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The Driving Lesson

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Just after I completed my graduation and returned back home,  I was given the charge of managing the production line of our industry running on 24 hour round the clock basis.My duty will start from 8 in the night and end at 8 in the morning. However, being an engineer and the son of the owners, I had the privilege of choosing when to be at work. We had our factory office on the ground floor of the building which also served as a store for important machinery parts, and residential quarters upstairs. The third floor served as a flat concreted roof and enclosed water tank covered so as to keep the water cool from the sheer heat of the sun.


The residential quarter itself was split into two flats and one common lounge and one common dining and kitchen.I personally appointed our factory supervisor and most of the workforce. Our office staff was transferred from our main office in the city. The secretary, a stunning beauty and a virgin had dual role serving as the receptionist and office secretary and she herself was given another young woman as an assistant. The secretary was required to commute between the factory and our city office and had to take a bus which ran in-frequently or get a taxi which was even worst to get. There was no such thing as “phone a cab” then. So I had instructed her to take driving lessons and acquire a license so that she could use the business car for her work. I paid for her lesson. Unfortunately the lessons were not happening as planned.I had a crush on her and was looking for ways to seduce her. My supervisor, on the other hand, had a crush on our secretary’s assistant and wasted no opportunity to come into the office and chat her up.


We had a big empty plot of land bought with a view for future expansion. I decided to teach our secretary the driving lessons and told her so. She was prepared to be taught.The first lesson was her sitting in the passenger seat and me driving the car in order to show her the drill. I then swapped places and told her to get started. The very first thing she did was to stall the engine. And she was getting no better with her nerves.So she agreed that I will sit with her in the driver seat and control the footwork part while she steered and handled the gears.That went perfect as she sat between my spread legs and steered the car perfectly but occasionally getting the gears wrong.  However, the close contact of our bodies generated its own heat with me practically breathing down her neck and a throbbing hard cock underneath my briefs.Unknown to me, the secretary too had ideas. The next day we did the routine again and I allowed her to take control of the footwork but me ready to intervene if she did do anything wrong.It was evening with everyone gone home except our security guys at the factory gate and a handful of other staff mingling inside the factory building.


I wore my lungi (a far eastern wrap around garment for bottom part of the body) and a loose shirt as usual but did not have any underwear.  The girl started OK with her footwork and steering. Suddenly she took her foot off the clutch and stalled the engine which forced my body into hers and my arms, lying on the sides, went flying on her stomach.  Oh, God, her stomach was smooth and soft but firm and that made by blood rush headlong into my cock.She acted as if nothing had happened and simply started the engine and slowly began to drive. Then suddenly a crow flew straight past the windscreen and that made her to brake hard. Once again I went straight under her bum and she recoiled back even further up into me. This time my hands were on her boobs and squeezing them before I even realised what was happening.She turned her face at me and said oh boss your belt is hurting me. I said I did not have a belt on. She shoved her hand straight on my cock and over my lungi and grabbed it saying what this is then.  I am sure I must have gone red then. The blood ran into my face because she not only grabbed my cock but kept a hold on to it saying this belt is hurting me.The car had stalled of course. My hands were still clamped on her breasts and she was sitting on my lap and clutching my cock with one hand. What a situation.  I said no no that is not a belt let it go. But she would not and literally turned around staring at my face and asking “well what is it then”?


My 7 incher was in a dilemma or was it me?  She would not let it go and by which time she had her other hand on top of mine which had her boobs squeezed. For a moment I thought she would slap me for being so bold as fondling her tits but, to my surprise she just held my hand on her breast.She said “show me what is it then if it is not your belt buckle”.  I knew I had no choice but to try my best to explain away.  I said to her “it is my lund (cock in Indian language)”.  She looked genuinely confused and asked “what is a lund”?  I replied, don’t you know what a lund is? She said no, show it to me.So I pulled up my lungi and exposed my throbbing hot erect 7 incher to her. She just sat there stupefied and grabbed it again in her fist saying “what is it”? Why have you got it and I have’nt?  And then she shocked me even more. She just simply pushed down her Shalwar (Indian loose trouser) and spread her legs and said to me “look I haven’t got a lund”?


I could not see her pussy as she was still facing the steering side. So I asked her to come out of the car and get into the back seat which she did. I then got in the back seat next to her and asked her to show me her pussy again. She readily obliged. Oh the sheer musk of the smell of her pussy almost made me cum. I showed her my cock and pointed at her pussy saying “look you are a girl and I am a boy. Boys have this rod like thing and girls have the opposite of it which is inverted. Both have similar functions like passing pee but the difference is that a lund is inserted in your pussy which gives a lot of pleasure.


She cried “Oh I know now, my mom says never let anything go inside in me until I marry and then my husband will help me to make baby by putting his stick inside me and plant his seed just like we plant flowers.  She said is that right, is that how baby is made? But where is your seed? By that time I had pre-cum oozing out and I showed that to her. I said this is the beginning and once my lund is inside your pussy I will start to push it in and out which will give a lot of pleasure to you and me and as we get more and more pleasure your body will make some seed inside you and my body already have seed inside this and I showed her my balls, which will jump out of them through the lund and go inside you and mix with your seed and become a baby.


She said to me do you know how to make a baby inside me? I took that as a guaranteed green light for a great fuck. I said yes, darling, I do. But you must not make a baby until you are married. However, I can teach you how to be prepared to make a baby when you marry. Do you want me to teach you? She said yes please teach me. So, I drove the car back to our office and took her to my room. I took off my clothes first and told her to take hers off. She had no underwear at all just her Shalwar and her Kameez.I took her straight into our bath room and had a very speedy shower together. I rubbed soap on her body and rubbed on myself and then washed her and washed myself.


I did not even bother to dry ourselves. I just lifted her up in my arms and took her into my room and put her on my bed. I put a cushion under her bums which raised her hips up and asked her to part her legs. My god, what a sight. A beautiful creamy brown pussy staring me in my face with a very small bush of pubic hair glistening with the water.My dick was rearing and she had her eyes closed. I got between her legs and gently kissed her belly button. My hands were slowly circling the globe of her breasts. I then got to her side and took her in my arms and planted a long kiss on her lips. By this time she was very slowly rocking. My hands started to caress the globe of her breast and moved in slowly to fondle the nipples between my thumb and forefingers.


I had her ear lobes between my lips and gently sucked on them. I ran my tongue down over her eyes and down the bridge of her nose and onto her puckered and parted lips.

She was now grinding and began to softly moan.I ran my hands down her stomach, over her belly button and onto her clit which was now erect. I ran my fingers down between the inner lips of her pussy and into her love hole and was surprised to find it very wet. I licked my fingers and tasted her musky shiny wetness.I then got back between her legs, and applied baby oil on her pussy hole and on my dick. I then lay fully on top of her and kissed her passionately and then whispered in her ears. Honey, I am about to do the thing that makes babies so are you ready to which she whispered back uh huh  ummmm yes. I whispered again that it will hurt her a bit but she will be OK and I will be very careful.I then sat between her leg raising them up and around my waist and then guided the head of my cock tenderly into her pussy. She gasped when it got in and I stopped. I then leaned over and fondled her right breast while taking the left erect nipples in my mouth and gently began sucking it and said to her, this is what your baby will do when it is born, it will suck this and milk will flow. She just moaned and asked me to be gentle with her.


I then pushed my cock in bit by bit and took time to get in completely. She clasped her legs very tightly around my waist and murmured that she was feeling pain. I assured her it would soon disappear. I then slided my cock out gently and saw it covered with blood. I thought the shock of it all may have pre-empted her menstruation. But then realised that she was a virgin whom I had just deflowered and taken her cherry.That thought made my cock even harder and I began thrusting gently first and rapidly after and she bucked up her hips meeting my every thrust equally. I knew I was going to explode soon and also knew that she had no protection. So just as I exploded, I pulled out of her love hole and very quickly turned her over on her stomach and mounted her back and shoot between her bum cheeks until I was completely empty.


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