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The Daring Game

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I always love to be home alone, contrary to what many girls feel. Most girls are afraid of something untowardly happening, and are worried they will have to do all the chores of the house. I don’t relish that part but take it in a stride bcos it is worth it. My name is Pooja and I live in Bombay with my parents and my grand mom in an apartment on the outskirts of the city. My parents love me and trust me completely. I am their goody goody girl who can do no wrong and at the same time take care of herself. So last month when there was a wedding in the family at Pune, they took grandma and went there for 5 days leaving me home alone without any trace of worry.

I said I could not go since I had college to attend. Actually it gave me an opportunity to try out something with Roshni I had never ever done before. Before anything else, permit me to first describe myself and Roshni. I am fair skinned, about 5 ft 6 inches, slim and with a tight athletic body to ned by my constant basketball practice. Roshni is shorter than me and is dusky, but with big 36d breasts that make any guy look at her chest before her face. So my parents left in the evening that saturday, giving me instructions about the daily chores and making me promise that i’ll invite roshni over every night to give me company. well, i wouldnt forget that for my life!! As soon as my parents left, i rang up Roshni who hurried to my place at once. the whole evening we were on the internet surfing porn sites which i never could with my parents at home. this porn-surfing went on till our decided deadline- midnight when our game would begin. we went to all the sites that she told me and by midnight we were hotter than a bitch in heat. we were all warmed up for our game to begin. the big clock in my room struck 12, the gong going twelve times. we both looked at each other.

I disconnected from the internet. she got up as well. roshni took the bag she had brought along, and took out something “i brought the uniform we had decided” and she showed me the white tshirt and the blue denim shorts. i nodded and said that i too had mine. i went to get them. i started removing the salwar kameez i was wearing and was in my bra and panties. she too stripped and we stood there in our undies. then i took the tshirt and shorts and wore them. she followed suit. we were ready for the most exciting game i had ever thought of. “lets toss to see who decides the first round” i said and picked up a coin from the table.i flipped,,”and she won. she was to decide the first game,, or dare if you prefer. “what am i to do?” i asked her. She smiled and said ” we’ll start off with an easy one. go to the balcony , take off your shirt and shorts, stand there in your undies,,then turn on the bulb in the balcony and come back” my balcony was facing a street which the not exactly a main road bustling with traffic was not deserted at midnight. there always were a couple of people there. i walked to the balcony with my heart beating fast. i stepped out and glanced at the street. fortunately it was deserted, except for a very old beggar who sits near a bus stop. he appeared to be asleep. a coldish breeze was blowing. “come one, take it off “roshni said from behind me. i removed my tshirt and threw it in the room, then glanced around and removed my shorts as well. then i hit the button and soon the balcony was full of the light, I felt as if i was being seen by the whole world. i closed my eyes and walked back. “good, nice job” roshni said. then since it was her turn, she walked to the balcony and did the same. we were both back in the house with our clothes on. it was now my turn to get back.

I was to define the next game. till now u must have realized our game. it was giving each other dares and whoever was chicken to do it lost a point. this was to continue from midnight till 4 in the morning. whoever couldnt complete the most number of dares lost. i had thought of an ideal dare for roshni to start off with. and i knew that she would be chicken to do it first up. “well, i dont think you have it in you to do this.”i said “try me” she said smiling. “here is what you do,,you step out of the house, go downstairs and then remove you shirt, shorts and bra, and keep the panties on. then you leave the clothes down and come up. then here, i’ll strip to my panties, go down,,wear your clothes and come back” the whole staircase of my building is very brightly lit and so i thought roshni would chicken out. I live on the 4th floor so the dare did include a big distance to go. and to come back in just panties would be tuff too, just incase someone opened their door. i knew that roshni couldnt do it. it was just quarter past 12 and anyone could turn up. it was too dangerous. But then she never backs out from a challenge either. “ok, i’ll do it” she said with a grim face” but you have to get those clothes back,ok?” i nodded. she opened the door and went out, and started descending. i waited with the door opened. i heard her going down. then after a couple of minutes, she came running back upstairs.,,,to my shock in no panties either, totally stark naked.,,,she jumped inside the house and sat on the sofa. “what is this?”i asked her “this is my dare now. i came up totally naked, now u go down totally naked and wear my clothes and come back” she said panting and puffing. “what?no way,,it was not a part of my dare”i said “fine, then u just go in your panties and come back, and i’ll put the same task as your next dare” she said i thought to myself that since there wasnt more than just psychological difference between wearing just panties and being buff,,,i might as well go ahead with it. i stripped completely and stood at the door, roshni came behind me. “c’mon, it was your idea. dont be chicken” she said. i stepped out of the house and immediately roshni shut the door with a bang.

“What was that for?” i shouted “haha,,i have hidden my clothes somewhere downstairs and now u have to search for them buck naked. i have hidden them in a really obscure place where i dont think you can find them” she shouted back i was dumbstruck. she couldnt be serious, but something told me she was. “and if you want to give up and lose the whole night, come back and knock thrice,,i’ll tell u where the clothes are,,,good luck baby” “you dirty bitch, i’ll get you for this”i shouted. she just laughed and said she was gonna watch some tv now. i headed downstairs. normally i would just jump 3 steps at a time and be down in a jiffy but i had to be ultra careful. i walked down,,passing the door of the deshpandes and the sinhas. i climbed down carefully looking around timidly. it felt so strange, all the lights brightly staring at my naked body as i tiptoed my way down. finally i reached the ground floor of the building. sure enough,,there was no trace of clothes anywhere. but i was sure i could find them soon. after all this was my home. where could she hide them. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ilooked near a few cars and scooters thinking she would have stuffed them in one of the vehicles, but they were not there. I was tiptoeing from here to there with nothing on my ass in the parking lot of my building. I looked everywhere in the parking lot but didn’t find them. I was getting a bit worried now, and to add to that I heard a car driving near the building. I stood there mortified with no idea in my head. I kept praying that it’ll drive by but it came right into my building. I immediately ducked and hid behind a car. A maruti esteem came and stopped about 20 feet from me.

From it got out a very very drunk and sozzled Mr Pandey. He was singing some hindi songs loudly and was having problems locking his car. His singing was really too loud and shrill for words. Suddenly I heard a door opening and his wife came down too. “You are drunk again aren’t you?” she asked”why do you have to do this every night?” and she started crying. He tried comforting his wife but was so drunk he couldn’t even take her name properly. Then he started shouting at her. There was a great deal of din in the parking lot. I was afraid they would wake up more people and we would have a scene here. But fortunately it didn’t happen. After they left I thought i had to be ultra careful now. I cursed Roshni once more. A part of me wanted to go up and admit that I was beaten and sleep in peace. But she had already put me through so much. The stakes in this game were high. The loser would have to be the winner’s slave for a whole day. And I had to get my revenge on her . I waited for some time to make sure no one was around. Then I got up from behind the car and started scouting around. All the vehicles had been checked. Then, reluctantly I got to the edge of the parking lot.

The parking was a comparatively safe place for me move around nude. It was covered from all sides. But outside the parking lot, around the building, the area was visible through many windows and balconies. And thought it must have been nearly 1 in the morning and everyone would be asleep, I didn’t know whether to take the chance. But then I had no option and time was running out. So I bent over to see if any window was lighted. No, everyone seemed fairly asleep. I carefully and slowly steppedout of the parking lot. Now I was in the open with the tubelights shining bright around me. In front of me I saw trees. Yes, she could have hidden the clothes in a tree. I went to the first tree and sure enough, about 10 feet above me, i saw the clothes bundled and tucked away in a branch. I started climbing the tree with some difficulty,,and slowly reached near the clothes. I was exhuberant at getting this part right. As I took the clothes off the branch, I just glanced around and saw that a face in a window on the 2nd floor waslooking at me. It was young Rohan who was about 15 ye ars old. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while. He was staring at me as if he had seen a ghost.I slowly got down from the tree and got into those clothes. Then I looked up again and he was still there staring at me,tho his face looked a bit sad now, maybe because I had worn clothes now. What if this guy wokeup his parents or even told them about it next day. I waved at him He waved back. “Could you come out of your house for a second?” I said to him hoping no one else was awake.

He nodded.” Come to the carpark” I said. And I waited in t he parking lot.He came down in a few seconds. He was wearing pyjamas like most boys his aged wear. “What were you doing awake so late?” I asked him “I was,,,,,,watching TB6” he said. That explained all. The local cable operator showed a russian channel called TB6 every saturday night and in the wee hours, that channel showed porn films which most guys stayed up to watch. I didn’t expect a 15 yr old to know about it as well. I looked at him. His dick was stiff and poking through his pyjamas. He had seen his own real life TB6 a few moments ago.I didn’t know what to say. “You won’t tell anybody what you saw will you Rohan?” I said in a pleading voice. “Why shouldn’t I?”he asked in a timid voice. “You were doing wrong.” “No I wasn’t Rohan,I was just playing a game with my friend. When you turn my age you will also play games like this” I tried to explain. Rohan was looking at me in a very hungry sort of a way. Not that I could blame him. A train of thoughts developed in my head. He was 15, and actually his body is as big as a 17 yr old. His erection said it all. Maybe I could buy his silence. Well, why not I said to myself. “Please Rohan let this be our little secret” I said and took his face in my arms and moved closer to him,so close that his erection pressed against my legs. He too put his hands around me in a very reluctant way. I put my lips on his lips and started french kissing him. His hands which were embracing me started moving downwards . In a moment his hands were clasping my bums and massaging them. I decided to give the final go ahead by taking his hand in my hand and pushing it in my panties and shorts. I broke the kiss and found that he started taking a leading role.

He started kissing my neck hungrily. “wait a minute darling” I said to him and stepped back and knelt down. He stood there as i removed my shirt and bra and knelt down. I untied his pyjama knot and pulled them down. I then freed his 5 inches cock from his underwear and started sucking it. Rohan obviously unused to this started moaning. “shhh”i said. He actually obeyed and I kept on sucking his young prick. His hands reached below my neck at my breasts and started fondling the. He was enjoying this experience. I took his prick completely in my mouth and started sucking at it like a hungry bitch. In a couple of minutes his dick started throbbing. “Oh, I think I am going to shoot it out” he said. I immediately took his dick out and pointed it at my breasts. His cum sprayed my tits for a few seconds, and then his dick started limping. I stood up in front of him. he was rubbing his dick, I think unable to believe that it had ended so soon. This guy of 15 had had a blowjob from me. I couldn’t believe it and neither I suppose could he. I told him if you keep all this a secret you will get more pleasure from me for days to come and maybe today night itself. he said “ok”. I then took my cloths and started upstairs to tell roshni what has just happened. well , this was just the begining of what lays ahead that night, we had 2 more rounds of dare each . and finally when we finished at 4 am in the morning both of us agreed that this was the best night we have had in our life. I would love to tell all of you about the other dares that night , but not now , maybe next time. for those who wants to contact me can mail me at

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