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The Fantasy – A Tale Of Son’s Fantasy

  • desipapa
  • October 28, 2015

The following story consists of explicitly incestuous scenes. Please those who are sensitive to family relations stay away. close the tab and leave. All the readers reading this are reading at their own risk. both the publisher and author are not responsible for anything ensuing from this.

The following story is a fiction. this kind of incident doesn’t happen in real life. this story is only for reading and enjoying DO NOT try anything from the story. even though it seems real but its not. it will spoil relations. So just relax, read, enjoy, vent out your feelings and forget.

The following is a work of fiction. All the characters and incidents are fictional and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. If there is any resemblance to any person or incident in someone’s life it is purely coincidental and not intentional.

If you are under 24 Please DO NOT read this. leave this story immediately.

First things first.

I had a very wonderful family. Mom Sumitra (39), Dad Kumar (44) and me Varun (18). Ours was a closely knit family. We were close. Mom is a house wife. Dad is an employee in an MNC. Own house and happy family. Everything was normal until I reached 10 class. It was then it all started, one day when I went to a computer center with my friends.

That day my friends introduced me to porn. I was very curious. Then I started visiting the computer center alone and started exploring the world of porn. I used to spend most of the pocket money on net.

Finally after some months I stumbled on a video of mom son. My eyes popped out looking the video. It was weird but I was more interested. I saw a guy fucking a woman calling mom. I lost interest in remaining porn and curiously watched all the videos. I came across the word incest. I googled it and was shocked. Then I saw few story sites. Next day I went and started reading all the stories. While reading without my knowledge my mom came to my mind. I started imagining about her. I could recall her figure which maddened me. That night I went home and masturbated on her.

From the next few days, I unconsciously started observing her. I didn’t realize that she is such a beautiful woman. Actually sexy woman. I saw her waist first. Then I managed to get peak of protruding boobs from below her sari. I was just awestruck by the size of them. My dick started throbbing and I rushed inside my room and masturbated for two times. I went read more and more fantasies of incest. I started imagining me and mom in the fantasies of stories.

But to me they are just fantasies even though they say it real. Reading the stories I managed to get a hold of her bra and came to know that her size 36. I didn’t know what is D or DD or C or CC at that time. I searched for some letter but could not see. Then finally when no one is at home one day I managed to masturbate in one of her bras. I got some family pics in which I found her beautiful and kept with me. In the night I used to masturbate by looking at her pics.

This went on for some more months. Then I wanted my dad to buy a computer for me. Initially they didn’t agree but finally he agreed to buy me on one condition if get a rank in my 12th. I worked hard and finally got a good rank. My dad as promised got a computer. But there was no internet. I used to get stories from net. Copy all the stories and read them at home leisurely. I made a collection in my secret folder. This went on.

I was a teenager now with hormones at their peak. The holidays was a boon. I was all day try to manage to get a sneak peak of mom’s assets. Even though I could not dare to brush her body, I loved watching her secretly and go to my room read stories and masturbate. This was my routine.

I am not sure may be the stories effect or something I started observing my parents. My dad used to hit on her occasionally. Couple of time I managed to see dad holding mom’s waist in kitchen. The more I observed the more I saw them romantically involved. Soon I realized that my mom is a horny woman too.

However I never saw them having sex. One night on a weekend, we all were watching television. There was an animated movie which I liked. It was half way and suddenly I saw mom signaling my dad with a romantic look. My dick raised and danced in my pants. But I acted as if I was lost in the movie.

Then my dad got and went saying he is feeling sleepy. After 10 min mom followed him saying the same. I watched till the movie is finished and went to my room. I wanted to peak into their room and see what they are doing. That night I slept after masturbating for two times imagining what mom and dad are doing.

For some days I wanted to try to get a peek at mom and dad’s sex. But I could not gather courage. Then finally one night, I could walk to my parent’s room and tried to listen. But I was disappointed as I could not hear any noise.

Then I tried for few nights unsuccessfully. I was desperate to see them in action. One afternoon I came from my friend’s house and I saw the door closed. I got a doubt and want to try my luck. I tried to go to my parent’s bedroom from back and see. When I was passing the kitchen I was just stopped by something. The scene even today hunts me. That was the first time. I positioned myself secretly and finally saw them.

Mom was sitting on the kitchen post and dad was in front of her. Her saree was raised till her waist exposing her sexy legs. Dad was naked completely and they were kissing as dad’s waist was moving to and fro. I can understand what he is doing. Then he held her waist and started making faster moments. Mom bent her head back enjoying the dad’s dick ramming her pussy. Even dad his head back and started pacing up more and more. Mom was occasionally hissing and letting out breathes but no moans. Now I understood why there are no sounds. As dad increased the pace, she held his waist and trying to move in his rhythm. But dad continued.

As dad reached the peak of his pace, she let out a loud groan and moved forward. Dad also after 2 min let out a heavy breathe and hugged her. Then they looked at each other and laughed out loudly. Dad moved his hands on mom’s big boobs and mauled them. But I could not see them clearly.

Then after a minute of mauling and kissing passionately, they laughed and disentangled. Dad left with his shorts and mom jumped from the post and adjusted her sari. That was time I saw her in blouse exposing her boobs. They were big and tight. Her waist had little fat making it sexier with a small curve.

She adjusted her frills and then hooked one hook which dad opened and adjusted her boobs in the blouse. She was damn sexy. My dick was throbbing. I removed the dick from my pant and started masturbating looking at mom who is adjusting her sari.

Within a minute, I came even before she covered her boobs. I closed my eyes with my head bent back and after a moment when I looked back mom was covering her boobs with the sari back. She tucked the loose end of the sari making her tight boobs prominent and then adjusted her ruffled hair. The scene aroused me a lot. Mom adjusting herself after hot sex. I then secretly sneaked out and came back after an hour.

When I reached mom was serving food and dad was sitting at the dining table. Mom smiled looking at me and asked me to refresh. They behaved as if nothing had happened. One hour before dad was pouncing her pussy and she was enjoying. Now they are like two small kids. I refreshed and joined the lunch. While eating I managed to peek at mom secretly enjoying her boobs from above her sari and her waist. After lunch I went to my room and slept heavily as I was tired from masturbating and roaming for one hour.

The next part will be published soon.

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