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The perfect boyfriend for a housewife

  • desipapa
  • September 18, 2015

Hi all, Guess I would have been introduced to you all already…by my dear lover…Allwyn…for those not tuned in, he is mine….and strictly mine. So do not pay attention to his note solicting ladies/housewifes..I may be far way from him physically, due to other considerations, but with the threat of Gulf War in the air, I might just make it back to India to be with my loved one.

Anyways,I felt in his story Allwyn had presented his side well, but there are far too many broken links from my end…ends which only I would be able to fill in because I was the one who had experienced the emotions.

Apart from the flattering description Al had given me, let me redescribe myself to u.I am in my late twenties and a married housewife….nothing great, but I do know that I have assets that make men ogle at me. Was happily married in my initial years of marriage, but have felt over a period of time that my husband has ignored me and my wants. Plus I have heard of his womanising ways enough , for me to turn back to dear al.

My frustrated marital life led me to lead to avenues wherein i could relieve my frustration . And I found the internet as the best medium.
I used to chat up to just anybody , and as u would find, ladies are generally in great demand over chat sites.

I met Al over one such chat site. And we hit off well, coz he seemed so mature for his age, and looked sensitive , (atleast on the face of it)., and had an avid interest in music just like me. Dont know when the relationship turned serious, but guess we went with it….but we graduated to calling up each other and talking, and also exchanging photos. Slowly, my initial nervousness was laid to rest, and I felt at ease with Al.

Somewhere down the line, Al felt we should meet up, and I was a bit hesitant. But the sweet charmer that Al is, he was able to draw me out to a public place. We met, with very nervous personal introductions, and I as on the phone, Al put me at complete ease. He is a real sweeto-pie, not excessively handome , but he is smart looking no-doubt and I find his mature approach and behaviour sexy. He is the ideal boy- next door to have an affair with. He is mediumly built, but he does have strong legs and loads of energy (thats what I realised in our 1st sexual fling).

I had come in a salwar kameez, coz I had no intentions of seducing the young boy, I wanted a clean first meeting to size-up the boy, and to his credit he respected that. He took me to a beach – sparsely crowded, and we kept talking about each other . Never realised what time it was, and the more I talked to him, the more I realised I wanted him. Our inadvertent body contact did cause some embarrasing but sensual moments, of which neither of us could  take advantage of.

On the ride back, I could sat a bit closer to Al on his bike, and was letting his back feel the sensousness of my boobs, and I could feel him enjoying it too. I was beginning to get wet, and I really wanted to take this guy to my house, and ask him to make love to me. I was going out of control, so I decided to stop then and take a ric back home, leaving Al a bit perplexed.

I reached home and fingered myself twice fantasing about Al making love to me. I slept a good nights sleep that night. Next day, I thought I was doing wrong by encouraging Al. And decided that I should stick to my conscience and forget about AL. But I ended up fantasising about him all the time. I resisted chatting or calling him up too.

By the third day morning, I had decided that my body needed Al. So throwing all my nervousness, I asked Al to come to my house urgently. I decided to seduce him there and then, and  i knew he wanted me to do that. I wore a saree , and my sexiest blouse piece. I knew it revealed a lot, and I was hoping that Al fall flat for it. And I just waited for Al.

When Al came, i slowly ushered in…and then I became nervous , knowing not what to do. But I knew he wanted me and  i wanted him, and decided to take him straight into my bedroom. I was just holding onto him. and he was all over me. He kissed me real good, on my lips. Felt better than my hubby kissing me, and we did  kiss for a long time. I could feel his body and smell it too…it smelt good, and that was getting me really wet. I wanted to play with his chest, and almost tore off his shirt. and i kept licking his nipples. I helped him off his pants, and he was working on my blouse and off it went.

I was going mad, and he started taking charge(surprising for a virgin), but he got on top of me in the bed. He started kneading my tits, and really squeezing them. He started sucking them ,and on my insistence was biting off my nipples…I was on cloud nine, with my juices really getting stirred up.

He had problems getting inside me in the first few instances, so I guided him in, and he learned quickly . He could reach my depths with constant pounding, and I was  enjoying some real good sex in years. He was also quite vocal while banging me , and that excited me further, and I was stirriing up some hot juices within me. Al was working his pace up and I was getting hot and ready to explode, and I came. But Al was going full gung-ho and when he cam, he came witha loud war cry, and just slumped with ectascy in my bed.

While we lay on the bed, Al got a hard on, playing with my boobs, so he decided he wanted another go at me. I was getting horny too, and we had a second round of pounding, and it was even better than the 1st. I believe we came again for a third time too. That was a near-record for me. Al did really make my day.

Times in recent past have been a bit sad, since I and my hubby and my small fly had to relocate to Dubai. I miss Al a lot nowadays. But with the gulf war, we might just make it back. So keeping my fingers crossed.

I will ( or i guess even al can) update u on our further exploits.- some of them have been shameless enough- I guess Al is more qualified in shamelessness to update u on such exploits.

Anyways, my mail id is Do write in with ur comments, and guys , Al is open with me calling u some of u for a bout of phone sex. Game enough? And ladies, please disregard Al’s request for ur relationship…. he is mine for keeps.

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