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The Lessons Next Door – Part 2

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

‘Now kiss one of them,’ she instructed, eventually. I pressed my lips against the side of it, and felt it heave against me. ‘Kiss the nipple,’ I did. ‘Suck it,’ I opened my mouth and covered it. I ran my tongue against it. ‘Now, bite it. Gently,’ she whispered. I wondered if I had heard her correctly, and decided that she knew what she was doing better than I did, so I gently closed my teeth around it.

I thought I had hurt her when she gasped but she exclaimed ‘Yes! Yes! Oh, that’s it! Yes!’ I bit it again, eliciting the same response. She was writhing now beneath me. ‘The other one, do the other one!’ she panted, and I did that one too, chewing it gently between my front teeth. All of a sudden, she snapped my head up in her hands. ‘Now fuck me,’ she said, her voice hard, her eyes glaring directly into mine. How could I refuse? I slid up and pressed my lips against hers. Her tongue virtually flew into my mouth. We realigned our legs, after some clumsy struggle on my part, and I felt pubic hairs against my member. I wondered briefly how to do what I needed to next, but shouldn’t have worried. I felt her hands on it soon, and I raised my hips as she pushed up, and then lowered them as she pulled down where her other fingers were opening her pussy. I felt that warm wetness I had explored just a few minutes ago, close around me and open to me at the same time. I felt her hands on my buttocks now, pulling me further in.

When I was fully in her, I sighed, and collapsed against her chest. I raised my hips and let them fall again, inexpertly. This sent a twinge of intense pleasure through me as she panted ‘yes!’ She was working her hips much better than I was, so I’m afraid I was just as much dead weight on top of her. I wish I could have lasted longer as well, but I felt myself cumming almost immediately. She must have realized this, and pulled me close as she bucked her hips up against me hard, and held them there. I came, spurting my hot liquid deep inside of her as she gasped. I felt her pussy contract around mine and heard her pant harder as I was shooting the last drops into her. I guessed she was also cumming now. She kept me inside of her as she finished cumming, even though I was incredibly sensitive.

I pulled out of her and rolled away as soon as she released me, completely exhausted. She cuddled me for a little while as I lay there, nearly shivering in my sweat. ‘That was great,’ she said, giving me a little hug. ‘Was it? I mean, I’m not very… you know….’ ‘No, it was perfect. I love the first time. It’s so fresh. I’m going to have fun teaching you. Want to come over tomorrow?’ ‘Sure! I mean, yeah!’ ‘Good. I’m getting some new shelves and perhaps you can help me assemble them. I’m terrible with DIY.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘I’ll pay you, as well. Don’t want parents getting suspicious about unpaid labour.’ ‘Works for me.’ We lay there a little while longer, and then I said I had to leave. We had a naked hug and kiss, and I got dressed and left. My mother saw me coming down the drive. ‘You must have done a lot of lifting, you’re flushed.’ I smiled and explained about how Ambrin needed help with the attic. ‘That’s good, I’m glad you’re helping her out.

I think she gets pretty lonely over there during the days.’ Not anymore. ‘I’ll be getting paid, too,’ I mentioned. ‘Do you think that’s fair? I mean, are you taking advantage of her?’ Not likely. ‘No, it was her idea.’ ‘Well, okay. But I hope you’ll do some really hard work.’ I expected too. I’mm sTuDly_uRx, 21/m/Karachi … Contact me at

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