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The Heavenly Feast From Lady In My Dreams

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi readers I’m back as I promised with my second story. Last year was a festive season for me and my grandmother no no no not grandmother my mistress my lover and my partner in bed. She was awesome. But as everything every person will get tired or fed up when they use the same thing continuously. I too started to get bored of my grandma’s pussy and body. At the same time my thirst for my aunt increased a lot. I forgot to say one thing she delivered a girl and was in leave.

Like every night at tat night in bed

Granny: come on son,I’m waiting for your banana

Me:I’m coming master

Granny: aah mmmmmm common

(Removing dress)

Granny:hey slave care my coconuts

Me:yes master ummm blblblbl ummm (licking and sucking)

Granny:aaaaah I can’t wait son fuck me in pussy

(Fucking hard with5 strokes granny cums)

Granny:aaaaah you are the best dear

Me:(with sad face)

Granny:y son what happened

Me :nothing granny no problem

Granny:no no there’s something tell me

Me:I’m not satisfied with your pussy


Me:yeah you are cumming so fast I’m not satisfied

Granny:how can I help u?do you have any plan

Me:granny in fact I’m dreaming for aunt for a long time


Me:I’m sorry you just asked me that’s why I said

Granny:hahaha if you are having such dreams why don’t you say to me earlier

Me:granny !!!!!!

Granny : you know one as I’m watching she’s also suffering without sex

Me:is it?

Granny:don’t you know her husband is out of town for last 3 months and on my calculations she’s not having sex for last 14months and is not going to do for next 2months since her husband will not come


Granny:I’ll give you a chance tomorrow night I won’t say anything to her but don’t be harsh to her OK

Me:u are my sweet granny ummahhh

Granny:common let’s continue …..

Next day I was waiting to become night as I passing aunt’s room I heard some sound I just peaked into the room and I saw aunt feeding baby both those boobs are out from blouse.oh I forgot to say about aunt she is a clone of my granny not so fat but good shape a bit plumpy with a pair of big melons which enlarged after delivery main attraction is her eyes its like deep blue sea and she got a big butt ho totally a perfect for a sexy lady

Now we can come back

I just amazed seeing her milking boobs and I decided to watch the full feeding thing from somewhere more safe a went to window as seeing baby sucking her nipples I got a hardon after sometime baby fall asleep I thought oh its over but it was not over she placed baby in the bed and begin to press the boobs and removing the excess milk in a glass when its finished she drank tat whole milk at the I decide for sure tat I need her so bad

At last the time come aunt come to my room and said grandma said her to stay there tonight

I said its OK you can stay here

Time passed she and kid fall sleep

I was thinking how I’ll approach her and came to a decision I slowly misplaced my dhothy there’s nothing under it and my erect cock was visible now I made some noise baby started crying and I acted like I’m sleeping aunt wake up and take the baby to feed before she looked at me to make sure I’m sleeping when she looked my cock was erect and was visible to her she surprisingly looked at it and started feeding kid she was looking at my cock intentionally I saw her nipples getting erect

As she finished feeding baby and adjusting the dress I suddenly stood up and caught her hand she got upset

I said I saw everything you were looking at my cock for this whole time and like me you also need a men very badly if you cooperate we can make it happen no one will know

If you are OK kiss my hand

On the next second she kissed my hand and hugged me in a sudden oh that was something very sexy

She was very fast she removed my misplaced dhothy and started to fondle my cock

She took my cock in her hand first kissed it so softly I don’t know tat was the best kiss for a men to get from a women in bed she started to suck my cock deep inside her mouth and licked my nipple really she was an expert at tat really I can’t hold my pressure I just cummed into her mouth in no time it was for the first time I cummed that much she drank all of it like a thirsty women

Then she removed dressed and and fall into the bed what was saying is its my turn

I removed my t-shirt and turn to her she look like a slut there ho I got hard on in no time slowly I reached her lips kissed her we just removed kiss only when we both were suffocated without air.Then kissed her whole face and body from top to bottom then tongue traveled through her whole body like a snail

She was shivering like and was making moaning sound ho tat sexy sound again and again make me mad

She was asking for nothing but was in the peak of pleasure

Now its the turn of her big jugs as she was milking I got a lot of milk in fact I emptied her jugs and ordered the milk from that milk tank for next 2months she happily said what I need was a playboy like you and I’ll give you anything you wish

Her boobs was soft jelly and big

It take long time for me to move from tat big jugs

Its time for tat glory hole

I just begin to lick it hard over the pussy lips she was holding my head very tightly to the pussy and I showed her heaven

Its time for pussy exploration she put me down and sit top of me hold my cock direct it to the hole begin to ride on it I’m in heaven for the first time I cummed very huge amount both of us found the end and she fall on me. She praised me a lot. And told me you are the best. I said you are my bestie I love you don’t go away from me. We again had three more sessions tat night

In the morning granny was at my door

Thank you readers for the replied for first story

I hope you may like this too

Ladies if you are interested contact me through

I have limitations but I’ll try

Thank you
Love you all

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