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The Incest Goddess Of My Heaven

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi readers this is my first story here I’ll introduce myself I’m Raghu(name changed) now 20 still studying I am from Kerala slim 6ft 60kg 6″.

Like every teenager I’m also like watching porn movies and pics.I love to do the slave part may be I never did the main role.I love to meet aunties of any age and girls this is my first experience but not the last.Here I’m going to share my experience with my big fatty grandma who’s 65yrs old. It happened last year vacation. In my house there’s only me grandma grandpa my aunt and her son.

As my parents were abroad from my childhood till 15 keep sleeping with my grandparents. After tat they allowed me a new room. As all u know my age guys are always a little sexy me too was one of them. From the moment I begin to read incest stories here I started fantasizing my big aunt with big milking boobs since she’s pregnant now.I peak into her room for finding some of her used panties I’ll find her put for washing with wet nipple section the odour of her bra and panty is really pleasant and uncontrollable

One day when no one was home except me and grandma it was almost 11am I entered my room and begin to watch porn in fact I forgot to lock the door a after sometime grandma came to room to take my dirty dress to wash I just don’t saw tat coming when she I was keeping my cock on my hand she as well as me got surprised I just covered it and she walked out of the room during lunch she scolded me and said this is not good and said from today u r going to sleep with grandpa I just thought I was screwed I apologized to her and said I’ll never repeat this but she refused and remained in her decision of sleeping with grandpa

As a last hope I said I can’t sleep with grandpa he makes snoring sound so I can’t sleep well she said that’s not a problem then you sleep with me and u r not allowed to use computer without my presence I feel like all over

After all this scene when I went to bed as said earlier grandma was there at bed in her saree blouse petticoat and other inners.Before that there was another scene as everyone in the hall without grandma I just start looking she was not in the so I went to her room it was closed but not locked I peaked in there what I saw was grandma nude after bath changing dress.But I dont stay there I leave immediately from there

There arise the devil in me for the first I looked her with sexy eyes her big plumpy boobs and fatty ass made me happy and decided to do the real man’s work

We both in a single bed with me wearing only lungi as god’s play electricity gone fan gets off heat increased she removed her saree

She was facing me I was looking at her whole body with thirst when I feel like she fall asleep I begin my work I slowly put my hands over her sexy boobs slowly begin to press it I don’t know from I got more guts I removed her blouse hooks and started caressing her nipples with my younger

Suddenly she moved I thought its all over but she was in deep sleep

I take a second thought what if she woke up only way to stop a woman from complaining is to put the thing in the glory hole

I just moved down raised her petticoat up for my surprise there was no panty I just take out my rod and put it in the hole the hole was loose for the first push she woke up I closed her mouth with my hand and said its all over my thing explored or hole if someone knows about this I’ll say you are the one made me do it so please cooperate

I removed my hand from her mouth at the same time she pulled me to her and said I was expecting this from you fuck every holes of your lady and begin to smooch tat last for 3minutes she removed my lungi and I made her nude

I begin to lick her body from top to bottom her moaning made me mad like a sex maniac l start to caress her boobs pinching licking sucking and biting all she was doing is slapping my butt and moaning with pleasure first I started with right boob slowly touched it then left boob slowly increased power pf touch I begin to squeeze it hard licked with my tongue for sometime then we kissed exchanged our tongues

I slowly licked her ears she squeezed my butt and moaned with pleasure slowly I came down to her stomach licked and kissed for a long time she was dragging my hair in pleasure suddenly she went to 69 position she showed me heaven and drank my whole cum in a single step at end I cummed four times and she just thrice onto my face and she licked my face placed her cum on tongue and asked me to have it we again. Smooched for sometime finally I fucked her in both holes cunt was loose but she managed she was the one riding on me and not allowed me to take a step she was very much interested in fucking in her ass it was tight and very painful but she helped by putting oil and adjusted her ass cheeks and fucked hard

She taught me every lesson she know then we take another session in shower still we are doing when no one is at home

She likes to fuck her ass more than anything she plays the mistress and I’ll be slave all the time. What was the best in her was her non ending sex thirst she is a sex devil and she is the one who arranged me my aunt that is her daughter for me .That I’ll explain in the next part.We just did sex with grandpa’s permission before him he just masturbate seeing us fuck

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