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The Lessons Next Door – Part 1

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I love the fresh air. I didn’t care if my room was cold almost all the time, I just hated stuffiness. I also hated the sound the bathroom ceiling fan made so whenever I took a shower, I made sure that it was off, and the window was wide open. I don’t use a shower curtain, either since that just traps all the hot, steamy air in with me, and I feel like I can’t breathe. No water gets on the floor because all I do is just angle the shower nozzle away from me. Problem solved. Now, you can’t blame a young man of my age for blowing off a little steam in the shower.

Or more accurately, releasing some… sexual pressure. Especially when that young man doesn’t have a girlfriend, or hasn’t even had sex before in his lonely little life. So this is how you can usually find me at around ten o’clock at night: jacking off in the shower. Sometimes they would be quick little jobs, sometimes I would like to prolong the event by revisiting one of my fantasies. I have my own en suite bathroom so I’m never worried about people waiting around or knocking on my door. My family respects my privacy. I had now been in the shower for some time. My parents had gone and I amused myself by hunting down free porn on the internet. I went back up to my shower for some private time and let loose stream after stream of cum in a body-wracking, spine-shaking orgasm. I reached over to the window for the shower gel to get cleaned up when I knocked a bottle over and off of the bathtub rim. I cursed and bent over to pick it up. Well, you can probably see this coming already. I bent down to pick it up and when I straightened back up, I thought I saw a figure in the window of the next house over. Startled, I reached for my glasses and shoved them on my nose.

To my horror, I saw that my neighbour’s wife was there in her bathroom, looking at me, from a distance of about twenty-five or thirty yards. I pulled the shower curtain over me quick and just stood with the water streaming down my face. How long had she been there? Was this the first time she’s watched me? Did she see me come? At first I was nervous when I asked these questions, then they sent a little thrill up me. The truth was, my neighbour is quite a fox. She was about my parent’s age, but very good looking. She’s half Indian, with a creamy, mocha coloured skin tone, and quite curvaceous. She has been over a couple times when my parents had dinner parties and, although I’ve only talked to her once, I’ve always admired her large breasts and ample behind, despite her age. I decided to peek out from behind the curtain to give her a wave and cavalier smile, perhaps a little bow for the show, but saw that she was gone. With mixed feelings, most of it relief, I pulled the curtain back all the way and finished up my shower. I kept checking out of the corner of my eye if she would return, but she didn’t. After about half an hour of watching, I got out and dried off. The next evening, I went up for a shower at the same time. I was very excited and determined to put a show on for my neighbour if she was there again and I hoped she would be. I would pretend not to see her and give her a nice, long, show, turning to look at her as soon as I ejaculated. It was not to be however. Alas. It was to be much, much better. When I got there, I saw she was almost hanging out of the window, completely, as far as I could see, naked. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I could see her husband standing behind her, pumping into her. His eyes were closed and brow furrowed in concentration. Sweat was dripping down his red face from his balding brow. She was much more relaxed though. She had a pleasant twist to her lips as her soft brown skin rippled with his efforts. Her big round breasts jiggled and swung forward.

They were hardly saggy at all, but her nipples hung low in them. They were nice, big, brown nipples that looked puffy and hard. I stared, amazed, as she lifted her eyes to my window from across the canyon between our houses. She smiled when she saw me and closed her eyes again. Her brow contracted and I thought I could hear a small grunt each time her husband pushed into her. It was just on the edge of hearing, but audible none-the-less. I found myself hard and had to unzip my jeans. My hard-on immediately popped out from through my boxers and I took it in hand. Why not? I thought, as I started rubbing it. Who knows when I’ll get this opportunity again? I jacked off to their rhythm and imagined that it was me inside of her instead. Her grunts were more frequent and pulled at my heart, they were so sweet. She looked up at me again and smiled to see that I was still there. Although she couldn’t see below my waist from where I was now, she must have known I was jacking myself off. I heard her turn her head towards her husband and say something which I thought sounded like ‘Harder, I’m cumming now,’ and stiffen as he ploughed deeper into her. Now she looked me dead in the eye, as I did her. She stiffened and arched her back as she shook under her husband’s assault. Her brow furrowed and she let a long moan out as she shivered and bent forward, releasing a huge sigh. She maintained eye contact with me all the way through. As she came, so did I. I put a hand in front of me to catch the drops as I spewed forth another great load. She broke eye contact and bent over the window sill as her husband continued. Eventually he tossed his head back and threw open his jaw. I ducked out of sight as he did, in order that he wouldn’t see me if he opened his eyes.

I wiped my hand with some toilet paper, counted to thirty, and then peeked out from behind the wall. I just caught the back of the husband as he left the bathroom. His wife was pulling her clothes on slowly and as she put her second arm through her shirt and started to button it up, she looked at me again with a sly smile. I watched her breasts disappear beneath the thin blue fabric of her shirt, only to reappear briefly as she bent over to put on her jeans. Just before she turned around to leave, she blew me a kiss and then disappeared. As I sat down on the toilet seat, almost breathless, I wondered if I needed a ‘shower’ after all. * * * The next day, Saturday, I had to work with my mother in the garden. I was pulling weeds, and thoroughly bored. I replayed what I had seen the previous night in my head over and over again and discreetly adjusted myself when I thought she wasn’t looking. ‘Hi.’ I looked up. Looking down at me from over the fence was the object of my midday fantasies. She was dressed in a little cotton dress which, though I could only see the top half, clung to her every curve, masking nothing. It was a little cold to be wearing something like that and, since I could help looking, I saw that her nipples were sticking straight out. I couldn’t speak. After all, here was a woman who I had just seen naked and making love the previous night, standing right in front of me! But she didn’t seem to mind my speechlessness. ‘Is your mother about?’ ‘Hi Ambrin!’ My mother said, sticking her head out from behind some bushes. ‘Oh, hi. Listen, I was wondering if I could borrow your son for a few minutes.’ ‘Oh, I think I could spare him. What do you need done?’ ‘There are some shelves and books I need moving to the loft. We’re converting it into an office that I can use.’ ‘That’s great,’ to me she said, ‘why don’t you go with her?’ ‘O-okay…’ I managed, taking off my gardening gloves. She smiled at me as I walked around the fence and down her driveway. ‘I’ll try to bring him back in one piece,’ she said to my mother as she led me inside. I saw the rest of her outfit and it nearly blew me away. It barely covered her ass and left nothing to the imagination. I hoped she would bend over a good couple times while I was there so I could get a good look up it. We got inside and I shut the door behind me. ‘It’s just up here…’ she said and started going up the stairs in the hallway. I lingered near the bottom and tried to see up her skirt. I couldn’t make out anything, I certainly couldn’t see her panties. The loft ladder was already down, and there were two bookcases and a lot of books stacked up near it. Looked like I really was going to help her move furniture like she said. I don’t know what I expected though. ‘You go up first, and I’ll lift the bookcases up to you.’ she said.

They weren’t very big, and looked like she could manage them easily. Disappointed that I wouldn’t get a look up her skirt, I climbed up. Looking around, I noticed that there was definitely some work going on up here, but I wasn’t really sure what. It was kid of roomy, but kind of inconvenient, since the roof sloped on both sides. I couldn’t imagine anyone working up here. But, ours is not to reason why… ‘Okay?’ ‘Yeah,’ I called. As she looked up at me, I looked down at her. My disappointment at not seeing up her skirt faded as I looked down it. She was obviously not wearing a bra. I couldn’t see her nipples, but could see the cleft between her breasts, and some of her muscular stomach. I felt my crotch tighten. ‘Okay, I’m going to pass up the first bookcase now,’ she announced, and I bent down to accept it. She stooped down to lift the case and I thought I saw a nipple as her top fell forward. There was a lot of bobbing though, and I couldn’t be sure. She hoisted the bookcase up to the hole, thus obscuring my view. I pulled it up as quick as I could hoping to get another look down her top, and was rewarded with one when I did. I put it to the side and got ready to receive the other one. She was already out of my line of vision when I turned back, however. I hoisted that up too and then stared back down at her as she called up ‘okay, that’s those taken care of. Where did you out them?’ ‘Just here, at the side.’ ‘Hmm. Okay, I’m coming up to take a look.’ I stepped back from the ladder and waited for her to reach the top. As she pulled her self up from the floor… bingo! Full nippular closure! She seemed to struggle a bit to get to her feet, but I just kept staring down her top. When she straightened herself out, she smiled at me again. ‘Let’s put the first one over there,’ she said, pointing to a far corner. ‘Alright,’ I said. ‘Here, get the other end.’ I did and we dragged it over to the corner, which was a carpeted area. I put it as close as I could. ‘Is it as far back as it can go?’ she asked. ‘I think so…’ ‘Let me see…’ She came over to my side and edged close to me. I deliberately did not step back so that she would have to scrape across my side as she passed. She did. Her round yet firm bottom grazed near my crotch. I felt myself twinge. ‘Okay, looks good.’ She reported. She straightened up but I still stood close to her, trying to act nonchalant, but hoping she would brush up against me again. ‘Want to take a break?’ she asked. ‘Nah, I’m not tired. If it’s all the same to you, we could move the other one.’ I still didn’t move.

I was close enough to smell her perfume and see sweat glistening on the top of her breasts. ‘No, let’s take a break,’ she said in a low voice. In the next shocking instant, she stood into me, pressing her body onto mine. Her soft breasts spread upon my chest, her hips pressed into mine, her crotch was against my penis. ‘Feels like you could use a break,’ she said, brushing her hands across my erection. ‘Yeah, m-maybe I could,’ I managed breathlessly, stupidly. She gave me a small kiss on the lips. Just as I leaned forward to kiss her again, she took a few steps back. I couldn’t move, so I just stood there. In a calm, graceful motion, she slid the summer dress off of her shoulders, revealing her completely naked body beneath it. My eyes fell immediately to the dark pubic hairs underneath the round curve of her belly. ‘Have you ever had sex before?’ ‘N-no,’ I stuttered. ‘Poor you. How old are you?’ ‘Eighteen.’ ‘I was having sex when I was fifteen. A lot of the boys from my class and some from the years above. Have you ever seen a woman naked before?’ She asked. ‘I saw you last night…’ I gulped. ‘Of course,’ she smiled, ‘I’m glad you did. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble I had getting him turned on, let alone to do me in the bathroom. But you could only see me from the top up. I meant, have you seen a woman completely naked?’ All I could do was nod, yes. ‘Where? On TV?’ She brushed a hand across her breast, making it jiggle a bit, like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. ‘No.’ I reminded myself to take a breath. ‘I have an after school drawing class and once we had a nude model come in.’ ‘I see. So you saw her all then.’ I nodded again. ‘Was she shaven or hairy here?’ she asked, moving a hand to her crotch. ‘Hairy I’ll bet.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Did you ever wonder what it looked like between her legs? When they were open?’ Another nod. ‘Did you fantasize about her? I’ll bet you did.’ I nodded once more. ‘Have you masturbated about her? In the shower? In bed at night?’ ‘Yes,’ I managed. She sat down on the carpeted floor. Her knees were together, her arms spread out behind her. ‘Have you ever masturbated about me?’ My voice was gone again. How could I tell a married women, let alone one sitting in front of me naked, that I’d fantasized about her? I nodded. ‘How often?’ She wanted an answer for which a nod wouldn’t suffice. ‘I- I dunno. Every week or so…’ ‘Once?’ ‘A few times.’ She smiled at this. ‘Well, you don’t have to anymore. From now on, I’m taking you under my wing, so to speak. I want to teach you all about sex, and today will be our first session. That is, if it’s alright with you?’ To my mind, the question was rhetorical. She had stopped talking however, so I nodded automatically. ‘Good. Think of me as a teacher, or tutor. You can do anything you want to me, I love it all. Oral, anal, anything.’ I gulped. I didn’t know what to say.

Truth be told, I was a little scared. I hoped we wouldn’t be doing any of that now. ‘What about your husband?’ I heard myself ask. Growing up in a highly moral family, I felt compelled to ask that question. At least, that’s the best explanation I can think of for why I said it. ‘Oh, he’s bored of me. I don’t know if he’s getting it somewhere else, or what. Frankly, I don’t care. Just so long as there are plenty of virile young men about it doesn’t matter. I’m lucky if I get it once a month from him these days. I, of course, need it more than that though.’ ‘No, I mean, what if he finds out?’ ‘Oh, don’t worry. He’s always away during the day and afternoon. Sometimes until midnight. I wouldn’t worry about him.’ ‘What if my parents find out?’ Well, they’d kill me, I knew that much. Ambrin took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe I was standing her in front of a naked woman giving her the third degree. ‘Well, there’s no reason they should, if you’re a good, unassuming little boy. Parents will sometimes overlook anything, as long as they think their child is an angel. Play up to them. Also, I’ve got a lot of work that needs going on up here and my husband is as sure as hell not going to help me with it. So if I borrow you every once in a while, they shouldn’t wonder…’ Airtight. ‘Now, come on. Are you going to do me or not?’ ‘I- I wantB Yes. Of course.’ ‘Good. Now get over here. Kneel down in front of me.’ I did so. ‘Want to see what’s between a woman’s legs?’ I nodded. Always the mute when I needed confidence. ‘Okay, put your hands on my knees, and just pull them apart…’ I did. She smiled as I slowly pulled them apart from each other. Through the widening V, I gradually saw more of my first, up close, pussy. It was a round mound with curly hair, neatly trimmed (though at that point, I didn’t know you could trim them. The skin was darker around it, darker than her light tan body tone. There was a crease in the middle which I supposed I would stick my prick into. I now had her legs as far apart as they would go.’Feel it,’ she invited. Cautiously, I moved my fingers towards it. As I reached the first coils of pubic hair, I could already feel the heat emanating from it. ‘Warm,’ I said. ‘Touch it. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t bite…’ My fingertips came into contact with the hot flesh. I brushed them up and down. She grunted, saying to herself, ‘I always love it when they touch it for the first time.’ I idly wondered how many other pupils she’d had. Then I wondered if I cared. I pulled my hand away. ‘Squeeze it now. Go on, you won’t break it.’ I pushed my hand back on it. I don’t know what I expected it to be like, but I didn’t think it’d be as soft as it was. As I rubbed it inexpertly, listening to her small groans as I did so, I noticed a trickle of liquid dribble down from between the crack. ‘What’s this?’ I asked.

‘Why is it getting wet?’ ‘It’s precum. Same as yours. I get it when I get hot.’ ‘I thought women were harder to turn on than men.’ ‘They are. But it looks like you’ve got the magic touch.’ She smiled at me, smiling at her. ‘Go ahead, rub it around.’ I did. ‘Now, spread the lips apart. Don’t be shy.’ I brought my other hand up and pushed both sides of the mound away with my thumbs. I marvelled at the concentric folds of glistening skin. It was the first time I had ever seen that. I didn’t even know it looked like that down there. There was a dark pink centre to it that I was curious to feel. ‘Oh, that’s wonderful. I can feel your breath. Go ahead, feel it,’ she said, as if reading my mind. I stuck a finger into the hot wetness. It was soft, yielding, inviting. She twitched as I moved my finger around. ‘Mmm. That’s enough. Don’t want to cum too soon. Why don’t you take your clothes off now?’ I leaned back, my eyes still fixated on her wet pussy. I stole occasional glances up to her breasts which were rising and falling quite heavily now. I started to unbutton my shirt, hesitant under her expectant eyes. After that came off, I slid off my T-shirt and socks. I stood up to unbutton my jeans and then those too were on the floor. I hesitated with my boxers. ‘Here, let me help with those,’ she said, sitting up in front of me. I must have had that deer-in-the-headlights expression because she smiled up at me and said, ‘relax,’ just as I felt her hands squeeze my butt. I tried to as she rubbed me, but became tense again as soon as she started pulling them down. The band caught on my erection and she stopped. She looked up at me, looking down at her. Her hands came around and one of them reached below the band and closed around me. She pulled it up and free of the band, letting the boxers slide down my legs, and then let her eyes fall upon it. My heart was beating like a steam engine as she appraised it, holding it in her hands. She gave it a couple experimental rubs. ‘Lovely,’ she said, and then kissed it on the tip. I thought I felt her tongue dart through her lips, playfully licking it, and I nearly came right then. But I didn’t, and she released me, lying back on the floor. I stepped out of my boxers. ‘Sit over here, I want you to feel my breasts now,’she said, patting the floor beside her. I went and knelt straight away. She took my hand and placed it on her left breast, then released it. I let it lie there for a second, feeling the warm softness rise and fall, the hard nipple poking into my hand. I didn’t know they were hard, I remember myself thinking.

I squeezed it a couple times first, and then started moving my hand up and down it. I moved my other hand to her right, leaning over her awkwardly. She must have noticed this. ‘Would you be more comfortable on top of me?’ she asked in a carefree tone. After a second’s thought and analysis, I raised a leg and straddled her. Her knees were together again so my legs were outside of hers. When I lowered myself, I felt my prick press between her legs. She raised her arms above her head, thus raising her breasts as well. They were now directly in front of my face. I raised my hands again and rubbed them a while longer. I’mm sTuDly_uRx 21/m/Karachi …. Contact me at

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