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The One Who Tries First Gets First

  • desipapa
  • October 6, 2015

Hello readers. My name is Rahul. At last after a long desire I have decided to share my experiences with you. I find it very interesting to read the sexual relationships among different relations. I do believe that every relation is possible in this world. But to be very frank the thing that I read with interest is the situations how the person reaches to fuck and not the art how he fucks. Everybody has his own techniques to fuck. And everybody does it in the same manner -some slowly and some quickly.

Anyway it all started when I joined Law College after completing my graduation. In graduation I was very much reserved type of person but when I came out of the college, I was fully prepared for everything. I got many chances to fuck many girls but due to lack of the knowledge of places where we could go I missed every opportunity. But it was good that I got my second fuck, a girl named Shailja out of a group of five boys although I was not at all in the competition to get or fuck her. Not in the competition because everybody knew that I have a girlfriend.

It all started the day when my girlfriend told me that one girl from her hostel is also doing the same course in law and is in my class only. She told me that her name is Shailja. Next time I tried to locate her but couldn’t make out as there were around 185 students in my class and the professors use to call our roll numbers and not names for attendance purposes. So next time when I met my girlfriend I asked her roll number. Next day I could easily locate her; she was sitting on the first bench. She was quite good in everything, a typical south Indian female.

After the roll call when the professor left the class I went to her bench. She was sitting alone. I sat beside her on the bench and said, “Hi Shailja”. She turned to me and looked at me surprisingly. I continued, “How are you?” She replied, “I am fine”, and then continued, “How you know me?” I said, “Guess how?” She said, “Tell me”. I said, “I am Rahul – Sonals boyfriend.” She gave me a nice smile and said, “Ooh Rahul! Ya Sonal told me that her boyfriend is also in my class.”

This was how we met first and after that we became good friends in one day only. She introduced me to her group. I surprised she was the only girl in her group. Now we were five boys and one girl in the group. Everybody wanted to try her and they were not considering me in the competition as I already had a girl friend.

I also had my own group with three girls and one more boy. So I wasn’t giving much time to Shailja’s group. I use to join them after everybody in my group leave for their homes. (There were interesting incidents with girls of my group also, that I will tell you in other stories)

Slowly time passed and we also came some close. My friends were not doing anything and just trying. One day there was nothing much to do in college so I asked Shailja for a movie. She said ok I would ask everybody. I said no only you and me. She thought for a while and said ok but what will we tell others. I told her not to tell anyone anything and just say that you have to go early today and leave. I will meet you near the cinema hall. She said ok.

She left and after some time I also left, none of them had any doubt as we planned it properly. We met at the hall, it was my favourite theatre for such deeds and that also in morning show when hardly any crowd comes for a movie. She was sitting on my left. The movie started but I was not in the mood of movie, as usual. I was thinking of how to start. After some time I put my left hand over her seat and touching her shoulder. I think she was also expecting the same from me. She didn’t react. Then I slowly-slowly preceded my hand towards her boobs and finally my hand was on her left boob, of course it took me half an hour to reach from shoulder to her mount. She said nothing. And that was a silent signal for me to proceed. I started pressing it slowly with my right hand I turned her face towards me and kissed her on her lips. Then I made her to put her head on my shoulder and in that position we saw the movie. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her time-to-time till the movie finished. My dick was rock hard but that was not the place so I didn’t proceed further as my initial step, in order to fuck her, was over. But we enjoyed the movie. When we came out she was normal, as nothing had happened. After that we had lunch in a good restaurant.

But that wasn’t enough so we planned for another movie and this time also same hall and the same morning show. One thing I forgot to tell you guys that she was just like typical Indian women who don’t know how to smooch. She would just remain motionless while you smooch her. That also gives you a different kind of pleasure. Anyway we continued where we left. As soon as the movie started I put my hand on her boob and kissed her. Now my aim was her pussy, so I moved my hand towards her pussy passing through her stomach. I was pressing each and every part of her body that came in my way from her boobs to her pussy. And finally I reached my destination and I started rubbing it over her cloths. She was wearing a Salwar- Kameej. After rubbing her pussy, kissing her and pressing her boobs simultaneously, I located the nada (lace) of her Salwar and opened it. And then I moved my hands towards her pussy from her back (obviously back because we were sitting on the chairs). I reached her hole; it was very hot and fully lubricated with her pre-cum. I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. She was very hot but was enjoying silently. Then I parted her pussy lips with my two fingers and I inserted my middle finger deep inside her hole. She embarrassed me tightly showing how hot was she. Then slowly I started pumping my finger in and out of her hole and continued for some time. My dick was rock hard and wanted to come out of my pants and go inside her but I didn’t take it out. That time I was new to these experiences otherwise I would have taken it out and she would have given a nice Blowjob (She was expert in Blowjob as I discovered later). This was my second movie with her. Now I was sure that she is also very egger to get fucked by me.

After that we were very much close to each other, but never in college and other public places. We were totally normal with each other in the group and as I told before I was not in the competition at all in view of my other friends of the group. But I was desperately looking for some chance to fuck her. I never liked the places where you go, fuck and come in an hour or two. I wanted some place where one has full privacy and full time to proceed slowly and enjoy thoroughly. Soon we got the chance. It was the time when out vacation started after the first term and she was supposed to leave for her hometown. Her train was at 5.30 in the morning but the time for the hostel gate to open was 6.00 in the morning. She took the permission to leave at 5.00 in morning. But that was a risk as the station was quite far from the hostel. If she comes out in the evening she has to leave the hostel latest by 8.00 pm. Then where would she spend the night? She was not able to decide so when I called her up she told me the problem. I said do one thing; leave the hostel in the evening. We will have the dinner together and go for the night show. After the movie we will spend the time at the station. She said Ok. I will leave the hostel at 7.30 pm. I asked her where would she come. She said at V.T only (She was suppose to catch the train from V.T). I said No meet me at Bombay Central. She said OK.

Everything was planned now. I met her at Bombay Central. Then in the same cab we reached V.T station. After unloading the luggage from the cab, when were standing on the platform I said, ” See its useless to spend the whole night sitting and roaming on the platform. Lets go to some nice hotel and spend the night. And will come back in the morning.” She said OK.

Yes, we were on our way to fuck each other. Very excitedly we took a cab and went to a hotel nearby. We checked in and closed the doors. Now the main task for which we had been waiting so long was about to happen. I was fully prepared with condoms and lubricants.

We were on bed. I started kissing her starting from her eyes. Then I put my lips on her and my hands pressing her everywhere. After some time took out her kurta and unhooked her bra. Oh my, so firm and beautiful boobs that I had ever seen before. I could not hold more and started sucking them. Why god didn’t give me two mouths. It tasted so good and I was sucking so hard that she started moaning loudly and this time she said something. Oh Rahul slow…. please. But I was in no mood to listen her. She was enjoying but silently. She didn’t say anything when I undressed her except when I tried to remove her panty. She said No Rahul No, but we all know what a girls no means. With slight resist she let it go. Now she was in her born dress. I started smooching her and put my rod at her hole, with a slight thrust it was in. I started pumping in and out. She hugged me tightly. I was sucking her boobs and pumping her. Now after some time I loaded into her but I was wearing a condom, play safe. She was also looking exhausted. We remained in that position for some time. Then she went to the bathroom to wash her thing. She asked me, ” Does it bleeds?”, I said, ” Yes. Why?” She said, ” It was bleeding?”. Bitch. I don’t understand why girls lie. Why don’t they honestly accept their affairs? Why was she lying to me? I did not have to apply any pressure to put it in and still she is telling that it was bleeding. Well, I didn’t say anything. After that we continued our game the whole night and I spent my full pack of Kamasutra of six condoms. She left for her hometown and I came home. After one month she had to come back so I asked her whether I should come to receive her. She excitedly said OK. Her train reached Dadar Station at about 10 pm. We took a cab and went to a hotel. After entering the room I locked the door and we went to the bathroom to freshen up. We both were naked, looking at her my dick become rock hard. I bent her head down and put my tool in her mouth. Oh my. What a sucking bitch was she? She sucked it so finely that I came soon in her mouth. Though she didn’t drink it but I got a heavenly pleasure. Wow. After that we were in bed and enjoyed the night in the same way and woke up at noon. She had to shift to her hostel so we checked out of the hotel and after she left with a cab I came home.

After this we met once more and enjoyed thoroughly and then she left the college and went to Nagpur for her MBA. After that we couldn’t meet and nor any contact. Although I wanted to be in touch with her but she doesn’t seem to be keen for that so I didn’t disturb her. But she will always remember me while fucking as I do sometimes.

So please do reply me about my adventures. But this is true that “the one who tries first gets first”. So don’t be shy and just go ahead. World is full of fucking people and there’s nothing harm in this as long as some understanding is there. I will tell my adventures with my students in my next mails. For any comments and friendships please mail me at

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