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The Night When My Behna Lost Her Virginity

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Dear friends I have been a reader of desipapa stories for quiet sometime and wanted to share my experience with you and so I am here. I am a resident of Delhi.I live with my parents and two brothers. This incident occured some two years back.My cousin Uncle lives in the same city with his wife and two daughters. This incident involves his elder daughter,Priyanka.From our very childhood I used to fiddle with my sister, she is two years younger than me. Around two years ago,I had gone to my Uncle’s place to get both my sisters they usually spend a day or two with us every month. However only Priyanka came as the younger one did not want to come.

Priyanka came and spent the day with my Mom. In the night around 1 o’clock I got up and came out of my room to check whether all were asleep or not. On finding that everyone was asleep slowly moved towards the guestroom(where Priyanka was sleeping).On turning the latch I found that the door was locked from inside.With the help of a table I managed to open the door through the ventilator.On entering I found my sister lying in the middle of the bed covered with a bedsheet.I went and entered her bedsheet from behind her.Slowly I shifted foward until I could feel her bottocks with my penis.Then I adjusted myself such a way that the partition of her bottocks were exactly against my penis.Now I moved my left hand over her and rested hand just over her hip such that my fingers were at level with her cunt.Now I pressed with my left hand to get a good feel of her cunt.After staying in this position for sometime,I removed the bedsheet completely and could see that my sister was wearing her nightdress and below that was wearing a salwar.

As gently as possible I tried to lift her nightdress. After having lifted her nightdress upto her hips I left it there and started to feel her cunt (till now I was under the impression that my sister was sleeping).When I tried to feel her breast she resisted and it was then that I came to know that she was awake.However when I tried to open the knot of her salwar she did not resist and so I knew that I was lucky today(as she did not allow me to fiddle her for the last two months).I opened the knot and entered my hand into her shalwar and began to feel her cunt on top of her panties all this while I kept pushing my penis on her buttocks. After getting a good feel of her cunt from above her panties I put my left hand inside her panty and could feel her bush and her love hole.I now started to finger her vigorously and she started to make some sounds.After about ten minutes of this I began to push my right hand under her hips and then turned her over so that she shifted from my right to my left.I kept fingering her with my left hand and with my right hand tried to get a feel of her breasts but she resisted.Now I opened the knot of my pajama with my right hand and let my penis free of my undeis.

I removed my pajama and my undees completely and pressed my erect penis against her buttocks then with my right hand I took hold of her right hand and brought it to my penis(this was the first time she was touching a penis)she quickly removed her hand.I took hold of her hand again and brought it back and placed my penis in her palm.This time round she did not remove her hand,but moved it in such a way as if measuring the lenght of my penis.Now I moved my right hand to feel her breast this time round she did not resist.When I pressed her breast she shouted a bit and told me not to press so hard.In the meantime I kept playing her cunt and asshole and her hand was just holding my penis I told her to move her hand forward and backward on my penis.We remained in this position for what seemed to be a long time.(till now her bra was still intact). Later I pulled both my hands back and also withdrew my penis from her hand now she opened her eyes and to lie on her back.I got up and moved towards her legs I caught her salwar and removed and her panties followed.

Then I moved my hand forward and she placed her hand in my hand I pulled her to make her sit up and took off her nightdress then i took her in my arms and unhooked her bra from behind caught hold of the ends of the strap and moved out of her arms and her bra came along.I then pushed her and she fell on the bed.Now in the light coming from the blue night lamp I could see my 18 year old sister of 38-26-38 lying absolutely nude before me.I moved forward and climbed on my sister in such a manner that my penis was exactly above her cunt.Now I looked up into her eyes and found that she was looking at my eyes as well.I kept looking in her eyes and moved down slowly to touch her lip gently with mine as soon as the contact was maid she closed her eyes.Now I began sucking her lips and later inserted my tongue in her mouth.She was holding me really tight.Then I moved my tongue towards cheeks and planted a kiss there and then moved on towards her ear and her neck.She was getting very aroused due to my hot saliva on her body.Finally I reached her breast,took one of them in my mouth and pressed the other now she was absolutely desprate moving her hands swiftly on my back then on her hair and back to where it started.slowly I moved down to her umbilicus spent a while there and went below to her cunt and licked and sucked it nicely.When I was finished with this I realised that it was time for the real thing.I took a final look at her virgin pussy for the last time and then went forward on top of her.

I told her what I was going to do and she immediately said “nahi”.On asking her why she started saying all sorts of things and finally said that my penis was too long and that it would hurt.Later after a lot of promising that I would be gentle and not hurt her,she agreed.I placed my penis at the mouth of her vagina and I planted a last soft kiss on her lips.Then I made a very strong thrust and only a part of the head entered.But she let go a very loud shout I closed her mouth quickly and reminded her where we were.She started protesting and telling me to withdraw my penis and not to do it any more.As I had no other way I put my lip on her and started smooching her at the same time I kept pressing her breast and after some time had past slowly started pushing my penis in slowly after every push she made a sound of pain but I kept smooching her, till my penis was completelt in her then I ended the kiss and told her “poora ghus gaya” and she replied “kitna dookha app ko kya maloom,chalia ab nikalia”.”Are abhi to ghusa hain thoda dar tak to khalne do”.And then I had to do a lot of convincing and finally we agreed she would make a count to 30 and then I would I to withdraw.And so the count started and I started in and out at full paes,she was having pain but as per the promise she did not say anything.When she had reached 10 I interupted her to ask her “tumhara akhari mahina kab laga tha” ,she replied”paanch din hua kyu?”.I said “bass assae hi”.All this while I continued without stopping.And finally when she said “11”.I told her that she was cheating and that she was at’5′ “.After a small argument we decided we would start again and that both will count.

And so the count started and continued my pumping,By now all those painful sounds had stoped.Again when we reached 10 I told her “Priyanka, sachi bolo ab too nahi dookh raha hoga,balki abb to tumha bhi maaja aa raha hoga”.After A while of silence, she said “haa!”.”Too ab ginti bandh karo aur dono jan maja lata hain”.And after this the count stoped and I started at full speed witddrawing the whole lenght and putting it back forcefully.After a while she started moaning and I continued the pumping.After a very long time finally the two of us came simultaneously.We rested in each others arms for 5 minutes and then slowly I started pumping again.In this way we fucked 4 times then and finally slept in each others arms with my penis still in her vagina. I was awaken by her as she was trying to get out of bed.I asked her what happened and she replied that she wanted to go to the toilet.I took a look at the clock and saw that it was just 4 a.m.On getting up she saw blood on the bed and aws scared,but I told her that it was because she was fucked for the first time and that there was nothing to worry about convinced that there was nothing to worry about she went towards the bathroom. As there was a attached bathroom I told her to leave the bathroom door open,she obliged.And I could see her sitting on the pot.I asked her why had she not allowed me to touch her for the last two months and he said that her younger sister had told her not to allow.Then how did she allow me today “aisae hee”.I told her to come quickly and thaught to my self “choote wali ka kuch karna hoga”.While I was still thinking,the noise of the flush came and my sister came into the room.

She came and lay on the bed facing me.We looked at each other and were immediately involved in a french kiss.At the same time both kept feeling each other body.I spent most of my time on her well formed buttocks and she of course on my penis.After I had had enough of it I asked her whether she would want to fuck me,she was like what’s that supposed to mean?I lay on my back and told her to climb over me.I told her now catch my my penis and put it into your ‘boor’.She did exactly that and waited for me to say something.I told her now move up and down slowly so that my lund goes in.With the very first downward motion she had pain but she continued to go up and down,while I played with her buttocks and her boobs one after the other.She continued and after sometime she started moaning loudly and I had to remind her where we were.I the mean time I had come several times in her cunt,finally she also came and fell upon me to rest. After a while she said that she enjoyed this the most and rolled over to lay besides me.After awile I told her that there is something she would enjoy more.Immediately she asked “what?”I moved my right hand over her and placed the middle finger on her ass and said “iske andar dalna”.She was like lets do it.I told her that there was a problem that my “lauda” was slack.She said “khara karea naa”.I told her that only she could do it.”kaisa”.”isko apna mokh ma la kar chooso”.She hesitated,but I told her that it was the only way.She reluctantly took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it.Initially I had to teach her a little,but she provrd to be a very quick learner and gave me a very good blow job.

I told her to stop just before I could come. Seeing that she was highly interested in getting her ass fucked I took the opputuinity and told her that fucking her there will pain a little and that she must promise that she won’t shout.She agreed so I took her to the sofa(which was in the same room) and told her to lean over it.Took some cream from the dressing table and applied it on her asshole first and then on my penis.I placed my penis on her asshole,put my arms around her, held her tight and then asked her”ready”.”Haa.”I pulled her with all my energy amd at the same time pushed my penis into her.She bit her lips in pain,but did not shout.As she had taken the pain gracefully I continued my in and out movement,and this was the fuck that I enjoyed the most.Boy must say that her ass was really tight.I had always admired her ass but never ever thaught that it would be such a great fuck.It took quite a while before I came in her ass and when I finally did come I knew thar I was completely exhausted.I withdrew my penis and we both went to the bed and lay there. I was almost asleep when she told me that it was already 5:30 and that I should leave now as it about time for my Mom to get up.And so both of us began wearing our clothes.While wearing our clothes I asked her “kaise rahi aaj ke raat”,”bhoot maaza aaya,bhagwan kare aise bahoot se raaten hoon”.We were both dressed and she said that she would go out on the pretext of drinking water and see whether any one was awake.She opened the door and left,to return after a while with the message that every one asleep.I hugged her for the one last time and left.

I was woken at 8:30 by my Mom and she asked me whether I would be going to college,I said that my head was paining and that I wouldn’t go.Again my mother wake me at 10:00 to say that she was going out and would be back by the evening.I slept again to be waken at 1:30 by the ringing of the door bell.On opening the door I saw that Priyanka had returned from her college.Closed the door and began smooching her.What happened further I will tell you in part 2 of the same title. (IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT MY SISTER LOOKS LIKE TAKE A LOOK AT DESI PAPA’S DESI BABES THE MODEL LOOKS VERY CLOSE TO MY SISTER.)

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