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The Infertile’s Lust And Love

  • desipapa
  • December 3, 2015

“Again forgot your key? ” she asked in all knowing tone. While i could just nod in affirmative , she opened the door a bit more and invited me in. ” Its okay. come on in. ” she said passing a smile. I smiled back said ” thank you.” as i came inside and threw my bag on the couch and made myself comfortable on the couch. I noticed, as she crossed me, was wearing a T-shirt with a casual Capri to go with it , and boy did she look hot in it. It had been a long time since I have liked her , but i knew nothing was going to happen. I mean she was around 15 years elder to me and her being married didn’t help me either. Me on the other hand was a 18 year old guy who couldn’t get his hormones under control whenever I saw this beauty around. It had been like 2 months since I used to wait at her home whenever my parents used to come late for lunch break , and quite frankly I didn’t mind that.
I used to go from my classes directly to check on my home , which I used to find most of the time open , but at times luck would smile upon me and i would go straight to her apartment which was just below ours. I would ask her if my mom left the key with her , which i knew she never did. And then she would invite me in for waiting. I think maybe she like me too , maybe she just wanted to chat or maybe she was just being helpful. This killed me ; the war inside my head was killing me.

Suddenly I realized that i have phased out and snapped out of it. I looked around and she was sitting beside me on the couch me at one end and her on the other with a glass of water in her hand and one on the table in front. ” Ohh so are we done with day dreaming?” she asked. I made a face in annoyed. She giggled and kept the glass down while i kept watching her. She asked ” Day dreaming about you girl friend?? I don’t understand, you know your parents come late sometimes. You can use that time and spend it with Priyanka.” I laughed and said “you know what. I can do that but i would rather prefer chatting with you. ” She became all surprised as to what came on to me , ” really ??” ” Yeah , I mean If I don’t then who will listen to your nonsense? ”

It was evident on my smug smile that i was pulling her leg. She picked up the pillow and threw it at me. I caught it and kept it aside , smug smile intact. We were now kind of friends I guess and the age barrier didn’t matter anymore. She was pretty cool for her age and that was the reason that she knew about my girlfriend and my parents didn’t. She now came in front of me and bent to pick up the glass she brought for me.

And as it always did my eyes went straight for her cleavage. wow!! Those two mounds on her were so perfectly round that i couldn’t take my eyes off those. I was so lost that I didn’t care if she saw me looking or not. And as she walked back to kitchen i saw her ass swaying as she walked away. I too asked her for washroom and went to pee where I saw her panties. This was now customary for me to smell her panties every time I used to get my hands on them. I wish i could masturbate but I didn’t had much time so i would just smell them for some time and keep them as they were.

I looked around here and there for a while she came back and we chatted for around an hour about what she did as a child , how she hated other women of societies , how technology had changed the way we communicate etc.All through that the only thing my mind was thinking about was getting her naked and how our bodies full of sweat would dance in the dark. Then my Mom rang the bell and I had to leave.

I adjusted my now hard from fantasizing cock so as no one would notice but still had some outlines, so i walked as fast as i could. As soon as i came inside I went in my room and said I am sleeping and locked the door. I took my pants off and took my cock in my hand and thinking about what i would have done to her i jerked myself off , with every jet of cum that came out I felt so relieved that i closed my eyes and dozed off into dreamland .

I had a dreamless nap and woke up for tea. I had my tea and went to my room for studying. Next day i came and saw that my mom was already home i came inside and lit up my lappy and just logged in my account on fb and there sent her a friend request. To my surprise she accepted rather quickly. I sent her ” For a person who thinks technology is not good you accepted me quite fast.” And thus began our endless chats on fb. I was wondering if her husband knew that we used to chat so much.

Then one day after my mom dad went away after having lunch we were chatting on fb , so she said “I am bored want to chat? ” i replied ” I wondered what are we doing right now? ” She said ” not like this.. Like real people. come over to my flat. i am making maggie for you. ” I liked the way she cared for me and was assertive. Even I had studies and a girlfriend to give time to, I agreed. I went to her home in about 2 min . she was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I swear I would have had a hard on right then.

She came back with maggie i said i want coffee like you, i dont like maggie. She came back with two cups of coffee and we made ourselves comfortable on the same couch. I just saw her talking about things she cared while my eyes would wander off to her cleavage which was slightly visible and then i noticed something i hadn’t paid much attention to , her nipples were now poking her soft T-shirt, and I wondered if it was the weather or was she turned on? Then suddenly she snapped her fingers in front of me.

I was taken aback and apologized. She said “Boy, you do phase out a lot. You must love your girlfriend very much. You start fantasizing about her every time.” I laughed ” No , how can I think about anyone else when such a pretty lady is sitting infront of me.” She raised her eyebrow and then laughed “Come on I am not that attractive for a young guy.” I knew how to pull her leg in this one so i said ” Who said anything about being attractive i just said you are pretty ” She said ” Haawwww!! Dont be so mean. ” And hit me on my head ” if you think so you can find your way out of this unattractive woman’s home ” saying this she got up and turned to walk away . I caught her by hand and pulled her down in a reflex ” come on i was joking i think you are very attractive.” she just ruffled through my hairs and said” I know.. ”

Just when I was about to ask what she meant by that? Her husband came through the front door from office. He said “Hey champ ? how are you doing? how come here today? ” I smiled and said ” was getting bored at home ( and wanted to fuck your beautiful wife) “He went inside ,I took that as my cue to leave . so i went back home and all the flirting had made me semi hard. So to relieve myself I put some porn on without headphones (perks of having both parents working) and in no time i was imagining myself as the guy getting all the action in porn and fucking that woman like rabbits .I came a lot with a groan and i knew i was not going to be satisfied by just jerking off to her , I knew I wanted her bad.

One day it was raining and just as i came home all drenched I thought maybe no one will be home and i will get to stay at Preity’s home. But to my despair the door was open and mom was just leaving for work. She said she will be home late tonight and dad is not coming till day after tomorrow. So i bid her good bye and went to my room lit up the laptop and thought maybe i can chat with preity but she wasn’t online . I lost all the hope and thought maybe i should take a shower and then study. As i was showering bell rang , i wondered if mom came back for something.

So i went in a towel to open the door, to my surprise it was preity. She was all wet in a white top and shorts and I could easily see her boobs outline .She said she lost her Key in the market so can she wait here till her husband comes. I said ” yeah of course” I moved aside and then I realized that I was starting to get a boner seeing her. So i ran back to bathroom after making her sit on the couch. As i was bathing myself She knocked on the bathroom door and asked me for a towel as she was wet.

I realized that in an attempt to avoid boner I forgot to give her a towel. so I wrapped a towel and taking the risk of getting a boner in a freaking towel I went outside and lead her by hand to my room and gave her a towel to dry herself . I said ” Dry yourself , I will look for something for you to wear.” while constantly trying not to get hard and avoid looking at her. I went to my parents room and took a bathrobe of my mom and as I came back in my room I was taken aback she was in her bra and shorts , she had removed her top .

I passed the bathrobe without looking at her . She said ” why are you looking away ? Isn’t this what you wanted to see? ” I was confused as to what she was talking about. ” what are you saying? ” She said ” yeah, now don’t pretend Look at the laptop you pervert . ” I saw and realized that while checking for her online i kept her photo on the beach open. I said ” I was just looking at your profile to see if you are online . ” with that I moved near my bed and as both my hands were busy closing my profile , my towel fell down and i looked at her and she looked down and suddenly i tried covering my dick with my both hands but I was not doing a good job at it . She screamed ” OH MY GOD!! Is this what you do? Why are so hard?? It explains it all my photo open and you like this…. ” I interrupted ” please sit down listen to me ..”

I made her sit down on the bed and kept her head on one of her hand while kneeling beside her. I took her hand in my hands and while rubbing said ” Listen you have to listen to everything then you can judge me. ” I went on ” I know its wrong but from the day I first came to your home I have liked you , I knew then that you are married and this is wrong for more than one reason so I tried to keep all my feelings about you to myself. But clearly this isn’t going as i thought it would but I really like you , the way you talk about things that matter to you , the way you laugh , eveything about you makes me so nervous around you. but to see you every time and not to think about….”

She suddenly caught my head and locked her lips with mine , I was surprised beyond measure . I was Kissing her. So i responded with all the animal instinct that i had , and what seemed like 5 mins she broke the kiss ” You are just a dumb guy .. I have always liked you..” And with that we began kissing again this time i made her lie on the Bed while I was on her as I kissed her with all the stored desire for her , and after making out for around 5 more minutes our hand began to explore slowly my hands were on her pussy slowly fumbling around the knot on her shorts .

After quite some struggle I loosened it enough for my hand to slide inside And rub circles around her pussy .. while her hand was stroking my head and the other was busy cupping my now hard cock. I slowly went down from her neck and then on her boobs .. and slid her bra off to kiss her nipples while she moaned. I bit her nipples and she jumped up with ” ahhhh slowly babe….”

I now moved down to her navel while kissing her bellybutton and swirling my tongue in there she just held my head with one hand and other was busy covering her mouth or grabbing a pillow. She was moaning quite a lot as I kept on going down on her. I removed her shorts and panties at once to find a neatly trimmed bush of hairs to welcome me. As i dove into her hole she moaned “Ahhh tongue me baby.”

I obeyed her immediately and pushed my tongue into her warm hole as my nose rustled through her musky smelling bush ,that intoxicated me . She now held my head even tighter and kept pushing me deeper into her .Out of blue i took my tongue out and bit her clit . that made her fell off the edge and there was so much sudden rush of wetness i could feel in her pussy.

She pulled me up to by hair and kissed me deep tasting her own juices on my lips. she broke off the kiss and went moved towards my cock. I understood what she wanted so I laid down on my back while my cock stood straight for her. She Slowly started stroking it then kissed the tip of my cock while looking straight into my eyes. I swear I could have cum right then seeing her eyes filled with lust.

She then went out of sight and i could feel her tongue on my balls sucking on them one at a time. Her tongue then trailed from the my cum filled testicles to the head of my cock as i grabbed the sheets to help me control from cumming. She raised her head ” Your cock is so much smoother and bigger than my husbands , he can barely make… ” “can we not talk about your husband ? it makes me uncomfortable. ” She was taken aback by my firmness but she smiled and her eyes spoke she understood what i felt. She went to lick the head of my cock like a lollipop and slowly she engulfed the whole head inside her mouth and played my head with tongue flicking it every now and then.

She slowly lowered her mouth and soon she was deep throating me while i could sense some of her saliva trickling down my shaft to the balls . I kept held her hairs by one hand as my other hand was busy controlling her head move up and down. Then after what seemed like 5 mins i couldn’t control myself and groaned ” Preity I aaamm cummingg” She did not stop sucking me instead her suction became stronger and harder .I held her head and with a last final thrust I came into her mouth . She didn’t move her mouth and swallowed it. She came upto me and said come on taste yourself . I kissed her deeply and could taste both myself and her . We kept kissing as our tongue danced in harmony inside both our mouth.

3 Minutes into french kissing each other she moved her hand down ” Ahh Already?? ” she straddled me and came on top of me asking ” so how does it feel to fuck the woman of your dreams? ” I said ” I will tell you when that opportunity arrives ” She slapped me , i deserved it . I laughed and rolled her over. while over her I slowly kissed her licked her neck as i was busy rubbing my cock on her pussy . ” come on baby don’t make me wait. push it in” I slowly lowered my hips and she moaned ” ahhh baby yeah more… ”

I pushed it more inside halfway through she started scratching my back as i pushed in. I knew it was too much for her so I started pumping her slowly at first and then as my thrusts got faster she began moving in the same rhythm as mine as my cock started disappearing in her pussy. as her moans got louder ” Ahhh goooo… harrrrdeerr…” I was now on the peak of my hardness and I started humping into her as hard as i could with the full length going in and coming out .Out of excitement i bit her lips while kissing and she went even crazier she rolled me over and came onto me all the while my cock buried deep inside her. She kept her hands on my chest as she made herself bounce on my cock .

I held onto her bouncing boobs and sucking on the nipples as she came forward my hands moved to her perfect ass as i roughly spread her butt cheeks and helped her move up and down on me. With a strong bounce she slowed herself down and i could feel all the lubrication in her pussy. I kept thrusting into her. I guess she must have been tired so I made her into doggy and went behind her as she wriggled her ass.. I said ” aren’t you a little too slutty? ”

As i spanked her ass. I buried my self deep into her in one thrust. as she let a soft moan slip out of her lips. She laid her head on the pillow in front of her as her ass raised up and we soon found a rhythm to fuck in. I pumped in her like that for sometime soon i thought of pulling her head by her hairs . so I bend forward and caught her hairs in a ponytail and pulling them slightly so as she could feel it. I started thrusting harder and now she moaned even louder as she arched her back in response ti my hair tugging.

As I pumped in her she moaned ” Ahhhh… fuuccck mee harder babyyy!! hittt righhhtt where youu are hitting ” I sensed i found her g-spot so I started going harder and faster while the whole room was filled with the noises of our sex and her moaning and some grunting from me. she screamed ” I ammm cumming … ” and within seconds she went limp and I left her hairs and lay on her. She was done but I was still hard and she came to life in one minute and went to suck my cock , I just lay motionless while she sucked my cock for sometime and said let me make you cum. Then went on to push my cock inside her as she sat on it .

I watched her face as she took the whole of my shaft , her face was filled with pain and pleasure , with a rather enjoyable moan she let herself glide on my cock as she bottomed me out. I held onto her boobs and pressed them hard as i could as she started riding me moving up and down on my shaft. In no time started rubbing her pussy while my dick was inside her.

After fucking for sometime She moaned out ” Cum for me baby , cum inside me ” I was close and i knew she was too. Suddenly I saw her lean back a little her hand disappeared behind unknown to me and as i wondered she slowly inserted her finger in my asshole . That was all that took me to cum I moaned ” aahhhhh …. preity I amm cumming” ” Me too baaabbyy … cuumm insiide mee” I grunted as her finger was buried inside me and felt spurts of cum releasing inside her pussy. And could feel her warm pussy juice overflowing .

We both were now covered in sweat and with my cock still inside she lay on my chest completely spent but satisfied she closed her eyes as I smiled and kissed her and closed my eyes too. I woke up to find her still sleeping on me .

I checked the time it was almost 4 pm and her husband would be home by 5 so I woke her up with a kiss , which she accepted with a smile. She moved a little and with a plonk sound my now limp cock popped out of her pussy. She kissed me and said ” This was great.” I said ” Thank you , but i know i am good at it .” She mischievously smiled and said ” Once a dumbo always a dumbo. ” with a smile she got up wore the bathrobe and then said ” Now what?? ” I said “Anything you want …” but suddenly realized that i came inside her. So i asked her ” why did you let me cum inside , you could be pregnant now. and i don’t want that to happen .” She said ” Relax , I can’t get pregnant ,that is why Me and my husband doesn’t have children. According to the doctor i am infertile or something and so is my husband .

Anyway even after such a thing I always liked you , if by any chance i do have a baby by this my husband would be more happy than suspicious. So relax.” But that was not all that bothered me so I asked ” was this a one time thing ?? or am I now your new boy toy ?? ” She smiled at me and laughed ” typical Guy mentality. You just fucked me and you are curious if you could get it daily .” I said ” yeah whats wrong in that?? Anyway i don’t think you can resist me anymore after what we just had.” She laughed ” Yeah you are right , but we need to be very fucking cautious. okay? ” I said ” Anything for you baby” We heard horn of a car and after seeing from window realized it was her husband so she quickly dressed up in her shorts and now dry T shirt and with a kiss she kept me waiting for our next escapade.

This was my first story here , maybe i can write other parts of this series based on the response from you guys and would like to hear some feedback and queries from you awesome guys and women. My email id is Hope you had a good nice masturbating session reading it. This is lucky signing off..

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