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The Parrots Speak

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

I was ready for a break from my bitter cold mountain border post. As an young army officer I was entailed to travel anywhere in India. This time I was heading down to Raipur. A serene green warm location in Rajasthan desert. This was our ancestral family home. The family owned many prime proprieties, gas stations and business’s. As with the Marwari tradition, the family was widely dispersed.

The men were frequently traveling while the women folk stayed at home. It was a big lavish haveli,was a large old Maharaja style house with horse stables, swimming pool, shooting range and a large mango groove. There lived my old uncle, two permanently residing aunties and couple of younger brides. Others like myself, nephews, nieces and cousins were here only for holidays. Besides that there also lived a large number of domestic helps and retainers. I have several stories with maids and cousin’s began fucking when I was 12 by blackmailing a maid whom I caught doing the driver. Then my s econd women was when I was 18 with my two cousin sisters by taking advantage of jealousy for each another. But I will begin with the current episode. There is amazingly so much sex or incest in these big families. During a sweaty morning, it was getting too hot in the haveli. My elder aunt Peeni 32, who is slightly on plump side, asked me to accompany them to a nice cooler place, she knew. Along with us was the other permanent aunt Uma.Uma was around 28 dark, urbane savvy (originally from Miranda College , Delhi), great ass, large eyes, sharp tongue and sensuous women. She only wore light shade, she was a bomb in tight pants or skirts. They were both wearing light cotton sarees displaying a wide midriff and loose short white cotton blouse which could hardly contain Uma’s heaving breast. Apparently their cooler place was an old unused palace. The palace was in ruins. It was sprawled across a lake with several streams flowing into and out of the palace. The palace attracted lovers and others who thought there was still hidden treasure somewhere.

My aunts were one of these people who were searching for these treasure pot. The rich are always bitching for more. Today aunts wanted to explore a certain section of the palace in search of gold. They took me into confidence. I played dumb. On entering the palace we bumped into the old Uncle . He was showing my cousins and a smart lady relative around .He obviously was trying to hit on the lady. He insisted I join him (so that he could spend more time with the lady then with the cousins) My aunts insisted that I am with them. I went with aunts. Both the aunts did not like the old man. Since I was clearly on their side now, they starting confiding how old lecher was forever trying to grope and fondle any female. Uma told me that old man’s parrot wanted to speak to her too. (I did not know old man had a parrot? later I came to know that parrot is the local code word for dick). We were on a dark staircase,Uma was telling me about about various attempts made by the old man’s parrot on various visiting ladies. I was a good listener they started opening up with saucy gossip strictly reserve d for ladies normally . I was leading the way. With both women so close to me occasionally my ‘parrot’ brushed against them, my parrot was ready to sing too. I got the impression they were trying to anticipate the size of my parrot. In the dark staircase both the aunts had at first brushed against and then brazenly squeezed the rock hard parrot by mistake. It was getting humid and sweaty.

On the top landing there was a small door way. Peeni opened the trap door and led us into a large sunlit hall. Uma explained to me that beyond this point women quarter started and only the king was allowed to come here. They explained to me how a girl was prepared to sleep with the king. I asked them if they knew what instruction the virgin was given to please king’s parrot. Peeni asked me to wait till I get married to a local girl, she will show me how a king’s parrot is taken care of. I playfully threw a kids tantrum that I couldn’t wait till then. All this was getting us all the mor e aroused. We laughed. They were clearly wet and I was very hard .It was visible. They wanted me inside and I wanted to be in them with all my strength but we had the social taboo silently restricting us. I had to make a first move now somehow. They showed me the bath place and secret window from where the king could spy on the girls bathing. The bathe area was actually a small pool. Now there was complete emptiness, there ws nobody but us and we were all alone. I saw my chance. I said i was sweaty and need to go in the pool, they warned me not to as the place was full of snakes. But the cold water looked really tempting, I went in after taking off my clothes. After a short dip I came out. I must admit my awesome manhood was on display in my translucent underwear. I felt like a male stripper and I was really teasing them now .But they did not show any desire. .I asked to join me in the water. Uma was ready to join me but a cold look from Peeni froze her. I put my strong arm s around her to drag her in. In the process I had the first pleasure of her body in a excited bear hug .

She did not go. We continued our exploration of the palace. At one point I had to lift them both to climb over a wall. First we lifted the heavy Peeni over the wall. Then I caught hold of Uma knees and lifted her. My face was buried in her naked midriff. The female fragrance of her soft cold skin so close to my hot mouth was driving me insane with passion. I look up. I saw her big bra.I smelled her shaved armpits. I wondered when was the last time she held a parrot in her hands. Her hands were reaching for the wall edge, I lifted her some more, my face was buried in her soft ass. totally lost . I lifted her some more but she slipped down. When Uma stopped sliding her soft ass landed on my massive steel hard erection and her breast were cupped in my hand. Strangely it seemed we stayed like this for a long time. I was exhausted from the effort and so was she.. Her sari had rolled up on her thighs. With fear I gently pinched her breast . I could not stop making a few deep thrust like movem ents, like I would if I was doggy fucking her. She did not move either. Her hands were on the wall supporting her .Encouraged I began thrusting to and fro rapidly Her breast had became like hard balls in my hands. Just as I about to shoot my load, Peeni called out from the other side. We must have been not more than half a minute. I hurriedly said sorry and I was ready to heave her across the wall. My mistake was that in my own guilt I forgot to see her face. I just hulled her across and climbed over the wall. Now I was very afraid on what she would do now.. On the other side of the wall was another huge empty hall with small rooms on the side. Uma casually went on explaining that the small room were for the concubines and queens to witness the court proceeding. I looked at her face closely to see any signs of reaction to our earlier sexual interlude . I just hoped she wouldn’t tell Peeni about it. I would speak to her later and fully apologies. Why did I think to she did no t like it? Because thats the way women in Asia are, they are taught sex is bad bad sin, they repress it, they think it is a sin to fornicate, it is her security both emotionally and materialistically.

Now most girls use that as a guard against bad experience. Why should Uma be any different after all she was a clean respectable rich women. We went to the smaller rooms, she told to be careful as their were snakes everywhere. She showed me where to look for snakes and where they would hide. They knew this place well. We rested, Peeni went off to sleep. I took this opportunity to talk to Uma privately. I called her to me. She sat next to me. I told her how sorry I was for what happened earlier, requesting that she should never mention this fact to anybody . She did not understand what the fuss was about,that left me confused and bit insulted that she left me feeling like a idiot. She took me to the Kings bedroom chamber. The walls were erotically adorned with faded wall painting of kamasutra postures, males in different sexual posture with women. Uma sexily turned to me and smilingly asked me which one picture I liked. Since she was not em brassed I was not too. There were three pictures that i could see. I told her I like the one with doggy posture, she asked me why. I told her ‘maximum pleasure’ and then I asked her which one did she root for. To my surprise she too went for the same picture, I asked her why. She said ‘maximum penetration’. It suddenly dawned on me that she wanted to be fuck now. I pulled her to me. She said I was bigger then uncle. I countered her by saying my 8” parrot was very hungry. I put her hand on it .I kissed her full lips. Her tongue was so soft. There was no resistance .I put my hands underneath her blouse. I began kneading her breast, they were still firm. I lay her down and began to message her inner thighs .I gently put my middle finger inside her snatch. She clutched my ‘parrot’. She took it out of shorts and slowly began stroking it . I turned her around and did the really doggy thing I brushed and kissed her soft white ass checks. Then her hands guided my parrot to her hot hole. She was very tight to begin with. I had that heavenly feeling you get when the dick enter a new warm juicy promising hole. I entered her fully and paused to enjoy th e moment of beauty. Below me I could see my dark huge cock inside my aunties big soft white ass mounds, two brown pubic hairs around her shit hole, her long brown hairs were still falling on her back.

Then I slowly withdrew from her and then I began banging herr her with such ferocity I maintained that high speed tempo for sometimes. Her screams were echoing . We did not care. I began faster and harder. I turned her around on her back and put her legs on my shoulder to strect her fully. I unleashed the thunder of high speed maximum force of entry and regression so as to hit her G point hard. Within minutes she was making sounds like a hallow drum. The sound of air whooshing in out of her hole. We lost track of time, when we came we really were in sweet heaven. I could see the moon in the sky. It felt so good for both of us. She had never had such sex before. We had great sex everyday and night from then on. Peeni was was part of the plan to get Uma to seduce me. It seems before me, they had to be satisfied with an old manservant. I was a big change. Thatwas many years ago now I am in Toronto but still willing to make any women in Canada or North America happy. Write to me at

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