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The Demon Sting – The Family Fucker

  • desipapa
  • January 7, 2016

I am Honey now aged 18 Yrs. married to my child hood incest lover my Uncle only 22 Yrs. Old and an Engineer by profession.In our caste married to uncles son is neither taboo nor incest but marrying Uncle is some how incest in the family and all took decision to give our marriage as I was pregnant with my Uncle’s child and both of us left our home with huge wealth and settled near Munar where my husband got a very attractive job as an Engineer and we were very happy and my 34-24-36 became 36-26-36 when myself reached age of 18 producing three male child.i was totally obsessed with 10 inch cock of my husband and in this way have produced three sons at a stretch . Now my husband arranged for a copper T in my vagina and as a result my vagina infected at the age of 25 and then it was removed from my vagina and as a result myself gave birth to three daughters and at last the Hero of this story my loving son Biju at the age of 29.

In this Munar we have constructed a three storied house and leaving with all the family members, My Eldest son married at the age of 21 yrs. a sweet 18 girl and make her pregnant with two female babies and they are twins and the sadness is that in spite of his big cock of 10 inch,he can not get full erection more than 2 minutes and my middle son has got the same problem of erectile dysfunction and unable to produce any child though he was married at the age of 26 with sister of my eldest Bhabhi and as the two sisters were practicing lesbian before their marriage so they continue the same in our house and in addition I have joined them and next my third son has pecker of 6 inch but unable to satisfy sex-hunger of her wife who wants more and more sex with thick and long cock at her age of 18 from 26 Yrs. old husband.

And in this way I have reached the age of 44 Yrs. and given marriage to my eldest daughter to a wealthy family of only son aged 27 Yrs. and my daughter sweet 18 Yrs. an sex-expert taken lesson from me and my DILs and next daughter already has an affair and will marry later on and youngest daughter will not marry but my youngest son is my favorite. He is 5 ft 8 inch and studying for his secondary exam and II am really very worried for his cock size as it is only 3 inch when it is hard and I am praying to god for some miracle. I use to give regular oil massage to his cock, mouth sucking and it was found he can not keep his penis hard for a long time and discharge one or two drops jism thus I was very much worried about his future, sex life, marriage, family and what not.Now I have given him a separate room at 2nd floor all separate and only I have the permission to enter his room as his room is locked by electronic combination lock needs particular code.

After Exam of Biju, My youngest son was sleeping and somehow an insect entered his room and sting at the juncture of penis and scrotum and as result a heavy pain was felt in her penis and Oh: my god it started swelling like any thing, within one hour it took the size of a cucumber of 6 inch size and that was the lunch time and Biju hided the pain and his pecker and took his lunch with other members and non could understand.Before dinner Biju called me and he showed his cock to me I got astonished and amazed as the cock has grown to 11 inch as measured by me by a scale and the bulbous head of the cock is like a Egg of Duck.My legs started tremoring and my cunt started itching as I have not seen this type of monster thallus in my life. My self quickly enquired and found a sting and removed the sting. Biju kept the sting with great care as he thought he may need next time as the present condition of 11 inch cock may not lust longer.I am Honey not getting enough sex from my 50 yrs. husband but lasting for the same and I am also very frank with my youngest sob Biju and he told mom do some thing to my fuckpole.

Now I found some Johnson baby oil and started to massage the baby fuckpole and as Biju is completely ignorant about sex so myself took leading part and started to invade my son’s cock as a cow girl and his monstrous fuckpole is stretching my labia to the maximum and I have already conquered 10 inch the known place as my husband has send his pecker many times and fearing to enter more inside and at last took courage to go more down so that the bulbous head of my son’s fuckpole can discover the never sexploited zone and at last sat on his belly and now my womb is being kissed by the bulbous head of the fuckpole of my son and after one hour there was a sudden discharge from my son’s pecker around 50 ml. condensed milk in my fuckmeat though I have discharged for three times within this time and when my son withdrew his pecker then I drank all the fuckmilk from his pecker but all these sex scene has been observer by my Eldest DIL as she has come to enquire why we two are not coming for Dinner? But she is a clever lady and manged the same.

Next day my eldest sister came to my home as her husband has died and she has been chased away from her FIL’s house as she has got no child.She is weeping like anything and in a mind to commit suicide but all the members of the family refrained her to do that mistake.

Anyhow in the night my mom came to my home accompanied with my eldest SIL and instructed my widow sister to watch the sex show and truly two cunts is always better than one and Biju sexed with her mom and SIL to give them maximum pleasure but the sex show has been notice by his eldest sister and she came with mom and SIL and they told as mom is pregnant with Biju’s sperm,he has to make her sister pregnant with his jism and the result became positive as it was seen after one month, not only that other two SIL became pregnant with Biju’s sperm. The Youngest SIL wanted to be kept or sex slave of Biju but she was promised to get any time fucking from Biju.

Now the middle sister of Biju has got some problem with her loved one and that is also sex problem and his middle BIL loved her wife so he wanted to stay at Biju’s house and will witness the sex scene with her wife and Biju ,even will allow in future to get impregnated her wife by her brother.And the youngest daughter forgot about all the promise of not marrying and told she will marry her brother Biju and if not possible then only share the bed with Biju’s wife as one cunt is not enough for Biju’s sex satisfaction.

Now in this juncture it was decided that Biju is family pride and he should stay in the house and no outside girl will enter the family to share his cock so when the niece of Biju will be 18 yrs. then the twin along with their youngest Aunt will share the bed with Biju.

In the mean time Biju’s mom has given birth to a female child and with great happiness his sister has given birth to a male child and all their family member wanted a heir for the family and as they have got the same they all became very happy and promised to give marriage in Biju’s family(with her mom’s daughter).

Now Biju at the 25 married to his sister and both sweet twin niece. All the females use to get abandon sex from Biju as his mom called Biju as family fucker and all use to laugh but Biju’s mom was quite unhappy with her and Biju’s daughter Miriam as she was very much reluctant about the sex unlike all the ladies in the family.All the males are callous about sex except Biju and Miriam was very sorrow for her Grandpa, Uncles. Miriam also called to god for some miracal and lets see what mircle happened next.

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