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The Forest

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

My dear friends, no doubt u must have read hundreds of stories but this short story of mine is a bit different.. I am male, 32 years old, married and settled in Baroda, Gujarat.. I have tried to visualise the mind of a female and wrote a story from her view point, it is more of an artistic story rather than an erotic story.. hope u all shall enjoy it (for a change)…. frankly speaking, i never had sex outside my married life and i look forward to hear from nice and understanding girls and females. E mail me at : Life is so short better enjoy it..

Here goes the story.. Walking along the trail I reminisce about all that has passed between us. Your body striding next to mine a constant reminder of the delights that we have shared — and will share again. Time has been kind to us both. We are comfortable with each other — each knowing and trusting that the other will never betray us nor make demands that we cannot meet. And, as that trust grew, so did the rapture, until now … we can be together so completely that even the quiet time is stimulating. The forest offers so many varieties of sights and sounds. We have sought, and found, the area where humanity seldom traverses. The shade of the tall trees around us prevent the suns rays from being harsh, the air is warm. The scent of nature permeates our nostrils. There is a freshness that makes it seem as though we are the only two in the universe. It is ours. Just off the trail is a natural cavern formed by the overhang of some bushes. The sunlight dances through the branches creating a kaleidoscope of patterns on the deep, lush grass beneath the soft canopy. I glance at you — walking along, lost in your own inner thoughts – and suddenly the urge overtakes me. I dash forward; my laughter sounding as natural as the tweeting of the song birds. Racing towards the cavern, I duck and fall to the ground. Ohhhhh! It is as cushiony as an air mattress. The soft grasses having grown and folded over each other — layer upon layer. I giggle watching you standing on the trail — looking at me like I had just taken leave of all my senses. Kneeling in this natural hut, I quickly remove my sun top. Now the sunlight creates patterns on the creaminess of my breasts.

You smile — awareness of my adventuresome behavior tantalizing you at the prospect of what I might do this time. But, teasingly, you stand –watching –waiting. My hands push my shorts down … first exposing my tummy, then the dark thatch — with little movement I rock backwards on the grass and free my legs from the constraints of the clothing. I lie there for a moment, peeking at you from around my knees. Ahhh, I watch you drop your shirt to the ground. I feel the stirrings deep in the core of my body looking at your bare chest. God! What a man you are. You slowly approach the cozy nook. Nonchalantly, as though merely seeking a more comfortable position in which to lie, I allow my knees to drop apart. You can now see my womanhood, fully exposed; my breasts swaying above the dark mass of hair. You stroke me with your eyes. I feel the moisture already beginning to form within my love canal. I slide my hands across my breasts. Pushing. Rolling. Causing the dark tips to stand erect, pointing directly towards the sky. The sensations causing them to elongate. You seem preoccupied with the belt on your shorts. As though it is a new gadget that you have never undone before. Your eyes never leaving me as your hands fiddle with the buckle. Hmmmmmm. Watching you look at me sends swirls of sensations through my veins. My hands slide down my body. Deftly I part the lips of my thatch. You now see the pinkness that had only been hinted at before. Spreading my legs wider, you can peer unobstructed at the area that can give and accept so much pure physical pleasure. I call to you …. “Darlin, I want you.” You drop to enter the hut with me, finally having shed the last of your clothing. But still …. You merely crawl to a spot just by my feet and continue to look … your eyes carefully surveying every inch of my body. I can almost feel the touch on my breasts.

Visually, you stroke the sleek smoothness of the pink, inner lips, now spread to allow you to see the dark cavern. Nature’s lubricant already making it shiny. I wait for you to move closer and take charge. We seem suspended in time. Neither of us move further. Ever so slowly the appetite within demands satiating. My fingers begin to caress the button at the apex of the damp inner lips. I press against it. Rolling it under the ball of my finger. When even then, you do not move to touch me …. I am now aware that you want to watch me bring my body to climax before joining me in the rapture of physical release. Watching your face, the look of fascination, it dawns on me that you are intrinsically interested in seeing for yourself the ways in which I fulfill my need for you when we are apart. Those caresses when my hands become an extension of you — my mind making you so very real as I relive the joys and pleasures of times we have had -or times which are yet to happen. Parting the outer lips even further, you can now see the shades of reds and pinks in the sleekness of my femininity. The button has now become hard under my finger — the erection of a woman. It extends; peeking out from under its protective hood. The sheer intensity of sensation caused by direct stimulation makes the pleasure almost an experience of discomfort. My fingers slide to the side — picking up speed as they stroke the area at the base of the throbbing bump.

Your gaze is making this the most unbelievable experience! Ohhhhhh; how are you touching me with just your eyes? My eyes slip closed – blocking out all sensations by those from the feel of your visual caress and the manipulations of my finger. The well of emotions erupting from within the depths — spreading through me — my legs trembling. My back arches. My hips begin to thrust upwards as though impaling me on an invisible Passion Prod. Moans emanate unbidden from my lips. Your hands now stroke my legs –sliding with that firm softness that has aroused me so often in the past. A hand on each leg, you slide your hands up –up –so very slowly. My finger moving so fast it hardly appears to move, like the rotation of a wheel on a speeding vehicle. My cries fill the cavern. Your hands now stroking the inner thighs … crawling ever higher. How long I have been gripped by the surging climax — my body covered now with a thin gleam of sweat. The dancing sunlight bounces off the moisture creating miniature aureolas. The spasms grip me, lifting me from the ground as shock waves throb deep within the drenched passage. I cry out with the passion of pure, unadulterated pleasure. A riverlet of creamy fluid issues from the depths of the canal, erupting from within as a volcano of passion. The touch of your gaze has created the most unimaginable enhancements to my self stimulation. Crying out, my hips thrust toward the clouds … and you meet the thrust with your own plunging manhood. We merge. Your shaft thrusting deep into the flooding torrents. Stroking. You take me into the ethereal world of sensations. Driving. Thrusting.

The sheer force behind your own physical passions pushing you ever deeper into the vortex. It quivers; grabbing you; drawing you in. Our bodies move in unison to the hidden rhythms of unheard drums. We dance the dance of primordial instincts. Our voices blending in harmony as we cry out to the universe the sheer rhapsody of our merger. You pump me full of the bodily fluids of your passion. It shoots within me; merging with my own torrents. And still more –drawing on wells that seem bottomless — again and again the warmth floods within me. My muscles drawing on you … sucking the shaft. Gripping you until, at long last, we each begin the voyage back from the heavens. You roll to the side. Your mouth covers mine. We share a long, lingering kiss. Bathed in sweat, we languish in each others arms. Our chests still heaving from the exertion. Then …. drift off to sleep in our brush covered sanctuary, nestled in each other’s arms. —

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