The stories names were “INTENSE LOVE WITH SONU “ & “ REKHAS DECISSION “ . Both the stories were true & may be the reason people liked it much .I always like to share true stories & like to request to everyone to share only own experience & avoid using filthy language. I think Gods best creation of Man & Women is meant to make love & it’s to us that how beautifully, technically & perfectly you can enjoy it. Lovemaking is an art & it can only get matured with regular practice. Our dear friend Mr VATSAYAN had explored 184 ASANS  & most of us  used only 2-3 ASANS in which, most of the time Man on top & totally ignoring women’s feeling & her desires. I had experienced  & shared very light moments with my partners during love making & understand, watched them closely  & found the different moods of women’s expressions, feelings, ecstasies, lower & higher rhythms. I always compare women’s body like a mouth organ. If you watch the instrument you will find that the mouth organist   by his hands & mouth creates the best of the music. Women’s too are like mouth organs  & a careful hands mouth combination can create a world of happiness around you.

Now coming back, this is a story of a Perfectionist  & is a true story. This actually happened around 17 years back when I was 20. I was studying that time. These incidents actually teached me about sex & lovemaking. Today , I can proudly say that I am a perfectionist in love making & many of my partners admires my love making skills & it was all learnt from the incidents which happened in my life .Many of my partners had taught me many new things . My love making actions make women crazy & most of the women’s have thanked me for making them satisfied & reaching their orgasms. I have felt a great glow on their faces after our love making sessions which they describe as better than any Facial.

So during my studies we shifted to a new house made by my father .The house was big & all my brothers use to enjoy different rooms & a separate portion was made for tenants. Luckily this portion was just adjacent to my room & there was a door in-between, which we closed after our new tenant, arrived. The new tenant was a south Indian from Kerela, a brother & a sister. Brother used to work in some industry & sister was working & studying. Sisters name was Roza . She was beautiful rather I should say very beautiful & looks like south Indian actress & may be very similar to Shri Devi . She was around 5’6’’ fair, very long hair upto her hips & very shapely figure.

The day they entered our portion I was excited to see this beauty. Soon they become good friends & then I came to know that she was not able to speak Hindi properly & along with her job she had joined some Hindi classes nearby. So, days just passed at normal speed until one day I happened to see an English movie Night Eyes. It was a good movie about a Pvt. Detective who provides security to their customers & so this detective got the duty of keeping an eye on a married lady, which she hired by herself as she used to be very rich. This detective puts lots of camera’s in the house to watch the movement of the strangers which she was unaware that where all they were placed. One day a boy friend of the lady came to her house & they made love unaware that the detective was watching them & so on the story moved & finally the lady fall in love with this detective. This movie gave me the idea of a Peeping Tom & when I reached home I started making plans to watch the beauty but I didn’t got any place from where I can watch but finally a idea came to my mind to make a hole in the door which happens to be a door to both the rooms .I care fully made a small hole & with a beating heart I saw thru the door & it gave me a perfect view of the door.

That day I waited & waited when finally she came late evening fully wet as it was raining ..I rushed to my room & closed my room & asked my Mom not to disturb as I am going for studies. I came to my room & slowly started peeping thru the doors & there she was the most beautiful creature of Gods creation half naked in front of me. Oh I was dumb struck, as this was my first experience of watching a nude lady in her full blossoms. My God she was sexy, beautiful, Gorgeous . I don’t have words to explain but she was wonderful. My tongue got struck in my mouth & there was a complete dryness in my mouth. Slowly she moved her skin coloured bra & panty & he gave a very sexy smile to herself & I can very well guesss that she is admiring herself . Let me tell you friends after that I had never seen a perfect figure like that . Her melons are the most sexiest part of her body & they were stiff like mountains . If some one had seen Pamela Lee mounds , you can compare those with her .Though Pamela uses water bags but those were truly natural with soft pink small nipples .It was really a mouth watering scene & I could not resist my self to open my Zip & take out my uncle Sam . I saw she was making herself love by moving her hands over her mountains & lightly pressing her nipples . She must have played with her body when the door bell ranged & she immediately wore her brothers shirt & lungi without Bra & Panty . She moved quickly to door & welcomed person on door . I too ran outside to watch the bastard who had disturbed us . I saw a young man outside the door & it came to my knowledge afterwards that he was her class fellow cum boy friend. They walked back to the room & started chatting.  I was blushed with anger that this prick has spoiled our evening. After some time I watched that the door was closed & they went inside somewhere .

I was surprised of their move that how she invited a stranger & locked the door from inside. I made up my mind to watch it again. I again informed my mom that I am again going to have my studies & from my moms expression I can very well guess that she is surprised that how come I am too serious in my studies today (actually I was always a average guy & never gave high importance to my studies, but by the grace of God I am at a very good position today) . I went back to my favourate position & started peeping again & there she was kissing the stranger . I was shocked & stunned by her move . For some time I almost lost my senses & when I peeped again they were lost . I was amazed by their move & started searching them but they did’ came to to the scene. I started wondering & started searching them & then I went to back side of the room & found that they were in kitchen. I started searching for a peep & to my luck I found a crack in the doors woods . Ahhhhh there they were kissing passionately each other. Their tongues were exploring the depth of each other’s mouths & there was a race amongst both that who will stretch her tongue to the farthest level. Their faces were burnt like red coal & their bodies were trembling like a person having a DENGU. They keep on kissing deeply & then the guy literally tore her shirt apart .The buttons were flying like flying saucers & then the amazing mountains came back to action again. This time they became stiffer  & now they were challenging God .The nipples further rose towards sky. Guy gave a hungry looks towards her & she too gave her a challenging looks that OK dear if you have guts reach to the top of the cliff. He slowly & delicately put one in her mouth & started caressing loving the other one . He take the entire reddish part of the nipples in her mouth & started sucking hungrily .

She started moaning & started combing his hairs with her hands . He kept on sucking & pressing her love mounds one after the another & her moans were now started turning into some violent sound s. I was little worried that if her brother came & listened to the voices it can be a big disaster but the loving couple were least bothered about the world. For them it was like a challenge, which they want to beat with each other. She too was kissing like mad .She was kissing his entire face madly & their was a aggression in her face. She started roaring like a wild cat & started making wild sounds in her own language & some times in English & from the sounds I can make that she was using words like take me more, beat my nipples more, take me in you. By this time the love making was becoming more  & more violent & some utensils fell down on the floor but they were dam cared about the whole seen. The just wanted that they become one body & one soul . By this time she  removed his shirt & his lungi .He too pulled her lungi, which got stuck to the fan on top. And there they were starked naked in each others arms . I saw his prick which was not so long & may be hardly between 5-6 “ but fully erect. By this time he made her sit on the kitchens platform & started kissing her body. He slowly take her left feet thumb in her mouth & started kissing it . It was like an explosion & she gave a big shuddering sound .She lifted her head towards sky in excitement & I can feel that this move must have done wonders. She was sounding heavily & making some nasty sounds. He moved slowly towards her legs & kissed the inner thighs with his tongue & slowly he came at the Golden Triangle & made her legs apart & sat down between her legs. For few moments he just watched her beauty & slowly started fingering her beauty spot. He inserted one fingre slowly ensuring that his fingre & nails may not hurt her beauty spot. For some time he played with her lips & I can see juice started flowing between her fingers. He kept on playing with her inner lips & in between tastes the oozing juices & some times he makes her taste her own juice which she seemed to like it very much. Suddenly she drags his face towards her juice box & demanded for a tongue fuck. This was a strange move which he & for me was a first time experience as I can judge from his face .so far I had seen this in blue movies & always used to think that this happens only in the movies but it was happening in front of me & that was been done by a lady who has come from a village back ground & from a very conservative Kerlite family. I was getting surprises one after another & was wondering how many more new surprises are yet to come. I was also on top of the world & was rubbing mine in my pants. Mine body was trembling with excitement. She guided her head towards her love box & again started moaning crazily. The guy slowly started licking her love box from bottom to top. She made more adjustments by making her box wide with her fingers & it was clearly visible that she wants more & more. The guy took his tongue & started licking it like a hungry dog & in between he takes her upper lips in her teeth & bites it slightly giving shivers of excitement to Roza.

Suddenly, he picks her in her arms & took her to bedroom, I was made to run back to my original peeping place. He puts her on bed & takes his manhood in his hand & started making circular motions. She was looking hungrily towards him. He makes her lay on her chest & again started licking her body & this time he was kissing her spinal chord, shivers of excitement were traveling thru her body & she was pumping her hips in excitement. He moved on the upper part of her back & started licking & kissing her neck & earlobes. The way he was moving was a clear indication that he is a perfectionist & is patience is his key. By this time her excitement was on peek & I am sure she must have come at least twice or thrice.Finally, he took her in arms & made her lie on her back & guided his tool slowly in her love hole .She cried & dig her nails in her back. Slowly & rythemly he started his pace , she too was jerking her hips strongly from beneath . Both were drenched in sweat & I can see their bodies were shinning because of sweat & lust. It must have continued for another five minutes when he came with a big roar .He takes his dick on time & sprayed his white on her lap. For about 10 minutes they managed to control their breaths & they had last deep kiss & then they get apart.

It was a long peeping session for me too & got very tired & then I went for a sound sleep. This continued for months & finally as every story comes to an end their story also came to an end when her brother smelled something fishy or may be he has caught them red handed as he stopped coming then after. But the way they made love was a perfect teaching, which has covered every aspect of a perfect lovemaking. Finally they shifted back to Kerela when one day her brother sent us her wedding card.I always used to think about them & tried his ways to become a perfectionist.

Then there after many new couples came as tenant & I experienced their ways of love making which I will narrate some other time. Its already 11 pm & I am feeling sleepy. Thanks to the perfectionists who prompted me to narrate this story & thanks to my readers for prompting to write more excitement stories.

I will be glad if you too share your true experiences & will be more glad if you revert back with your comments .If any one wants to share some experiences & needs any kind of guidance( I am a sex consultant too) you are most welcomed to mail me at  Till then good-bye & sweet dreams. My love to all beautiful ladies for their response. Looking forward to receive  your response

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