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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi everybody this is Pretty. i’m a 22 yr old from Bangalore. this was my true experience with my 19 year old brother vineet n he influenced me to write this story.

Let me describe both of us. vineet is abt 5’9″ with a good physique, black hair n black eyes n a terrible sense of humor. i’m abt 5′ 6″ with a knockout body (god’s gift) of 38-27-35 with black hair upto my shoulders n brown eyes.

it all happened during my holidays in march. I had just finished my 7th semester exams n was waiting for the results. vineet had joined commerce n had exams in April n used to study till 2 or 3 in the night. That night I came home at 10 pm n went to my room in 1st floor. I peeped in his room to check what vinny was doing, n he was cleaning his closet. So I just went to my room n changed my clothes n came down for dinner. Dad n mom’s room is in the ground floor n so is the dining. I called vinny n he came down. We had dinner n went to our respective rooms n then I slept off.

at about 1 am I suddenly woke up n went to the bathroom n then went to vinny’s room. He was doing accountancy n told me not to disturb him. So I went n sat on his bed n started seeing his closer which was open n some of the books strewn around. I saw some novels n his text books n some other commerce books, n in the pile were lying some porn magazines. I silently picked up one of the book n slid it under my shirt. I bade him good night n left to my room.

I shut the door n started looking at the pictures in it, they were really gr8 n I removed my pajama n my panty n started rubbing my clit. I then pulled out my shirt n bra n kneaded my breasts, fingering my cunt with my other hand I had a good orgasm. I then cleaned myself up n put the mag under the bed n slept off.

The next day I woke up at 7 30. Vinny had gone to the gym n my parents were at the dining, drinking coffee. I washed my face and came for the coffee. At about 8 vinny came home n had his daily dose of muscle building drink n came. Dad n mom were getting ready for their offices n vinny for college.

Everyone left at 9 45 n I was alone at home. So I started watching the TV n no programs were good n switched it off. I then called up Sushma n called her home. She told me that she would be there by 11. I had bath n dressed up n Sushma came. We had some lime tea n went to my room. I showed her the mag under the bed n she got really aroused on seeing the pics in it. She enjoyed them n after talking for some more time she left at 12 00.

I then went to vinny room n searched for the other magazines n I found them. I undressed myself n started masturbating till I came heavily on his bed n then cleared all the mess. Suddenly the bell rang I hurriedly dressed up n went down n opened the door, n it was Vinny, as there was a strike in college he came home. He went to his room, changed n came down n we had our lunch at 1 n I went to rest in my room.

I couldn’t sleep n had to just close my eyes n rest. In the meantime vinny came to the room n sat beside me. I didn’t open my eyes as I wanted to know what he was upto. So I acted as if I was sleeping. He came near me n smelt my crotch area n lifted the nightie up. He then touched my panty n started caressing my pussy from the outside n tried to pull it down. I suddenly woke up, n he was taken aback. He told me then that he had seen me masturbating in his room as he had entered the house with the spare key n peeped thru the door. I was by that time aroused n desperate for a fuck

I had noticed his prick erect in his knickers n caught hold of it. He gave a somewhat grunting sound. I pulled down his shorts n took his tool in my hand. He had a gr8 dick n it was 6″ n going strong. He told me to give him a blowjob but I was ready to give him more. So I asked him to play a good xxx movie if he had one n so told me that he’s got a real good collection of porn on the pc. We went there n he switched on the pc n he unlocked the personal folder n played “Gangbang”. The movie was awesome n 6 guys fucked 3 females.

I then went to the bed n removed my nightie. Vinny came near me n started kissing my lips. I too responded n we kissed for abt 10 mins during which he slid his hand in my bra n my panty. He then dropped his shorts n removed my bra strap n was amazed at my breast size. He told me that he had always fantasized about me n wanted to suck me off. I told me that I was all his that day. He cuddled my breasts n started licking my nipple which was hard n pointing at the sky. He licked for some time n went down n licked my navel.

He removed my panty n saw my pink shaven pussy n gave a small tap on it with his dick. He smelt it n said that it was the sweetest aroma he had ever smelt n started to cunniling me. He made circles from his tongue on my clit n I was moaning due to sheer pleasure. He licked n in between used to fingerfuck me till I released a jetload orgasm in his mouth. He had a mouthful n swallowed it. He then came to my mouth n french kissed me for a minute. I tasted my own juices.

Now it was my turn to satisfy him. I held his throbbing dick in my hands n started to lick the precum. I encircled his dick head with my tongue n the _expression on his face conveyed that he was the happiest man on earth. I swallowed a little more of his dick n started bobbing my head front n back n making circular motion with my tongue. He then laid down and told me to go for 69. I gladly accepted n we both licked ourselves a lot n he loaded me with his cum n I drank all of it with pleasure. His dick was limp n he wanted something for an arousal. So I started playing with myself.

I spread my legs n started fingerfucking myself n kneading my breasts n pinching my nipples gently. All the time he stroked his dick n after some time came near me n tried to insert his dick in my pussy. I stopped him from doing so n told him that I could contract the risk of a baby n so he went n took out a condom from the closet n gave it to me. I licked his whole shaft once n slid the condom on. He kept 2 pillows below me to elevate my crotch area.

He then inserted his dick in my pussy n could not penetrate more that an inch. So he again started to fingerfuck me till all his 3 fingers could go inside. He then put his dick in the gate of eternity n gave a little push n it went inside a little. It was becoming a little painful for me but I controlled n he pushed even further n broke my hymen n I screamed. So he suppressed the sound by closing my mouth with his hand n caressing my breasts. I cooled down n he started giving slow strokes n increased the pace, n gradually pleasure got the better of pain n I started enjoying it n started to move in rhythm to his strokes.

He whipped my pussy for about 10 mins n was a bit wary n so took rest for some time n then I told him to lay down as I would ride him. He lay down on the bed n I put his dick in my pussy n started to ride him. He held both my breasts in his hands n kneaded them all the time. He enjoyed the bronco ride n I was building up inside. I rode him for some more time n suddenly exploded and flooded his crotch area. I fell down on him n he started pumping in my pussy licking my breasts n nipples.

He then made me get up n positioned me in doggy style n entered me. He humped me for abt 15 mins during which I came once more n occasionally pressing my breasts n suddenly increased the pace n ejaculated inside me. I didn’t worry as he had a condom. He lay there for abt a min n took out the limp dick n I pulled the condom out n licked all the semen from it. He was damn happy. It was 3 30 then. As we both were very tired we slept off n I woke up at 5. I saw vinny’s tiny dick n wanted to play with it.

I took it in my hands n started jerking n licking it, vinny woke up due to this n got aroused once more. He turned me aside n wanted to bang my ass. I was ready for that. So I went to my room n got Vaseline Intensive care lotion n gave it to him. He took some n applied it on my arse hole n some on his hands. He put his finger n started to loosen it up. He was successful n then applied the cream on his dick n slowly inserted it in my asshole. It was very painful but I controlled the pain. I started rubbing my clit with my fingers n he was pumping like crazy. I then told him to rub my pussy with his hand n he started doing it while I kneaded my boobs. I came big time on his hand n he licked it all.

He fucked me for at least half an hour n took out his dick n came to my mouth n started jerking off. He then released a lot of cum on my face n neck. Some fell on my breast also. I licked his dick clean n drank all the cum. We then smooched n went to the shower. He was totally tired that time n was not interested to fuck his dream girl standing naked in front of him.

We then cleaned the bed n washed the cloth as it was stained little with my cunt blood. We then started cleaning the closet n finished it when our parents came home at 8. We had dinner n slept off.

Since then we are having sex once in 2 or 3 days n we wont miss any slight opportunity given to us. We used to fuck in the night, day, afternoon or any part of the day when we could.

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