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The Friday, which Nan got a Bull to sleep with.

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Every time I came to Garden city, for vacation or shopping I’ll be staying with my uncle. He was a senior executive in ITC and my aunt working in St John’s hospital as a nurse. He is my mom’s one and only brother, they don’t have any kids and loves me a lot bcoz I’m the first kid in our family. Still he is staying in that old Victorian villa on Richmond Road where I have the same hot memories and thoughts of my first fuck. The house where one spends the most beautiful days is usually packed with endless memories, but in my case only one came to mind. It has to do with my younger aunt Nancy, who was staying with uncle and aunt (her brother and sister in-law).

My Grand parents who are in Kottayam sent her for her higher studies in Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala. She was so pretty and I was proud of the fact that everyone stared at her wherever we go at pubs, Theatre and for parties. Me Anoop Williams, 27, an exporter and hotelier in Cochin and staying in Fort Cochin with my parents and a sister younger to me. As still a bachelor I was living in the sweet memories of college days and the busy business life I have. The incident I described below happened in 1990. My parents handed me over to my uncle to guide me and admit me in a good college in Bangalore. Nancy was two years elder to me and I was in my 16. I call her Nan and she calls me Appu. We were not an aunt and nephew from the childhood days and was unusually close as friends. Our parents also consider us like that bcoz she is the younger one in that generation and me the first in next. We had our share of squabbles alright, but that’s only normal. What wasn’t quite normal, however, were the feelings I started getting for her.

Looking back, I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment when I stopped seeing Nan as an aunt and saw her as an extremely sensuous, very desirable young woman. When we’d get together, I’d find myself staring at her ass or licking my lips over her tits. I started fantasizing about her when I masturbated, and there were even a couple of occasions when I started getting aroused just from being in the same room with my aunt. It was all very confusing. But at the same time it was exciting and exhilarating. The orgasms I had after jacking off with images of Nan dancing in my head were the best I ever had. I should mention that modesty was never a big priority in our family. We didn’t exactly walk around naked in front of each other but no one thought anything about being seen in their shorts or micros. Since I’d started having these feelings for her, I’d been hoping for a glimpse of my aunt in bra and panties, but it never happened. I figured after a while I’d find a girlfriend who would make me forget all about my sexy aunt, but no such luck. I dated, plenty in fact, but I inevitably compared these poor girls with Nan and they all came up lacking. You’d better believe I was one miserable (and frustrated) college boy! We use to go to Pub World or Cellar (two most popular pubs of that time) in Saturdays and for movies in Sundays. My uncle and aunt gave us permission for these things bcoz we are together.

It was Friday after Thanksgiving, about 12 o’clock in the night, to be exact. Nan had been out on a date and came in a bit tipsy on beer or wine. We always chatted after dates if the other one’s light was still on. My light wasn’t on when Nan reeled home that night, but she came in anyway. I was fast asleep and the next thing I knew someone tumbled into bed beside me and started tickling me.” Nan! What the hell? You’re drunk!” “Not drunk, Appu,” she said. “Just pleasantly horny.” She was more than horny, and her good mood was contagious. She started tickling me again, and before I knew it I had kicked half the covers off. I always sleep in the raw, and in the craziness of Nan’s tickling, my dick got exposed a couple of times. She pointed it out of course, with much laughter, and then it became a game for her to really get a look. I might have indulged her under other circumstances, but with her crawling all over me I had started getting aroused. The more she rubbed her body against mine, pressing her big boobs against my bare chest and kissing me playfully, my dick was getting harder by the moment. There was no way I was going to let her see me with an erection. Or was I? My head was spinning with the possibilities. After all, I thought, she was the one who was instigating all this craziness. She’s the one who burst into my bedroom in the middle of the night and demanded to see my dick. Still, I thought, she’s not in complete control and might not remember everything. But as these thoughts went through my mind, I didn’t have a chance to act on them because Nan made a sudden powerful lunge and pulled the sheets down to my knees. My big dick burst into view, all eight inches fully erect and pointed right at the roof. I started to shove pillow over my lap until I saw the look on Nan’s face. “Damn, Appu!” she gasped, a hand going automatically to her breast.

“That’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen!” “Is it?” I asked, with amazing calm. “Yes,” she said, leaning over for a closer look. It was as if she was inspecting a piece of art, and I was almost amused at the way she looked at it with a critical eye. “It’s a lot thicker than Bobby’s. Longer too.” (I remember thinking, well, that solves the mystery about whether she’s sleeping with her boyfriend or not.) “And look at those big balls!” “Vadi Kalli, (c’mon)” I said, finally getting embarrassed. “You make me feel like a bull.” “Well, maybe that’s how I see you just now,” she replied. She frowned for a minute as she stared at my dick and then she remembered she was still wearing her Jacket. She took it off and gave me a quizzical look. “Turn bout’s fair play, don’t you think, Appu?” “Uh, sure.” I didn’t know what she meant, but I watched breathlessly as she unbuttoned her top and tossed it aside. Her bra came next, and I gasped again as she loosened those beautiful tits of hers and let them swing free. She must’ve worn a really confining bra because her tits were much bigger than I’d thought. I’m not exaggerating when I say she could’ve been a centerfold, her body was that perfect! “What do you think?” she asked, cupping her big boobs together and lifting them to her face. My dick twitched when I saw my young aunt lick her own nipples and flick her tongue in my direction. “Wow!” It was all I could manage. There was more to come. While Nan ogled my crotch, she slithered out of her skirt and took a few minutes to let me enjoy seeing her in just her panties. Again I thought she was real centerfold material, especially when she struck a few provocative poses for my benefit. When she rubbed her crotch with both hands and licked her lips, I just about lost control. “Ready for the unveiling?” she teased. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down a couple of inches. “Oh, yeah!” I said. Nancy got to her feet and leaned against the headboard, her crotch just inches from my face. I could smell her pussy, and the sweet scent almost made me dizzy. I loved the aroma of cunt and couldn’t resist leaning closer so that I could rub my nose in nylon of my aunt’s panties. I felt Nan grab my head and hold on as she shoved forward with her hips.

My tongue licked against that thin nylon barricade between her juicy pussy and my cunt-hungry mouth. “Yes,” she sighed. “Yes!” Soon I had Nan’s panties dripping wet with my spit and could see the dark bush beneath the pink nylon. I couldn’t stand the teasing any more and reached for the waistband of her panties. Slowly I pulled them down, baring the vee of brunette pubic hairs it pointed toward my goal. Finally those panties were down around her knees and she wriggled carefully out of them. “What a beautiful cunt!” I cried. “And it’s all for you, Appu,” she whispered. I grabbed Nan by the ass and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted, bite on her clit, what- I’d been after all along…I made her cum just by using my tongue within 10 minutes. Next chance was my fingure’s and finally my eight inch piece of art. Now she is with her hubby a businessman based in Dubai. She is having two kids one is in age of 4 and another one 8 months old. Still she used to call me in all Saturdays and wish me a good Saturday eve. She uses to come in every six months. Nan is very particular in arranging a good meeting and sleep with me. Even now she says that the best fuck she ever had in her life is from me. Both of them are asking me to start some business in Dubai where I can get her hubby as my partner. But I didn’t accept it bcoz I don’t want to spoil their life.

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